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    Dear Gricoin community, Rob forwarded a media/blog inquiry to me who asked several questions regarding Gridcoin. Please read my response, maybe find typos or give me a hint on things I need to change. Proposed answer: Dear XXX, again, I like your interest in Gridcoin. I will try to answer all your questions. A short disclaimer: I am only a part of the Gridcoin community and consider myself as an active Gridcoin supporter, but I am not a developer. 1) I started being interested in cryptocurrency in late 2014. A friend and I were talking about the possibility of using old hardware such as decomissioned smartphones or computers when he told me about BOINC, the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing. I learned that my old stuff could do more than catching dust - I learned I can help CERN in doing science (as an example, but I was and still am very interested in particle physics). Well, a day later I did not need to heat my room anymore as several devices were running. I thought about the costs of electricity and had a Google whether someone or something could reimburse me for producing those scientific results. Voila, I found Gridcoin which was running since 2013. That's were I got interested in cryptocurrency. 2) I believe you are familiar with Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake. Being an energy engineer (I care about energy production and how we can improve it to increase efficiency, decreasing CO2 emissions etc.), I believe Proof-of-Work is the worst of all securing algorithms. It is like the opposite of what energy engineers try to do accomplish on the production side. For Bitcoin's security, every 10 minutes one (!) SHA-256 hash is being "drawn" like a lottery ticket to create a block for the blockchain while myriads are being discarded. Millions of USD are being wasted in form of electricity just to keep Bitcoin running. 2013 Forbes reports Bitcoin consumes up to 15 million USD - daily (https://www.forbes.com/sites/timworstall/2013/12/03/fascinating-number-bitcoin-mining-uses-15-millions-worth-of-electricity-every-day or http://marginalrevolution.com/marginalrevolution/2013/12/the-real-costs-of-virtual-money.html), 2014 Bitcoins energy consumtion is being compared to the one of Ireland (https://karlodwyer.github.io/publications/pdf/bitcoin_KJOD_2014.pdf). On the other hand, Proof-of-Stake gets rid of the immense energy consumption, initially introduced by Peercoin. But the only way to generate new coins is already having coins where an interest rate is being issued. This is the perfect example of the Matthew Effect - the rich get richer. So what makes Gridcoin different? Gridcoin uses Proof-of-Stake to secure the blockchain while it adds Proof-of-Research on top of it to disable the Matthew Effect. Proof-of-Research is similar to Proof-of-Work but it does not rely on stupid hashing where 99.999999+ % of the "results" of computation are being discarded. In Gridcoin, the hash lottery is replaced by BOINC computation where every single solved workunit is a part of a solution of a scientific question or a crowd computing project. Another upside of Gridcoin is that it is ASIC-proof and therefore likely to stay decentralized. Traditional Proof-of-Work blockchains have the problem that the hashing algorithm is very easy to implement on specific hardware such as FGPAs or ASICs. Therefore their mining has become very centralized in China where energy and this specific hardware are very cheap. Centralization for an international payment network is always bad and Bitcoin was initially constructed to oppose centralization from banks. Gridcoin reimburses work in more than 20 different BOINC projects that all run one or more different algorithms that are changing from time to time which is why it is not worth developing specialized hardware for it. In short words: One Bitcoin or Ether equals a certain amount of wasted energy. One Gridcoin equals a certain amount of a scientific projects solution. That's why I support it. 3) You are right. Traders who likely do not go into depth regarding each coin's technology or community are risking the complete loss of an investment. Rule #1: Make yourself comfortable with terms around blockchain. Read about every currency you invest in. Professional fiat money traders would probably never invest in a currency of a country where they have no clue how their society works, what their industry is looking like and what the government currently decided on. The same should count for cryptocurrency traders. Rule #2: Be cautious about cryptocurrencies that are pre-mined or start with an ICO. They can be a scam promising everything but delivering nothing (Gridcoin has started at 0 GRC in the beginning in 2013, there ha been no premining or ICO). Rule #3: Never trust a 3rd party with your coins. Keep your coins in your own wallet when you do not plan to trade them. Centralized exchanges for example may get hacked or simply run away with your funds. Decentralized exchanges might be a better choice IF you want to trade actively. Rule #4: Secure your own wallet with a good password and don't give anyone an incentive to try to hack you (don't talk about the amount of your funds). Rule #5: Always backup your wallet, it may have to survive your house burning down. I assume that traders will usually ignore #3 to #5. Hopefully you know what happened to MtGox users. 4) Well usually the reasons for running an own cryptocurrecy are either to make fast money with a scam coin or if you really believe you can do it better than all other cryptocurrencies. Gridcoin is sticking around for nearly 4 years now and we did not have an ICO or any form of pre-mining, that's why you will see for yourself that we are no scam coin which tries to rip off trusting investors. When he first announced Gridcoin, Rob Halförd really believed and obviously still believes in Gridcoin to be the best cryptocurrency. As I said, I am just a community member. But I am very proud on what we achieved. Supporting Gridcoin makes me feel doing the right thing as it opposes the wastefulness of other currencies and supports international science. Every time a new member joins our community who really is interested in the technology and who is learning about its background, the usual first comments are "wow, this is really a useful coin" or "why didn't I hear anything about Gridcoin before" (Yeah, why is Gridcoin not more present in the media? ;) ). 5) I think the worst parts of running an own cryptocurrency without funding to pay for marketing or any development work is that we as a community have to do everything just out of belief and good faith without being certain that you can live from the benefits of your work. Currencies like Ethereum have a multi million dollar foundation paying developer and marketeers so that they do not need to worry about paying their rent or food. A paid job usually is easier to do than a job on a voluntary basis, but we do it and we like to do it. That by the way shows that the Gridcoin community is a strong one as there have been no big dumps now that the price is rising. Most of us, maybe all believe Gridcoin can make it to a top 10 or even a top 5 coin in the coinmarketcap. Gridcoin has the potential to become an international payment network with the best backround there can be for a high technology society: science. But there are other lows, such as big hacking attempts to desintegrate the blockchain. I believe that Gridcoin's "competitors", other coins that also see Gridcoin as a potential big player, tried to attack us but all failed just making us stronger as technology and community. 6) Well if I was not supporting Gridcoin I probably had more time for my PhD thesis, but I guess Gridcoin can impact society more than my research results on an optimized energy production system. Maybe some of us were supporting other cryptocurrencies that try to achieve similar things like Primecoin or FoldingCoin which are rewarding prime number or protein folding computations respectively - which Gridcoin does also do, but it rewards many many other projects, too. 7) For Gridcoin the next steps are growth in community members, development team and price side by side to be recognized as a serious alternative coin. Anything other currencies out there are able to do Gridcoin is also capable of so the following steps for cryptocurrency in general also count for Gridcoin. I think the next big step is Bitcoin being adopted in Japan in 260,000 stores as payment method. People, not like you and me, but maybe like my parents are recognizing that Bitcoin is out there and that it has certain benefits. Other cryptocurrencies will soon be recognized as well, hopefully including Gridcoin. In medium to long term, cryptocurrencies will likely be regulated to decrease their usage in the black market. Probably goverments will force people to register their names to a certain public address to be able to control certain money transactions. As far as I can tell, Gridcoin will be ready to include the demanded changes. In general I assume the cryptocurrency market will grow - massively. Maybe up to the ranks of credit cards such as MasterCard, or even more. Which currency(/ies) will reach that state is to be seen, but I doubt Bitcoin will keep position 1 in the coinmarketcap forever. 8) I consider myself as a part time trader, but I only trade Gridcoin (to increase my Gridcoin stack) following my rule #1 which I already stated above. Follow the 5 rules I stated until you set up your own rules as I do not think mine are perfect, but they work for me. 9) I am involved in other projects that do not specifically state Gridcoin on their names, but most of those (side) projects focus on supporting Gridcoin's success. 10) I already consider Gridcoin as a success as we are definitely incentivizing people to join BOINC to support science and crowd computing in general. Speaking of financial success, I think that once Gridcoin grows to a top 5 coin - so the price has to multiply by factor 100 from now - I'd maybe sell some of my holdings. But I always say I will keep at least 50% of my GRC until I can buy a mango shake on Palawan (Philippines) with it. Lets call this my personal specific goal. Kind Regards, Quez Edit: Thanks Peppernrino and Grisou for finding typos
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    Giracoin: new cryptocurrency from Switzerland GIRACOIN The new cryptocurrency from Switzerland that will soon hit the market. Developed by Gira Financial Group AG, a licensed financial intermediary and a member of SRO PolyReg recognized by the Swiss FINMA. Giracoin employs a hybrid blockchain combining both the high security of PoW and the simplicity of PoS. Our end goal is not to be as complicated to use and implement as the rest of the altcoins in the market, but to eliminate complexity and pursue usability of our cryptocurrency, like a regular currency that we are accustomed to, so that even non tech-savvy users will be able to comprehend easily what cryptocurrency is really meant for. Nothing fancy, just a simple and fast payment solution with low volatility, stable price and increasing value and profitability. We want to achieve and assure our merchants and investors that Giracoin will be a great alternative digital asset with minimized exchange losses from price fluctuations. Our Proof-of-Stake process will make that possible, and at the same, will allow our users earn interest of up to 3% annually from their staked coins. LINKS AND REFERENCES Official Web Site: giracoin.com Technical Whitepaper: Download PDF Block Explorer: blockexplorer.giracoin.com Online Wallet: girapay.com Desktop Wallet: Linux and Windows under beta testing. Mobile Wallet: Under development Merchants Portal: girabuy.com Exchange Portal (coming early 2018): giraexchange.com SRO PolyReg Membership: Click to verify Official Facebook Page: facebook.com/giracoinofficial SPECIFICATIONS Algorithm: SHA256 Protocol: Hybrid PoW + PoS Starting Difficulty: 0.0002441371325370145 Maximum Supply: 21,000,000,000 GIRA Block Reward: 2,600 GIRA Block Time: 60 seconds More specifics will follow. I will be updating this thread every now and then. Special note: I took the opportunity to announce Giracoin on behalf of our developers since they'd be better off coding than answering inquiries. I am part of the marketing group with direct communications with the management and development team in Switzerland. If you want to know more about Giracoin on a personal level, you may connect with me through my Facebook page
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    The Swiss Fintech company Gira Financial Group AG (GFG) announces the establishment of the Senior Advisory Committee with three well-known financial experts. The members of the Advisory Board are Dr. Christian Katz, Dr. Sabina Korfmann-Bodenmann and Dr. Bernhard Madörin. They have been working intensively on the topic of cryptcurrencies and blockchain for a long time. For Gira Financial Group AG, the acquisition of these experienced and proven experts is of central importance for the advisory board and for the further development of GFG’s strategy. Read our Press Release.
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    new version is available Changes in this version are (more detailed here): SECURITY: voting system more secure, and more BEACON fixes (with a beacon you are able to receive rewards/coins) command "execute unspentreport" available (shows proof of unspent coins in wallet) translations added further info on how to update/upgrade here
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    Actually I don't think that this is a healthy behavior of a project and it should not be white listed IMO.
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    Particl is a decentralized privacy platform built for global P2P eCommerce #PART Where we've been: Amazon is 22 years old, eBay is 21. The online services we use are increasingly demanding more of our personal data, a disturbing trend. Corporate entities such as Google and Facebook have grown to extraordinary sizes solely by monetizing on user data. These entities are charged with keeping said data secure and, in the case of social and economic interactions, safeguarding the privacy. This approach of centralized security models is not applicable to the new generation of technologies such as Bitcoin. Where we're going: Satoshi Nakamoto had initially created a marketplace which was included in the official Bitcoin codebase but was stripped out later on. The concept of a decentralized marketplace in itself is not novel, there have been a small set of academic constructions and even serious attempts at creating them. (OpenBazaar, BitMarkets, Beaver, DropZone) They either propose solutions that scale extremely well and neglect the privacy implications, or they propose very privacy conscious solutions that do not scale well. Privacy and efficiency are often at odds with each other. [align=center]"to hide the signal you must generate noise". -Ido Kaiser[/align] Tor exemplifies this well, the traffic is pushed through various nodes with several layers of encryption before arriving at its destination, it is deliberately inefficient but the privacy provided by the trade off is well worth it. And then there's governance and how do you attach a self-governance mechanism on a decentralized network? The issue of governance on decentralized models is already starting to become a hot button for blockchain platforms. How we get there: Particl is an open source, decentralized privacy platform built for global person to person eCommerce. The native marketplace, currency tokens and suite of encrypted communication tools offer unfettered access between buyers and sellers worldwide or just down the street. You can buy or sell anything, similar to eBay, Etsy or Amazon, except that all the transaction data, payments and conversations happen over a self-governed, distributed network instead of a central server. Think of it as going to a local market to buy something you need, from the person who is actually selling it, without a third person's permission, "service" or fee required for the sale to happen. PART is the native 2-token currency in Particl. Users have a choice when sending money on the distributed ledger. Pseudo-anonymous transactions use a public token and truly-anonymous transactions use a private token. Particl will be currency agnostic, meaning it will support the use of many cryptocurrencies with the intent of being an inclusive platform. A decentralized privacy platform focused on free markets cannot be limited by its own built-in token system. Our goal is to lower barriers of entry and reduce friction in online shopping, allowing for easier adoption by buyers and vendors anywhere in the world. The very nature of a free-market built on a distributed network immediately brings up the question of governance. To get right to the point, Particl is being built with protection to ensure the market does not become an ultimate version of silk road. Our main focus is researching self-governance models that can be adapted to a decentralized network. The self-governance model for Particl will have two components to it: * Platform Governance. Protection against illegal goods. "How do we protect the platform?" * Privacy Governance. Providing user privacy. "How do we protect the users?" Who's on the team? Particl core developers * Ryno Mathee - Lead & Core Developer (ryno@particl.io) (rynomster) * Gerlof van Ek - Developer, Branding & Graphics, UI/UX (gerlof@particl.io) (crz) * Ido Kaiser - Developer & Software Architect (kewde) * Tecnovert - Core Developer, Cryptographic Researcher * Shazzy - Research & Development (shazzy@particl.io) (dasource) Particl non-developer core * Paul Schmitzer - Communications (paul@particl.io) (litebit) * Henk Swardt - Project Manager, PMP (henk@particl.io) * Nick Sy - Treasurer (nick@particl.io) Extended Team: * Arcanum - PR / Writing * FFmad - General Relations * Edu - Community Manager * Allien - Front-end Developer * Ludx - Developer Advisors: * Micah Spruill - Business & Finance - Managing Partner, Aurora Investment Advisors (micah@particl.io) * Yann Alleman - Business & PR, - Engineer, Ferrari A.G. (yann@particl.io) * Joe Fisher - E-Commerce Strategy - Private label online seller, Product Developer (joe@particl.io) What technology is Particl built with? Particl is based on the latest and market-leading Bitcoin codebase. We are currently adding the privacy functionality from ShadowCash onto the Bitcoin Core 13.2 codebase but with .14 released in March it is highly likely that by the time we create the Particl genesis block we will be on Bitcoin Core .14 codebase. Will there be a token exchange for PART? A seed round is scheduled to start March 18th, 2017 and last 4 weeks. During this time existing ShadowCash token holders can exchange SDC for PART. To participate in the Particl token exchange, you must have ShadowCash (SDC) tokens. Please visit https://particl.io for investment inquiries and information. Useful links: Website: https://particl.io Reddit: https://reddit.com/r/particl Blog: https://particl.news Twitter: https://twitter.com/particlproject Slack: https://particl.slack.com | Slack invite: http://slack.particl.io Riot: https://riot.im/app/#/room/#particl:matrix.org IRC: #particl Github: https://github.com/particl Contact us: General queries: hello@particl.io
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    Marijuanacoin GIVEAWAY! To get the coins: Giving away 100 coins to start. One giveaway per user. User must have min 2 posts. 1. Follow https://twitter.com/Marijuanacoins 2. TWEET #Marijuanacoin $MAR is better than $POT $DOPE $CANN or $KUSH Be the best, be on team @marijuanacoins 3. Copy the link to your tweet and post that link in this thread. Make sure to hit return after you post the link so the tweet shows up. 4. Leave your MAR address to get .5 MAR (est ~ 2000 satoshi). PLEASE NOTE: To make it easier on me, I'm going to be sending out the coins in batches. So, if you don't get them right away, don't worry, they'll be coming!
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    5 Yuancoin giveaways Just write for adress Wallet Yuancoin
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    I did not understand before, but this video helped me:) It's will be interesting for all of us:)
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    SCAM Warning !!! dashcoinclub !!! SCAM Warning !!! www. dashcoinclub .com
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    Free ticket lottery bitcoin! Also give 1 ticket for 1 friend! :) ICO:) 1 Free ticket lottery bitcoin! Also give 1 ticket for 1 friend! :) Well, for friends :) And interest from winnings! :) ICO is still on the topic :) http://bit.ly/lotterybitcoin -Link to the site :) You can not wind up, we invite only living people :) Ie. One person can have only 1 account :) Write below about your winnings! :)
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    Hello world, finally our project is ready to be published, so here we are. https://creamcoin.com www.cream.technology www.creamchain.info www.creamwallet.online www.creamcoin.net www.creamcoins.com https://creamcoin.com/disclaimer.html https://creamcoin.com/whitepaper.html Online support: http://online.creamcoin.com you can login as guest, no private info needed. https://twitter.com/creamcoin PDF presentation: https://creamcoin.com/downloads/CREAM-presentation.pdf https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@creamcoin/cream-cryptocurrency https://medium.com/@creamcoin/cream-cryptocurrency-af72a58c64d7 Lowest package is 0.1 BTC = 50.000 CRM Price 0.00000200 BTC CREAMcoin online.apk CREAMcoin web.apk
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    HTMLCOIN SWAPPING 2017 HTMLCOIN is swapping this 2017 with a new feature that includes the many applications of "Smart Contracts" and the security provided by "Real-Time Checkpointing." All coins in the three (3) exchange sites are safe and will be swap to a stronger version, with all the latest features of the leading cryptocurrency in the market. This huge step that we are undertaking will make our coin relevant and responsive to the demand of the "Internet of Things." Current owners of HTMLCOIN will now be able to swap to at ratios between 1:1. Late swapper will be at the ratio of 1:2 or less, depending on the time. The further you swap from the scheduled date, the lower the swap ratio will be. Cryptocurrency exchanges Bleutrade, YoBit, and CoinGather are currently preparing to facilitate the swaps. Let us know if you have features/specifications that the new HTMLCOIN should have, contact us: email@htmlcoin.com. More details of the swap will be posted soon, stay tuned!
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    [ANN] EventChain SmartTickets - Solving ticketing issues for the event industry Important Links: Website | Whitepaper Facebook | Twitter | Reddit | YouTube | Telegram | Slack | LinkedIn | Email What is EventChain? The EventChain Smart Ticketing platform was launched to create a peer-to-peer infrastructure where event tickets have no excessive processing fees and are widely available on a platform for everyone. There are so many problems with the current event-ticketing industry that can be fixed by EventChain’s SmartTicket platform. A lot of event goers are fed-up with monopolistic control with common problems including unfair ticketing fees, website crashes and single points of failure, ticketing scalping and ticket resale mark-up, and unfair cuts for artists who do most of the work with little return. With EventChain you can create online or local events from any device, and make Smart Tickets available to event participants globally. The EventChain blockchain token network for event management presents the opportunity to upgrade the current event ticketing industry to faster transactions, indisputable ticket vouchers and transparency from event hosts and fully flexible and programmable Smart Tickets through the use of smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. Smart Ticket Use Cases: Smart Tickets are all fully programmable, enabling smart contract code that can fix tickets at a permanent price, designate a maximum mark-up value, or attribute any other individual or group pricing variables. To prevent massive ticket purchases from scalpers, event ticket distribution options can be tailored with any custom range on the amount of tickets available to single users or groups, and optional constraints that allow for alternative distribution methods. EventChain will have an integrated ticket resale reputation system on a distributed secondary market, allowing event ticket vendors, promoters and fans to build and grow their reputation as they sell Smart Tickets. Scalpers will clearly be identified by their Smart Ticket reputation. EventChain will utilize various payment gateways that accept EventCoins to purchase products and services from over 205,000 vendors across 182 different countries. Payment gateways convert the EventCoins in real time to the vendor’s currency. The Team: Ashton Addison CEO, Founder Ashton acquired a BBA Business Administration, Accounting & Finance (University of the Fraser Valley) in 2016. He has been a leader, entrepreneur and technology enthusiast in blockchain technology since 2013. With a decade of experience in markup languages and website development and a constant thirst for knowledge, Ashton constantly studies coding, trading cryptocurrency, and living for cutting-edge decentralized technologies with a special place for Ethereum and smart contracts. He founded the online FinTech and digital currency news broadcasting network Crypto Coin Show and has crypto communities on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Ashton also founded Shed Show Productions in 2012, a production company which created and managed multiple sold-out concerts. After underestimating the processing costs of event ticket providers, he managed a team to sell tickets directly to event goers. By applying his experience from cryptocurrencies and decentralized technology to EventChain’s Smart Tickets™, he aims to make events cheaper and more accessible to everyone. See Ashton's video on EventChain: See full leadership team ICO Tokensale: The EventChain ICO is set for the summer of 2017. The ICO terms are already finalized in the EventChain Whitepaper. Blog Posts: EventChain — Fixing the Issues of the Event Ticketing Industry EventChain will Solve Today’s Ticketing Problems Will Ethereum pass Bitcoin’s Market cap by Aug 5th? Why Ethereum will be bigger than Bitcoin Still have questions? team@eventchain.io
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    How to get ICO - Tokens free Hello everyone, I would like to introduce you to this site, it offers currency tokens that will enter the market, you can win these tokens just so you can like and share twitter posts! If you have questions, leave your question here in the topic!https://theviralexchange.com/?ref=NZLrTufBXghX
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    SpectroCoin.com is giving away free virtual bitcoin debit cards. Post here how you would use a bitcoin debit card and we will send you a voucher for a free bitcoin debit card. The virtual bitcoin debit card costs only 0.5USD and physical only 8USD, card are available in GBP,USD and EUR.
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    https://www.goldcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3789.msg17894#msg17894 that was me
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    Hey --- thanks for the participation on our thread here! We strongly feel that using the Blockchain along with an IPFS type file system will allow for incredibly fast delivery of not only current VR content but also allow us to be prepared to deliver AR and MR content quickly and efficiently as well. We will be taking approximately a 1% fee from all the transactions which includes any 'gas' type ETH fees associated with someones purchase as well. All additional monies will be paid out to the artist based on their files corresponding 'DNA file'. This will allow them to set at upload their predetermined proceeds 'routing' if you will. So they can pay 100% of the money to themselves, pay themselves x%, send co-creator1 y%, send manager z% etc... Our fee should be about 2% less than a PayPal transaction and nowhere near the ~30% the apps stores take. One huge difference with a token like Content Coin (CTENT) is artists will be able to accept smaller micro-transactions as well. Giving them a ton of new and more user friendly ways to price their works as the ecosystem sill looks for its footing. Thanks again for your comments/question!
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    Yes you need to wait for the network to confirm your transactions, that is how bitcoin work. Unconfirmed transactions can't be trusted. I don't know how many confirmations does the changelly need but lets say after you receive 1confirmation you still need to wait like an 1h or so for it to show up in changelly. Bitcoin network is crowded at the moment so it can take up some time for it to show 1 confirmation. Be patient and wait. Does cryptonator give you an option to chose fee or they set their manual fee? If you want to understand more a bit how does it work, in short : When you send the transaction it enters the meme pool a place for unconfirmed transaction. Transactions are ordered into blocks (block can be max 1mb in size) and every new one is made aprox. every 10mins. Miners process the transactions and they put them in those blocks. After they include your transaction in a block you will receive 1 confirmation, after they make another block above the one with your transaction you will see 2 confirmations and so on. This memepool is kinda crowded so it takes time to process all of the transactions. Hopefully we will see that the capacity of the transactions becomes better in the future. It wasn't designed for a lot of traffic at the moment, but there are some ideas and I hope they will sort it out because you are not the only one, we all don't like to wait + to pay a bit high fee.
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    Hi, This is really a great project and I find the idea of providing a platform for content distribution based on Blockchain is really the right direction to go for digital content like VR media. You said above that content coins can be used to purchase content in the platform. Is the payment going directly to the artists or will Blockphase take a percentage of the transactions as payment for the platform service?
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    First of all understand how crypto currency work and do regular backups. Check youtube there you should find great explanations about bitcoin. Poloniex and Bittrex are exchanges where you go to excahnge between crypto currency ONLY they don't support fiat. Many exchanges ask for personal details as crypto currency is also well known to be used for illegal activities (if you do these kind of things just mix your coins and you should be fine there). Those addresses that you see - they are used for you to send your coins there - that address is like an email when you are sending to a paypal account. PayPal is not a very common method that is alowed to buy crypto currency because it is vey easy to claim your money back and there is a high risk involved since cryptocurrencies are irreversible once you send the funds also buying with paypal is kinda expensive. Although I know that this website accepts PayPal : https://wesellcrypto.com/ For do you live in the Europe Union? If so there are many options with SEPA... here are some exchanges : https://anycoindirect.eu/ , https://www.bitpanda.com/ , https://www.kraken.com/ , https://www.coinbase.com/ , https://cex.io/ , https://www.bitstamp.net/ , https://coinmate.io/home , https://www.coinmama.com/ , and there are many other ways really some will ask for IDs verification of some sort. If you need more ways here is really long list of them https://pastebin.com/Q3S4NUpd The most private way would be https://localbitcoins.com/ here you find a person to deal the trade with p2p, it may be complicated at first. FInd reputable person to do the trade with, it is done via escrow if you don't receive your bitcoin simply contact their support and all should be fine - if you chose the reputable seller most likely you won't have to contact their support. After you buy bitcoin or some other alt you want to go to poloniex, bittrex or cryptopia create account there and trade for gridcoin. Don't leave your coins for to long on exchanges rather transfer them to your wallet that you own - gogole MTGOX and see why there were other similar cases like mtgox in the past. If yo need further explanation on how to buy on certain exchange will try to cover it with my knowledge.
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    If you download the main client - digibyte core from their website that wallet is ONLY USED FOR DIGIBYTE. If you send any other cryptocurrency to it you will lose other cryptocurency, so if you send bitcoin to this address that you will have in a digibyte wallet you will lose bitcoin. Digibyte wallet is only for digibyte. There are light wallets and also online wallets that let you keep more than one cryptocurrency and for them you wouldn't need to download blockchain. As by using the main wallet you need to download the history of all transactions (this is how it works as it is decentralized). Crypto curency work with you having and address which you can share with anyone and you use this address to receive money but you also need to have a private key to prove an ownership of these coins that you have on your address. I mentioned above that if you have an android you could use this wallet : https://coinomi.com/ with it you can have a lot of crypto currencies backed up (backup the random words that it gives you as with them it generates PRIVATE keys so that you are able to spend your coins). If you don't have an android phone I'll recommend that you download some android emulator. I don't know any other light wallet that will enable you to kep digibyte with other crypto currencies. Coinomi is an HD wallet so every time it when you receive funds it will generate new address for privacy, you can disable this future in settings f you don't like that. There are other wallets like coinomi that are multi-currency but mostly they support bitcoin , litecoin, ETH, dogecoin etc. but not digibyte. ------------------ On the other hand you can download the digibyte wallet and have another wallet such as https://www.exodus.io/ for keeping other cryptocurrency on your computer. Or you can have digibyte and bitcoin wallet installed separately and another client just for some other crypto currency (so you have an client for each crypto currency).
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    Giracoin: new cryptocurrency from Switzerland Introducing GIRACOIN, a new cryptocurrency from Switzerland that will soon hit the market. Developed by Gira Financial Group AG, a licensed financial intermediary and a member of SRO PolyReg recognized by the Swiss FINMA. Giracoin employs a hybrid blockchain combining both the high security of PoW + the simplicity of PoS. My Referral Link: giracoin.com/asiapacific Block Explorer: blockexplorer.giracoin.com Online Wallet: girapay.com Desktop Wallet: Linux and Windows version under beta testing. Mobile Wallet: Under development. Merchants Portal: girabuy.com Exchange Portal (coming early 2018): giraexchange.com SRO PolyReg Membership: Click to verify Official Facebook Page: facebook.com/giracoinofficial We have a partner program to earn bonuses by referring other investors. I am part of the marketing team but I have direct communications with the management and development team in Switzerland. If you want to know more about Giracoin, you may connect with me through my Facebook page or visit my Giracoin Asia web site. Thank you. Larri
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    GIRACOIN A PRODUCT OF GIRA FINANCIAL GROUP AG The new Swiss cryptcurrency has arrived. Giracoin is a digital currency based on the principles of cryptographymaking it a secure and decentralized payment system. With Giracoin you are independent of central banks. Not even a banking crisis can affect a cryptocurrency. The world of finance is in turmoil at the moment: the UK is leaving the EU, financial markets are suf- fering massive currency losses. At times like these, crypto-currencies become a viable alternative. GIRACOIN SIMPLE AND SECURE Giracoin was developed in Switzerland and offers everyone the opportunity to join in its creation from the very beginning – even with- out deep knowledge of computers. All legal parameters are – of course – being followed. Our own company Compliance Department guarantees it. You've probably heard of Bitcoin. So far, its enormous rise in value has been unique. But, without the necessary computer acumen, it wasn't possible to get in at the start. That's where Giracoin comes in. It provides partners with its own wholly-owned mining platform. Giracoin is mined in accordance with SH 256 security technology. Anyone is able purchase an educationpackage of tokens that are then used in so- called mining, from which come coins. The complicated algorithms are calculated for you via tokens. All transactions are secured by digital signatures using the public/private key method. Authorization is carried out in this manner. Additionally, all bookings in the so-called transaction chain are transparent. However, the transaction results are encod- ed in block chains using cryptographic methods – ruling out double payments or fraud. Giracoin works with a combination of the Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake procedures, in which Proof-of-Work is our mining farm. The Proof-of-Stake procedure offers our members the opportunity to play a direct role in mining. GIRACOIN PROFITABLE FROM THE VERY BEGINNING A widely recognized currency requires broad acceptance. That's why we have opted against an expensive television ad campaign in favor of direct marketing. This way, our members can receive coins or tokens without committing financial resources. Additionally, we've prepared four bonus programs. The prelaunch phase of Giracoin begins in July 2016 to take the needs and wishes of Giracoin partners into account – and you can participate in the product's introduction from the start. Mining and the block chain begin al- ready in October 2016. Don't miss your chance to be part of the cryptocurrency from the very first day. Register at www.giracoin.com. During the prelaunch phase through October 1, 2016, the € 30 registration fee will be waived. Next, choose from a selection of training packages that also include tokens. These are needed to calculate coins and can be used in mining. Direct marketing makes it possible for you to acquire new Giracoin partners, enabling you to profit from their earnings. You'll find a link in your account that you can pass along to new partners – and, as easy as that – you're already participating in the bonus system. A soon as you have put your tokens into mining, your coins will be calculated and credited to your account. Your current account status is always visible in the dashboard. Giracoin is already involved in establishing partnerships with firms to accept Giracoin as currency. A separate platform for these partners will be available in early 2017. GIRACOIN PROFIT FROM YOUR PARTNERS LEVELBONUS (QUALIFICATION: CONSULTANT PACKAGE AND 2 PROFESSIONAL PARTNER BONUS FROM TA PER LEVEL 1EU=0.8TA 1. Level 5% 2. Level 10% 3. Level 15% 4. Level 16% 5. Level 10% 6. Level 9% 7. Level 5% 8. Level 4% 9. Level 3% 10. Level 2% 11. Level 1% 12. Level 1% 13. Level 1% 14. Level 1% 15. Level 1% 16. Level 1% 17. Level 1% 18. Level 1% 19. Level 1% 20. Level 1% 21. Level 1% Giracoin offers four bonus types, and these can be combined, too! 60percent of your income from these programs will be credited to your Cash Wallet – a virtual online wallet. The other 40 percent will be in your Invest Wallet. The sum in your Cash Wallet can be transferred to a bank account of your choice at any time or to another Giracoin account. The Invest Wallet allows you to purchase additional packages of tokens, making it possible for anyone to collect tokens without investing funds: you simply pay with the earnings from the bonus program. This is calculated based on the socalled Trading Amount Volumes – which varies from package to package. Tra- ding Amount Volumes are equal to 80 percent of the package price. 1. DIRECT BONUS For each training package your direct first line team partner purchases, you will receive a direct bonus equal to 10 percent of the TA – or Trading Amount. First line partners are those you have acquired directly. 2. LEVEL BONUS Here, you can participate in earnings on your team partner's revenues up to a maximum of 21 levels. Depending on the package, you can reach different steps, which can be rai- sed, for example, by using your Invest Wallet to purchase a larger training package. Of course, all education packages can be purchased directly, as well. It's easy to qualify for the Level Bonus. All you need are a Consultant package and two PARTNERBONUS (QUALIFICATION: 2 DIRECT PARTNER WITH PROFESSIONAL TRAINING PACKAGE) FROM TRADING AMOUNT (TA) 1EU = 0.8 TA 1% > 300 2% >1000 4% >8000 6% >12’000 8% > 30’000 10% > 50’000 12% >120’000 14% > 280’000 16% > 600’000 18% >1’000’000 20% > 6’000’000 Professional packages that were directly provi- ded to you in the first Partner line. 3. PARTNER BONUS You qualify for the Partner bonus based on the value of the total Trading Amount Volumes of your team and require two Professional training packages in the first level. In this case, the TA Volu- mes are calculated for the entire time, enabling you to reach everhigher bonus steps. The bonus varies between one and 20percent and is added to your team's revenues minus the bonus to be paid to your partners. 4. WORLD POOL BONUS Additionally, you can also qualify for the Gira World Pool based on the Trading Amounts of your partners. Depending on the qualifica- tion step, you can receive between one and seven shares of the overall revenue. Disburse- ment is made twice annually. BY YOUR SIDE We offer cryptocurrency training both online in a variety of webinars, and also in person at live events, where you can have all of your questions concerning the possibili- ties of cryptcurrencies answered face-to- face. SAFE LAW Giracoin is a product of the Gira Financial Group AG based in the canton of Nidwalden, Switzerland. We provide firstclass customer service and ensure all legal aspects th- rough our own Compliance Department. Gira Financial Group AG includes within its corporate structure its own Money Launde- ring Act department, especially responsible for this product. All transactions are monito- red and audited. Secure your future – with Giracoin! Register: https://giracoin.com/Thriest
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    Source and Client update: Marijuanacoin v1.0.0.2 Updates: -New checkpoint server keys -New checkpoint -New alert keys -New seednodes -Coincontrol table view colour fix (remove Marijuanacoin.qss from appdata/roaming/Marijuanacoin) -Resources menu Cryptopia has been notified. Explorer and all seeds are updated.
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    Roadmap Design added to Bounties. Anyone who could help with that ? Regards
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    It doesn't contain less, it contains more than before. Or rather, it contains more transactions and the same information as before, only organized in a friendly way instead of a blob of text in arbitrary order. Resizing affects more than just the overview page as well so there are benefits to be able to scale the UI. I do agree that it could be compacted a bit though. Some of the UI elements are too clunky and can be toned down to the point where the default size of the wallet is smaller than the previous version.
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    What is Crypto-Currency?
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    Africoin,Africa's premium digital currency. We are optimistic that with the launch of the following Africoin affiliated projects in Africa, demand for the coin is expected to rise steeply: 1.) Cheap Flights, Hotels and Vacation Booking Portal - This platform will enable Africans book hotels, cheap flights and vacation packages using Africoin. 2.) Multi-national Market Place - Buy and sell electronics, cars, fashion apparel, collectibles, sporting goods, digital cameras, baby items, coupons, and everything using Africoin. This project will connect local merchants and businesses around the continent, it will help promote local content and also create a better sales opportunities for SMEs in Africa. 3.) Bill Payment Portals: This project will help you pay for electricity bills, mobile recharges, landlines, water and gas bills using Africoin. There are many more projects which we will be announcing their launch few days from now. Every member must start referring other people to join the Africoin phenomenon, it should be a cause and a movement in all cities and towns in Africa and the world Best Regards! From: Team Africoin Website: https://africo.in Facebook Updates: https://facebook.com/africoinsocial Twitter Update: https://twitter.com/africoinsocial
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    [ANN] Bancor | Protocol for Smart-tokens, solving the liquidity problem BITCOINTALK THREAD | WEBSITE | GITHUB | BLOG | TWITTER | YOUTUBE | SLACK | TELEGRAM | REDDIT TRANSLATIONS Turkish Russian Hindi Portuguese Indonesian Polish German Romanian BITCOINTALK THREAD | WEBSITE | GITHUB | BLOG | TWITTER | YOUTUBE | SLACK | TELEGRAM | REDDIT
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    original thread: https://okcashtalk.org/index.php/topic,2099.0 [External] Okcash Giveaway over crackingspace [50 OK] The cracking space forums are doing an Okcash giveaway for their thousands of users, to introduce them to Okcash and so they can start testing/using/staking it. You can reach the giveaway over: https://crackingspace.com/thread-17287.html
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    Re: [ANN][GGS] Gilgam.es E-Sport platform for everyone crowdsale Gilgam.es Esport Platform Crowsale Esport platform for everyone! Whitepaper | Website | Website Asia | Twitter | Facebook | Slack Presale will starts 06/13/2017 12:00 CET The crowdsale site is: https://ico.gilgam.es/ico E-SPORT PLATFORM FOR EVERYONE! MAKE PROFIT FROM EVERY GAME YOU PLAY! Gilgam.es is planning and preparing to launch a platform allowing both individual players and teams to compete in popular eSport games – DOTA2, League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offense, Call of Duty, etc... – supervised by our own artificial intelligence. The client application, which can be downloaded from our landing page, will run within an electron framework on JavaScript, HTML, CSS basis platform will not depend on the operating system of the user. The first anti-cheat defense line is embedded in the the client application. It monitors the programs used by the user and their interference with the running game program. The interface will allow the user to create an account by funding a new Ethereum address with Ether via an established payment processor. SECURITY OF PLAYERS The biggest problem in every online game is cheating, either financially (credit card frauds) or in-game cheating. We aim to eliminate the risk of the former by decentralizing transactions on the basis of ethereum blockchain; while in case of the latter, we are planning to eliminate in-game cheating by means of strict KYC software monitoring, using our own artificial intelligence. FINANCIAL DECENTRALIZATION Financial transactions of players will be conducted by smart contracts running on Ethereum blockchain, the execution of which cannot be manipulated externally, thus they are executed in accordance with pre-coded outcomes. Fast payments Secure transactions Smart-contracts AUTOMATED FILTERING The artificial intelligence developed by us will analyze the outcome of every match and determine the result of the game. Parties may accept this outcome or place their complaints. Client based app filtering AI based match filtering KYC based user filtering ELECTRON CLIENT The platform will be developed divided into several regions in order to keep pings low and distribute network load. The regions are planned to be the following: Asia Australia Europe North America South America HOW IT WORKS LIVE TO PLAY, PLAY FOR A LIVING Gilgam.es Ltd. is developing a platform independent E-Sport platform. This platform will allow every e-sport fan to make some profit from their skills. Using the platform is very simple. OUR MARKET WHY ESPORTS MATTERS TO EVERYONE, INCLUDING YOU "Esports is the biggest disruption to hit our industry since the iPhone in 2007" The traditional focus of game publishers has been on the gamers themselves, who spend money directly in or on their titles. More recently, publishers have put another group at the center of their marketing effort: the content creators who create and share game video content on channels such as YouTube, Hitbox, DingIt and Twitch. This group has proved to be a valuable and cost-effective marketing tool for publishers, bringing increased attention and players to their games. Esports is a prime example of this. Esports competitions and the content around them help publishers to grow engaged and active communities around their titles, prolonging the lifespan of their gamers and transforming their titles into true entertainment brands. The number of viewers can easily outnumber the number of gamers and could provide as much monetization opportunities as the players themselves. The global eSports market generated $748M in revenue in 2015E, and is expected to grow to $1.9B by 2018E. North America and Europe comprise 52% of the market as they continue to rapidly invest in the space. One American analyst even predicts that the eSports market in the U.S. alone will grow from $85M in 2014 to $1.2B in 2018, a compound annual growth rate of 93.8%. OUR TEAM WE CREATE AWESOME STUFF We are a Creative Team located in Hungary, Malta and Mainland China. We have a lot of experience in Blockchain business, programming and esport games, primarily of CS:GO and DOTA2. We like to see esport matches, and play the games. We think everybody deserves to get an opportunity to play for money. Use your hobby to make money! EXPERT GAMERS Our team has very experienced CS:GO and DOTA2 players. They know everything about these games and they can help in developing the Gilgam.es platform. BLOCKCHAIN EXPERTS Our team includes a highly skilled blockchain developer, who helps make the smart-contracts. Those contracts will ensure that every winner can take their money EXPERT PROGRAMMERS Our team has extremely experienced and highly professional programmers developing Gilgam.es platform, the servers and client. The servers will work with Node.js. The Client will work in electron For more details see whitepaper or our websites. Smart-Contract https://github.com/g1lg4m3s/smart-contract Whitepaper Translations (More on the way) Chinese Whitepaper: https://ico.gilgam.es/whitepaper/Gilgam.es.whitepaper.cn.pdf Articles on Gilgam.es http://usethebitcoin.com/gilgam-es-earn-money-while-playing-your-favorite-games/ Bounty inquiries to bounty@gilgam.es General inquiries to support@gilgam.es
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    ok thanks that worked, shut down blade wallet extract the 2 dat's to a new folder. copy /b blk0001.dat+blkindex.dat bootstrap.dat in the appdata/roaming directory rename blade to bladeold in appdata/roaming create a new blade folder copy bootstrap.dat from the folder you extracted it to, to the new appdata/roaming/blade folder copy appdata/roaming/bladeold/wallet.dat to appdata/roaming/blade copy appdata/roaming/bladeold/blade.conf to appdata/roaming/blade launch blade wallet let it do it's indexing thing once it's indexed i had to run repairwallet from console lost a few coins but it started staking and looks like they it will even out. backup, backup and backup can't be stressed enough. first attempt was a fail i had a file left in the blade folder as i only removed the .dat files thinking thats all that mattered. second attempt i did as i wrote and it was a success. for those that don't want to do the download and copy rename thing Bladecoin bootstrap https://www.dropbox.com/s/3jrwv4y3o384qn1/bootstrap.dat?dl=0
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    The #Bancor protocol token generation event will take place on June 12, 10am GMT. Terms will be released 7 days in advance #ethereum #token
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    original thread: https://okcashtalk.org/index.php/topic,2098.0 Okcash.org - Main Domain Rescued/Acquired for the next 10 years https://okcash.org We have rescued/acquired the okcash.org domain and registered it for 10 years (the maximum available), becoming the main domain for information about the Okcash project, The site is OpenSource and hosted directly on Github ensuring its availability and user participation. We are working on a new website with simple steps for new users, will be placed over the previous okcash.info site.
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    Nice pamphlets. Next is the t-shirts and billboards!
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    Nice. I'll be putting some miners on cream! Graphic look really nice.
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    Challenge Name: Finishing Mapping Cancer Markers Created By: Econfina Health Technologies Open Challenge? No Start Date: 06/04/2017 End Date: 06/30/2017 Challenge Type: Results Returned Late Entrants Allowed? Yes Challenge Project: Mapping Cancer Markers Invited Teams: Poland BOINC@Taiwan BOINC@AUSTRALIA L'Alliance Francophone XtremeSystems Decrypthon SETI.Germany University of Kaiserslautern BOINC@Poland BOINC@Heidelberg BOINC@Denmark IBM Web Innovators & Friends BOINC@Austria Team 2ch Asset Management LA Marist College Team China BOINC@Ukraine Easynews ESU UH IT HPC TechPowerUp! Gridcoin on World Community Grid has been invited to participate in a team challenge. The challenge was issued by Econfina Health Technologies. The winner of the challenge will be the team that accumulates the most results between Sunday, June 4 and Friday, June 30.
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    Credits(CRDS) - Ease of use, privacy and equality.
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    Twitter https://twitter.com/credits_network Github https://github.com/Credits-CRDS/Credits
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    SingularDTV BUILDING A DECENTRALIZED ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY SingularDTV is a blockchain entertainment studio laying the foundation for a decentralized entertainment industry. Building the future of rights management, project funding, and peer-to-peer distribution, SingularDTV’s platform empowers artists and creators with powerful tools to manage projects from development to distribution. https://singulardtv.com/
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    The Wagerr ICO is LIVE! There are some DDOS issues on site early, mitigating now https://wagerr.com/
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    openANX, OAX and the Open ANX Foundation – What is the difference? openANX is the name of the platform and project. It provides advantages such as aggregated order books, transparent collateral and credit risk markets. It is the real-world application of decentralized exchanges. OAX is the name for the ERC20 tokens that are used to participate (eg: to acquire memberships) on the openANX platform Open ANX Foundation is the name of the non-profit organization incorporated in Hong Kong. Its objective is to promote the real-world application of the openANX platform and oversee its initial development. What is a centralized exchange and what advantages/disadvantages does it have? Most existing traditional exchanges today are centralized exchanges, meaning there is a single entity that controls and is responsible for the operation of the exchange. Centralized exchanges have some advantages such as providing critical services, liquidity and banking relationships. However, there are major disadvantages such as a lack of financial and operational transparency, and security concerns as demonstrated by hacked exchanges that resulted in the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars as well as trust and confidence from users and the general public. Trading on centralized exchanges also defeats the purpose of having decentralized currencies (Bitcoin, alternative cryptocurrencies). The term exchange is somewhat misleading in the traditional sense – i.e. on stock exchanges or online marketplace platforms, at the end of a transaction there is the delivery of the purchased goods as well as the transfer of payments. On a crypto centralized “exchange” there is no payment or coin changing hands amongst buyers and sellers (and hence why the transaction is not recorded on the blockchain); rather the transaction is reflected only on the internal accounting records of the exchange and a selling customer that previously was owed coins by the exchange is now owed fiat currency instead. As he still does not hold physical possession, his account is essentially an IOU issued by the exchange to the seller. What are decentralized exchanges (DEX)? Decentralized exchanges are the proposed solution to the problems faced by centralized exchanges and their users. While current decentralized exchanges are a step in the right direction, they often suffer problems such as low volume and liquidity due to the lack of integration of the strengths and key functions of centralized exchanges. DEX do not have integrated banking relationships nor integrated onboard/offboard payment channels, thus fiat trading is not possible on the platform, and it only allows trading of crypto pairs which severely limits trading activity. They are much less practical for users, especially for non-technical users, unless they already have crypto tokens and are not seeking to monetize into fiat. How does openANX differ from other decentralized exchanges (DEX)? Firstly, and most importantly, openANX is complementary to decentralized exchanges. Many Ethereum initiatives such as 0x, RAIDEN, SWAP, will support trustless trading of Ethereum tokens. However, they don’t solve the problem of onboarding and offboarding real world funds. openANX provides an asset gateway mechanism to practically onboard and offboard real world currencies whilst affording consumer greater transparency and increased protection with collateral and a dispute resolution process. The fiat currencies safely tokenized by compatible asset gateways are essentially gateway tokens that can then be traded on other Ethereum decentralized exchanges. High Liquidity Many existing DEX suffer from low trade volumes which leads to low liquidity, partly owing to their “one trade per settlement” model: traders execute one trade and then must wait for the real-world currency settlement before being able to trade again, during which the traders are exposed to counterparty credit and settlement risks. Low volume is also due to lower number of users as decentralized exchanges that use cryptographic tokens only are difficult to enter, due to their inherent lack of fiat gateways. With the provision of a safe tokenization process on openANX, traders will be able to onboard funds and trade multiple times before offboarding; this is crucial for the market makers and arbitrage traders that provide critical levels of liquidity. Additionally, existing centralized and decentralized exchanges operate using fragmented liquidity pools. openANX aggregates the liquidity from each of its asset gateway participants (some of whom are centralized exchanges) to provide increased levels of liquidity. This also lowers the barrier to entry for new asset gateways as they will have access to the overall openANX liquidity pool. Finally, existing DEX fail to adequately provide transparency on the explicit counter party credit risk associated with asset gateways. openANX allows asset gateways tokens to be traded against each other’s, providing a market for credit risk, which results in numerous advantages such as opportunity for hedging credit risk and allowing the explicit pricing of credit risk be to expressed by the market (price discovery). Transparency The cryptocurrency community is wary of government regulations (despite the accompanying safety net), yet would still like to have a transparent guarantee of their assets. Existing centralized and decentralized exchanges do not address this need due to their lack of financial or operational transparency. The openANX platform will be open source and governed by a DAO/non-profit “Open ANX Foundation”, and its objective being to promote the real-world application of the openANX platform. Being open source and valuing transparency allows the openANX project to stay true to the movement of decentralization. Credit risk On the openANX platform, asset gateways fulfil the role of holding customer funds under custody and issuing gateway tokens on the blockchain. The gateways should still hold the customer funds in segregated accounts, however the gateway can also post locked up collateral on the openANX DAO. This collateral is time locked and made available for dispute resolution. In this fashion, customers have additional, transparent data available to determine the creditworthiness of the gateway (as a function of real world factors and collateral value). Risk assessment is impossible without access to various data about the asset gateway. The exchange models available currently do not provide this information, therefore traders and users cannot price risk. On the openANX platform, the replacement of exchange IOUs with fiat tokens and the availability of information to evaluate risk (collateral, market value of token, credit risk factors etc.) enables traders to start factoring in risk in their trades. Asset gateway tokens can then be traded against each other, with a premium or discount, representing perceived credit risk; this creates a market and price discovery mechanism for credit risk What is an asset gateway? An asset gateway takes off-chain assets from customers, and mints an on-chain ERC20 token equivalent. Amongst other requirements, an asset gateway should: Post some amount of locked collateral into the openANX DAO, Incorporate acceptance of the openANX dispute resolution process into its customer terms and conditions, and Pre-declare its KYC and AML policy and nominate the KYC/AML contract that is used to enforce its regulatory obligations on the blockchain What is the DAO and how does it interact with the openANX platform? DAO stands for “Decentralized Autonomous Organization”, it functions using smart contracts on Ethereum. openANX abides by the DAO, which is governed by the voters on the platform. This is one of the many strengths of the openANX platform – the governance is decentralized and can mould the way the platform behaves and develops. What is an aggregated order book? Current centralized exchanges each have isolated order books that don’t communicate with each other. This creates a problem in that the barrier for entry is high, and it leads to only a few exchanges maintaining and attracting sufficient liquidity to make them financially and operationally viable. Using the liquidity aggregation technology provided by ANX, the openANX platform can aggregate all the order books so the end user can interact with a single, seamless order book that has the combined volume and liquidity from all asset gateways. What is the distinction between the non-profit Open ANX Foundation and ANX International? The Open ANX Foundation and ANX International (“ANX”) are separate entities. ANX will contribute proprietary IP to kick-start the openANX platform. Maintenance and funding for the openANX platform will be performed by the non-profit Open ANX Foundation. After the platform launch, ANX will merely be an asset gateway and supplier on the openANX platform. Other suppliers can be selected by the DAO governance board. What does a gateway token represent? A gateway token represents an obligation of the issuer which users have direct ownership and control of. The market value of these tokens depends on various factors which may determine the perceived risk associated with the gateway issuer, and may include collateral placed, asset gateway reputation, country of issue and KYC processes. What is the credit risk market? The value of different gateway tokens can change, especially if issues arise for an asset gateway. Different asset gateways have gateway tokens that may be perceived by the market as having different risk and hence value. For instance – Acme exchange will issue AcmeUSD tokens as their gateway tokens. The value of AcmeUSD and ANXUSD will be different, as Acme exchange and ANX (as a gateway) will have different risk, which can be priced quantitatively due to the transparent nature of the platform. Note that the function of the gateway tokens is still the same. These tokens can be traded against each other and therefore long risk positions can be closed. This creates a new market dynamic – the credit risk market.
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    Thanks haha, I think that within these year there will be lots of Updates & Improvements. Your TX-ID is: 349de85a4ceb14f762bc79ae6f70b24cb21a10c71e1e1116293bb43b8100c1a5
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    Another Giveaway for each Twitter Follower has been added. We give 400 GLT for each new Follower on Twitter, requirement is that you have a min. 3 month old Account. // Edit - send me a PM with your Twitter Account Name and send me your Address :)