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    Start with a small base, and invest when the time is right. I would check out the book Cryptoassets by Jack Tatar.
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    Rokkex - Security First We strongly believe that crypto trading should be secure, easy and transparent. More than 80% of ICOs conducted in 2017 were identified as scams. Due to lack of regulations and legal basis, ICO gave birth to numerous projects which raised funds and escaped. Moreover, ICOs entailed intense speculations on the crypto market, e.g.: front running, pump and dump, wash trading, flowing the hype etc. VIDEO EXPLAINER Official website: https://www.rokkex.com/ //ABOUT US// Our key pillars are: Security Enterprise-level security Shielded development environment with continuous security monitoring HSM / Hardware & Software 2FA / DDos protection / DNSSEC / WAF Security & accountability processes Certifications: ISO/IEC 27001:2013 & CCSS Secure Privileged access Working & learning from the best in the market Ledger /iComply / Hacken / CER / Kafka Open & Closed bug bounty programs for white hat hackers Transparency Proof of liquidity Publicly available asset funds Quarterly financial audit process Full team and company disclosure Advanced altcoins screening for
 fraudulent projects Incorporated in EU Innovation Immutable blockchain storage solution Available trading metadata Research-based UX Effective solutions for next-gen exchange platform Advanced trading tools Advanced trading panel Publicly available API Time Travel trading Integrated News Flash Public Blockchain-as-a-service AI-driven AML and Fraud prevention True 24/7/365 customer support Market leading innovative chatbot Performance 1.53M matched trades per second We backup results with extensive tests in our environment Fair trading execution order guaranteed Using formal methods of proof, we are working of mathematical proof Highly Scalable Infrastructure We have consumed the top 10 exchanges current volume in real time 99% SLA guaranteed Development does not require downtime “Chaos monkey” safe infrastructure //OUR PROPOSITION// Rokkex will provide a Securities Exchange platform that: Evaluates the project before listing Tokenizes businesses: plants, factories, real estate to help it grow faster Provides support at every stage of fundraising Provides an exchange for the token holders: easily and securely buy security tokens Who needs it? SMEs, startups, investors, token holders, entrepreneurs What is our unique value proposition? Easy and secure access for those who want to invest Quality control on projects (listing only premium brands) Tokenizing businesses Safe investment Legally compliant and tradable RKX security tokens Gross profit model (15%) All token holders will get benefits Incentives for liquidity The more you trade the better fee structure you get Industry-wide opportunity Tokenized securities can be applied virtually everywhere More regulation for everyone Securities regulations Regulation A+, CF or D Only a few projects will go through Less negative image, more positive outcomes Trading systems are monitored E.G. Closely supervised by FINRA and registered with the SEC More transparency & more rights From 24/7 instant trading to more benefits for investors >>> Our STO page. <<< _____________________________________________________ Try our DEMO now! Have any feedback? Share your ideas! <<< Follow us on social media >>> Telegram - Facebook - Twitter - Reddit - Instagram - YouTube - LinkedIn - Medium - Steemit
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    3..2..1 GO! 🚀💪 Bitcademy on my mind. Our STO is OPEN and you can now invest. We recently published how to do it on https://medium.com/@bitcademyfb Let's shake the football world together! 😍⚽ Big thank you! / Tom, CEO https://bitcademy.io
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    If the 2015 pattern will repeat, we might see the price to drop soon before it is going to take off.
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    Are you still having this problem? We can delete and re-broadcast your beacon.
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    I give 5,000 coins for new users. Listed on the Vietnam largest exchange in March. Join airdrop: http://bit.ly/2E1PZfE GUIDE: https://youtu.be/EQP0qT33YrQ
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    Here is my blog, if you like cloud mining and faucets, please, take a look, I appreciate any comment or advice. Regards. BLOG

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