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  2. Over the years many people have speculated on what the price of 1 BTC could be if the world switched to Bitcoin. If a large amount of global wealth moves into Bitcoin, the price would skyrocket. Here are some cocktail napkin calculations performed by community members, trying to figure out how far past the moon we may go. Hal Finney: 1 Bitcoin = $10M Hal Finney was one of the first users of the Bitcoin network, actually receiving the first transaction from Satoshi himself. Just days after the launch of the network, he was already considering what the price might look like if the market cap of Bitcoin equaled the total value of all wealth in the world. Speaking on the cryptography mailing list; Current estimates of total worldwide household wealth that I have found range from $100 trillion to $300 trillion. With 21 million coins, that gives each coin a value of about $10 million. So the possibility of generating coins today with a few cents of computing time may be quite a good bet, with a payoff of something like 100 million to 1! Back in Bitcoin’s early days, it was possible to mine using a simple consumer-grade machine. Leaving your computer on for days to maybe get some worthless digital coins doesn’t sound very appealing right off the bat. However, Finney did make a good argument. Those who mined in 2009 have seen some considerable returns. The Scarcity Selling Point One of Bitcoin’s most attractive qualities is the fact that it’s provably scarce. Unlike fiat currencies, which can be printed at will by the state, Bitcoin has a limited supply of 21 million coins that can’t be changed. Much more recently than Hal’s mailing list post, others have tried highlighting how scarce Bitcoins really are. It’s insane how little #bitcoin is actually in circulation, a little under 18m coins. Think about how few that is. That’s not even enough for every citizen of Cairo to have just 1 bitcoin. All you need is 1 and that will be life changing. — Charlie Shrem (@CharlieShrem) August 23, 2019 Binance CEO CZ tweeted about this subject as well. Many people have commented that crypto-currencies could facilitate one of the largest wealth transfers the world has ever seen. Today’s hodlers could be tomorrows top 1% If you own 1 $BTC, you are mathematically guaranteed to be top 3/1000 richest in the world, in BTC terms. (21m / 7B). — CZ Binance (@cz_binance) August 25, 2019 These projections may be a little outlandish, but they aren’t completely out of this world. If Bitcoin becomes the currency for the world, it would shake up every financial system and allow for people everywhere to take back a bit of economic freedom in their lives. Do you think cryptocurrencies will completely replace fiat currencies, or just exist as an alternative? Do you think Bitcoin has what it takes to be a world currency? Let us know in the comments below! Images Courtesy of Shutterstock, Twitter: @CharlieShrem, @cz_binance The post Bitcoin: What Could 1 BTC be Worth After Mass Adoption? appeared first on Bitcoinist.com. View the full article
  3. As Bitcoin bulls have failed to maintain the momentum seen from April to late-June, fear has started to grip the cryptocurrency market. Related Reading: Bitcoin Price Rallies On Latest Trump Volley, Analysts Expect Further Upside Analysts are starting to suspect that BTC has further downside, despite the fact that it has already collapsed 35% from its year-to-date high of $14,000. Dave The Wave, for instance, has eyed $6,500 — which the popular analyst claims is a price point that is much more healthy and sustainable for Bitcoin. This may not be possible, however. Bitcoin to See Smaller Correction: Analyst According to Crypto Michaël, a full-time trader at the Amsterdam Stock Exchange, Bitcoin is unlikely to drop to “$6,000 or so” — some 40% from the current price point of $10,000. He claimed that instead of such a move, he is currently eyeing a “minor” correction that will bring Bitcoin to hit the 100-week moving average to confirm a long-term bullish uptrend, trade sideways for a number of months, and then continue to fresh highs around the halving. Such a correction, should it occur, will most likely happen in the $8,000 price range and in the “coming weeks/September”. $BTC #BITCOIN History repeats almost every time in marketcycles due to the human psychology. Normally I don't see a drop happening to $6,000 or so, just a minor one to hit the 100 weekly MA for confirmation bullish uptrend + sideways months.$BTC needs to lose 100MA on daily. pic.twitter.com/L6oKbOxsdA — Crypto Michaël (@CryptoMichNL) August 24, 2019 Michaël pointed out in his tweet that during 2015/2016’s bear market recovery, the cryptocurrency also gave its 100-week moving average a love tap, prior to surging higher in the famous bull run that brought Bitcoin to $20,000. He isn’t the only analyst expecting for Bitcoin to soon resume its foray to new heights. As reported by NewsBTC previously, Adaptive Capital’s Murad Mahmudov believes that Bitcoin is most likely to test $9,750 — the 0.618 Fibonacci Retracement of this whole cycle — in the following month in a bout of sideways price action, then “continue steadily upwards. Contrarian view: 9080 was the bottom, ~one more month of sideways then we continue steadily upwards. Don’t fight a once-in-a-millenium, civilization-changing phenomenon to try to snag a potential 8% off of a local short. Don’t fight the trend. Submit to it. Embrace it. pic.twitter.com/bq7TsK4xZ4 — Murad Mahmudov (@MustStopMurad) August 23, 2019 He backed his prediction by looking to August 2016, when BTC was in a similar situation then as it is now: BTC had just rallied out of a bear market, but bears wanted one last hurrah. Then, Bitcoin tested its 0.618 Fibonacci Retracement prior to skyrocketing higher. Also back in 2016, trend indicators, like historical volatility and the Relative Strength Index (RSI), hit certain levels that they are trending to at this moment. And, to put a cherry on the cryptocurrency cake, the analyst added that the Fishnet indicator (similar to the Guppy) is tightening as BTC has entered a wedge. This pattern was last seen in 2012 and in 2015/2016, back when Bitcoin was breaking out of bear markets. Featured Image from Shutterstock The post Bitcoin Unlikely to Plummet By Another 30%, Declares Analyst appeared first on NewsBTC. View the full article
  4. Cryptocurrencies aren’t just a niche investment category anymore. In the latter half of 2019, digital assets have managed to sit beside stocks, bonds, commodities, and other investment instruments as an important part of a holistic investment portfolio. Interestingly, digital assets are coming out on top. A resurgent awareness of cryptocurrencies has pushed their prices back up to values not seen for nearly 18 months, and to accompany this change, major financial institutions are releasing crypto-related products to meet the growing demand for digital assets. For instance, IBM, one of the oldest and most storied tech companies in the world, launched a blockchain-based digital payment network that deployed Stellar as a tool for facilitating digital payments. offering crypto-related financial products. Similarly, Facebook’s recently announced Libra currency represents the tech industry’s rushed foray into cryptocurrencies, targeting the unbanked with a novel financial product. Skrill has been at the forefront of the digital payments industry since 2001, and the company entered the crypto space in a big way in 2018. Their platform caters to retail investors, providing them with features like a direct fiat to crypto gateway. Skrill is making acquiring and using digital currencies easier for millions of its customers. We recently sat down with Lorenzo Pellegrino, the CEO of Skrill, NETELLER and Income Access, whom are all part of Paysafe Group. We touched on the hurdles to crypto adoption and Skrill’s now prominent involvement in the crypto space. What significant changes have you observed in the crypto space since you first got involved? Institutional involvement would be by far the most significant change. When I first started thinking about moving Skrill into the crypto world, it was really putting ourselves out there, as a large payments company. However, banks, social media companies, and governments – they’re all looking into crypto in a serious way. I’ve only seen this accelerate. You could definitely say I’m bullish on cryptocurrency! What hurdles to crypto adoption remain, and how can platforms/entrepreneurs adjust to meet these problems? It’s a nascent industry, so a lot of what people call hurdles to adoption I see as teething problems within the space. For example, it used to be so difficult to deal with cryptocurrency exchanges. A lot of platforms could have been easier to use, but understanding it took a while to figure out how people were going to interact with the new space. Moving forward, regulation is key. It will help tame some of the wilder parts of the crypto space. I think the approach currently being taken in the UK, with the FCA working closely with industry insiders will be the most successful method, as it hopefully will not stifle any innovation. Cryptocurrency investment has never been easy. Volatility and uncertainty are always a part of the game. How are today’s platforms responding to investors’ clear desire to pursue digital assets while mitigating their exposure to crypto’s idiosyncrasies? A platform can offer pretty simple tools to help a novice investor manage this volatility. For example, we released our crypto reserves feature to allow people to make recurring purchases of cryptocurrency, in effect dollar cost averaging their buys. However, on a larger scale, one of the biggest issues investors find in the space is fraudulent trading activity, such as pumps and dumps. This is where regulation will surely help. How is Skrill involved in the crypto space? What developments is the platform pursuing that provide the solutions to investors’ and users’ most pressing problems? While we have been dealing with cryptocurrency merchants for a while, it’s only been in the last year that we started to really get involved in the crypto space by allowing our customers to buy and sell cryptocurrency in their Skrill wallets. Our overall aim is to provide a platform that makes entering the crypto space incredibly easy for a novice but is still useful for someone who has been investing for years. To do this we are focusing on education and simplicity while leveraging our experience as one of the most established digital wallets to help promote adoption and understanding in the wider ecosystem. Skrill isn’t the only institution operating in the space, and there’s a new wave of institutions making their first appearance in it. Is it possible blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies will be adopted to the point where the entire economy has changed? I think a lot of people are starting to realise that cryptocurrency has the potential to really disrupt certain areas of the economy and even influence changes in society as a whole. This change will not be immediate, and, in my mind, will not happen in the short term either. For the foreseeable future, I see crypto working in tandem with our current systems. In some areas it will complement existing set ups and processes, whereas in others it probably won’t. No one can predict what is going to happen, but I don’t think there will be a sudden exodus away from our legacy systems to a world ruled by cryptocurrencies and smart contracts. Of course, exciting changes will surely come from this new technology. In terms of evaluation, infrastructure, regulation, what will the crypto space look like in the next several years? The rate this space is maturing increases every year, and I don’t see that stopping anytime soon. As more and more established financial players such as ourselves join from traditional finance industries, the regulation and infrastructure needed to take it to the next level will begin to appear, and the markets will begin to stabilise. In turn this will lead to less speculative involvement and instead adoption and usage will start to become the main drivers of value. What advice would you give to new investors or users entering the space? Choose a respected fiat gateway to enter the space, don’t invest more than you are prepared to lose, and strap in for the ride. Closing Thoughts Cryptocurrency accessibility is quickly becoming a mainstream proposition for many platforms. With big banks and other tech companies developing crypto-related platforms, consumers are being equipped with more ways to acquire and use digital currency. For his part, Pellegrino is bullish on cryptocurrencies, seeing these new platform offers as a way to promote further adoption while solving for some of the challenges of mainstreaming a new technology and payment methodology at the same time. With companies like Skrill entering into the crypto space, it’s clear that cryptocurrencies aren’t just a niche product offering any more. The post “Bullish on Crypto”: An Interview with Skrill CEO Lorenzo Pellegrino appeared first on Bitcoinist.com. View the full article
  5. By CCN Markets: Chicago-based Fortnite and Halo Twitch streamer Aaron Travis, better known as "ac7ionmannn," struggled with heroin addiction for several years. Now he wants to help other drug users fight their addictions. From a shower gel-stealing heroin addict to a hard-working Fortnite streamer His addiction had become so extreme that at one point in […] The post Heroin Addict Turned Fortnite Streamer Feels 'Obligated' to Help People appeared first on CCN Markets View the full article
  6. We are happy to inform you that the Galilel-Wiki is now online. It's a growing knowledge base of all types guides, troubleshooting techniques and FAQs. For now its available in english and spanish. You can find our WIKI at: https://galilel.org/en/guides
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  8. Airdrop: TrueUSD Estimated value: $ 7.00 Token Value: 7 TUSD Validation Rate: 4.0/ 10 Airdrop Link: https://www.bestcoinlist.com/airdrop/trueusd/ Don't forget to join our Telegram and follow us on Twitter to receive new airdrops! https://t.me/bestcoinlist https://twitter.com/BestCoinList ABOUT: TrueUSD (TUSD) is the first independently-verified digital asset fully collateralized by US Dollars. What's your opinion about TrueUSD Airdrop?
  9. Overstock was one of the first major companies that expressed extreme interest in utilizing and adopting crypto – an interest that stemmed primarily from its previous CEO’s openness to the technology. Now that the company’s previous CEO – Patrick Byrne – has resigned due to controversy surrounding comments he made about his involvement in a multitude of FBI investigations, it is clear that Overstock’s interest in blockchain and crypto is purely due to the benefits it has offered the e-commerce giant, and is not simply due to Byrne’s interest in the nascent tech. Overstock Still Pursuing Crypto Despite CEO’s Resignation Jonathan Johnson, the interim CEO at Overstock, recently told Yahoo Finance that the company is going to continue building out its blockchain and crypto-related initiative – which is called Medici Ventures – as the different companies that fall underneath the Medici initiative’s umbrella are doing quite well. “The fledgling blockchain business is doing well… Our team at Medici Ventures, which is the blockchain-focused business, is still working hard, and those different companies in the Medici family are growing at a nice rate,” he explained. Overstock has long been ahead of the curve when it comes to embracing crypto and blockchain technology, as the company first began accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment in 2014, which was closely followed by the launch of Medici Ventures. Byrne was likely the impetus behind the company’s decision to begin moving into the crypto industry, as he himself began getting involved in multiple blockchain and crypto projects around the time of Medici Venture’s launch. Cryptocurrency and Retail Businesses of Equal Importance, Claims Interim CEO Although Overstock’s blockchain and crypto initiatives have become a major part of the company, they are still highly focused on building and expanding their massive retail operations. Johnson explained that the two branches of the company are of equal importance. “One side of the house isn’t going to get any more love than the other… I love both the retail business and the blockchain business,” he noted. Overstock’s ties to the crypto markets grew abundantly clear late-2017 and early-2018 when its stock price closely mirrored Bitcoin’s price action – surging parabolically before facing a steep pullback from which it has still not recovered from. Because of the critical importance of Medici Ventures for Overstock’s current business model, it is highly probable that the overall state of the crypto markets will continue to provide significant guidance to Overstock’s price action. Featured image from Shutterstock. The post Overstock Still Focusing on Crypto Despite Embattled CEO’s Departure appeared first on NewsBTC. View the full article
  10. In this week’s Hodler’s Digest, Binance takes on Facebook, and eye-watering new statistics suggest Bitcoin’s dominance is not what we first thought View the full article
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  12. After great darknet markets as AlphaBay and Dream Market got captured! Dark Web market Empire Market, turn into The baddest, The most famous online shopping marketplace in Tor Network today! With entire transfers held in BTC, MNR and LTC And as all might be aware Darknet markets, especially popular ones, like Empire are under DDoS attacks regularly by opponent, it's the reason consistently Empire market links might not work and onion mirror page is essential to connect Empire Market. Government engaged hard opposing cyber-crime, and have already ceased a lot of onion (TOR) link website. Because of that Empire market team incorporated a uncommon webpage with fresh onion links, insure their users constantly land at working mirror not scam webpage. Here's the link of this website http://empiremarket-url.com/ Why should you believe each of the above links? Well, due to the marketplace admin (Empire admin) has himself put about this website on the forum on 12th August 2019! Thank me Later!!
  13. The U.S. Treasury Department is stepping up its focus on illegal cryptocurrency-related activities. Recently, Treasury announced that its financial intelligence and enforcement agencies are collecting and analyzing Bitcoin addresses. These addresses are associated with several “Chinese kingpins” allegedly involved in “fueling America’s deadly opioid crisis.” OFAC Adds BTC Addresses to the Specially Designated Nationals list On August 21, 2019, Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) announced their coordinated actions to step up “financial pressure upon those who manufacture, sell, or distribute synthetic opioids or their precursor chemicals.” Treasury targets Chinese drug kingpins fueling America’s deadly opioid crisis https://t.co/lJRdfr7hF4 — Treasury Department (@USTreasury) August 21, 2019 These actions are components of investigations being carried out “to confront the deadly synthetic opioid crisis plaguing America.” According to OFAC, under these investigations are the following “Chinese drug kingpins,” – Fujing Zheng (Zheng) and the Zheng Drug Trafficking Organization (DTO). – Guanghua Zheng – Qinsheng Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. – Xiaobing Yan (Yan) In this connection, on August 21, 2019, OFAC announced it had added 11 Bitcoin addresses and one Litecoin address to the Specially Designated Nationals (SDNs) list. Therefore, no U.S. individual can execute any transaction involving these addresses. The SDNs list includes targeted individuals and companies. Their assets are blocked. And it is illegal for U.S. persons to deal with them. FinCEN: Chinese Kingpins Use Bitcoin To Bypass Currency Controls At the announcement, Sigal Mandelker, Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, stated, “The Chinese kingpins that OFAC designated today run an international drug trafficking operation that manufactures and sells lethal narcotics, directly contributing to the crisis of opioid addiction, overdoses, and death in the United States.” According to U.S. officials, the Zheng DTO used Bitcoin to launder part of its drug proceeds and to bypass currency controls and reporting requirements. Moreover, authorities pointed out that both Zheng and Yan are Bitcoin users. Therefore, “OFAC is also identifying Bitcoin addresses associated with these two drug traffickers to maximize disruption of their financial dealings.” FinCEN Director Kenneth A. Blanco indicated that, through the Bank Secrecy Act, FinCEN is collecting, analyzing, and disseminating data, which provides insight into the financial networks used by individuals “fueling America’s deadly opioid crisis.” And he pointed out, “We are making the financial sector aware of tactics and typologies behind illicit schemes to launder the proceeds of these fatal drug sales, including transactions using digital currency and foreign bank accounts.” How effective do you think the U.S. Treasury Department’s investigations will be? Let us know in the comments below! Images via Shutterstock, Twitter: @USTreasury The post United States Intensifies Bitcoin Address Analysis in Opioid Fight appeared first on Bitcoinist.com. View the full article
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  15. As in any creative process – there is always something to learn no matter how far you progress!
  16. This is very true. I prefer to hold most of the portfolio in cold storage and withdraw from exchanges right after I've reached my goals. Maybe for some guys who trade very actively this is not an option, but the more time your crypto spends in cold storage the safer you are. Though, to be honest there are DEX which are supposed to be hacker proof... But they come with their own shortcomings.
  17. That's true, it depends on a game and on the personality of the player. Some people are just not competitve and when it comes to gaming that's a good thing in my opinion
  18. By CCN Markets: Fortnite streamer Ninja hits 1.5 million subscriptions on Mixer and suggests that there is more growth to come for his new channel. The popular streamer hit this milestone just a few weeks after making the shock announcement that he would be dropping Twitch to stream exclusively on its rival, Mixer. 1.5 million […] The post Fortnite Star Ninja's Booming Mixer Fanbase Should Terrify Twitch appeared first on CCN Markets View the full article
  19. Bitcoin has undoubtedly had a stellar 2019 so far. Year to date, the cryptocurrency has gained some 200%, rallying from around $3,500 to $10,000. Related Reading: Bitcoin: Crypto-Like Global Monetary System To Be a Boon For BTC While this market’s whales have undoubtedly benefited from this performance, data suggests that a good majority of BTC users are actually profitable. Thousands of Bitcoin Users Are Profitable According to Into The Block, a machine learning-enhanced blockchain analytics firm, 79% of all Bitcoin addresses with a positive balance are in profit. For any address with a positive balance, @intotheblock identifies avg price at which tokens were acquired, indicating if the address is at profit or loss. Addresses at profit:$BTC 79%$LINK 56% Addresses at loss:$ETH 74%$ADA 75%$ICX 94%$FET 93%$ZEC 95% h/t @mbeaudroit pic.twitter.com/4kOlhFui4i — Alex Krüger (@krugermacro) August 24, 2019 Their data, which was cited by pro-crypto economist Alex Krüger, suggested that some 21.36 million BTC addresses are “in the money”. Into The Block’s data suggests that most of the addresses in the money, accumulated Bitcoin at $850 to $3,900. The reason why so many Bitcoin holders are in profit is due to the fact that the cryptocurrency has only traded in a five-digit region for a small percentage of its lifetime. In fact, for around 99% of the cryptocurrency’s life, it has traded under $10,000, where BTC is trading at today. Why BTC Owners Are HODLing On While it would make sense for this vast majority of Bitcoin investors to liquidate their positions to lock in gains, CoinMetrics data is suggesting that there are now more HODLers of the cryptocurrency than ever before. On all time frames that CoinMetrics analyzed — 180 days (half year), one year, two years, and five years — the untouched supply of Bitcoin has been on the rise, growing since the bull run of 2017 and early-2018. Related Reading: Crypto Tidbits: Bitcoin Hash Rate High, Square Crypto Bags Hire, Libra in Turmoil In fact, the number of BTC that hasn’t been touched for at least one year has grown to ten million — an all-time high. This means that over half of the Bitcoin currently mined and just under half of all of BTC’s fully-diluted supply have not been transferred in over 12 months. The copious number of long-term-minded cryptocurrency investors is likely a byproduct of the growing number of theses and models that predict Bitcoin still has massive upside potential. Altcoin Bagholders Suffering While most Bitcoiners are in the money, Into The Block’s data shows that altcoin holders haven’t been doing too well. In fact, 74% of Ethereum addresses are at a loss, with many holding ETH bags from $260 to $315. Cardano, ICX, Fetch, and ZCash are among the altcoins that have also seen a majority of their owners suffer massive losses. In fact, the firm’s data suggests that 95% of ZCash addresses — there may be some shielded transactions — are out of the money. This implies that many altcoin holders held their cryptocurrencies from 2017’s mania until now, without selling. Featured Image from Shutterstock The post HODL: 79% of Bitcoin Addresses Are in Profit, Will They Sell? appeared first on NewsBTC. View the full article
  20. we are happy to announce that nashcash is ready to trade on: https://nanu.exchange/exchange#btc_naca and listed on: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/nashcash
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  23. By CCN Markets: Crypto fraudsters beware. Texas' top securities chief is watching you like a hawk, and he's not a fan of your scammy ICO. He’s Joe Rotunda, Director of the Enforcement Division for the Texas State Securities Board. He’s held the position for the last 12 years. ICO scammers find no sympathy in Texas […] The post Crypto Scammers Meet Their Match in Texas Securities Chief Joe Rotunda appeared first on CCN Markets View the full article
  24. By CCN Markets: The bitcoin price has declined by more than 8 percent in the past week from $10.950 to $10,030 across major exchanges like Bitstamp and Coinbase. The bitcoin price tried to test the $10,900 to $11,000 range that has acted as a strong resistance but the increasing sell pressure led to another pullback […] The post Bitcoin Price Stumbles 8% in 5-Day Slide as Traders' Fears Rise appeared first on CCN Markets View the full article
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