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    All, I'm sorry that I have limited time available today as I have to pick up my son, but I wanted to post a public reply regarding my side of the exchange with Martin Grothe from Ruhr in May. He emailed the original vulnerability in the first paper, one that his college security class was able to reverse engineer the Gridcoin CPID check function and expose Gridcoin email addresses. That led to the realization that the biggest result of this was the ability to steal a CPIDs POR rewards if one was smart enough to create code for a replay attack (May 2017). I worked patiently with Martin for about a week, while Gridcoin devs plugged the issue by releasing beacons and keypairs (keypairs for CPIDs). The misunderstanding started to come into play when Martin explained that his team had come up with a solution that relied on creating a NEW cpid each time a researcher wants to join Gridcoin. I expressed that people have an affinity to the EXISTING cpids as credits are tied to them, and it would be better to have a keypair system that allows the RESEARCHER to choose the CPID. I privately released the version we have now, with the ability for RTM to Delete keypairs using a trusted key (in contrast to forcing researchers to create new CPIDs to use Gridcoin). In a nutshell our communication broke down after this, as his side was threatening to go public with the info, and insinuating that his solution was the only viable solution and that I could not possibly create a viable solution to the problem, while my view was he didnt understand the fundamental operations required over his short hacking tenure - therefore, our talks broke down and I started to consider him hostile. Afterwards, I was not aware of new vulnerabilities or for that matter any publications published anywhere, up to this point. In addition we now have Tomas Brod on board, who has been analyzing the code and committing changes over the last 5 months, which I was under the impression plugged all of our smaller vulnerabilities (that need time to be tested and released as a mandatory). I was operating under the assumption that we have tackled or almost tackled (through unreleased code) everything on our security punchlist.
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    Gridcoin Research Leisure Upgrade https://github.com/gridcoin/Gridcoin-Research/releases/tag/ - RPC: getblockstats, enhancements to getmininginfo, remove unused commands, add debug1-10 commands - GUI: Prevent crash recv items list, toolbar align, remove unused menus, fix splash screen dismissal bug, allow copy paste for certain fields, TxList double click Message, remove Galaza, diagnostic screen fix, QT58 support, icons - Dependencies: OpenSSL 1.1.0 support, C++11 support - Translations: Lithuanian, Russian, Swedish and Chinese and various other Countries - Buffer overflow protection - Remove dead code - Neural Network: UTC timestamps - Thread Safety: Added global lock - High CPU Usage: Improved - Staking: Removed repetetive block signing and 1 cent staking and reboot bug for beacons, updated beacons in memory after advertising, clearer stake messages, kernel improvements - Log: Use more efficient log command - Config File: Auto Backup - ARM: Optimization to build
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    A short roundup on what happened the last hours regarding the security paper(s): Martin Grothe (one of the authors) joined our Slack group. Rob and Martin had a productive talk which you can read in #development. At least one of the bigger issues has already been tackled by Tomás so it is not a concern anymore. Martin will reassess the latest codebase and has signalized interest in becoming a Gridcoin developer. Due to this little hiccup we may have found another valuable developer. Please do not quote me on this and post it everywhere on Steemit etc. (yet). I feel the community is growing in numbers and the activity increases daily. Both on the members and the developers side. You have proof if you join the crowded IRC and even Slack becomes so active I can't read everything anymore :D The only thing that does not reflect the things I see is the price... yet :) Kind Regards, Quez
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    Typically, when security vulnerabilities are disclosed by security researchers this is done in private and patched before being publicly disclosed within update release notes (so that it's not abused in production by malicious actors). There has been no intentional deceit against Gridcoin users, the security researcher's work was news to the majority of the community (due poor communication). This has never been an official Gridcoin 'ethos/statement', just a snippet which you began posting everywhere. How are you supposed to be trusted if you're a new user in the first place? It's an exclusionary stance and I don't stand by it; cryptocurrency is trustless by design for a reason. Likewise, life isn't fair, you don't need to be tolerant of everything, people can be who they want to be, they can be as private as they individually wish and they don't need to refrain from anything. That's entirely up to you and frankly we can't provide you financial advice; there are always other BOINC teams to crunch for and very similar cryptocurrencies like foldingcoin/curecoin which could use your computing power if you desire rewards. You should always diversify your investments (monetarily, emotionally and time wise), rather than put all your eggs in a single basket. Such individuals have severely degraded their own reputation by repeatedly creating poor quality content (It’s often said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result). I have seen zero complaints about reddit posts being downvoted, only steemit posts because there is a loss of potential rewards behind poor quality content being flagged by the community. I'd suggest that such users rather than regurgitating information they don't understand to the public, that they spend some time performing analysis on the topics to create quality content that people actually want to reward. If you disagree with downvotes, acquire more steem power to negate downvotes. Steemit != Gridcoin
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    Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade for Windows Users - Neural Network business logic rule fix inability to stake current superblock
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    Bounties Program launched by GxCoin Venture Capital meets Cryptocurrency for Small Business Investing GxCoin by Genevieve Co. has launched a new Bounties Program for earning GxCoin. 1GXC = $1 USD. Earning can be as simple as sharing our story on social media, or you can earn more by doing more. Follow us on Twitter for updates @GxCoinGenevieve More info about us: WEBSITE ICO Alert YouTube Video Facebook Page Latest Press Release Bounties Program GxCoin Bounty Program.docx Please submit applications through the application links provided in the Bounty Program page. When you submit your application, you may be provided a link (if you do not have G Drive). You will need to forward that link (your application) to our email: investgx@genevieveco.com
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    Gridcoin Research Leisure Upgrade https://github.com/gridcoin/Gridcoin-Research/releases/tag/ - Memory allocation fix for syncing from 0 - Tray Icon - Fix startup crash for new users
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    Yes, I think we can all agree if we spend $100,000 of foundation funds in 6 months on development, we should pause the program and let everyone pore over the invoices. I agree, lets cap the program at $100k max expense, at approximately the average price GRC is trading at the midpoint of the program. I plan on consolidating a monthly invoice to the foundation, and uploading it at the end of the month, so for example, if we start in August, everyone should see the July-August invoice by the end of August publically. Then we will payout within a couple days of posting it in GRC to the devs. The invoice is a PDF with detailed rows containing the workitem, the devs name, the hours, the total for that dev, and a grand total.
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    10,000 YeastCoins bounty 10,000 YeastCoins bounty. 10,000 YeastCoins for the first 500 requests. Simply Follow YeastCoin Facebook Page to get YesatCoins. #YeastCoin #YeastCoinAirDrop https://www.facebook.com/YeastCoin-130897544149093/
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    Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade https://github.com/gridcoin/Gridcoin-Research/releases/tag/ ### Added - Added [V8 stake engine](https://github.com/gridcoin/Gridcoin-Research/wiki/Stake-V8) set to start producing V8 blocks at block 1010000. This fixes several security issues, see wiki for details. - Blocks can now carry identification from the "org" argument/configuration option (@tomasbrod). - Add "reorganize" RPC command (@tomasbrod). ### Changed - Berkeley DB V6+ compatibility, #451 (@xPh03n1x). - Improved poll loading speeds, #497 (@denravonska). - Versions now contain the git hash, #500 (@tomasbrod). - Improved security on NeuralNet votes, #496 (@Foggyx420). - Improved RPC help. It now supports "execute help" and "list help", #512 (@Foggyx420). - Voting is now integrated in wallet as a tab and cleaned up, #416 (@skcin, @JoShoeAh). - Improve low-peer mining ability on testnet (@tomasbrod). - Improve poll error message when low on funds, #415 (@Erkan-Yilmaz). - Code cleanup (@denravonska, @tomasbrod, @Foggyx420, @skcin). ### Removed - Remove RPC commands: - DAO, #486 (@denravonska). - volatilecode, testnet0917, testboinckey, chainrsa, testcpidv2, testcpid, windows error report disabling, list betatest, fDebug4/fDebug5 flags (@Foggyx420). - Set magnitude boost to be removed at 2017-Sep-07 00:00:00 UTC ### Fixed - Fixed security issue where superblocks could be injected, #526 (@tomasbrod). - Fix poll sorting bug, #512 (@skcin)
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    Regarding the exploit used to mine the 1 Millionth GRC Block. Please read. https://steemit.com/gridcoin/@jringo/1-millionth-block-commemorative-coin-goes-to-block-999998-pomegranate-an-update
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    I might as well take this opportunity to provide a slightly more substantial update for everybody (not just you, Duane!) than anything else provided recently; it's definitely time to begin priming the pump. I'm not personally taking any donations but really appreciate the offer; things are rolling along quite nicely and right now the last push is just hanging on some final decisions/discussions as well as on me to wrap up a couple dangling loose ends. However, once the Murraycoin charity fund hits 1,000,000 MRY in donations, we will be putting up an auction for 1,000,000 MRY and the highest bidder takes the lot (along with plenty of Murraycoin "swag" and other FABULOUS Bill Murray/Murraycoin prizes.) 100% of the winning bid (not just the "proceeds" ) will be gifted to the Murray Brothers to use toward the charitable cause(s) of their choosing (don't worry - they always support great causes.) The auction will be a great way to help contribute to making the world a better place (even if ever so slightly) and, looking forward, I hope we can continue to use Murraycoin as a demonstration of the many positive applications for cryptocurrency. I think ensuring the path of least resistance for the Murray Brothers to apply donations toward their goals. While the MRY donation address will remain the same as always once the new wallet launches, you might as well hold off any donations until everything is relaunched. I'm hoping we can just pick up the blockchain right where it is currently and shoot for a hardfork within 2 weeks once the wallets launch. Based on current timeline, the revamped Murraycoin wallet, fork estimations, and website should be available by the end of August. With the cryptocurrency explosion happening right now I'm digging back into this project deeper than ever and I believe this time we can reach the critical mass to do things right. I will let the cat partially out of the bag now and announce that Murraycoin will be transitioning to a hybrid Proof of Work (PoW) + Proof of Stake (PoS) currency for maximum blockchain security and consistency. You will have the option to store MRY in an always-online staking wallet hosted by the official Murraycoin website (where a portion of PoS profits will go to the Murraycoin Charity fund) and that code will also be open sourced to allow 3rd parties to offer a similar service to, again, help ensure blockchain security. The final specs are still being worked out and I'm working on getting a few more legal sign-offs on other ideas as well but Murraycoin while not necessarily revolutionary and completely mind-blowing from a tech standpoint, Murraycoin will be absolutely unique in a number of ways; we still envision Murraycoin becoming a cryptocurrency with mainstream accessibility... all while retaining the spirit of the great Bill Murray that made this so damn fun the first time around and ensuring we have the infrastructure in place along with the lessons we've learned to avoid ever having another lull. I have roped a couple members of our old staff back in to help with marketing and the usual stupid gifs/promos/etc once everything relaunches. We're close... and I'm sorry for the bizarre node pollution issue that occurred with our old wallet that I was too distracted by the day-to-day grind to notice much sooner... but it will all be history soon. We are still negotiating details with a couple exchanges (some of which are still a resting place for a not insignificant amount of MRY) on how to best implement the fork without creating any issues on their end or for their users. Last time we implemented a hardfork, the switch to Scrypt-2048 and new difficulty formula, it went off without a hitch... and the blockchain was much busier at that time so I believe we should have a clear runway here to this transition as long as the exchanges and full nodes are on the same page with me. I'm not happy until we can make everybody happy and I know waiting is stressful but when I do things, I like to make sure they're done right. You know - the old "measure twice / cut once" thing... I'm excited to get everything rocking again and it's great to already see that some of the old Murraycoin gang is still around and a few didn't ever completely give up hope on me! Hopefully you will be rewarded for your patience and faith! While I know a number of people lost a lot of coins they were storing in Cryptsy back in the day before that whole fiasco, I am working on a way to get those coins back into circulation, in a sense. Just wanted to clarify (since I have been asked this question dozens of times since seemingly emerging from the ashes): the MRY you currently hold will absolutely transfer to the new version of Murraycoin... and the only coin spec that will change will be the max number of MRY due to the addition of PoS - the 58,000,000 coins still stands as the max generated via PoW. While it's possible coins mined over the past couple weeks will be rolled back, I will even figure out a way to somehow compensate those who have been putting a small amount of hashpower into the primary chain (and that's only if it even proves to be an issue - this isn't ultimately up to me.) Before the official wallet launch, we will have a paper launch once specs are finalized and there will still be opportunity for zero-hour adjustments based on community feedback at that point. I will also ensure there is plenty of time to get this small community and all the key players on the same page before the "switch." I have a feeling the community won't stay small for long. I'll obviously be reaching out to Jimmy to get his take on a few things as well. As always, appreciate your input and insight Jimmy and I will surely be leaning on you a bit more as things push closer. Unlike all of the new cryptocurrencies rolling out daily, I can't promise Murraycoin will be the most lucrative cryptocurrency on the planet and it will make everybody billionaires and trillionaires so fast that Bernie Sanders will break out into a cold sweat... and I can't promise that it will revolutionize the world economy with face-melting technological innovations... I can promise it will be fun, reliable, contribute to charitable causes where possible, and prove to be a bit lighter in both claims and character than the remainder of the field. Of course, if everyone involved makes a little profit as a... side effect... I think we'd all be okay with that 😉 My blimp is departing so I must leave it at that for now. Until next time... Regards, Brock
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    I wouldn't say that anyone is trying to denigrate anyone for offering transparency. The problem with Erkan is the way in which he chooses to disseminate information. Perhaps it's a language barrier as opposed to malicious intent, but he tends to offer up information in a way that is harmful, generally very incomplete or lacking of explanation, and confusing. Not to mention, he makes no attempt to explain anything in his own words, and instead offers up snippets of copy/paste info from other people. It's always important to remember that when you speak on behalf of Gridcoin, there's $12 million worth of market cap out there. There are people who have substantial investments in Gridcoin and we need to be mindful of that and make sure we have all the information straight. This is not something to play around with --- people take their investments very seriously (as they should), and they have a right to expect that we are disseminating information in a responsible way so as not to cause unnecessary fear. Please, do be transparent. But be responsible, as well. I believe the community has the right and the responsibility to call out irresponsible behavior.
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    Gridcoin Research Mandatory Upgrade for Windows Users - Revised Neural Network business logic rule fix inability to stake current superblock - Revised Neural Network magnitude calculation to prevent diluted magnitudes
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    So we figured out in the chatroom the issue was something different than what we were looking for the whole time. If you do an execute currentcontractaverage (with a fully synced NN node), you will see the pending superblock is not valid. The fix for this requires an upgrade. I am working on fixing the business logic rule now, we should have an upgrade within an hour. Thanks for the patience.
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    Hi Vaskor, Welcome to the community and thank you for the thoughtful insight. As far as the history of the GRC, the 32 million foundation balance originated from early adopters who mined GRC in the original GRC-Classic wallet, and during the stake conversion period, did not claim a conversion from GRCX to GRC (during the one year period), and ultimately it was voted to form the foundation with those unclaimed funds. The devs are paid in GRC (not USD) and will be up to them to cash it in on the exchange. As far as limits, some slight adjustments have to be made at this point. When I originally created the poll, I assumed 20 hours per week for me, 20 hours for Ravon, and 20 hours across a few extra devs who help out occasionally. During the last week, we have had two particular slack meetings where 6 of us spent 7 hours just diagnosing superblock problems. Another words, the hours may come in double what I originally estimated. On the other hand, I would urge anyone other than the core developers who have any idea of billing the foundation for an invoice to seek approval from us on this thread, as I do not personally authorize any development expenses other than core maintenance and core new development that the lead devs are not already aware of (they are aware of porting vb to c++, the tickets already on github, and the current maintenance) but are not aware of new ideas that are not currently discussed or pie in the sky development (those things are not approved at this time). Also, I do not authorize web development, except for web maintenance for the existing web site. If we spend $200,000 of foundation funds the first year on development, and the community is happy, I could forsee 3 full time devs drawing a salary after one year, but keep in mind that as we knock out the biggest issues in Gridcoin (scalability, cosmetics, etc) the payroll would become more maintenance related at that point. So overall, I still think this is a necessary growing pain for us, and necessary to make us a mature coin. Quez floated the idea of creating an actual 503c to hold foundation funds, and Alien said a while back he would back it. Im all for it, once we have the resources to actually form it, we will pay authorized 503c expenses to maintain complete decentralization. One of the primary projects for the dev group is to create neural network 2.0 and finish decentralizing certain aspects of Gridcoin.
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    Gridcoin Research Leisure Upgrade - Fixed Neural Network handling of boinc project file download errors (causing incomplete superblocks), and bug causing it to skip Rosetta
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    Besides being run by someone in their spare time for free, it's not a mandatory thing for it to be working in order for gridcoin and the blockchain to work correctly. The statistics are certainly a nice to have but not a need to have. That being said, if someone want's to do it better for free, feel free. Would love to see what they come up with for free running hardware and consuming power and resources, also for free. I wouldn't complain about someone's free service they are providing for the benefit of all. I appreciate the work that the developer is doing on that site. Mike
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    Some information regarding the current magnitude boost and hopefully improved information processes. https://steemit.com/gridcoin/@ravonn/gridcoin-superblock-dev-update
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    Also, to try and make issues out of unimportant things to boost their earnings potential.
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    Dear Gridcoin Community, we are happy to announce the Gridcoin information portal gridcoin.io including a Gridcoin teaser video. Please help us spread word about Gridcoin supporting our Thunderclap . "We" are blocklink, we will estabish blockchain technology information channels focusing on the complete ecosystem but with clear affiliation to Gridcoin. We have full time employees getting into contact with the community shortly. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube Kind Regards and lets get ready to rumble! Quez
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    [ANN][ICO] 🔹Rent Token 🔹 The first Real Estate Backed Token with 6 Month Buyback Program Join us at http://www.Rent-token.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RENTTOKEN Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/RentToken/
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    "Typically, when security vulnerabilities are disclosed by security researchers this is done in private and patched before being publicly disclosed within update release notes (so that it's not abused in production by malicious actors). There has been no intentional deceit against Gridcoin users, the security researcher's work was news to the majority of the community (due poor communication)." If this is the case why were the 'security vulnerabilities' disclosed by security researchers not publicly disclosed in some other way. You say they were disclosed in the update release notes I haven't checked that so I can't vouch for that. Considering that these 'security vulnerabilities' are of concern to all users, new and old, why wasn't a public statement released in September 2016? Why the security researchers didn't disclose the information in another way was because the breakdown in communication met their personal disclosure due diligence requirements (and because there wasn't a thorough process for security researchers to report such issues), their main focus was on their high quality research paper. Public hangout statements regarding the mandatory upgrade (You attended the GRC hangouts): 14th hangout 15th hangout BeyondBitcoin 181 Mandatory upgrade release notes: v3.5.8.2-Mandatory (CPID keys introduced to help prevent theft of CPIDs). "That's entirely up to you and frankly we can't provide you financial advice; there are always other BOINC teams to crunch for and very similar cryptocurrencies like foldingcoin/curecoin which could use your computing power if you desire rewards. You should always diversify your investments (monetarily, emotionally and time wise), rather than put all your eggs in a single basket." Your sarcasm here, considering you know me fairly well, is obviously not unintentional. I could be be equally sarcastic but I won't lower myself to your level. No sarcasm intended, you're welcome to diversify your monetary/emotional/time investments away from Gridcoin at your discretion. "Such individuals have severely degraded their own reputation by repeatedly creating poor quality content (It’s often said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result). I have seen zero complaints about reddit posts being downvoted, only steemit posts because there is a loss of potential rewards behind poor quality content being flagged by the community. I'd suggest that such users rather than regurgitating information they don't understand to the public, that they spend some time performing analysis on the topics to create quality content that people actually want to reward. If you disagree with downvotes, acquire more steem power to negate downvotes. Steemit != Gridcoin" This statement certainly lays out your 'modus operandi'. Flippant denigration seems to be your mainstay. I certainly hope that one day you will see that intelligent rebuttal, if you disagree with someone or think that a post is of low quality, will serve you far better than name calling or imposing your 'power'. I suppose this comes with maturity. I'll continue to utilise the full functionality of Steemit as I desire, it has zero relevance to operations of the Gridcoin network and the simple solution to negating downvotes is to acquire more steem-power. I have however muted & unfollowed the individual who 'denigrates' themselves, and now only flag their content when multiple users complain about said content. On the topic of rebuttal, why is said user not representing themselves (instead of yourself acting as their proxy) and disregarding 'intelligent rebuttals' on reddit/steemit?
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    Mercosity, CM, all, this topic is probably being read by thousands of people. Please think about that before you start typing in here and maybe again after you are finished typing, and consider a private message. Once something got mostly personal it does not belong here. Quez
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    There are actually two articles. The issues in the old one have been fixed by the author while the issues in the new one remain. We're working with input from the author to see how this can be solved.
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    activity stats about the Gridcoin repository (many pics here)
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    Notice: I will be taking over the holding of Pentathlon funds from Erkan_Yilmaz. Once the stats have been completed by TG13088 and iFoggz, it will be posted for a week for everyone to review before being dispersed. The address the coin will be held in is: SFNQFy6kEgiLzdgbHf4nMXrrBTWv8q5nxL
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    TokenStars – Tokenize Celebrities WEBSITE | TELEGRAM | TWITTER | FACEBOOK | LINKEDIN | MEDIUM | SLACK BOUNTY AND REFERRAL PROGRAMS Pool: 0,75-1% ICO. Campaigns: translation & moderation, signature & avatar, blogs & media, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, your ideas. Request a promo code – get your referrals a discount and receive 5% of their purchase. PRESALE STARTED ON AUGUST 1ST, 2017! ATTENTION! NEW ICO START DATE: AUGUST, 31, 2017! Due to ongoing DDoS attacks on our website that have been taking place for the last few days, we have decided to delay the TokenStars ACE token crowdsale previously scheduled for August 24, 2017. But — only for 7 days. Check our post here for details. Launch & ICO Announcement (July 24, 2017) Hello world! We are TokenStars, the pioneers in TOKENIZING the careers of aspiring CELEBRITIES. Our team aims to disrupt the global talent development industry by PROVIDING FUNDING RESOURCES TO RISING STARS in sports and showbiz as well as by DECENTRALIZING TALENT SOURCING AND PROMOTION worldwide. Today we are excited to announce the launch dates for our first and FIRST-EVER project in this field! TokenStars's ambition to tokenize real people starts with ACE – a project SUPPORTING young and experienced TENNIS PLAYERS in order to FUEL THEIR PROGRESS and CELEBRITY CAREERS. Then we'll expand into other verticals, including football (comes next in August 2017!), poker (September 2017!), basketball, hockey, cinema actors, musicians, and models. ACE PROJECT WEBSITE | ACE WHITE PAPER Presales start: August 1, 2017, 19:00 UTC. Presales end: August 23, 2017, 19:00 UTC. Sales start: August 24, 2017, 19:00 UTC. Salesend: October 24, 2017, 19:00 UTC. Initial token issue: October 31, 2017, 19:00 UTC. Token cost: 0.0001 BTC, depending on the date of purchase. Payment methods accepted: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH). Target token sale: $15,000,000. ACE Project Summary ACE will support PROMISING TENNIS PLAYERS on their way to becoming PROMINENT TENNIS STARS being both successful in the sport and COMMERCIALLY DEMANDED as top celebrities. With tennis being one of the most popular sports globally, ACE aims to introduce 1 BILLION TENNIS FANS to the blockchain world. And IT'S YOU who can be part of the next Federer's and Sharapova's success and get exclusive offers from them! Model of Work The YOUNG tennis player needs financial support and promotion resources worth $100K/YEAR: academy, coach, training, equipment, trips to tournaments, promotion, etc. The popular tennis CELEBRITY earns $$$ MILLIONS: prize money from tournaments; sponsorship contracts with equipment and apparel producers; general advertising contracts; appearance fees (less prestigious tournaments pay stars for mere participation); licensing their name and image (to game events, clothing lines, perfumes, etc.); exhibition fees. Check out the ACE WEBSITE and the ACE WHITE PAPER to discover a number of convincing case studies. Token Holders Who We Are TokenStars brings together a UNIQUE, EXPERIENCED TEAM of star tennis players, global top coaches, and scouts, who have a deep knowledge of the industry, as well as prominent entrepreneurs and investors. Among them are: Pavel Stukolov – CEO. Investment professional, ex-M&A and Strategy director for media business in JSFC Sistema with a total valuation of assets exceeding $95 million. Pavel closed deals worth of $250 million in venture investments, M&A, and debt fundraising. Irina Shashkina – Ex-CMO at Groupon Russia (operations in 53 cities). Ex-Biz Dev Executive at Rambler&Co ($0.6bn market cap). Ex-CEO at LinguaLeo. Anton Vdovin – Scouting Analyst. MSc in International Business from HULT International Business School. Anton is a winner of math and chemistry student city and national championships. As a junior, he played tennis at regional tournaments, was awarded an official sports’ grade in tennis. Anastasia Myskina – No. 2 in WTA ranking. Roland Garros champion (Grand Slam tournament), the winner of 2 Federation Cups and 21 international tournaments. Current Russian Federation Cup team captain, Vice-president of the Russian Tennis Federation. Sergey Demekhine – Coaching & Scouting Advisor. Tennis coach with 8 years of experience, retired ATP tennis player, Vera Zvonareva's head coach in 2010-2011 (No.2 in WTA rankings, rising from No.22 in the beginning of coaching) - Wimbledon & US Open 2010 singles finalist, Australian Open 2011 semi-finalist. A-level GPTCA certification holder (Global Professional Tennis Coach Association). Maya Kurilova – Talent Management Advisor. Former Operational Director at Octagon (Top 3 global TMA) with 11 years of experience in talent management. Marketing Manager at Kremlin Cup. Agent of Anna Kournikova, Elena Dementieva (Olympic Gold medalist, ?.3 in WTA), Ekaterina Makarova and Elena Vesnina (both in Top 5 WTA Doubles, Champions of Wimbledon 2017, Roland Garros 2013, US Open 2014). Elena Masolova – Investor. Serial entrepreneur with 3 exits, founder at Groupon Russia (0 to $15M in monthly revenue in 450 days), Pixonic, Eduson and AddVenture Fund. Elena was named among Top-30 internet entrepreneurs by Forbes, 30 under 30 with Alex Ovechkin. Featured in WSJ, BusinessWeek, Forbes, RBC, Channel 1. Prizewinner at amateur tennis tournaments as a junior, a life-long tennis fan. Ksenia Chabanenko – Marketing & PR Advisor. Ex-VP Communications & BizDev at Mail.ru Group and My.com (LSE: MAIL, $8.9 billion market cap). Founder of an award-winning A-TAK communication agency. Author of the first book about Twitter, every sentence in which was no more than 140 characters. Alexander Stratilatov – Advertising & Brand Partnerships Advisor. JAMI co-founder and managing partner (top 5 Russian digital agency, winner of international awards: Tagline, Silver Mercury, NeForum). Alexander personally led agency’s key accounts: Samsung, Coca-Cola, Sprite, Powerade, VW. Learn more and get links to their profiles on social networks: TOKENSTARS TEAM. 15 Reasons to Support TokenStars #1. This is the FIRST project to TOKENIZE PEOPLE, specifically celebrities, their careers. #2. It starts with TENNIS and FOOTBALL verticals. At later stages, it will utilize a SHARED INFRASTRUCTURE and launch NEW VERTICALS: poker, basketball, hockey; cinema actors, models, musicians. The football GOAL token sale is conducted simultaneously. #3. This project will allow SWAPPING SPORT-SPECIFIC TOKENS (ACE for tennis, GOAL for football, and others later) for the general STAR index token, so early supporters will get a priority seat. #4. ACE provides funding and promotion RESOURCES TO YOUNG ASPIRING TENNIS PLAYERS at the critical junior age so they don't drop out of professional sports. This significantly raises their chances for success. #5. When successful, women and men tennis STARS EARN PRIZE MONEY (less than $1 million for 400th ranked player, $60+ million for a top-5 player) and accumulate celebrity status, sign SPONSORSHIP DEALS (which are roughly 5-10x times larger than the prize money earned over the player's career). #6. ACE DECENTRALIZES the TALENT SOURCING process with the Global Scouts Network. #7. ACE has well-balanced stimuli for talent sourcing (paying a referral fee to tennis coaches as high as their annual salary) which should provide a HIGH-QUALITY FLOW OF CANDIDATES. #8. ACE DECENTRALIZES the TALENT PROMOTION process with the Global Promoters Network. #9. The stimuli for talent promotion (10% of the contract) is well in and above the market and should provide a GOOD FLOW OF SPONSORSHIP DEALS to the players. #10. ACE uses the DAO MECHANISM for making key decisions. A smart crowd that relies on analytical reports will make better decisions than would a biased sports agent relying on his gut feeling. #11. ACE aspires to introduce 1 BILLION TENNIS FANS to the blockchain world. Top 20 players have 172 million active fans. We put special emphasis on global PR and marketing among the non-geeky tennis fans. The message "be part of the next Federer's success and get exclusive offers from this star" should resonate with them. #12. ACE targets a GIANT MARKET. The celebrity talent management industry is bigger than companies like Nippon Steel and Sumitomo Metal, ChemChina, Tata Motors, Sanofi, Hyundai Heavy Industries, or the GDPs of countries like Serbia (EU), Bahrain, Brunei, Cyprus (EU), Malta (EU), Jamaica, Côte d'Ivoire, Bolivia etc. The project disrupts the huge incumbents’ business ($40 billion in contracts under management) and shares the created value among the community members. #13. ACE is a GLOBAL PROJECT looking for players and sponsors WORLDWIDE (this means higher market size, higher diversity, and less dependency on local regulations). #14. ACE is based on a PROVEN BUSINESS MODEL of the talent management agency (TMA). Thus, the project risks are in execution, not in the technical barriers or lack of product-market fit. #15. Finally, and most importantly, ACE product tokens OFFER TOKEN HOLDERS UNMATCHED VALUE: exclusive communication with stars, one-on-one training, VIP tickets and books, business endorsements well below market price, etc. We'll be glad to answer your questions if any.
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    Website http://www.izibits.io/ Twitter https://twitter.com/izibits Facebook https://www.facebook.com/izibits/ Slack https://izibits.slack.com/t/izibits/shared_invite/MjE2MzQ3MjYwMTk0LTE1MDA3Mzk0NTctOGRlYzJmYTJmYQ Telegram https://t.me/izibits Whitepaper https://www.dropbox.com/s/35flpmgoee0tqvn/izibits Whitepaper.pdf?dl=0 What is Izibits? Izibits is an apps ecosystem driven by crypto-economy and built with microservice architecture that aggregates a multitude of chat-bots to "message everything" from one place. Its a modular system application built with microservice architecture that employs chat-bot technology for interacting with users. The core module, iziWallet, is a cryptocurrency wallet that is used by all the other modules. Other system modules are utility modules that enable additional features demanded by next generation users and the new era of crypto-economy. The features available to users are adjusted dynamically, depending on various parameters such as country of residence, verification tier, rating, etc. Modules overview (the current development phase) ● iziWallet – Your personal, highly secured multicurrency crypto-wallet accompanied by an optional plastic card iziCard (or a virtual card) for using in the locations where crypto-currencies are still not accepted. ● iziExchange – A platform for peer-to-peer exchange of cryptocurrencies to fiat money or arbitrary pairs of tokens. ● iziInvest – A marketplace of opportunities to invest in the hottest crypto-currencies, ETFs and ICOs. This service might be unavailable for residents of some countries. ● iziShopping – An e-Commerce platform for creating virtual mini-stores with seamless integration into iziWallet for accelerated payments. System key features ● Cross-platform (supports all popular and trending messaging apps like Telegram, Viber, Kik, Facebook Messenger, Skype, iMessage, WeChat, web apps, mobile apps). ● A single, unified user account for all underlying messaging apps. ● Two ways to top-up your wallet: directly from any bank card or through the built-in peer-to-peer platform iziExchange. Any payment method may be used. ● Safekeeping of private keys and completing transactions with two-factor authorization, by e-mail, SMS or Authy. ● Seamless integration with third-party liquidity providers (exchanges) via API for the crypto-assets trading. ● Seamless integration with various third-party service providers via API. Market Contrary to the majority of blockchain projects which are intended for technically savvy users, izibits is focused on a wide range of customers, particularly: ● People who are taking advantage of crypto-currencies as a means of international payments, cross-border remittance and shopping in the real world (iziCard). ● Self-directed investors and amateur crypto-traders looking for the possibility to save on brokerage fees and to increase their capital by investing in tokenized derivatives, ETFs and ICO campaigns (iziInvest). ● Traders earning on the exchange of fiat and crypto-currencies (iziExchange). ● Small to medium e-Commerce enterprises or individual entrepreneurs (iziShopping). According to experts and market research, the global volume of OTC trade (Peer-to-Peer) using crypto-shares is significantly larger than the trade volume of centralized exchanges. There are a few reasons for this: ● A simple user interface, as opposed to the increasingly complex interfaces of centralized exchanges. ● Possibility to trade the most exotic fiat and electronic currencies, and corresponding pairs that are not listed on major exchanges. ● The average exchange fee for P2P crypto-platforms is $100-150, meaning the price-tag of 5-7% higher than the market average does not scare off buyers. The recent inflow of money into ICOs and a multitude of crypto-funds does already constitute more than 800 million dollars and it continues to grow rapidly. iziBits provides users with not only the most current statistics on profitability, but also the opportunity for effortless investing in the tradable funds and ICOs crowd-sales. Users may access their favorite messenger window with the list of advertised parties (crypto-funds, startups, [Suspicious link removed]panies, etc) that they can individually evaluate and choose one to invest in. * (*This feature is not available to citizens and residents of some countries) There is a variety of services and platforms that already exists and demonstrates some parts of functionality, for example, one Chinese messenger has more than 130 million virtual stores that can be navigated without leaving the messenger interface. Also there is one decentralized ecommerce platform which supports Bitcoin as a major payment method. iziShopping incorporates the best qualities of these two products and offers the opportunity to create virtual mini-stores directly in the messenger app, as well as conduct transactions with any crypto-currency in your iziWallet, instantly and without any intermediaries. In order to prevent sales of illegal goods and services, there is a virtual mini store monitoring mechanism. Likewise, an escrow mechanism has been built into the service to protect the rights and interests of the customers (e.g., holding the payment until goods have been received and etc). The potential system audience is massive and has already been proven. The market for the services offered has just recently been created and tested. It is currently in its early monetization stage.
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    The poll is valid. The poll requesting a minimum threshold was overruled by a subsequent poll that invalidated it. Thus, we have no minimum voting weight requirement. IMO, a minimum voting weight restriction would be tough to pull off, in general. We had more votes on this poll than any poll in Gridcoin's history, but we didn't get to 20% (which we have in the past). The difference is that previous polls that have reached 20% have had one or two more whales casting a vote. If we institute a voting weight, it needs to be something very small like 5% so that we're not invalidating polls basically because they're missing the one or two whale votes required to take us above the threshold. TL:DR version: There is zero reason this poll shouldn't be valid. 98% approval is overwhelming support, and the one time we tried to set a voting weight restriction it was invalidated by a subsequent poll.
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    There seems to be an exciting weekend ahead....Thank you.
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    HI, I'm new here ! Greetings. Just got here, love this forum all looks very active and modern. I am new here but not to the cryptocoins 'scene'. Very enthusiastic, not a developer more of an independent fanatic. Have been buying coins since 2011 and would like to see the whole world adopt them as their currency of choice.
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    Why purposefully over-complicate this? We have no community agreed-upon rule for which to declare these polls invalid. They are simple Whitelist polls, and the results should be implemented. If people disagree, they are free to create their own follow-up polls to try to reverse the actions of the polls they are challenging. That's the simple solution, and the decentralized one.
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    My proposal: We should move forward with these poll results, and let the community decide if they want to create subsequent polls to reverse these decisions. The only one that was really close was Xansons for COD, and since that one was a "No" then someone could always create a new poll after the SuperBlock if they want to re-check the consensus. For the rest of them, anyone in the community is able to create a whitelist poll so if we run into problems with these projects, they can always hit the polls again.
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    goooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllll. Goal in Wembley!
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    That sounds good. You could also arrange the new poll a bit before hitting $100k, which might avoid any break in important development work, and also offer (slightly) more certainty to developers carrying out the work.
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    Here's a relevant comment I posted about a year back in relation to a previous vote to distribute GRC to members actively working on the GRC infrastructure: "I am looking at this question from a relative newbie's point of view. As a member of the Gridcoin community, albeit not a very active or knowledgeable one, it seems entirely reasonable to me that some Gridcoin could be distributed to members who are actively developing the Gridcoin platform and/or community, software etc.. However, it is very difficult for me to vote on a particular figure, as I have no idea: 1. roughly what the actual expenses of active community members' time, servers, infrastructure etc. incurred might be, per week, at the moment, and 2a. how much could be distributed without causing substantial devaluation in the Gridcoin currency (which would presumably be influenced by how much new Gridcoin is being minted each week on average and possibly other factors) or, 2b. if there is no theoretical devaluation because the payment is coming from already minted Gridcoin from some kind of foundation account or regular income, the affordability of various levels of distribution based on the current value of the foundation account or approximate income. Some idea of the figures I've mentioned above might therefore help voters in reaching a decision." I now have a slightly better idea of the figures. The 32m GRC sitting in the Foundation account currently equates to roughly $1.4m based on an exchange rate of 4.39c/GRC. At 1.5% interest per annum, this earns $21k per year. Therefore, the top end of Rob's estimate of the expenditure for six months of $2k-$12k comes in at $24k for a year, which would slightly, but not disastrously, erode the capital of the Foundation account, based on the US$/GRC exchange rate remaining constant. Bear in mind, though, that the US$ and most other physical currencies gradually depreciate over time, so the purchasing power of $1 will decrease slowly over time. On the other hand, Quez's calculation of the upper limit of the 'burn rate' of around $311k would completely deplete the Foundation funds in less than three years if sustained, so my question would be: is this a one-off expenditure over the next six months to get a number of urgent development issues resolved, or are we expecting the expenditure to continue at a similar rate in the future? I think it might be dangerous to bank on the value of GRC increasing tenfold, or by any amount. The rate could also go down, as it is presumably subject to market forces outside our control. I'm not sure if I'm being over-cautious here, but those are my current thoughts. (I'm a CIMA qualified accountant, in case anyone is wondering.) Presumably, depleting all the Foundation funds would not completely stop Gridcoin from operating, since it is decentralised, although there would be no funds left if there was a need for further development (coding or marketing or otherwise) in the future, which could be a major problem. At the moment, I would probably be inclined to vote for the proposal, as it seems better than nothing, although as things progress and grow, it would probably be worth tweaking/implementing processes/systems to prevent abuse of the system or fraudulent claims, which it seems some people are worried about. It might also be a good idea to periodically publicly summarise the expenditure made, in the interests of accountability, although I am aware that anyone who knows how should be able to see from the blockchain exactly how much has been spent from the Foundation funds. Finally, are developers going to be paid in actual US$ or GRC? Presumably, paying in GRC might incentivise them to hold some GRC, although they are obviously free to exchange and withdraw some or all of their earnings if they wish. I wonder if rather than setting the rate as $30/hour, it might be worth setting it at say 683GRC/hour. The rate could be periodically reviewed if the GRC/USD exchange rate fluctuated significantly (it would have to be built in to any agreement with developers to avoid disputes if GRC increased significantly, as the payment per hour in GRC would have to be reduced), but this might further encourage everyone to use and start thinking in GRC.
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    No problem guys, I've never said that Gridcoin is the most profitable coin. But I still think it is the coin with the most sensible use of energy.
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    Ok, maybe it's because of a language barrier (I'm not a native english speaker too), but your posting sounded very harsh to me.
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    cru-BUM, why so harsh and negative? The owner of gridcoinstats runs that site voluntarily in his spare time.
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    I think that he honestly has not seen the mails regarding the second article issues. He has always taken security issues very seriously and have been quick to try to solve the issues in the past.
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    ETHLend – Decentralized Lending on Ethereum Network The first and only decentralized lending application on the Ethereum network. Website https://ethlend.io Video https://youtu.be/IGaoqUoL1F4 White Paper https://github.com/ETHLend/Documentation/blob/master/ETHLendWhitePaper.md Discord https://discord.gg/gcc7vpa Slack https://join.slack.com/t/ethlend/shared_invite/MjAzMTM0MzEyNzA3LTE0OTg0MDk0NDItOGY0MTlkMTlmZA Telegram https://t.me/joinchat/FWu2CQ0ZRCeWfey4eP8VhQ Reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/ETHLend/ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ETHLend/ YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGaoqUoL1F4&t=2s Twitter https://twitter.com/ethlend1 WeChat: @ETHLend KakaoTalk https://open.kakao.com/o/gBzFr5y Vkontakte https://vk.com/ethlend What is ETHLend? ETHLend is a decentralized peer to peer lending application built on top of the Ethereum Network, using blockchain technology to enable secure and transparent lending. ETHLend is developing a global lending market where borrowers and lenders from all parts of the world can participate in lending. The aim of ETHLend is to provide a transparent and global lending market and to erase interest rate differences between countries by providing more liquidity to local lending markets. ETHLend solves key issues regarding to collaterals, decentralized credit rating and exchange volatility risks, which enables the concept of decentralized lending experience. The team behind ETHLend consists of 20 people who share the same aim to deliver decentralized lending to everyone. ETHLend differs from most blockchain startups by the fact that the team introduced their alpha release in early May this year. Based on the practical findings, ETHLend provided a detailed White Paper on how decentralized lending might revolutionize the lending industry permanently. The DApp - Experience Decentralized Lending ETHLend DApp is located at https://app.ethlend.io You need to install MetaMask Google Chrome Add-on and set MetaMask to Main Ethereum Network. For Testing use https://test.ethlend.io and set MetaMask to Kovan testnet. Videos on how to use the DApp: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tb6fzGXADho&list=PLf4N4wF5YKdoJDIe2D_Cg4cXWa-ruMpV5 DAPP Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2013399 Source code released on GitHub on 1 September 2017 during ETHLend Meetup event. Technical Roadmap We consider ETHLend as a long term project. However, to make most of us, concrete deadlines are necessary. Therefore, we shall introduce the following roadmap for technical implementations: ETHLend Alpha on Ethereum main-net on May 2017 (Milestone achieved) ENS Domains as collateral on June 2017 (Milestone achieved) Reputation-based Lending with CRE on July 2017 (Milestone achieved) Token Sale Smart Contract on August 2017 Security Audit for the Token Sale Smart Contract on September 2017 USD/FIAT Based Loans and Installments December 2017 On-Demand and Crowd Lending (Loan Offers from Lenders) on February 2018 User Experience Upgrade on March 2018 Decentralized Credit Rating (DCR) on March 2018 Penalties for Late Payment on April 2018 Lending Bitcoin on April 2018 LEND accepted as payment with 25% discount on May 2018 Gateway for Decentralized Providers (uPort, Civic) to DCR on May 2018* Oracles: Centralized feeds to DCR on May 2018* Second User Experience Upgrade on July 2018 Protocol to enable AI and Big Data to assess Credit Risk on August 2018* Revenue scheme for AI Credit Risk bot creators on September 2018* Prediction Market to Assess Credit Risk on October 2018* Lending Other Altcoins on November 2018* Protocol to Enable Insurance Policies (with AI bots) on March 2019 Sophisticated collateral control (Calling & Liquidating the collateral) on May 2019 * These milestones are developed if the token sale cap (1 000 000 000 LEND is reached) due to the vast amount of resources these particular milestones require. Governance Roadmap Road to decentralization. ETHLend introduces the following roadmap adopting changes, improvements and governance to ETHLend: White Paper on Decentralized Lending on June 2017 (Milestone achieved) Incorporating in Hong Kong on August 2017 (Milestone achieved) LEND Token Pre-Sale on September 2017 LEND Token Sale on November 2017 Relocating to Zug and Swiss Foundation or Swiss LLC on December 2017 LEND Trading on Exchanges on January 2018 Buybacks and Burning for LEND starts on January 2018 Opening Suggestions Venue for Public on October 2018 Creating and Testing Democracy DAO on November 2018 Voting on Suggestions Deployed on January 2019 Vesting for LEND Ends on December 2019 Timeline Timeline of the milestones: https://about.ethlend.io/timeline/ Upcoming Token Sale While ETHLend is continuing to develop the decentralized application further, the team also revealed details on the upcoming pre token sale. ETHLend introduces LEND token for contributors who are participating in the token sale. The main utility function of LEND is the ability to use it for paying deployment fees on ETHLend with a 25% discount compared to ETH. Additionally, ETHLend shall provide other privileges for LEND token holders based on the community suggestions once the DAPP has grown into a full scale lending market. The participants in pre-token sale will receive 20% bonus tokens as a reward for early contribution. The funding aim concerning the pre-token sale is 2 000 ETH (6% of total sold token), which will be used for financing further research and development of our decentralized lending application. The purpose of the pre-sale is also to prepare for the upcoming official token sale on the 25 November 2017. ETHLend pre-sale ICO details: Starting: 25.09.2017 kl. 12.00 GMT Ending: 25.10.2017 kl. 23.59 GMT or when the cap is reached AMOUNT TO RAISE: 2 000 ETH TOKEN FOR SALE: 60 000 000 LEND (6% of total sold tokens) LEND TOKEN PRICE: 30 000 LEND = 1 ETH (price includes 20% bonus tokens for all pre-sale participants) Pre-sold tokens are deducted from the 1 000 000 000 LEND sold on official token sale. Official ETHLend token sale ICO details: Starting: 25.11.2017 kl. 12.00 GMT Ending: 9.12.2017 kl. 23.59 GMT or when the cap is reached AMOUNT TO RAISE: 37 600 ETH TOKEN FOR SALE: 1 000 000 000 LEND (deducted by pre-sold tokens) LEND TOKEN PRICE: First 200 000 000 LEND: 27 500 LEND = 1 ETH (price includes 10% bonus tokens) Next 100 000 000 LEND: 26 250 LEND = 1 ETH (price includes 5% bonus tokens) Remaining LEND: 25 000 LEND = 1 ETH Buying Unused LEND back - Burnbacks Buybacks are used to remove inefficient and unused LEND from the market to avoid price decrease on LEND and to strengthen the position of the DAPP users. Buybacks increase the value of LEND by limiting the total supply of the token and by increasing the percentage of the ownership of token holder’s LEND. Buybacks mean that ETHLend will use part of its fees to buy LEND from exchanges and burn these tokens (erasing the tokens forever). ETHLend derives cash-flow when loan requests are deployed or funded. These fees are in place to fund the development of decentralized lending on ETHLend. Currently, the fees for deploying a loan request is set to 0.01 ETH, which the borrower pays. Similarly, the lender pays 0.01 ETH for funding the loan (these fees are subject to change). ETHLend will use flat 5% of these fees to buy LEND from the exchange to burn the LEND. Moreover, additional 1 to 5% is used on top of the flat 5% fee depending on the fee volume growth in ETHLend (compared to previous year’s volume). Therefore, ETHLend can use as much as 10% of the fees for buybacks to increase the value of LEND and the percentage of the ownerships of token holders by decreasing the total supply of LEND permanently. The buybacks start on January 2018. Here is a demonstration of the fees used for buyback: First year (during 2018) = 5% 5% + additional 1% if fee revenue is 20% higher than in previous year 5% + additional 2% if fee revenue is 40% higher than in previous year 5% + additional 3% if fee revenue is 60% higher than in previous year 5% + additional 4% if fee revenue is 80% higher than in previous year 5% + additional 5% if fee revenue is 100% higher than in previous year Creating more value for the DAPP users. The buyback model provides value to use for holding LEND. Therefore, buybacks motivates to use the token due to the increasing added value effect. When the price of LEND is increasing, the DAPP users can spend less LEND for paying the deployment fees. Secondarily and indirectly, LEND provides token holders cash-flow. When the percentage of the token holders ownership is increasing, the token holder can sell the increased portion on every burn to realize profit. This makes LEND sought after token. The aim is to deliver strong token to the market and reward the token sale participants for early involvement. Token Sale Smart Contract Currently on security audit. After the security audit, the code is released on GitHub with the report. The Team Introducing our team: Stani Kulechov, Founder of ETHLend & Development, stani@ETHLend.io https://www.linkedin.com/in/stanislav-kulechov-361284132/ Jordan Lazaro Gustave, Head of Management, jordan@ETHLend.io https://www.linkedin.com/in/jordan-lazaro-gustave-32018976/ Martin Wichmann, Head of Token Sale, martin@ETHLend.io https://www.linkedin.com/in/martin-wichmann-89722561/ Adnan Javed, Legal Advisor, adnan@ETHLend.io https://www.linkedin.com/in/adnan-javed/ Sergej Stein, Financial Advisor & Blog, sergej@ETHLend.io https://www.linkedin.com/in/sergej-stein/ Kersten Schütze, Head of Corporate Strategy, kersten@ETHLend.io https://www.linkedin.com/in/kersten-sch%C3%BCtze-5ab3a2100/ Scott Malsbury, Head of Communications, scott@ETHLend.io https://www.linkedin.com/in/scott-malsbury-a6260b12/?ppe=1 Jin Park, Head of Marketing, jin@ETHLend.io https://www.linkedin.com/in/jin-park-27989ab8/ Rowan Van Ginkel, Graphics & Visualization https://www.linkedin.com/in/rowanvanginkel/ Edmund To, Lead Junior Developer https://www.linkedin.com/in/edmundto/ Anastasija Plotnikova, Advisor & Translations https://www.linkedin.com/in/anastasija-plotnikova-9b972735/?ppe=1 Nolvia Serrano, Media Correspondent https://www.linkedin.com/in/nolvia-serrano-ba7362b2/ Kelly Pope, Social Media https://www.linkedin.com/in/smospider/ Andreas Haraldsvik, Slack Wizard https://www.linkedin.com/in/andreas-haraldsvik-21140768/ Opinder Preet Singh, Local Advisor on Indian Subcontinent https://www.linkedin.com/in/opinderpreet/ Stephen You, Head of Korean Desk Media Publications on ETHLend http://www.newsbtc.com/2017/07/03/rise-decentralized-p2p-crypto-currency-lending/ https://www.cryptoninjas.net/2017/06/01/ethlend-introduces-secured-loans-ethereum-blockchain/ http://blockchain-finance.com/2017/07/11/global-lending-market-using-ethereum-blockchain/ https://fintech-mag.com/ethlend-blockchain-ethereum/ http://btcwonder.com/ethlend-making-lending-safe-secure/ http://dappsguru.com/2017/07/16/ethlend/ https://bitcoinexchangeguide.com/ethlend/ https://www.coinspeaker.com/2017/06/02/ethlend-unveils-secured-cryptocurrency-loans-based-ethereum-blockchain/ https://coinjournal.net/pr-release/ethlend-gives-pre-sale-tokens-ethereum-enthusiasts-helping-hand/ https://www.cryptoninjas.net/2017/07/21/ethlend-reveals-unsecured-decentralized-crypto-lending/ https://www.btc-echo.de/press-release-ethlend/ http://lending-times.com/2017/07/11/tuesday-july-11-2017-daily-news-digest/ http://www.lendit.com/news/2017/07/10/new-company-seeks-provide-decentralized-lending-ethereum-network/ https://btcoin.info/blockchain-startup-ethlend-wants-to-revolutionise-the-finance-lending-market/ http://www.dailibu.cn/projectdevelopment/2017073787.html https://www.btc-echo.de/ethlend-veroeffentlicht-reputations-basierten-dezentralen-kreditverleih/ https://www.marketslant.com/article/blockchain-startup-ethlend-introduces-working-capital-finance-initial-coin-offerings https://ethblogitalia.it/2017/07/25/ethlend/ http://m.jinse.com/news/ethereum/51043.html https://www.taringa.net/posts/economia-negocios/19960418/ETHLend-Revolucion-en-el-mercado-financiero.html http://www.banklesstimes.com/2017/08/11/ethlend-preparing-for-ico/ https://www.investitin.com/eth-lend/ https://cryptoinsider.com/blockchain-loans-to-change-the-way-pre-icos-are-funded/ https://www.territoriobitcoin.com/revolucion-en-el-mercado-financiero-de-los-prestamos-p2p/ The Official ETHLend Big Bounty Program Contribute to ETHLend by participating to the bounty program. By helping ETHLend you will be rewarded with LEND and you are part of building the first decentralized lending market. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2078686 Frequently Asked Questions FAQ: https://about.ethlend.io/token-sale/ Questions For questions use the Thread / Slack / Telegram / Discord (We love Discord) / WeChat (Chinese/Japanese) / KakaoTalk (Korean) / VKontakte (Russian)
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    lol, there should be some work in about 3 weeks. things are delayed more then expected. and did you vote? and people knew the facts it should of been available in the post about the poll and even I researched the site before hand.
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    That means your blockchain file is corrupt. Can also be cause by Windows shutting down without the wallet closed as it takes a short time to close everything. Suggest downloading a snapshot
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    Ok, now it 2c34 in the lead, at 21 but, look out....bf0e is taking up some slack. Ladies and gentlemen it's really sloppy out on the field today, and we all know that 2c34 is from a long line of Mudders!! That filly loves the slop and she is pulling away..... (If you can get past the Seinfeld reference and the racehorse joke I actually put some info in that diatribe)
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    https://mobile.twitter.com/Boldhead777/status/889287678235226112?p=v Xptx address is PRhBQ9jzrUTsnz3AKh7yUJPvPr9hNkpwpF
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    @Rob Halförd - (Gridcoin) - to me, I think the concerns some people have could be solved relatively easily: can you commit to a hard cap on what you'll approve prior to coming back to the community? For instance, your 20 hours + 20 hours + 20 hours @ $30/hour for 26 weeks is $46,800. But, you also mention it could be double. So why don' we call it an even $100K. So, can you commit here that if you hit $100K in disbursements or 2M in GRC (whichever comes first), you will suspend the program until you are able to give a public breakdown of expenses to the community and allow for a revote? I think that's a fair compromise, no?