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  2. maks-ivanov89

    In which altcoin to invest?

    I heard mining is not so profitable now.
  3. Gli strumenti di revisione di Ernst & Young Blockchain potrebbero beneficiare l'Italia Non vi è dubbio che l'Italia stia registrando un costante progresso nell'investimento, nell'adozione e nell'uso di criptovalute come Bitcoin, Ethereum, ecc., Blockchain e tecnologia di ledger distribuito, sia da parte del pubblico, delle aziende, delle istituzioni finanziarie, delle imprese e altri. Leggi i dettagli nell'articolo di Coinidol dot com, l'outlet mondiale di blockchain: https://it.coinidol.com/gli-strumenti-revisione/
  4. jeffreylewis

    off market buyer

    what is an off market buyer when it comes to cryptocurrency? is it a bank or an individual? when someone says that theyre an off market buyer, what exactly do the mean? are they a single individual or a financial entity? who would be considered an off market buyer if bitcoin comes into play here? can someone please tell me. thanks.
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  6. janisfinch19

    Cryptocurrencies in the Second Quarter of 2019

    very interesting haha But I'd better visit summits like Blockchain life and talk to speckers which know it better
  7. janisfinch19

    mining education

    if you are interested in speeches at Blockchain life about Mining: All types of mining and their advantages/disadvantages What mining machines to buy now? Bitmain and new manufacturers – a comparison of the effectiveness Where to place mining machines? The current ROI and forecasts Effective mining. What to bet?
  8. janisfinch19

    mining education

    yes^ its great. By the way, dont you visit Blockchain life?
  9. You can still claim $10 CAD free.
  10. TronMain Event/Giveaway stage 1 start ! Help TronMain community and earn Tron (TRX) More informations : https://tronmain.com/event
  11. TronMain Event/Giveaway stage 1 start ! Help TronMain community and earn Tron (TRX) More informations : https://tronmain.com/event
  12. CLOUD MINING DOGECOIN & BITCOIN ( PAYING ) SIGN UP HERE _ https://bit.ly/2I1aYD7 PAYMENT 2019-04-21 ( INSTANT WITHDRAW ) Amount 147 DOGECOIN Status Paid TXID - https://dogechain.info/tx/cee23be50a0679f13cbdde7bd526ddbe5cfcbe1aec7070f1809ec94111aff0c1
  13. CLOUD MINING DOGECOIN & BITCOIN ( PAYING ) SIGN UP HERE _ https://bit.ly/2I1aYD7 PAYMENT 2019-04-18 ( INSTANT WITHDRAW ) Amount 147 DOGECOIN Status Paid TXID - https://dogechain.info/tx/8f82345a21cbb9427b32e25e14eeef6a307749a2da1e737b26a894bec976a340
  14. CLOUD MINING DOGECOIN & BITCOIN ( PAYING ) SIGN UP HERE _ https://bit.ly/2I1aYD7 Minimum withdrawal is 100 DOGE Sha-256 (GH power) and Scrypt (Mh power) The contract is valid for 1 year for BTC GH (Sha256) and 5 months for DOGE MH (Scrypt) You need to order a payment in the Wallet menu. Pay attention to the minimum payment amount. Tax Fee 5 Doge or 0.0005 BTC for payment gateway CoinPayments.net . The minimum amount can be changed. Payment is made within 24 hours after the check. If you set a PIN-code in your profile then the withdrawal of funds will be possible only after entering the PIN-code. In case you forgot the PIN-code, contact the support service
  15. FREE ROLL DOGECOIN PER HOURS SIGN UP HERE - https://bit.ly/2D4nfDi PAYMENT 21-04-2019 Time Type Amount Destination TX Status 21-Apr-19 18:05 Deposit 26,53977 DOGE - 1210f82beae06c7a3d0a9e64319386aeecb7fa6c257410d66426705433d43c16 Success
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  17. COIN EXTENDER SIGN UP HERE _ https://bit.ly/2FLM1uj - 21 /04/ 2019 INSTANT PAYMENT PAYMENT PROOF - 21 / 04/ 2019 Date Address DOGE TXID 2019-04-21 09:07:13 D9Rs46tayAGsY9TqbrFDWFHmhyXxCQrgWW ( 345.6 DOGE ) Paid TXID _ https://chain.so/tx/DOGE/b12bf0109349ab2c44ce90ae7485477f781e1296346827cc64e476d581aecedc
  18. These altcoins already have relatively high market caps. While they may be popular, the upside is limited as much of the population is already aware of their existence. Newly sparked interest might be driven mainly from the recent price rally we've had. It might be more worthwhile to look into small-cap tokens. Quite often, by the time major research firms discover a token, much of the price appreciation has already been realized. I'm currently looking into Elrond Network and VEIL. The first one is a highly scalable blockchain that delivered 3750+ tps per shard on a live blockchain and has already partnered with NEX; it's test net launches soon. The latter, VEIL, is a novel privacy coin the integrates the benefits of established privacy network; it's also led by the founder of PIVX and has seen a price appreciation of about 100% just the month. Small-cap tokens that are led by blockchain veterans have a lot of potential.
  19. DOGE PRO MINER _ https://bit.ly/2D6HQYu - PAYING!!! - 21 /04/2019 PROOF OF PAYMENT - ( DATE - 21 /04 /2019 ) 80 DAYS CONTRACT - 1,75% / DAYS Date Address DOGE TXID 2019-04-21 10:05:22 D9Rs46tayAGsY9TqbrFDWFHmhyXxCQrgWW ( 349.50000000 DOGE ) TXID _ https://chain.so/tx/DOGE/241db84ec4634c1356e83a0ba786332320c3ba16e8d49b349581d7636b2ab653
  20. Small caps that are targetting solutions popularly visible in the CMC top 20 are a good bet. Much of the top 20 is held by either smart contract platforms or privacy coins. While the smart contract space is very competitive, privacy coins aren't targetted very often. I'm presently looking a token called VEIL because it ticks off a lot of points. It advances an existing, successful protocol (Zerocoin Protocol), has a low market cap, is led by the founder of an already successful project (PIVX), and is being developed by veteran blockchain devs/architects. The token's already seen a 100% appreciation in the past month but even then it's market cap is just above $4M. VEIL aims to be the first Zerocoin-enabled development with private basecoin transactions, multi-block transactions, and a hybrid PoS/PoW consensus mechanism.
  21. M.N.M.G

    Experienced 20 year gamer here

    recommend give you do money from https://www.grcpool.com/ before first cumulative money give much for come use with gridcoin normal for give get Interest must use money in account for give gridcoin normal pay money from RAC and money from Interest to account get this similar game try
  22. CoinsTalk

    Most Promising Coins for Crypto Investment

    I'm mainly looking for low cap coins as there's a far greater upside to these. Obviously, there's more risk involved, but proper research plays an important role in finding potential rising gems. Since both privacy coins and smart contract platforms have done so well, I'm looking for potential stars in these sectors. Presently, I'm considering Elrond Network in the smart contract space since it can do 3750 tps per shard on a live blockchain. This is unique because all other scalability chains did not deliver anything close to this amount on a live network. As for privacy coins, I'm looking at VEIL because it is addressing a key problem in the privacy coin space, and that's to advance the Zerocoin Protocol to a point where even basecoin transactions are anonymous. The cool thing about both of these projects is that they are self-funded to date and are led by teams that involve people from already successful networks. While Elrond is led by a NEM architect, VEIL is led by the founder of PIVX.
  23. M.N.M.G

    Gridcoin is the best coin

    i have solar panel have 1 but no use because weight much unable to install on the roof you do give me think about solar panel me keep 5 year no use. if will donate money give you must think story i wanted donate give you much but have way other if use RAC from gridcoin normal must think story put money enter go in account for give gridcoin normal pay come with Interest at protected from speculate problem very much at not forex speculate for are game but for many people gridcoin normal have RAC from grcpool https://www.grcpool.com/ for no must speculate but pay enter account by no have money in account your no Interest to you but Interest will pay give grcpool are service at we use money of grcpool for give gridcoin normal pay come to many people at no money in account try
  24. Mr. Sinclair

    Ripple Taking iGaming By Storm

    Ripple has been the dark horse in the iGaming scene but its truly taking the industry by Storm. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are increasingly becoming popular in the iGaming industry. This is mainly attributed to their top-notch confidentiality and anonymity simply by providing a reliable code for each online transaction. Well, there are some digital coins that run on a Blockchain technology, and which are growing really fast and competing favorably with Bitcoin. Ripple (XRP) is one of the cryptocurrencies that’s becoming a firm favorite for online casinos and fans across the world. It operates quite differently from the other popular digital currencies, essentially challenging the way the banking systems work. How is Ripple being used? Ripple connects banks and payment providers, allowing them to seamlessly send and receive money across the globe. Besides being a secure and transparent payment settlement and money transfer system, Ripple is also geared towards the exchange of different currencies, including Bitcoin. More online casinos are taking advantage of this innovative technology, because of the fact that its protocol is immediate and distributed. Allowing direct asset transfers basically eliminates the middlemen and cuts out all the cost incurred when sending cash electronically. Users get to enjoy transaction costs as low as 0.00001 XRP (10 drops). While details of an XRP transaction are public, the system guarantees absolute protection and anonymity of any player since payment data is not open for viewing. How popular is Ripple? This enterprise Blockchain solution was created way back in 2012 by a team of world-class engineers and technical expert developers. And over the years of operation, the Ripple settlement system still continues tomaintain a solid reputation with a track record of stable technology and governance. Since Ripple was launched, all of its ledgers closed without running into an issue. It’s for that reason that today Ripple is being used by a lot of reputable banks and payment providers, such as American Express, Standard Chartered, Santander, MUFG Bank, SEB, and UniCredit. Why is Ripple unique for iGaming? Besides providing very low transaction costs, Ripple makes it possible to deposit and withdraw money from an XRP online casino in as little as four seconds. This is incredibly super-fast even when compared to Ethereum, which boasts settling payment on an average of two minutes. Bitcoin, on the other hand, takes an average of one hour. Ripple can handle 1,500 transactions per second and has the potential to scale up 50, 000 transactions in just a second. This digital currency completely outsmarts the Ethereum’s 15 transaction and Bitcoins 3-6 transactions per seconds. Contrary to the existing settlement systems, Ripple makes it a lot easier to exchange your local currency for any other suitable currency. Another great thing about Ripple is that, players can use it to deposit at an iGaming site even when their local money is not having adequate currency pairs. Also, it is still possible for users to send money online even if they’re unbanked. Ripple continues to grow in usages from within the iGaming industry. Contrary to that, Asia Live Tech is one of the first iGaming Software Providers that can setup your very own iGaming website or better known as online casino site powered by Ripple.
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