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    Invoice for iFoggz: $231USD to S7B6YpcS4XidSGBBvrUaVnKxTFpbxXJ66Y (new address)
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    From 6th to 8th of November 2018 Jan Heinrich Meyer (Dash Embassy D-A-CH) Alexander Block ( @codablock) and Jon Durdel joined the GENOhackathon to bring cryptocurrencies to the masses by integrating them in the existing infrastructure of the GENObanks. This is the initial 1-minute-pitch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjki6hR0fYY The "answer" from DZ direct : (please share) https://twitter.com/dzbank/status/1062335776984391680?s=21
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    "While the future of Bitcoin might be bright, environmentalists don’t think so. The more popular that coins—and mining—get the more power is consumed due to the computing power needed to do so. Are miners really making that much of an impact on the environment?" The full article can be found here: http://bit.ly/2ESg00W
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    Asia Live Tech’s (ALT) iGaming Revenue Sharing Pool Program for iGaming Operators One of the most revolutionary aspects of the modern iGaming industry is Asia Live Tech’s iGaming Revenue Sharing Pool program. The basic premise is that on top of the operators own revenues, they can also bag an additional revenue (a share of almost 30% from Asia Live Tech’s revenue), as part of a revenue pool between all operators using Asia Live Tech’s iGaming software. It sounds interesting, and if you’re an online casino operator, this could definitely be an avenue you may wish to explore, but how does it work? Not Your Market? Not Your Problem… Under the scheme, 91% of all operator’s revenue from your online casino or iGaming website will be yours to keep. However, almost 30% of Asia Live Tech’s revenue will be accumulated into shared pool, and redistributed by Asia Live Tech amongst all the operators using the program, allowing operators to pocket an additional share of the revenues, potentially from markets they aren’t even operating in. How Does It Work? The Total Gross Wins for each operator is added together to form an Overall Operators Total Gross Win. A total of 2% of this is then accumulated to create a Total ALT Revenue Share Pool (almost 30% of Asia Live Tech’s Revenue), which is then redistributed amongst all operators using the Asia Live Tech iGaming software. For instance, if the Overall Operators Total Gross Win was $39,000,000, the total ALT Revenue Share Pool given by ALT is $780,000. Reasons To Partake In The Program There are several reasons why an iGaming website operator would want to take part in this program. First and foremost, it provides an additional monthly revenue on top of your revenue from running your own online casino. Secondly, this is a totally revolutionary system for operators. You can also increase your share of the spoils, even if you don’t cover all markets in the industry. Lastly, the awards are based on your performance, so the more active players you have, the larger your share will be. How To Get Involved The first thing that any prospective operator must do is join Asia Live Tech, as an iGaming operator, incorporating their White Label Online Casino software or integrate their games. Once they have grown their business and increase the number of players at their iGaming website, they can get a slice of the revenue from the iGaming Revenue Sharing Pool program on top of their regular revenue from running their website. Asia Live Tech have made this process as simple as possible so that everyone can prosper from it. Read more about this revolutionary program at http://www.asialivetech.com/value-added/igaming-revenue-sharing-pool/ or you can always get in touch with me on Skype at live:erwin_1763 to find out more. #asialivetech #alt #livedealer #casino #whitelabelcasino
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    Hello guys! I would like to tell you about one of the best and the most promising cryptocurrency exchanges in the world: 50X Exchange. Why do I call it the most promising? Because it offers UNIQUE “Any to Any” trading technology, allowing you to buy or sell ANY coin for ANY other on the exchange directly, with only one trade. Many existing exchanges wanted to do it. Many made different announcements in the past. But only 50X Exchange was able to do it! Right now there are 19 coins listed on the exchange which give 342 UNIQUE trading pairs. Developers are planning to add up to 100 coins (10 000 trading pairs) soon. Extra features: It’s also a liquidity aggregator that gathers liquidity from other exchanges like Binance and Huobi. Color customization (change interface colors like you want) Simple and PRO interfaces API Amazing MULTILEVEL referral program with high payouts 50X Exchange also has DIVIDENDS token that allows investors to receive passive income. More information about 50X Exchange: https://50xexchange.com Referral program: https://50xexchange.com/referral-program If you have any questions, I am always ready to answer.
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    Thank you Jimmy. This work combines the skills of our small development team that were birthed back in 2014 with the introduction of (3) old Scrypt based coins. We learned a lot back then, and remember when ICOs first hit the scene... most of the mainstream developers considered them, shall we say... questionable. As we did with any coin that promised massive rewards or had other obvious "get rich quick" themes. This coin was developed in the same frame as those early coins: Dedicated work by a small group of people without any short-term monetary goal. We simply believe we have helped Bitcoin evolve into what we think is something better. Time will tell. This isn't a couple-on-month project, we will be here for years slowly growing awareness and hopefully a user base. Will the developers make some money? Well, we hope so, eventually... <lol> but only because we will be dedicating our own miners time to the effort. To be 100% transparent, we did start mining about a week before release (something south of 4000 blocks). That allowed us to confirm the mainnet blockchain was behaving like the testnet one did (where we spent months, literally over 1000 hours) of test time. It also allowed us to create a couple of checkpoints (at blocks 310, 2248, and 3719) to help prevent early coin forks. Those were all incorporated into the source prior to public release. The first day after launch went pretty well. We found a couple of issues, and resolved them. The current (as of this writing) release appears to be quite stable. We are also happy that our efforts at implementing a YIIMP pool were stabilized and that the pool is now paying out hourly as expected. Since we built this coin on the work of so many others, its only fair that we return something in kind (beyond making the source public). To that end we have posted both our notes from implementing YIIMP, which has already gathered positive feedback, and also detailed instructions on how to build a coin like Bitcoin-Rebooted under Windows (which is NOT trivial). Both of these documents can be found on the BitBucket download page for the coin (http://bitbucket.org/ccgllc/Bitcoin-Rebooted/download).
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    I wish the Bitcoin entrepreneurs to go forward and pursue the goal of Satoshi Nakamoto.
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    First of all decide for which type of cleaning a need a vacuum cleaner . Then select the appropriate type . After that you can check several model reviews and buy the best one for you .
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    https://t.co/wiO9PRdqkS back up and running! Its on a dedicated server with a lifetime contract! Spread the word!

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