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    Yeah, I'm agree with you Belmondo. Ukraine is probably not a very respected country, but this decision will allow them to move on. :3
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    Why TriForce Tokens? TriForce Tokens (FORCE) is empowering the gaming community through the use of blockchain technology. It provides real world solutions to the gaming industry whilst fostering and encouraging a collaborative gaming community. TriForce Tokens aim is to a community from which every party involved benefits and profits from, including developers, gamers and streamers. We are creating a truly universal gaming currency to be adopted globally. Advantages to investors: One-time opportunity to become an investor with minimum amount to invest Very strong, clear and innovative concept based on serious background and experience Powerful and highly-experienced team of project Soft cap - $0.5 million, hard cap - $60 million current bonus 25% LINK (Affiliate link) If you are grateful, click on my links :)
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