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  2. This is a followup to our last report, about the Pope saying we're at the end of the current financial system, and the end of democracies. Follow Us: ...
  3. Tron founder Justin Sun must postpone the Warren Buffet charity lunch due to medical reasons View the full article
  4. San Francisco-based crypto exchange Coinbase, is among the clear leaders in the crypto industry, helping to shape and define the future of the space and what products are offered to the market’s participants. It is also the most commonly used fiat-to-crypto gateway in the United States – a market that consists of the largest portion of investors across the globe. According to new data shared by renowned Bitcoin entrepreneur and startup investor Alistair Milne, Coinbase has amassed a massive user base of 30 million users, with as much as 5 million new users added over the last ten months as Bitcoin found its bottom and began to rise once again. After such a major milestone, where does the world’s most well-known crypto exchange go from here? Coinbase Reaches Staggering 30 Million Users, Sees Over 15% Increase In 10 Months Around the time Bitcoin hit the mainstream public and reached its all-time high of $20,000 at the tail end of December 2017, Coinbase topped Apple’s App Store as the most popular app in the finance category, showing the world that crypto was a force to be respected. Since then, Bitcoin fell into a bear market and the entire asset class has since struggled, but has recently showed a glimmer of hope once again with trading volume surging and interest once again returning to the industry. Coinbase has passed 30million users this month (adding 5million users in the last ~10 months)#bitcoin pic.twitter.com/3SNO7HwBxg — Alistair Milne (@alistairmilne) July 22, 2019 Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong pushed his team to stay strong during the 2018 bear market and use the downtrend to build a solid foundation for when the bull market resumed. While a full blown bull market may not be here yet, over the last ten months during that time, Coinbase was able to add an additional 5 million users, or an additional 16.6% to its already massive userbase. What’s Next for the Leading US-Based Crypto Exchange? In a recent live YouTube AMA, a segment where someone invites an audience to “ask me anything,” popularized by a Reddit subreddit of the same title, Armstrong revealed that he wants to take his firm beyond just crypto trading, but to pursue pushing widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies by offering an extensive list of services beyond trading. But Coinbase and the rest of the crypto market may be headed into uncharted territory soon once regulation hits the industry. Crypto has long been said to be a “wild west” type environment rife with scams, crime, and shady players. The CFTC and other chief financial regulators will soon be targeting businesses that don’t comply with law, starting with BitMEX. Related Reading | US Congressman: You Can’t Kill Bitcoin, Libra And Others Trying to Mimic While Coinbase does comply, and isn’t at the same risk BitMEX may be, even a recent Squawk Box segment had CNBC technology correspondent Josh Lipton posited a question on what happens to Bitcoin and crypto if “Coinbase cannot accept money from a US citizen,” in reference to the recent burst of regulatory pressure from President Donald Trump, the Secretary of Treasury Steven Mnuchin and a wide variety of politicians and pundits that are opposed to the asset class. While such a move is unlikely, and Bitcoin cannot be killed, it would still hurt the industry and significantly damage Coinbase as a business. The post Coinbase Crypto Milestone: Amasses 30M Users, 5M in Last 10 Months appeared first on NewsBTC. View the full article
  5. This is a follow on to the Bank of America Patent that I now think is related to their work with project Ubin. I also cover the bigger picture of Central Bank Digital ...
  6. Intec Pharma Ltd. is a tiny company in the space of pot stocks, doing clinical research involving cannabis. But one of their drugs failed a Stage III clinical trial. Intec’s stock got crushed and lost 81 percent of its value. Death of A Cannabis Stock Dream Intec has three drugs in its pipeline, including cannabis […] The post Cannabis Stock Destroyed by 81% Decline on Clinical Trial Failure appeared first on CCN Markets View the full article
  7. Bakkt takes off today! The testing of physical bitcoin and btc futures have begun. Billy will also talk about the upcoming Bitcoin Billionaires Show from Showtime ...
  8. Lawyers for Bitfinex and Tether argue that the Attorney General has not provided sufficient evidence to demonstrate company dealings with New York customers View the full article
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  10. Bitcoin and the aggregated crypto markets have been incurring increased volatility over the past several days, which first began when BTC sharply moved towards $11,000 before swiftly being rejected and plummeting lower. Now, it appears that Bitcoin is likely to drop back towards the $9,000 region, and analysts are noting that the CME Futures gap that exists around $8,500 could be a logical level for the cryptocurrency to drop to before it finds any meaningful support. Bitcoin Plummets Towards $10,200 as Selling Pressure Ramps Up At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading down nearly 2% at its current price of $10,280, which is down significantly from its daily highs of nearly $10,700 that were set yesterday. Over a one-week period, it becomes abundantly clear as to just how volatile Bitcoin has been as of late, as it dropped to lows of $9,100 last week before surging past $11,000, which was subsequently followed by a sharp selloff that has led the crypto towards its current prices. Importantly, the parabolic formation that BTC has formed ever since it began climbing from $3,200 appears to have been broken, which likely means that it will either face a bout of consolidation or move lower in the near future. Jonny Moe, a popular cryptocurrency analyst on Twitter, elucidated that the parabola has been broken in a recent tweet, while referencing the below chart. $BTC pic.twitter.com/SezbB8ggK4 — Jonny Moe (@JonnyMoeTrades) July 22, 2019 Will BTC Drop Until it Fills CME Futures Gap? One important price level that traders and analysts should closely watch is $8,515, as this is the price level at which Bitcoin formed a CME Futures gap, which are typically filled shortly after they are formed. Chonis Trading, another popular cryptocurrency analyst, spoke about this level in a recent tweet, noting that BTC did not form any futures gaps this week, but still has the one at $8,515 to fill. “$BTC – (cme futures) new weekly candle opens within the range of the previous weeks candle so NO new gap. Only open gap on the #bitcoin “weekly” chart is at $8500 area,” he explained in a recent tweet. $BTC – (cme futures) new weekly candle opens within the range of the previous weeks candle so NO new gap. Only open gap on the #bitcoin “weekly” chart is at $8500 area… pic.twitter.com/2kxzT8tFFl — Chonis Trading- (@BigChonis) July 21, 2019 Although it is unclear whether or not the key psychological price level of $10,000 will hold as a strong support region, any break below this level will likely open the gates for significantly further losses which may extend all the way down to the aforementioned CME Futures gap. Featured image from Shutterstock. The post Bitcoin May Drop Until It Fills CME BTC Futures Gap at $8,500 appeared first on NewsBTC. View the full article
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  12. Readers may recall that Justin Sun won a prized lunch date with investing legend Warren Buffett earlier this year, bidding a record $4.57 million at a charity auction. $TRX down 8% in minutes after Justin Sun cancels his Warren Buffet lunch. Only in crypto. https://t.co/6WykY2LO6H — Alex Krüger (@krugermacro) July 22, 2019 Warren Buffett’s Tron […] The post Justin Sun Suffers Health Setback, Reschedules Lunch with Warren Buffett appeared first on CCN Markets View the full article
  13. The Ontario Securities Commission has settled with CoinLaunch, a company that it claims violated local security laws View the full article
  14. Tron founder Justin Sun's hotly-anticipated lunch with billionaire investor Warren Buffett has been postponed. View the full article
  15. President Trump is continuing to pressure the Federal Reserve for dragging its feet on interest rate cuts. For some, such aggressive economic policy is yet another inadvertent advertisement for Bitcoin for the US president. Donald Trump recently declared himself as being generally opposed to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. However, for some analysts, the president is doing a first rate job of making the technology more appealing. Will Trump’s Aggressive Economic Policy Drive People Towards Bitcoin? Taking to Twitter earlier today, President Trump stated that he would like to see the Federal Reserve cut interest rates soon. He argues that if the economy takes a downturn in the future then it will be more costly to take action then, rather than preemptively. It is far more costly for the Federal Reserve to cut deeper if the economy actually does, in the future, turn down! Very inexpensive, in fact productive, to move now. The Fed raised & tightened far too much & too fast. In other words, they missed it (Big!). Don’t miss it again! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 22, 2019 In another Tweet, he writes: “With almost no inflation, our Country is needlessly being forced to pay a MUCH higher interest rate than other countries only because of a very misguided Federal Reserve.” Business Insider has described the president’s Tweets towards the Federal Reserve as being a “forceful pressure campaign”. Along with publicly encouraging the supposedly politically independent central bank to cut rates, the president has also recently suggested a return of quantitative easing (printing money). Trump’s economic policies have drawn considerable attention from the Bitcoin and wider crypto asset industry. Since Bitcoin represents an asset free from the meddling of politicians, policies that result in a less powerful dollar in the world are met frequently met with scorn from those in favour of the fintech innovation. Bitcoin advocates frequently hold that assets that are strictly limited in supply provide a much better form of money than fiat currencies that are prone to the whims of global policy makers. For many, fiat currency is an historical anomaly and its use as the dominant medium of exchange on the planet cannot continue indefinitely. The merits of a sound asset will eventually shine over the ever-devaluing dollars, euros, and pounds of the world. Highlighting this earlier today was trader, analyst, and general Bitcoin proponent Luke Martin: Trump is bullying the Fed to cut now. He doesn't have to like Bitcoin, but Bitcoin holders do have to like how the macro picture is coming together. https://t.co/pwlO3qbkkb — Luke Martin (@VentureCoinist) July 22, 2019 In the above Tweet, Martin argues that Trump’s latest posturing versus the Federal Reserve is yet another example of a politician deliberately weakening a national currency at the expense of their people for their own political ends. He states that those who choose to hold Bitcoin must like Trump’s aggressive economic policies since they further demonstrate the superiority of Bitcoin over the dollar and other fiat currency. It is not just Donald Trump’s domestic economic policy that is believed to be encouraging Bitcoin adoption around the world. Many believe that the political instability caused by the ongoing China Trade War, as well as the Iranian nuclear accord are creating the “perfect storm” for people to want to opt out of national currencies in favour of an asset class that is entirely unconnected to national and international politics, such as Bitcoin. Related Reading: Billionaire: Trump & Congress Talking About Bitcoin is Bullish, Not Bearish Featured Image from Shutterstock. The post Bullish For Bitcoin? Trump Turns Up Pressure on Federal Reserve to Cut Interest Rates appeared first on NewsBTC. View the full article
  16. Articles and hashtags referenced:https://finance.yahoo.com/news/bakkt-huge-catalyst-institutional-participation-140030367.html #bitcoin #bitcoins #bitcoinprice ...
  17. Andrew Yang is the Democratic presidential candidate with the lowest profile. That’s unfortunate because he’s not only one of the more reasonable candidates on the slate, but he also has some very interesting policy ideas – including one that would boost cannabis stocks. Marijuana is already legal in most states for medical use and in […] The post Cannabis Stocks Could Get High on an Andrew Yang Presidency appeared first on CCN Markets View the full article
  18. https://membership.tradedevils.com/ Join our revolutionary trading community and take your trading to the next level! Learn Elliott Wave Theory, algo ...
  19. In this special 1st episode in the new Crypto Capital Venture studio, we discuss the current move of Bitcoin. Are there signs of a new lower low for btc price in ...
  20. Here is my full step by step break down on what led to my success on a monday! Started the week on a green note! 1. Free Techbud Solutions Group: ...
  21. CertiK has launched its Certik Chain blockchain, which purports to offer advanced security features including DeepSEA-based smart contracts View the full article
  22. ELITEX is a custom software development company with strong expertise in Javascript (Node.JS, Angular, React) and building dedicated development teams. Incorporated in the UK with the development center in Ukraine. We have worked with various companies, middle-size busine elitex Exchange Airdrop[/QUOTE] FREE 0.5 LSK ( 0.035 ETH ) + 200 LML SIGNUP HERE : https://www.elitex.io/#/en-US/u/enroll?channel=w6f5PSI3TQfFkvi - Signup & Login To Your Account - Complete KYC Hurry Up!! Its Limited To 5000 Members
  23. Supposed New York residents and companies that used Bitfinex's trading platform were actually "foreign entities," according to a new filing by the exchange's attorneys. View the full article
  24. Here is the link to 3 stocks Im buying August 2019 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqgrePz3XC8&t=0 Today we do a follow up to 3 stocks Im buying August ...
  25. Despite facing multiple long delays, the highly anticipated Bakkt Bitcoin futures platform has finally began testing, and many analysts are now noting that the release of this platform could greatly enhance BTC and the overall crypto markets. Importantly, one analyst group is now noting that the official launch of this platform could be a “huge catalyst” for Bitcoin and the aggregated crypto markets, which could ultimately help provide some stability to the highly volatile markets. Bakkt Begins Official Testing of Bitcoin Futures Platform After Six Months of Delays Although Bakkt has been delayed on several occasions, it does appear that the platform is rapidly coming to fruition, which could be a very positive thing for the markets. The key to the Bakkt platform that makes it more advantageous to the markets than other futures platforms is that all trades are physically settled with Bitcoin, which means that all profitable trades are paid out with actual Bitcoin, rather than a sum of cash that is equivalent to the value of the BTC. “Bakkt begins testing on Monday. The hype is bakkt with substance though. Unlike other futures exchanges, this is settled in bitcoin. Hard, actual bitcoin is paid out, not fiat equivalent to the price of bitcoin. The result is better price discovery and liquidity for bitcoin,” Rhythm Trader, a popular crypto analyst, explained in a recent tweet. Bakkt begins testing on Monday. The hype is bakkt with substance though. Unlike other futures exchanges, this is settled in bitcoin. Hard, actual bitcoin is paid out, not fiat equivalent to the price of bitcoin. The result is better price discovery and liquidity for bitcoin. — Rhythm (@Rhythmtrader) July 20, 2019 Importantly, while keeping this key factor in mind, it is clear that Bakkt – should it be met with great popularity – could provide a significant amount of benefits to the nascent markets. Sam Doctor, a strategist at Fundstrat Global Advisors, recently spoke about the platform in a recent tweet, explaining that he believes it could be a “huge catalyst” for the crypto markets in the near-future. “We think #Bakkt could be a huge catalyst for institutional participation in the #crypto market. Here are our takeaways from the Bakkt institutional summit yesterday at the NYSE,” he said while referencing a chart with key takeaways from the summit. We think #Bakkt could be a huge catalyst for institutional participation in the #crypto market. Here are our takeaways from the Bakkt institutional summit yesterday at the NYSE… #bitcoin #BTC #ETH @fundstrat @fundstrat_ken pic.twitter.com/lkRylD1P4C — Sam Doctor (@fundstratQuant) July 19, 2019 Will Bakkt Lead to Positive BTC Price Action? Analysts do believe that Bakkt will ultimately alter Bitcoin’s price action, and could contribute to some of the volatility that is anticipated in the coming days, weeks, and even months. Chonis Trading, another popular cryptocurrency analyst on Twitter, spoke about this in a recent tweet, noting that he believes that Bakkt and the CME Futures gap that exists around $8,500 could contribute to a volatile week ahead. “$BTC – closes out the week with many mixed signals. Bear cross on EMA12,26 Daily but Bull Bounce from EMA12 on weekly and regained cloud support. #CME gap and #Bakkt tomorrow should make for a dynamic week of #bitcoin price action,” he explained. $BTC – closes out the week with many mixed signals… Bear cross on EMA12,26 Daily but Bull Bounce from EMA12 on weekly and regained cloud support#CME gap and #Bakkt tomorrow should make for a dynamic week of #bitcoin price action #cryptocurrency #Crypto #Bitcoin2019 pic.twitter.com/DtWj3PL7Ti — Chonis Trading- (@BigChonis) July 22, 2019 As the week continues on and Bitcoin’s price action continues to unfold, it is highly probable that analysts will soon understand whether or not the cryptocurrency’s bulls or bears will take the wheel in the near-term. Featured image from Shutterstock. The post Analyst: Bakkt Could be a Huge Catalyst for Bitcoin; Is a Price Surge Inbound? appeared first on NewsBTC. View the full article
  26. Bitcoin is in the midst of a tremendous run that saw the crypto rise from $3,693.85 in January 2019 to as high as $13,880 in June. That’s an increase of over 275 percent in just six months. Many investors assume that institutional money has finally arrived and these big financial firms are the ones powering […] The post Crypto Market Leaders Differ on Pace of Inst Adoption. Who’s Right? appeared first on CCN Markets View the full article
  27. Weijan Shan, former professor at Wharton and the manager of a private equity fund in China, discusses his upbringing in Chairman Mao's China in the 1960's ...
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