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    WRONG!!! This project is different. From the link i provided: o Credit is awarded hourly for processing done within workunits. o Workunits are placeholder dummies of non-defined duration with no required validation. o Percentage progress can be ignored as is meaningless for tasks of non-defined duration. If you just would have read the link i provided, we wouldn't have to have this embarrassing conversation. When you finally realise that you are wrong you can apologise for your thread of trolling me and for your insulting tone anytime! Cheers!
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    Need more information as this is something that never happened to me in the last 4 years and i moved my wallet between 4 computers (and mined with even more random machines including phones for a short period) in the mean time and all i ever did was save my gridcoin.conf file and transferred it so please clarify what you mean : -Did you mine and never received credit?(kind of hard to believe it took two years to realize this); -Did you lose you balance after update ? -Did you ... ? you get the point. Also provide the info Xaminmo suggested if you really expect help though seeing you replied to his request 9 months later i wonder how serious this is?
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    Our platform is up and running! It has tons of exciting features: 100x leverage, beautiful UI, aggregated liquidity, and advanced order type, just to name a few. Don't forget to give it a try (click here) and let me know what you think.
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    Prime XBT - A New Advanced Trading Platform to Launch in Jan 2019 with 100X Leverage, Shorting and Aggregated Liquidity from 12 top crypto exchanges The ability to profit in bearish markets as well as bullish markets, or trading "with the trend" is a standard technique of any successful trader. Taking advantage of market lows as well as market highs is just equally profitable, and basic trading 101 in traditional financial markets for decades. PrimeXBT addresses common issues in the crypto market, such as: the inability to profit in falling markets, low liquidity and limited order types. With influence from the teams vast experience in forex and equity markets and extensive testing of existing exchanges, Prime XBT is a new era trading platform that brings together the best of both worlds. Distinct from a majority of existing platforms, PrimeXBT provides a combination of trading strategies and technologies which are not commonly being offered to date. Such as... Margin Trading and Leveraging at rates of up to 100x ($1 = $100 position with 1:100 leverage); Aggregated liquidity of 12 top crypto exchanges all in one place for the most popular crypto-assets: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, EOS & Bitcoin Cash Instant order execution; Short Positions to profit in market highs and lows (borrow funds to sell high, buy back in low and keep the difference X up to 100x leverage); Limit orders, Market orders, Stop orders (stop loss), One-Cancels-The-Other (OCO); No KYC, register in 30 sec; Highly sophisticated trading terminal, charting, drawing tools, multi-monitor support and bank-grade technology - wrapped in a highly customizable, user friendly UI; Cold wallets, DDOS protection, withdrawal address whitelisting, email confirmations and 2 factor authentication have already been implemented and will be available from day one. The Prime XBT platform is due to launch in the coming weeks and the team invites traders to sign up and get a month of trading with zero trading fees to experience a new model for the next generation as the industry evolves in 2019. More info at https://primexbt.com
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    Find out more about one of Skeincoin's most recent partnerships, Assist Belarus! Assist Belarus is itself a subsidiary of Assist, Russia’s largest online and electronic payments company The company currently connects over 3000 businesses and enterprises online The company provides payments functionality including ‘one click’ purchasing Together with Assist Belarus, Skeincoin aims will develop the unique payment system SKEINPAY The partnership will eventually allow for the creation of Skeincoin debit cards Read the full article here: https://skeincoin.co/2018/09/23/skeincoin-partners-with-assist-belarus/
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    Thanks for posting and good luck with your project. I've upgraded your account to verified since you're from the development team. Help other members find you online, add your social links. Click on your name at the top of the site. Scroll down to Social Info. Add your social accounts. ADD YOUR LOGOS https://cryptocurrencytalk.com/gallery/category/2-cryptocurrency-logos/ AIRDROPS https://cryptocurrencytalk.com/forum/2483-airdrops/ BOUNTIES https://cryptocurrencytalk.com/forum/2476-bounties/ GIVEAWAYS https://cryptocurrencytalk.com/forum/1174-giveaways/
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    Individual users are free to run whatever they want. Pool *users* don't get to pick which tasks they run -- the pool *administrator* does that. When you join a pool, you cede control of what tasks you're running to whomever is running the pool. Some computers are not suited to some types of tasks, and some users may not want their computers running some types of tasks. For example, we have some very long tasks. If a user runs his computer only a few hours a day, and it's a very slow computer, he may put in months of computation, only to have the task time out and receive no credit (or grc). That's not in the user's best interest, and it's not in PrimeGrid's, either. With the pool, the user has no control over what tasks he gets, so he has no ability to avoid getting inappropriate tasks like that. This is why we tell pool administrators to select only the easiest tasks. It would be nice if our server could figure out how fast each individual host is, and then send it appropriate tasks, but that's much easier said than done and not really practical. PrimeGrid's possibly unique in that not only do we have a lot of different tasks, but they vary in length from minutes to weeks. We also have tasks that are more punishing on computers than any other software out there. It's literally the same code that overclockers use to stress test their computers. I wasn't kidding about the fans -- the power draw can be extreme and not everyone enjoys having their computer imitating an over-caffeinated hair dryer. With many BOINC projects, it doesn't matter a whole lot if you get task A or task B. At PrimeGrid, it matters a lot. Forcing people to run tasks that their computers can't handle, either because of their speed or hours of operation, would not be fair to them. If the pools ran the bigger tasks, that's what we would be doing. Forcing people to run the high powered tasks is equally unfair to those who don't choose to run them.
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    I suggest we focus ONLY on BOINC-based solutions, lest we endure this tiring debate with every new project that comes down the pike. I hardly think that PrimeGrid's "dilemma" is fundamentally unique to them.
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    You're not on Jeopardy, so why did you frame your assertion(?) in the form of a question? Regardless, your post is too sparse to permit any helpful response from us. OTOH, if you're serious about getting to the bottom of this, there is no shortage of assistance available here.
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