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    A new version was released: Gridcoin please get version from here , OR: For WINDOWS users specifically: the new Windows installer is soon downloadable from here. upgrade from within their client still "broken" (see this bug, you'll see a message like: "unable to retrieve upgrade from Azure cluster") Changes in this version are (more detailed here): Reduced memory usage by around 100MB+. Optimize released resources. Make client readvertise beacon using existing keypair after 5 months voting: implement voting functionality for Linux and OSX; Replace Windows voting dialog with the new dialog update translations: Hungarian, Portuguese update Gridcoin icons Change splash screen Windows are now resizable Improve UI when used with dark themes on Linux Fix occasional crashes when starting on Linux Fix freeze when clicking on the "Amount" field under Send Coins when using KDE Fix OSX build issues Add manpages, add Travis, various spelling corrections Please tell us when you experience problems!
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    ☆☆☆[POP] 5,000 FREE to your wallet! PopularCoin Giveaway for Likes On Twitter! ☆Get 5,000 POP!☆ POPULARCOIN.COM Tweet/retweet/follow all of the PopularCoin Twitter accounts for 5,000 POP!!! (Up to 50 people) https://twitter.com/PopularCoinBot https://twitter.com/PopularCoinPOP https://twitter.com/PopularCoin ☆After you tweet/retweet/follow @popularcoin and @popularcoinpop Just post your POP Address and you will get sent 5,000 PopularCoins!
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    SpectroCoin.com is giving away free virtual bitcoin debit cards. Post here how you would use a bitcoin debit card and we will send you a voucher for a free bitcoin debit card. The virtual bitcoin debit card costs only 0.5USD and physical only 8USD, card are available in GBP,USD and EUR.
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    We are now 22 people in the Gridcoin chess team! 8 players joined the 2h-long tourney #4 yesterday 2 of them are new players Overall winners from tourney #3 and #4 are: in total: 17 players (from 22 team members) have played in the 4 tournaments so far (more stats in a few days) onlypuzzles also asked: "anyone here would be interested in some short lessons to help them improve?" "maybe for an hour or so on the tournament days after the tournament." "That way I/we could go over some games with them and help them identify mistakes and how to play better. This might help keep more players coming back, too, as people may feel less discouraged at not winning many games." tourney #4 link: https://en.lichess.org/tournament/74rg4o7F
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    chess tournament #3 open (same pwd as always, come to IRC for the pwd) start in 30 mins ! no need to play, you can also just watch us https://en.lichess.org/tournament/vo2zCRE8
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    DESCRIPTION: free to use in detail trade-analysis spreadsheet based on the tradehistory.csv file provided by https://poloniex.com/tradeHistory HOWTO: have a version of MS EXCEL 2016 properly installed (MANDATORY) export tradehistory.csv from https://poloniex.com/tradeHistory hit the DATA-button to import the data from the downloaded file choose your settings for the evaluation hit the START-button HINT: most blue colored text has a functionality if you click on it! HINT: Excel might throw you some warnings regarding references or something right when you open the file. you can happily ignore those and click ok ;D FEATURES: FREEWARE works offline profit/loss overview calculation for all pairings at once coin-details in detail-view easy to use datepicker to select a timeframe easy to use basemarket-selection easy tp use data-import-wizard to import the csv-data without any trouble UPCOMING: for detail evaluation: average time holding, average amount holding a how-to.webm file where i give a quick guide through the program PREVIEW: UPLOADS: (outdated): http://www.xup.in/dl,19868515/tradeHistory.xlsm/ (outdated): http://www.xup.in/dl,16145389/calc.xlsm/ (outdated): http://www.xup.in/dl,19204092/calc.xlsm/ (outdated): http://www.xup.in/dl,15547789/calc.xlsm/ (outdated): http://www.xup.in/dl,19746968/calc.xlsm/ (outdated): http://www.xup.in/dl,65811069/calc.xlsm/ (outdated): http://www.xup.in/dl,17230408/calc_no_graph.xlsm/ (outdated): http://www.xup.in/dl,61357972/calc.xlsm/ (up to date): http://www.xup.in/dl,18229776/calc.xlsm/ http://www.filehosting.org/file/details/666474/calc.xlsm SUPPORT ME: mark me on poloniex (btm): /mark cryptoexchange <amount> donate me some cash (btc): 1L1dUy9iuakec4kSDhs3KuMw3gEfwhuqsJ INFO: it is not allowed, in any way, to sell my spreadsheet or parts of it CONTACT: private message me here or contact me on skype (see signature) REFERENCE TO BITCOINTALK: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1545898
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    I won't blame anyone as I will do the same at a certain price which is not nearly reached yet, but I will keep at least(!) 50% of my holdings until the day comes on that I can buy a beer with GRC on Hawaii :D The only thing is that I want everyone having in mind: we are worth more than being abused as instrument for fast cash.
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    Palestine To Launch Its Own Digital Currency To safeguard itself against Israel interference, Palestine Monetary Authority consider creation of local digital currency within 5 years. According to the report, due to the lack of the national official currency, citizens have to use Israeli shekel, Euro, US dollar, Jordanian dinar. The head of the Palestine Monetary Authority, Azzam Shawwa, told in the interview during the meeting of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in Cyprus, that local government consider creation of digital currency, similar to Bitcoin, to solve this problem. You can read the full article and take part in the discussion here: https://coinidol.com/palestine-to-launch-its-own-digital-currency/
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    You can purchase Bitcoin at Coinbase.com which is a great place to buy Bitcoin. There are also plenty of faucets out there where you can get free bitcoin. Check out the promo forum for a lot of those. https://cryptocurrencytalk.com/forum/1824-promotions-off-site-giveaways-faucets/
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    Greetings! I just wan't to tell you that i've managed to get a full node running on a fresh rented cloud vps, may the node stay alive forever. Location: Frankfurt/Germany Node: nuad.de Costs are around 600 GRC/Month, if you have serious suggestions how to refinance this please tell me. And one question - could someone please tell me the correct PHP syntax for e.g. echo execute('gridcoinresearchd getbalance'); please? I wan't to show some basic node statistics on a web page hosted on the same vps. Thank you! GRC: SCBuWF7YAhrMmSFKCELazk2LVgXXE3N3NS BTC: 1AqNS7JWvZZVMmx1RHtzRc9YZaAqiQ9Wxk
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    Hi, I. there is the opportunity to speak before many investors ! 5 days to go... Please UPVOTE this, so it gets a prio time slot! Topics: $GRC related, dev (new version), interviews, ... If you do NOT have a steemit account, at least RT/like this: II. we are now #3 team in the Pentathlon III. over 20 shops accept now $GRC #Gridcoin (thanks @PeppernRino) IV. we successfully finished our 8th interview this morning... Have a look: https://steemit.com/gridcoin/@erkan/meet-the-boinc-admin-from-duchamp-sourcefinder Erkan
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    we are now #3 team (from 34) in the Pentathlon challenge! Since yesterday's report (Day 8) for LHC@home we advanced to #2 place for Yoyo@home we advanced to #4 (while making this table we were still sharing 4th place with Team China, but I refreshed... and oh wonder... we got to #3 position in like 15 mins time... WOW) Turn on your engines, we have donations for all crunchers who help us! Still >4 days to go! https://steemit.com/gridcoin/@erkan/day-9-gridcoin-is-3-team-in-the-8th-boinc-pentathlon-challenge-may-5-19
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    Moin moin, ich hatte mal wieder Langeweile und habe an meinem alten Linux Install & update script geschrieben. Seit 2014 bin ich ja immer mal wieder damit beschäftigt. Das Script ist nun Erwachsen geworden, hat eine schöne Menüführung bekommen und heißt nun... Gridly: "Your personal Gridcoin wallet wizard!" Vielleicht gibt es ja noch mehr Menschen, die wie ich, ihr Wallet lieber selbst kompilieren / bauen möchten. Mich hat es halt immer wieder genervt alles mühsam von Hand eintippern zu müssen. Features: Voll automatisierte installation - inkl. aller benötigten tools zum kompilieren- Debian, Arch & Pi proofed -qt (grafische Oberfläche) Inkl. Menüeintrag (im OS) Daemon Inkl. Snapshot download (wenn gewünscht) Voll automatisierte Update-Funktion Inkl. Logfile Download Blocks Inkl. Backup-Funktion (.Gridcoin-Research Ordner) In Planung: Daemon Kontrollcenter Häufige, wiederkehrende Befehle mithilfe eines Menüs abbilden Link: https://github.com/Steffov/GRC-Scripts Für Anregungen, Ideen, Änderung und Bugreports bin ich wie immer dankbar. Gerne auch direkt via Git. Gerade über Ideen und Vorschläge für das kommende "Daemon Kontrollcenter" wäre ich - hier - sehr dankbar. Greetz Schlumpie
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    CryptoCurrency Exclusive. The explosion of high prices of Bitcoin, Diamond, Dash, Ethereum, Goldcoin and Magi has made our coin very rich. Our purchases reach as far back as three years and buying Monthly Maximums on Coinbase. We have been harvesting the Dead Cat bounces of other coins. All profits are going into making a Solar Plantation where customers can custom create their farm. We (Trust Digital) will use TRUST blockchain to run accounting. The price of TRUST will drive the prices of items like, Solar Cells, Batteries, Electricity, Miner and Miner Shares. There will be a market to buy/sell/lease these individual items. Tech support will be on site 24/7 to help you keep your plantation going. We will convert to TRUST and payout in TRUST but display in Dollar. Travis TrustDigital
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    В последнее время онлайн-кошелек Песобит был занят конвертацией Песобит-> Филиппинское песо для выбранных учетных записей ewallet (https://ewalletph.vmoney.com/login.html). Напоминаем, что он может обрабатываться только в банковские дни (включая канадских пользователей). Для тех торговцев, с которыми я имел дело прежде, предложивших свои услуги на Marketplace, спасибо за постоянное доверие к сообществу Песобит. Продавцы будут получать платежи за свои товары наличными на свои счета в кошельке, поэтому вам не нужно беспокоиться о волатильности цен Песобит. Многие пользователи VMoney уже полностью проверены, поэтому я предполагаю, что с течением времени у нас будет больше пользователей. Простой совет, чтобы снять деньги с ваших кошельков на свои банковские счета, используйте ручное изъятие, поскольку оно дешевле. - BENJAMIN PACHECO (основатель PSB)
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    We were 10 players in today's 3rd tournament: 3 new players joined us today: ignisinitium, KrazyKuch and G_UK In total: 15 players of the 19 team members played in the 3 tourneys I want to THANK iFoggz, Gunde and PeppernRino for donating to events #3 and #4! Keep in mind, tourney #4 is in ca. 21h Sunday, May 21, 16-18:00 UTC
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    Thank you very much! It's refreshing to see such a supporting community!
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    PeppernRino just donated 350 GRC for the chess fund, see: chess tournament #3 starts in about 6h for Pentathlon we didn't have new donations, stays currently at: 15225.003 GRC
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    We estimate the coin wort will be 0.0001 BTC EACH Hello! We are making a new coin, but need funds for node hosting. For the people that donate, they will be given the privileges below: Donation Pack 1 Donating 0.0001 Bitcoin: They will be given a thank you, and be will receive a special subscription for free that gives the latest new of the coin! Donation Pack 2 Donating 0.001 Bitcoin: You will receive everything from pack 1, plus 2500 Amitofo Coins. Donation pack 3 Donation 0.01 BTC You will receive everything from pack 1, and 2, PLUS, have the official wallet. And receive an additonal 20 000 Amittofo coins Donation Pack 4 Everything form Packs 1 2 3 Plus be featured on the Donators list, BE THE FIRST PEOPLE TO EVER MINE THE COIN! IT TAKES 10 minutes to mine one block!
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    ILCoin is Next Number one Crypto Currency ILCOIN Value is increasing Day by Day..... Starting ILCoin Price : 1 ILCoin = 0.49 Euro Present ILCoin Price = 1 ILCoin = 1.45 Euro We Hope immediately we will see: - 1 ILCoin= 1000 Euro It's Time to Save “ILCoin” Now... Because ILCOIN is Next No.-1 Crypto Currency like Bitcoin This summer “ILCoin” will come Open exchange market. Then we will see, ILCoin price will increase with high speed like Bitcoin. So now time to collect “ILCoin” by buying ILGAMOS share pack. I promise you, One day you will proud of self for save “ILCoin” Because World largest Crypto Currency Bassed shopping platform (WANNASAVE) accepted “ILCoin” for buy sell their products. ILCOIN Target to get, number 1 position on Crypto Coins World. Bitcoin working only 57 countries but ILCoin working 131 countries Good Opportunity to Work with World Largest and Biggest Company by Crypto Currency Establishment So Don't Waste your Valuable Time and Money here and there. You can Check, World biggest Crypto Coin Exchanhe Market C-CEX add ILCoin to their list.
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    original thread: https://okcashtalk.org/index.php/topic,2078.0.html 1111 OKCash Illuminati Treasure Hunt. The Eyes is all you have. Try to find the magic key and get 1111 OKCash ::) Good luck getting the private key for 1111 OKCash. When imported please send to a new address to protect it from theft. ;)
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    STILL PAYING ! 20 to 60 every 5 minutes. Sister faucets: - huefaucet - bituniverse - btcforclicks Ctrl + Click to open links in a new window
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    If GRC ever does hit $1k/GRC I hope you don't mind if I sell some and retire? ;) Personally, I have done nicely (in terms of GRC) out of the two P&D's that I have experienced, in that I have sold GRC at the pumped price and bought back in at the dumped price. Overall, there was little change of the value of my GRC holdings in £/$/Euro terms - did not actually check. BOINC, and subsequently GRC has been a hobby since 2000, when I first joined Seti@home running the command line (anyone remember that?). GRC is primarily a way of keeping score. However, when a gold plated P&D comes along, I cannot resist increasing my GRC holding as described above. Of course it is fun to trade on polo exchange, but I don't think I will ever be the next Axelrod managing my billions ;)
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    I am unable to see or vote on this poll in the Windows version of the latest leisure wallet (.9).
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    [ANN] Electro Coin Preparation Hello! I recently made my coin called Electro You can send Transactions extremely quickly, and takes only One Confirmation for the transaction to be confirmed! This coin is POW/POS Scrypt 0% PREMINE The website is being worked on, we have set up the servers, we are making a mining pool. While this coin is in Beta, we are fundraising funds. This coin has a max capacity of only 63 Million Coins. You can Invest in us by Buying Electro! 10 000 ELECTRO--------------------------------0.01 20 000 ELECTRO-------------------------------0.019 Remember, you can earn more coins by Staking with these coins! The more coins you have, the more coins you earn per day!
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    a new whitelist poll is up: Should Enigma@Home be re-whitelisted? (vote until May 31, 2017) in total there are 4 polls users can participate in voting
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    Wavesplatform is launching the Waves Community Site. This will be a community-maintained hub for all things Waves. Visit community portal: http://wavescommunity.com/ Whilst new businesses will want to find out more about the Waves platform from www.wavesplatform.com, there’s more going on than we could ever keep up with. We’re keen that there should be an independent site, maintained by the community, that offers a round-up of news and articles, Waves projects and tutorials. We’ve set up the Waves Community Site as a ‘thank you’ and in the hope that it will become a great resource for our growing community. Take a look at http://wavescommunity.com/ and let us know what you think! Waves on Telegram: Join Wavescommunity on telegram: https://t.me/Wavescommunity Join Waves News channel: https://t.me/wavesnews Wavesplatform team slack: http://wavesplatform.herokuapp.com/
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    I've just recently gotten SSL up on the site, and we have a proper domain too: https://sourcefinder.theskynet.org
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    New to bitcoins

    I don't know anything about the bitcoin, how to make or even go about a mining rig or anything of the sort. I need advice on this and how to go about getting them. If anyone could let me know anything that could be of some use that would be awesome.
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    @KingCaper welcome back. Make sure you go into your profile and adjust your Twitter link as things have changed on the forum.
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    Welcome all, sent you some coins!
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    So now everything is running smoothly? well I know that there was a change to the new version regarding keys if they were older then 5 months. but idk when u last beacon was registered before this one was. As long as your beaconstatus says successful you should be fine.
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    Try https://gridcoinstats.eu/faucet.php & https://www.eobot.com/faucet. Both of them are decent and I usually get around 1 GRC per day between the two of them. I'm relatively new to this myself, or I'd gladly send you some coins.
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    FREE UNLIMITED 0.02BTC Good Day Everyone! Get Unlimited 0.02BTC from Bitdragon Empire the hottest all BTC game site. no need to deposit to get the unlimited 0.02BTC. Also a great place to buy BTC for only US$1500. Downside? only around 30-50BTC are put on sale daily so first come first serve, price may also change weekly. Clink link for free account: https://goo.gl/zw4q44
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    Welcome AlphaTange11, sent you some coins!
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    Some GRC are on your way. Welcome! :)
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    If you have issues running this project, try updating to the latest version of VitrualBox. I had to.
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    Things are about to fully ramp up this coming week. The whitepaper will be released, the Bounty Campaign should be announced, and more! Keep your eye on the website: http://primalbase.com/ And please drop by and comment on the bitcointalk thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1832630.0
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    hi, I need GRC starter coins for my wallet to send a beacon. Rzwj1opKCZwYuiKS9djWG8pPKxyVc5PTfw Thank you Guys Loubs
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    After the 1st of July 2017, Australian blockchain and Bitcoin-related businesses that have relocated abroad can return. Coinidol.com contacted experts from Australia and asked them about the problems that the government should solve for the cryptocurrency and blockchain markets during the next year. Australia takes an important step toward Bitcoin and cryptocurrency acceptance with the government’s decision to drop the double goods and services tax (GST) starting July 2017. You can read the opinions of Australian Bitcoin and blockchain experts here: https://coinidol.com/can-australia-drive-bitcoin-and-fintech-development/
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    Top 6 Major Cryptocurrencies and the Differences Between Them As most cryptocurrency enthusiasts are well aware of, there are different groups of currencies to take into account. The major cryptocurrencies are all offering something seemingly different, whereas the rest are mostly copy-and-paste clones. However, there are some big differences between the major cryptocurrencies, otherwise there would be very little point in distinguishing between them. 6. DASH One of the main thing that Dash does well is providing its users with additional privacy when completing transactions. The network of Dash Masternodes provides these services, while also incentivizing users to not spend their wallet balance. Additionally, Dash is making quite an impact in the point-of-sale industry, through strategic partnerships. All things considered, Dash provides a valuable service to people looking for those specific traits. 5. MONERO When it comes to finding anonymous cryptocurrencies, one has to look well beyond bitcoin and others. Monero is leading the charge in the anonymity race due to some innovative concepts. Monero has also been embraced by darknet markets because it provides privacy and anonymity one cannot find in bitcoin. Other use cases for Monero are somewhat limited, though. 4. RIPPLE Although many have quite contrasting opinions regarding Ripple, one cannot ignore the benefits it brings to the table. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, Ripple is not about speculation, but strongly focuses on transactional utility. Dozens of banks around the world are looking at Ripple to improve their transactions and other day-to-day operations moving forward. Over the past few days, Ripple’s XRP token saw its price increase significantly due to a new banking partnership. 3. ETHEREUM Over the past year or so, many people have compared Ethereum to bitcoin. That is like comparing apples and oranges, since both ecosystems are nothing alike. Ethereum focuses on the technical side of blockchain development, including native tokens, smart contracts, and decentralized applications. It is possible all of these features will come to bitcoin in the future, but it is good to have some competition among cryptocurrency ecosystems. 2. LITECOIN To a lot of people, litecoin is either a bitcoin clone or one of the first “original” outcomes to gain traction. Litecoin offers a different mining algorithm and faster transactions. Interestingly enough, there are some development similarities between bitcoin and litecoin. Segregated Witness, for example, may very well activate on the litecoin network first before it will go into effect among bitcoin users. Litecoin is accepted as a payment solution in various places, although it is nowhere near bitcoin’s level of acceptance. 1. BITCOIN It is impossible to deny the success bitcoin has had. Even though bitcoin has some problems that need addressing, such as scalability and privacy, it has become the world’s leading cryptocurrency with relative ease. Bitcoin is designed to make global transactions possible and boost financial inclusion. Moreover, thousand of merchants all over the world have started accepting bitcoin payments, both in the online and offline world.
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    Here for more giveaway ^^. Liked on FB and shared on timeline + several cryptocurrency group and pages. https://www.facebook.com/ERiekie https://www.facebook.com/CryptoCurrencyWorlds https://www.facebook.com/groups/135751316501852/?ref=br_rs https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1564737967111923&ref=br_rs GCN : GgvSPaA3EfU2xF2i6XxTqi4SwVJXqY5za9 DOGE : DDhsuwG43NKTjCXnaPh58ask7KX7hVwvcb
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    1, "THE BIG TREES ATTRACT THE WIND" - When we talk about MONEY, we think about BANKS straight away. So banks are the big trees on this case in the currency market. Unlike other cryptocurrencies in the market, Ripple really spends time to focus on building a strong foundation & relationship with all the BIG GUYS which are the BANKS to settle their currency & get approval first before focusing more on individuals. And then as a result of it, all the small individuals & people like us will follow the BIG TREES by default. This is the RIGHT way to build. SLOW at the beginning but FAST & STABLE in the end of the game + Just like when you build a building, the first few years, we focus on building strong FOUNDATION, and then when you have a strong base, you can put up all the other things such as: windows, toilets, painting, interial....e.t.c... During the time of building the foundation, nothing much you can see happening but it takes the longest time to build until it's done and the rest only take few months to finish off the building. SLOW to build a strong foundation but FAST in the end. I see Ripple is using the same this fundamental to win the game with other competitors. 2, "The price goes up & down everyday but the MONEY is in the LONG-RUN". Same in the stock market, there are always up & down in prices everyday because of many reasons, but the good companies which have good VALUE products, good management teams, good LEADERSHIPS...e.t.c. will stay & rocket in price & sustain it. So don't focus too much on the SPEED of the price, but focus more on their true VALUE. This is what I believe in Ripple with what I see their team & leadership so far. The bigger the problem that you can solve for the banks, the bigger the pay cheque. I believe Ripple is the only company can solve this cross-border payment system between banks the best more than anyone in the market. So they will be the WINNER at the end of the race. 3, For me, investing a few thousands bucks in Ripple doesn't affect me much as I'm already doing well for myself. The worst thing can happen is that XRP stay the same as price right now or going down more doesn't make any difference for me. But think about what if the BEST thing can happen, XRP will go up to $1 or more in value when all the banks use it, I will get a (x100) times multiply in return from my investment. Sacrifice some money to get on the train early is better than suffer the PAIN OF REGRET lol... For these 3 reasons, I will keep some XRP as a part of my investment!!
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    Antmining.com | We just paid you. Hello, alexxzenkov We just paid you. Paid Amount : 0.01111729 BTC Current Balance : 0 BTC Bitcoin Wallet : 1KUi8xh244cEFCwbiRLtzVvdcYGaK83caQ Check Payment
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    Say Hello to the Gole1 Intel Touch Mini PC. I pledged for the 2GB+32GB version but I got lucky and got a 4GB+32GB version! It runs up to 1.60Ghz from the stock 1.44Ghz Unboxing: Overview: BOINCTasks (And yes, those are currently all of my machines XD):
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    I would also appreciate some coins, and I am willing to trade for BTC or Dogecoin if anyone is interested! I also have some CAPTcoin and MINTcoin going on my computer, but I like the idea of Gridcoin a lot more My address is RxMx1KoPPwickgz1m6pX4GsgEXqzGwkEuj if anyone wants to help, or send me a PM if you want to do an exchange of some kind. I have already signed up for the coins from uscore though, so hopefully those will be along within the next few days!