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    Gridcoin Research Leisure Upgrade https://github.com/gridcoin/Gridcoin-Research/releases/tag/ ### Added - Add "backupprivatekeys" RPC command, #593 (@Foggyx420). - Add more transaction details to the UI, #573 (@tomasbrod). - Add Additional logging to diagnose PoR reward loss (@tomasbrod) ### Fixed - Reduce startup time by 15 seconds, #626 (@tomasbrod, @Foggyx420). - Prevent email being leaked in CPIDv2 block field, #621 (@tomasbrod). - Fixed memory leaks when receiving orphans while in sync, #622 (@denravonska). - Unconfirmed balance was not shown in UI, #615, (@Foggyx420). - Fix memory leaks when clearing orphans, #609, (@MagixInTheAir). - Fix an issue where multiple beacons could be advertised in rapid succession, #604 (@Foggyx420). - Stake weight in the UI will no longer include old DPOR weght, #602 (@Foggyx420). - Fix stake modifier mismatch which caused nodes to get stuck on first V8 block, #581 (@tomasbrod). - Fix beacon auto advertisment issue when done automatically, #580 (@Foggyx420). - Fix for loss of PoR rewards due to reorganize, #578 (@tomasbrod). - Fix upgrader compile error on Linux, #541 (@theMarix). - Fix duplicate poll entries, #539 (@denravonska). - Importing private keys will no longer require a restart for the addresses to show up, #634 (@Foggyx420). - Fix invalid backup filenames on Windows, #569 (@denravonska). ### Changed - Code cleanup (@Foggyx420, @tomasbrod, @denravonska). - Several NN consensus sync improvements, #616 (@Foggyx420). - Windows nodes will no longer automatically reboot/shutdown, #605 (@denravonska). - Display "No Polls!" in poll window if no polls are running, #596 (@MagixInTheAir). - Change poll min search length from 2 to 1, #595 (@MagixInTheAir). - Return the results of "backupwallet" RPC command, #593 (@Foggyx420). - Changing the community links #654 (@grctest)
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    Gridcoin Research Leisure Upgrade https://github.com/gridcoin/Gridcoin-Research/releases/tag/ ## [] 2017-10-09 ### Fixed - Fix problems sending beacons on Windows, #684 (@tomasbrod). - Fix clients getting stuck at V8 blocks when syncing, #686 (@tomasbrod).
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    my portfolio has been working for 4 days consecutively without ever crash or changing chain, and continues to do so. I have to note that the new update is the best version ever. Congratulations to developers
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    Hey Guys, Team Gridcoin became the most powerfull BOINCer Team. You can see in Boinc Teamstats. We crunch round about 6 times more Credits a day as our followers do!!! Great job TEAM!!!
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    CYBERX PROJECT ANNOUNCES #1 BLOCKCHAIN IN CYBER-SECURITY CyberX Project: The world’s first decentralized cyber-security platform built on the Ethereum blockchain introduces its upcoming ICO CyberX Project is a startup launched by a company specialized in cyber-security services who is collaborating with many other big organizations worldwide. CyberX Team is going to generously create an abundance of opportunities for pioneers and greatful investors. CyberX takes a dismantle approach to the outdated services and completely provides a new, safe and secure way to protect our partners’ cyber-security. Token Crowdsale Distribution : Smart Contract?: Yes Tokens available for pre-sale and crowdsale: 108.000.000 CX Team and Advisors: Over 30.500,000 CX Industry Reserve: 33,600,000 PPP Bounty Campaign : 3.360.000 Total Token Pool Size Including Reserve: 168,000,000 CX 1 CX = 0.0006 ETH Idea Creation : - Idea comes up with the application of blockchain in cyber-security and to build a good community in cyber-security. - CX Token is expected to be used popularly in cyber-security business. - CyberX Company will hold many events and league for youth and entrepreneurs to show their talent as well as to win the prize with CX tokens. - CyberX Project supports and provided a friendly platforms for cyber-security startups - Cyberx builds SmartCloud system with 3-Factor Authentication security. Two factors of cybersecurity and one layer at blockchain help keep your business data safe and secure. Simultaneously with decent technology will surely help to manage the data up easier than ever. Presale and Crowdsale : - Presale will be live on 20th October 2017 - Crowdsale is planned to be live on 5 Novermber 2017 Ecosystem : - We have planned to built a strong ecosystem for long term plan. Social Links : https://t.me/CyberX17 https://medium.com/@cyberxproject17 https://twitter.com/CyberxProject https://cyberxproject.slack.com https://www.linkedin.com/company/13439739/ https://cyberx-project.com https://www.reddit.com/r/CyberXProject/
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    Bitcoin price managed to rise above the $4,000 mark in trading today, fulfilling the expectations and predictions of a number of Bitcoin faithful. However, it has also led to widespread concerns that a bubble is forming that will eventually crater the portfolios of many investors. The massive rise is difficult to grasp, without considering what the value of what an investment would be had it been purchased last year. Consider an average investor who purchased $100 of Bitcoin in September 2016 when Bitcoin was selling for $572. Had they managed to hold the currency through all the ups and downs of the last year, they would be sitting on $850 with today’s $4,000 price point. Also are a number cryptocoins which will grow in a future and has cheap price today. For example boosteroid pre-ico 22.09 etc.
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    facebook : https://www.facebook.com/OwnerCoin-800410720122107 twitter : https://twitter.com/ownercoin 100 OwnerCoin - Like and following Facebook page. [Bounty] for 100 people We can only send waves wallet address on https://waveswallet.io https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wavesplatform.wallet https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/waves-wallet/id1233158971?mt=8 Blockchain Token for SOLO OwnerCOIN http://ownercoin.org
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    Hello my Name is Mel, I´m working together in a team with the ambition to make blockchain easiert to understand, so we "link blockchain to the world" (therefore our name is blocklink ). We want to inform about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, especially Gridcoin. Our last project was the development of gridcoin.io and the Gridcoin teaser video . Did you like it? Then we would appriciate your support for other projects. For instance we succesfully launched our thunderclap this weekend and reached 150.000+ new people wit hthis promotion (https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/60804-visit-us-on-gridcoin-io). If you were part of the 250 people who helped to make this happen, thank you a thousand times! At the moment we are working on a video about different blockchain technologies, working out the advantages of Gridcoin in terms efficiency (against POW) and fairness (against POS only, Matthew Effect). Therefore we need a little help. Is there anybody feeling comfortable speaking a text for the video and would like to try it? Kind Regards, Mel
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    Hi, folks! There are plenty of cool directories around (the coolest: cryptominded.com), but—alas!—all of them are centralized. I don't like the idea of centralized things much (like all of you :D). If only one man is responsible for populating a directory, the project is under many risks: lack of motivation, lack of time, creators' death after all. That is why I've created an open-sourced cryptocurrency resources list. Currently, CryptoList contains 170 links in many categories like Media, News Aggregators, Price Trackers, ICO Trackers, Exchanges, Communities + 20 more. I want CryptoList to be the freshest crypto directory ever. Enjoy ➤ https://github.com/coinpride/CryptoList
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    Coinwale is an Anonymous cryptocurrency exchange. The platform gives you the power to quickly swap between assets – no account required. Supported coins: 1. Bitcoin (BTC) 2. Ethereum (ETH) 3. Litecoin (LTC) 4. Doge (Doge) 5. Verge (XVG) Fess: 0.5% Features: 1. Instant Cryptocurrency exchange. 2. No account required. Completely anonymous. 3. No limits - Unlike other exchanges we dont have a limit of amount you can trade. 4. All paid orders gets fulfilled - thats the reason we don't ask for refund address. 5. Instant support on email / live chat. 6. Low fees - You can check price comparison widget on our homepage. More features/coin coming soon. Visit us at https://coinwale.com For any further query, reach us at support[at]coinwale.com or at live chat. We are social Facebook | Twitter
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    Statement on BTA/BTC market removal Bittrex.com October 15, 2017 | Bata Cryptocurrency (BTA) Bata has been traded on Bittrex since 11/20/2015. October 3rd 2017 - a market deletion notice appeared on the Bittrex exchange for the Bata market. Bittrex asked Bata development to explain the shares concept - referring to a testing announcement Profit Shares. Explanation was provided directly to Bittrex contacts. Bittrex asked why Profit Shares was not considered as a security. Then proceeded to ask for a lawyer's memo. Bittrex requested that a US Attorney was required to issue the Memorandum. It was made clear to Bittrex that Profit Shares is an independent project from BATA. Profit Shares is not a token. It's a private crowd-funding platform. We advised Bittrex that V1 Profit Share is not part of Bata cryptocurrency development project. This made no difference as then they proceeded to ask for a legal analysis on Bata, including clear details on how it will remain separate and independent from the Profit Shares Platform. We advised Bittrex that if the Bata developers paid for a security analysis on Profit Shares then the Bata project would no longer be separate, but a vested or interested party. Bata is separate from Profit Shares Platform and shall remain a separate project. After discussing with the Bata Dev team, various lawyers in Australia who also had offices in the USA, were contacted. The estimated legal expenses to initiate the process to satisfy Bittrex demands were not feasible, and there was no certainty that a positive and timely resolution would be possible. The Bata development team along with the Bata community's support have decided that development funds would be invested in strengthening the Bata development project. Bata is a decentralised open source cryptocurrency project. Bata development is made up of a small team. No development funds were ever acquired, or requested. The members of the development team provide their own time and own funds for development. Profit Shares Platform is a closed source project under development by Biznatch Enterprises. Please withdraw all your BTA to an official wallet or other exchange/s as previously advised. Official wallets are available on https://bata.io/wallets Please visit our website for a list of 11 other exchanges. https://bata.io Bata Cryptocurrency Bata is an open source cryptocurrency that has been developed to replace trade dollars in a traditional barter system, changing way the way we trade, by introducing Barter on the Blockchain. Barter Currency on a blockchain, decentralized, secure and widely available in the form of Bata, replacing a company issued trade dollar. Bata is traded under the symbol BTA on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges around the world. Contact Information: Bata cryptocurrency project - contact@bata.io Website: https://bata.io Profit Share Platform Working towards collaboration with other blockchain projects to create a unique decentralized equity crowdfunding network. A project with nearly 10 years of private development using unique side-chain technology that can perform secure smart-contract agreements between investors and start-up businesses and their contractors. A proof of concept has been scheduled to be performed in the near future, once successfully tested and peer reviewed, will seek regulatory approval worldwide. Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/GNJg7BBcs7g_DTDK844J0A Website: http://profitsharesplatform.net (unfinished) Statement on Bittrex BTA%2FBTC Market Removal 15th Oct 2017.pdf
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    Sperocoin Sperocoin é uma moeda POW/POS, ou seja, pode ser obtida tanto com a mineração via CPU/GPU quanto pela mineração apenas deixando a wallet aberta com saldo disponível. Desta forma você não briga com grandes centros de mineração, conseguindo obter suas moedas também apenas com saldo ativo. Para o recebimento de PoS é importante salientar que a carteira deve estar desbloqueada para a mineração PoS e conectada com a internet pelo prazo mínimo aqui descrito. Esta moeda foi desenvolvida de forma a trazer conhecimento no mundo das criptomoedas em locais onde o assunto ainda não é tão expressivo. A Sperocoin está divulgando o mundo de altcoins em território ainda pouco explorado, que são as casas de pessoas mais simples. O intuito da criação desta moeda é oferecer estudos para as mais diversas pessoas, das mais diferentes classes sociais. Desta forma ela esta sendo primeiramente disponibilizada em um pequeno curso de informática básica na cidade de Belo Horizonte/MG, onde os alunos estão tendo seu primeiro contato com o mundo digital. A propagação para as exchanges e outros trabalhos está sendo necessária para compras de mais equipamentos e aumento assim desta grande família de forma informativa. Esperamos que mais adeptos conheçam nosso trabalho e nos ajudem a crescer e alcançar mais grupos de estudos. [English] Sperocoin is a POW / POS coin, that is, it can be obtained with either mining via CPU / GPU or by mining just leaving the wallet open with balance available. In this way you do not fight with large mining centers, managing to get your coins with only active balance. In order to receive PoS, it is important to note that the portfolio must be unlocked for PoS mining and connected to the Internet for the minimum period described herein. This coin was developed in order to bring knowledge in the world of crypto-coins in places where the subject is not yet so expressive. Sperocoin is spreading the world of altcoins in territory still little explored, which are the homes of simpler people. The purpose of the creation of this currency is to offer studies for the most diverse people, from the most different social classes. In this way it is first available in a small basic computer course in the city of Belo Horizonte / MG, where students are having their first contact with the digital world. The spread to the exchanges and other jobs is being required to purchase more equipment and thus increase this large family in an informative way. We hope that more fans will know our work and help us grow and reach more groups of studies. https://sperocoin.wixsite.com/sperocoin Especificações / Specifications: ALGORITMO: X13 TEMPO DE BLOCO: 60 segundos PREMIAÇÃO PoW: 2 SPERO até o bloco 263250 PoS: Após 2h RENDIMENTO PoS: 25% ao ano CONFIRMAÇÕES: 5 para mineração e 3 para transações MENSAGEM ENCRIPTADA ENDEREÇOS INICIANDO COM A LETRA "S" TOTAL DE MOEDAS: ~7 milhões ÚLTIMO BLOCO PoW: 33331 MOEDAS PRÉ-MINERADAS: ~100000 SPERO [English] ALGORITHM: X13 BLOCK TIME: 60 seconds AWARDS PoW: 2 SPERO to block 263250 PoS: After 2h PoS : 25% per year CONFIRMATIONS: 5 for mining and 3 for transactions ENCRYPTED MESSAGE ADDRESSES STARTING WITH THE LETTER "S" TOTAL COINS: ~ 7 million LAST BLOCK PoW: 33331 PRE-MINED COINS: ~ 100000 SPERO Fases da Sperocoin(Blocos) / Phases of Sperocoin (Blocks): Proof of Work: 0 - 33331 Proof of Stake: 33331 - 263250 Proof of Work + Proof of Stake: acima de 263251 sperocoin.conf: Quote rpcuser=user rpcpassword=Senha_Criada_Aleatoriamente rpcport=55681 port=55680 #(0=off, 1=on) daemon - run in the background as a daemon and accept commands daemon=1 #(0=off, 1=on) server - accept command line and JSON-RPC commands server=1 rpcallowip= testnet=0 addnode=hopeassistencia.ddns.net Casas de Câmbio / Exchanges: Em breve / Coming Soon VOTE: https://www.tradesatoshi.com/Vote → Online: https://coinsmarkets.com/trade-BTC-SPERO.htm Arquivos / Downloads: Windows-QT: http://www.mediafire.com/file/g6ir7fdm70woz52/SperoCoin-v. Windows Daemon: http://www.mediafire.com/file/sfnb3c78uysi47l/sperocoind-v. Código Fonte / Source: Quote https://github.com/DigitalCoin1/DigitalCoinBRL Mineração / Mining: Solo CPU: Quote { "_comment1" : "Any long-format command line argument ", "_comment2" : "may be used in this JSON configuration file", "api-bind" : "", "url" : "localhost:55681", "user" : "user", "pass" : "password", "algo" : "x13", "threads" : 0, "cpu-priority" : 0, "cpu-affinity" : -1, "benchmark" : false, "debug" : true, "protocol": false, "quiet" : false } Quote cpuminer -q --algo=x13 -o -u user-p password Solo GPU: Quote ccminer30.exe -q --algo=x13 -o -u user-p password Pool: http://pickaxe.online/ 🔥 Variable Difficulty : 0.001 ~ 0.01 🔥 Stratum Host : stratum+tcp://pickaxe.online:10021 🔥 Username : [YourWalletAddress] 🔥 Variable Difficulty : 0.01 ~ 0.04 🔥 Stratum Host : stratum+tcp://pickaxe.online:10022 🔥 Username : [YourWalletAddress] 🔥 Variable Difficulty : 0.4 ~ 4 🔥 Stratum Host : stratum+tcp://pickaxe.online:10023 🔥 Username : [YourWalletAddress] 🔥 NiceHash 🔥 Stratum Host : stratum+tcp://pickaxe.online:10024 🔥 Username : [YourWalletAddress] 🔥 Fees : 3% 🔥 Payout cycle : 15 mins 🔥 Minimum Payout : 0.01 SPERO Recompensas utilizando o saldo de pré-mineração/ Rewards using the pre-mining balance: Wallet Android: 1000 SPERO Wallet iOS: 1000 SPERO Wallet MAC: 1000 SPERO Translate: 100 SPERO Exchange: 10.000 SPERO 3 Grupo de estudos (5 alunos) / 3 Study Group (5 students): 5000 SPERO Atualizações / Updates: $0001 2017/09/26 Initial Upload to GitHub $0006 2017/10/01 In this update, the SperoCoin-qt.pro file has been changed for compilation in the Linux environment. $0007 2017/10/06 Update README.md and add files: src/leveldb/Makefile $0008 2017/10/08 Update infos about end phase of PoW and start phase PoS; Update font of qt wallet; Update version; Update Protocol Others general's updates $0010 2017/10/10 Update for new implementations: → Added option of cleaning of orphans blocks; → Added display option "STAKE" in the "type" column inside the "Transactions" tab; → Added "setban" node "" add | remove "(bantime)" / "listbanned" and "clearbanned" in the RPC console; $0012 2017/10/11 Ban Forked Peers who are stuck in a Getblocks Loop.
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    KAPU network is an ARK fork. The ultimate goal of this project is to preserve the artifacts all around the world using the Blockchain technology. 51 active delegates • Delegates chosen with the DPOS voting system • 110.000.000 KAPUs - Seeded Genesis Block • Multi-signature wallet • Constant block reward • 422 KAPUs every day • 12.800 KAPUs each month • 154.030 KAPUs every year • 51 active delegates will forge about 7,747,920 KAPUs every year TOKEN CAMPAIGN EXCHANGE LINK: https://tec.kapu.one/ Slack: http://slack.kapu.one/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kapucoin Twitter: https://twitter.com/kapucoin Forum: https://forum.kapu.one/ Github: https://github.com/kapucoin/kapu-node Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAESLKrQ7JEY_n-RDKQ Website: https://kapu.one
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    @Jimmy Hi Jimmy, thanks for the reply. I've fixed the information about cryptocurrencytalk.com.
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    Masari (MSR) is a privacy-focused cryptocurrency based on Monero. This project's main initiative is contribution to blockchain scalability and mass adoption, which is the elephant in the room for blockchains. Aside from Aeon, Monero lacks forked projects that contribute to its source code, and Masari hopes to be second in that list. The Masari project will track any merge-able commits from Monero. Masari's first initiative will be to create a light easy-to-use mobile wallet (preceded by a GUI wallet), a necessary requirement for day-to-day use and mass adoption for the non tech-savvy majority, which means abstracting away private keys into a simple interface that feels like a banking app (albeit still accessible to the user as part of "advanced" options). Further initiatives are in the roadmap and will be published in detail once this first milestone is reached. Team members that will be involved with me in this project have industry expertise in Mobile Development and Computer Networking, while my industry experience is in Distributed Systems. My identity is public, and the colleagues involved will also have their identity public in this project (the landing page will soon be including bios). We are striving to make significant contributions to the Blockchain ecosystem as it evolves into Web 3.0. Specifications Most specifications are equivalent to Monero's: * PoW algorithm: CryptoNight * Max supply: ~18.5 million (with tail emission) * Block reward: Smoothly varying * Block time: 120 seconds * Difficulty: Re-targets at every block * Genesis block: Saturday, 2 September 2017 21:20:46 UTC Bitcointalk Thread https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2159114.0 Slack This is an open invitation link for anybody interested in joining Masari's Slack channel: https://join.slack.com/t/masaricurrency/shared_invite/MjM5MDk3MjA1MTI1LTE1MDUwOTg4OTgtN2JhMjhiNTEwNg Pools http://www.masaripool.com - 1% pool fee (0.5% to pool maintainer, 0.5% donation to core devs) https://masari.superpools.net - 1% pool fee (0.5% to pool maintainer, 0.5% to core devs) Update 2017-09-13: This coin has some versioning changes that will lead original cryptonote pools to not work unless you use the patched cryptonote-util package. To set up a pool using node-cryptonote-pool, change your cryptonote-util path in package.json to use the Masari patched version: "cryptonote-util": "git://github.com/masari-project/node-cryptonote-util#msr" You'll need to set it up such that it pays the miners in the pool either automatically, or manually, both requiring masari-wallet-rpc configured, and ensure your config has a mixin of 12. Block Explorer https://www.msrchain.net/ Exchanges https://www.southxchange.com/Market/Book/MSR/BTC Upcoming Goals * Recruitment: colleagues will be joining me on this project, each with different skill-sets that can improve this project while at the same time contributing back to Monero. * Creating an easy to use light (non full-node) mobile wallet Release Notes * The fork is based off Monero's latest v0.11.0.0 versioned code, which is set to be the hard fork version for September 2017. This release cleans up and refactors all legacy Cryptonote implementations that are superseded by Monero's RingCT (for example: splitting amounts and dust outputs related code is removed), therefore Masari only uses RCT transactions. * All core tests have been re-written to support RingCT code coverage. * RCT outputs are randomized (sorted by amount in original Monero implementation), as well as tx fee sources. * The default mixin is set to 12, and in contrast to Monero is static and cannot be changed. This is something that the end user does not need to worry about, is relatively inexpensive in storage and computational costs, and a homogeneous mixin increases anonymity of transactions. * Fluffy blocks are on by default. This has been in Monero's testnet for quite some time, is mature, and is now optional in the latest release. Sources Source - https://github.com/masari-project/masari]https://github.com/masari-project/masari Binaries MANDATORY UPGRADE - HARD FORK UPCOMING ESTIMATED Tuesday, 10 October 2017 02:04:26 BUT WILL BE MUCH SOONER https://github.com/masari-project/masari/releases/tag/v0.1.2.0 Linux - https://github.com/masari-project/masari/releases/download/v0.1.2.0/masari-linux-x64-v0.1.2.0.tar.gz sha256sum 2d01c137bf1c0f8abc15bd898d7a4e755e2c77ea53d3a90bc206b5aa842c0044 Windows: https://github.com/masari-project/masari/releases/download/v0.1.2.0/masari-win-x64-v0.1.2.0.zip sha256sum: 79b2efaa996ab58479c08d1b5e7839026100bdf39a4a85c7a7252883e388b0cb MacOS: https://github.com/masari-project/masari/releases/download/v0.1.2.0/masari-mac-x64-v0.1.2.0.tar.gz sha256sum: 0941b70a98f2ae614a5b7401405e8d6baacfb2e4a4811514aa0da3db11e6380a Funding If you'd like to show your support, please donate: Masari: 5nYWvcvNThsLaMmrsfpRLBRou1RuGtLabUwYH7v6b88bem2J4aUwsoF33FbJuqMDgQjpDRTSpLCZu3dXpqXicE2uSWS4LUP (viewkey: 99e21e00cce073c126e9aed800c9e2e82518534b3924b035a29436ff4f75bc0c) Monero: 4A57eA3so6bEE8FUcaN1KtMXD3sxjjbvcKD3MF1pUgRi5PNHTpB7sYN2DmJv3EXxtZCWeG88tsVLzdfZJcmUFm52SbrfJWr (viewkey: c7a7c141581ac4436ba8bfb81dd67234720c565c696ef154a25c7e7314ce4b08) Bitcoin: 1J1he4qtTuNpCxyEBozkeKfDpoeYxfE3rj This announcement page is still under development. Please feel free to download and start mining some Masari! Best regards, Thaer http://getmasari.org
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    Earlier this week, VanEck Vectors ETF Trust submitted a letter to the SEC withdrawing its application for a Bitcoin ETF. In the letter, VanEck noted that SEC staff had indicated the agency would not review a fund application if the “underlying instruments in which the fund intends to primarily invest are not yet available.” Those underlying instruments are bitcoin futures contracts. Like funds proposed by several other ETF providers–most recently ProShares–VanEck’s Bitcoin ETF did not intend to hold bitcoin directly; rather, it planned to trade in derivatives contracts. Read More: http://strategiccoin.com/bitcoin-etf-plans-hit-with-regulatory-setback/
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    Elite 888 (a limited supply, high-end collectible token) will be distributed through an initial coin offering starting on October 9th, 2017. Only 888 tokens will be created and each token is valued at 8 ETH. Due to limited supply, all tokens are expected to be sold before the end of the offering period. Elite 888 is an ERC-20 token, built on Ethereum (https://www.ethereum.org), the popular cryptocurrency and blockchain system. Tokens will be offered via a tiered sale where the quantity of each token available for sale is based on the timing of the ICO. • For the first 3 days, Elite 888 tokens will only be sold in full. The minimum purchase is 1 token. There is no maximum. Partial tokens will not be available until after the first 72 hours. • Half tokens will be available for purchase over next 3 days, only if there are any remaining for sale. • Quarter tokens will be offered after the first 6 days, only if there are any remaining for sale. • Any quantity can be purchased after the 9th day, only if there are any remaining for sale. Backed by a strong team with diverse backgrounds and experience, this token will begin trading on multiple exchanges after the ICO period ends. Elite 888 will trade under the ticker symbol 8S. For more information, visit https://www.elite888.com/.
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    12Coin – First Smart Trading Community Today, we are glad to announce 12Coin ICO – First Smart CryptoTrading Community. Trading has been always a big deal for many people. Knowing exactly when they should buy or sell was a huge problem. Either many people have never known how to read japanese candles, how to anticipate to the market, etc. That was the reason we started this project, 12Coin, that proposes buying at odd days and selling at even days. Our project aims to make trading process in a coordinated way, so many major headaches are avoided. The concept of a whole community buying and selling according to the premise suggested by 12Coin team inspires people confidence, relief and certainty. At first we could think that the solution is just creating a trading community, but by doing this, everybody on his own would use a different coin or small trading groups would be created, making the community less strong and important as a result. With 12Coin what our team see is that the token is the glue that keeps the community united. Obviously each one is free to buy or sell whenever, but by doing that, oneself will realise that is not advantageous. In addition the growth of the community will make trading easier and more efficient, making 12Coin stronger as well! Twitter | Facebook | Slack | Telegram WhitePaper: http://12coin.biz/12/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/12Coin-WHITEPAPER-1.0.9-ENG.pdf Website: http://12coin.biz/12/
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    The Dubai Government has recently announced plans to launch the first-ever government-backed cryptocurrency, according to an statement released by Dubai state news agency WAM. The state-sponsored digital token, called emCash, will be available to pay for both governmental and non-governmental services... Read more Here: https://btcmanager.com/dubai-government-launches-first-official-state-cryptocurrency/ Follow BTCManager for the Latest on FinTech, Blockchain, Ethereum, and Bitcoin!
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    Sorry for the radio silence the past week, we have been working hard on bringing the platform live as soon as possible. We have made the decision to do an overhaul of our ICO process (The token and the goal will remain the same). Expect an update within the coming days! We will automate the pre-ICO process, commence a free-to-sign-up airdrop 2 days before the ICO begins and then launch our token. We believe this way we will incentivize a bigger participation by the community whilst increasing the platform's safety. Stay tuned for more info!
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    I am beginer investor, so glad to see all of you
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    There is a MANDATORY PROTOCOL UPGRADE occurring in a few days, please binaries accordingly! https://github.com/masari-project/masari/releases/tag/v0.1.2.0 Linux - https://github.com/masari-project/masari/releases/download/v0.1.2.0/masari-linux-x64-v0.1.2.0.tar.gz sha256sum 2d01c137bf1c0f8abc15bd898d7a4e755e2c77ea53d3a90bc206b5aa842c0044 Windows: https://github.com/masari-project/masari/releases/download/v0.1.2.0/masari-win-x64-v0.1.2.0.zip sha256sum: 79b2efaa996ab58479c08d1b5e7839026100bdf39a4a85c7a7252883e388b0cb MacOS: https://github.com/masari-project/masari/releases/download/v0.1.2.0/masari-mac-x64-v0.1.2.0.tar.gz sha256sum: 0941b70a98f2ae614a5b7401405e8d6baacfb2e4a4811514aa0da3db11e6380a
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    Just a quick update: Masternode development is ongoing and looking to meet the deadline, and talks with Bittrex are ongoing.
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    After the clash between Spanish officials and Catalan over the weekend, the resultant rise in the price of bitcoin has left many debating whether the cryptocurrency could be used as a tool for financial liberation. The cryptocurrency gained in light of the events in Spain, serving as a safe haven for investors exposed to euro-denominated instruments and the European stock markets. Read more Here: https://btcmanager.com/bitcoin-price-rise-as-catalonia-asserts-independence/
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    Awesome project. Are you working with AB-Chain to turn your coins into advertising for your project? www.ab-chain.com .....
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    mine appeared messier in this pdf. I do my in a excel format and it was converted differently this month in pdf. check my august dev invoice and it looks cleaner.
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    Update: BTA will not be used during the testing phase of V1 Profit Shares platform, Bitcoin will be integrated alongside Litecoin and Peercoin. Justin has been busy making improvements to the platform security features and user interfaces. More updates to be released later this week. Thanks to everyone that signed up as an ALPHA tester.
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    I'd be interested if you could give an update to what they say. But I hope it doesn't discourage you from keeping up with the good work you have been doing.
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    Da war ich zum Glück mal angemeldet, habe da mal nachgefragt und einen Link zu nem Google Drive bekommen, da gibt es auch neuere Snapshots, ich werde das mal ausprobieren und berichten. https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/0B_s1cP1ZtRpqMHFUOERzWk44aHM PS: Der Download ist auch viel schneller 👌
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    I don't think it's secure
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    Ethereum and Bitcoin has similar trends due to two events that are explained in the article below. If you are interested in the Double Dip Opportunity, you can read my article. …Even better, overlap real estate and token investment in the double dip.. Now: This month. It is the best time to invest in UK Real Estate, an opportunity Now: This week. It is the best time to invest in cryptocurrency tokens, a double opportunity. Click here to read the whole article
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    the truth is that Technology is always changing, as the crypto-mining industry is still at the conception stage. Change and add information every day, so watch the news
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    I see this is where all the updates are happening. No point checking the toxic bitcoin talk forums anymore. I’m here to help most evenings so please just wind me up and point me in the right direction where needed.
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    The GRCpool.com wallet is not updated yet as it is a non-mandatory update. I can only assume that the pool has to plan and time the updates carefully to minimize the impact on staking.
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    Hello Everyone, We're webRunes, and we've been working for quite some time on an alternative to the internet experience we have today, our alternative will be free of censorship, cryptographically secure, private, reputation based, and we're calling it WRIO Internet OS, so we'd like to let you know what it is, and touch on where we are in the project at this stage. WRIO Internet OS is an open-source Internet OS platform and a gateway to a constantly secure user-centric Web 3.0, enabling a next-generation internet experience. In other words, it's a browser-driven operating system on the Ethereum Blockchain, and a platform for Semantics, Reputation, Privacy, P2P, dApps, and a Crypto-economy — without intermediaries. Key features: - A global and decentralized pool of open, shareable, reusable and machine-readable semantic data that needs neither API nor SEO. A newer concept to the traditional functions and usage of websites. - Monetization and automatic content distribution. - Content is censor-proof, and block-proof. - Rich functionality through cloud/distributed mashup applications. No need to download, update, install or setup any software. - A generally accessible decentralized base of user profiles through the Ethereum blockchain (Secure one-click authorization). - Reputation system as an algorithm of reaching a consensus. Just to let you know: At the moment, we're finalizing our whitepaper- which you can have a look at through our slack, so we'll be there to answer more questions, and more importantly, we're very open to suggestions. The team is also looking for Growth-hackers with an understanding of the blockchain space, you're welcome to drop in for more info on that. See our github here! See our introductory post here! A Bounty Campaign for early adopters: webRunes Gold (WRG) Our project is at the stage of raising awareness; more updates will come soon, so have a look at one of our 'hubs' for more info: "Every person that contributes to the awareness of the project will receive a reward proportional to the number of likes, shares and comments. Just send us a link to your tweet or post in any other social media with the information about the project. After we receive your message we’ll send you an access key to the wallet with the reward." < x10 WRG per share, retweet, like and comment. MAX 2,500 WRG (25 likes, shares minimum) > (Just to confirm, we're counting human likes/retweets/shares of your post) We're here to have your support in this community driven project. Thank you!
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    Frequent Asked Questions What is this token used for? The primary use is a status symbol and collectible token. If you own one, you're 1 in 10,000,000. The secondary use is for trading and diversification. Where will this token be traded? Elite 888 will be listed on multiple exchanges in different markets once the ICO ends. We have funds set aside specifically for listing fees. Will Elite 888 be listed on Asian exchanges? Yes. We will be listed on multiple exchanges across the world. What is your ticker symbol? 8S Will there be more than 888 issued? No. There will only be 888 created. How many tokens will be held by developers? 8 out of 888 tokens will be held by ownership team. We have 8 team members and each will own 1 token. This is less than 1% of the total supply. 8/888 = 0.9% Why are these token set to 18 decimals? This is to facilitate transactions, especially transactions that occur on exchanges. The more decimals available, the easier it will be to transact. Each token is 1.000000000000000000. If token owners wish to trade it after the ICO, they can do so at any amount. It's completely up to them after the ICO. If no one wants to trade at 18 decimals, those amounts will not be available. How do I know this is not a scam? We are real people behind this ICO. We are all American and based in the United States. US regulators do not take kindly to scammers. Additionally, from our experience, scammers make a lot of promises. They try to fool people with fancy business plans and technology that people don’t understand. We’re not doing that. Our token is very straight forward.
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    Excellent, @barton26@Quez@Peppernrino. Coming together will strengthen the community.
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    Twitter account @GridcoinNetwork is run by CM and myself. I think Peppernrino can post as well. If anyone wants to help us keep it up to date please feel free to speak up and become a contributor! The Facebook group @gridcoins is also run by me, and I also would love some help on that one. Do we have any professional PR or social media manager(s) in here or anyone capable of monitoring and filtering the community input for constructive summaries? Kind Regards, Quez
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    TOKENSALE: BOOKIQS (IQS TOKEN) BOOKIQS WEBSITE · WHITEPAPER · FACEBOOK · SLACK · TELEGRAM What is Bookiqs? Bookiqs is more than a decentralized peer-to-peer market for hotel bookings. Bookiqs provides better review systems, real room availability information and reduced costs for all market participants. And the best of all: We put our Blockchain technology into practice with user interfaces for guests and hotel owners, a free state-of-the-art hotel magement system and a build-in fiat currency exchange/ No Booking Fees We believe that booking fees are a business model of the past. Bookiqs will not be charging suppliers any commission fees. Reliable reviews Reviews are no longer subjected to commercial incentives to let someone book an hotel room. Real reviews in the blockchain makes Bookiqs unique since there’s currently no fully-independent solution in the current market. Real room availability Current intermediaries have a huge interest in pushing the consumer to a room booking where the commission are the highest. With Bookiqs, room availabilities are never fake or used as an marketing tactic. Consumers and hotelkeepers just have a real-time insights in the actual inventory. KEY FEATURES Booking.com look-a-like web UI On top of our Bookiqs Blockchain Network we’re developing a ready-to-market platform where all market participants can book rooms, update room inventories and enjoy the benefits of better conditions for the market. SaaS: Blockchain-ready Hotel Management for free Furthermore we plan to connect an state-of-the-art hotel management SaaS system with Bookiqs blockchain integration into the Bookiqs booking portal. By making the integration we’re enabling hotel owners to fully-automate bookings and room availabilities on Bookiqs.com and across multiple channels. Skipping the traditional check-in With mobile apps and the NFC chip it is possible to let your guests check-in directly into their room with their phone. Skipping the traditional desk check-in is easier for your guests and save hostes costs. Contact: www.bookiqs.com info@bookiqs.com https://t.me/bookiqs
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    If you click on the images you get re-directed to what they represent! Here is a detailed list of our links: Website: https://etherbattle.io/ Whitepaper: https://etherbattle.io/whitepaper/Ether Battle - White Paper.pdf Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/EtherBattle/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/etherbattle/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/EtherBattle Slack: https://etherbattle.slack.com/ Medium: https://medium.com/@etherbattledev Github: https://github.com/EtherBattle Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1151903 Keep in mind that we just launched our pre-ICO so expect to see updates on all social media as we are running our campaign.
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    Hi Erwando, All the bounty posts will be updated and approved 3 or 4 times per day. If we do not get to them straight away then please bear with us and we will get to them.
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    Are you in for the long term or the short term? If you plan to buy various promising currencies today (especially with these cheap prices), and then hold them for 1 year or more, then I would say that you have a high chance of making profit. Just my view.