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    The goals are widespread in 2018. I’m aiming to hold a few coins. One of the coins that I have in mind is BetCoin. It Comprises a cryptocurrency debit card, multi crypto wallet support and native exchange system.The main element is the debit card. BetCoin aims to make cryptocurrencies a part of our everyday lives.
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    In my research BetCoin tops the list for secure cryptocurrency wallets. BetCoin provides multi wallet support; it supports multiple cryptocurrencies in a single wallet. Currently, you can hold BTC, ETH, Litecoin, Ripple and Dogecoin. BetCoin will add more cryptocurrencies in the future. Generally, holding multiple currencies in a single wallet is safe. These features prove that BetCoin is the best cryptocurrency wallet.
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    @BetcoinWorld Can the debit cards be used in the ATMs throughout the world?
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    @Sara Murphy BetCoin focuses on providing debit cards for everyday usage. These debit cards can be used to buy groceries, make utility payments, online purchases, ATM withdrawals and global travel.
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    @BetcoinWorld What is the speciality about BetCoin?
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    Das ist tatsächlich abgelaufen. Startail ist bereits über Slack informiert, aber zur Zeit wohl offline. Update: Er kam online und hat es erneuert - läuft jetzt wieder ☺️

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