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  3. KPGM announces work with Microsoft, Tomia and R3 on a blockchain solution for inefficient settlements between telecom providers View the full article
  4. It isn’t clear yet if Elon Musk simply doesn’t have a filter and says the first thing that comes to his mind or if everything he says is a carefully designed smoke grenade to attract attention away from the 15 ongoing fires that he keeps having to put out. Let’s Go to Mars Case in […] The post Elon Musk Brags About SpaceX Going to Mars. Let’s Send Him First appeared first on CCN Markets View the full article
  5. All this week, the crypto market has been under a microscope both by politicians with regulatory power, and throughout the entire crypto community hoping to determine what long-term implications Facebook’s Libra will create for Bitcoin now that policymakers are up in arms over the asset class. Following a negative tweet from United States President Donald Trump and expressed distaste from nearly every governmental department in the US, Bitcoin price was expected to fall, but has instead risen sharply. The price action shows that recent regulatory pressure has had little impact on bulls, and a new poll on Twitter further backs up that sentiment with raw data. Crypto Consensus: Bulls Are Buying the Dip Following Libra Controversy Ever since Bitcoin left its bear market bottom behind back in April, the entire crypto space has switched to “buy the dip mode” on Bitcoin, and has been quickly scooping up cheaper Bitcoin at the first sign of a drop. Related Reading | Bitcoin Suddenly Surges Past $10,000 as Bear Trend Dies; Factors & Trends Even recent regulatory pressure has not deterred bulls, who are primarily in a long position, according to a recent poll shared by crypto analyst FilbFilb. Are you — fil₿fil₿ (@filbfilb) July 18, 2019 More than half of the respondents voted that they were in a long position, expecting Bitcoin price go rally further. Bitcoin is up over 10% from lows around $9200 where it bounced and reinvigorated bulls. Only 11% said they were in short positions, with the remaining respondents saying they are in cash with no position, or simply asking the analyst for a price target. Bitcoin Bulls Undeterred By Recent United States Regulatory Pressure The writing was on the wall once Binance revealed that it would be cutting off users residing within the United States from its exchange, where it offers a wide swath of exotic altcoins for trading. Instead, Bitcoin exchange Binance will launch a US-based exchange with a yet-to-be-revealed partner that caters specifically to American customers. In hindsight, this was the start of the domino effect we’re seeing. Or perhaps it was the Facebook Libra reveal, that was meet with much skepticism, excitement, and in terms of the United States government and how they’ve reacted to the situation, fear. Related Reading | The United States’ Distrust in Facebook Libra Is Spilling Into Crypto The government appears to be fearing Facebook as a corporation along with its other corporate crony giants like Mastercard and PayPal becoming too powerful and competing with the US dollar. Facebook’s Libra is designed to be a digital replacement for the dollar, and the government isn’t happy about it. It’s caused them to look more closely at other digital replacements for the dollar, including Bitcoin, and it’s sent the market into a tailspin that could put Bitcoin’s new bull run in jeopardy. Featured image from Shutterstock The post Regulatory Pressure Amidst Libra Crypto Controversy Hasn’t Shaken Bitcoin Bulls appeared first on NewsBTC. View the full article
  6. Chiliz has revealed that AS Roma is joining Socios to launch AS Roma fan tokens View the full article
  7. India’s Minister of State for Finance says no law currently prohibits using crypto in the country, although usage can be prosecuted if it violates preexisting law View the full article
  8. As news spread of Konami prying the exclusive rights to Italian Series A soccer team Juventus for PES 2020 from FIFA 2020, EA’s share value dropped by 3.5%. The new deal allows PES 2020 to feature the club name Juventus and its associated badge, jerseys, and playing grounds, while EA must resort to using the […] The post EA FIFA Shudders at the Loss of Cristiano Ronaldo and Juventus appeared first on CCN Markets View the full article
  9. Cryptocurrency has found itself on the center stage of the global political sphere over the past several weeks, which first began when Fed Chair Jerome Powell compared Bitcoin to gold. Shortly after this, US President Donald Trump shared his thoughts on BTC, which sparked what appears to be a regulatory crackdown on the nascent markets. Now, the President of the St. Louis Federal Reserve is noting that cryptocurrencies are the newest entrants to the ongoing global currency competition, which means that, in his view, crypto is increasingly becoming a competitor to fiat currencies like the US Dollar. Cryptocurrency Can and Is Competing with Fiat Currency, Claims St. Louis Fed President Many cryptocurrency advocates have long claimed that the decentralized aspects of Bitcoin are what make it a better alternative to the US Dollar and other fiat currencies, but as of late it has become unclear as to whether or not Bitcoin is like a “Dollar 2.0”, or more like a “gold 2.0.” Recently, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell explained during a recent testimony in front of the US Senate that as of now Bitcoin is more comparable to gold, as it is primarily used as a “speculative store of value,” and that its somewhat infrequent use for transactions negate its status as a currency. How far we've come. The Chairman of the Federal Reserve just compared bitcoin to gold Folks, it's happeninghttps://t.co/onVmTj4hUk — Barry Silbert (@barrysilbert) July 11, 2019 Despite this, James Bullard, the President of the St. Louis Federal Reserve, recently noted that cryptocurrencies are still creating a movement towards having a non-uniform currency in the United States, which signals that they are in fact competitors to fiat currency. “Cryptocurrencies are creating drift toward a non-uniform currency in the U.S., a state of affairs that has existed historically but was disliked and eventually replaced,” he explained during a recent presentation. Furthermore, Bullard also explained that he believes cryptocurrencies are the newest entrants into what he describes as the “ongoing global currency competition.” “I want to view cryptocurrencies of various types as new entrants into the ongoing global currency competition,” he said. Crypto Trend Could Lead to a Non-Uniform International Currency System One key aspect of Bitcoin that makes it unique from fiat currencies is that it is borderless, and its utility is not limited by geographical regions. That fact has led Bullard to believe that the increasingly popular crypto trend is ushering in a new era of global finance, which could result in the formation of a non-uniform global currency system. “I am arguing that the current cryptocurrency wave may be driving the U.S. uniform currency system toward something more like the international non-uniform currency system,” he boldly stated. Although only time will tell as to whether or not the rapidly growing popularity of the crypto markets will be enough to start altering (or moreover, modernizing) the global finance system, there’s no question the Bitcoin helped create, and is largely the result of, the global population yearning for a more decentralized world. Featured image from Shutterstock The post Cryptocurrency is Part of the Global Currency War, Says Federal Reserve Branch Head appeared first on NewsBTC. View the full article
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  11. Energy company E.ON is developing a device to let customers selectively collect and sell their data, backed by blockchain tech for privacy and security View the full article
  12. Bitcoin and the aggregated crypto markets have been incurring significant volatility as of late that has made it increasingly unclear as to which direction BTC is heading and has even made it difficult to know whether bulls or bears are in control. Although Bitcoin’s recent drop to $9,100 certainly signaled that the crypto’s bears have significant strength, the subsequent price surge past $10,000 signals that bulls are still in control, and one analyst believes that the recent pullback is both natural and necessary for the uptrend to continue. Bitcoin Climbs Towards $10,400 as Bulls Step Up At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading down slightly at its current price of $10,370, which is down slightly from its daily highs of roughly $10,700. Although its price has dropped from its daily highs, it is important to note that it is trading up significantly from its weekly lows of $9,100 that were set earlier this week. The positive reaction to the recent dip into the four-figure price region signals that buyers are still in control, and that there is a significant amount of buying support that exists below $10,000. While looking at Bitcoin’s near-term price action, analysts are noting that the cryptocurrency might be forming an inverse head and shoulders pattern, which could mean that BTC will drop slightly before surging up towards $13,000. “$BTC Since the H&S worked so well on the down side then maybe the inverse H&S will work just as well on the upside where a measured move from the head to neck line would take #bitcoin up to the established resistance line…note the formation of the right shoulder tests $10K again,” Chonis Trading, a popular crypto analyst, noted in a recent tweet. $BTC Since the H&S worked so well on the down side then maybe the invers H&S will work just as well on the upside where a measured move from the head to neck line would take #bitcoin up to the established resistance line…note the formation of the right shoulder tests $10K again pic.twitter.com/ffDIYOXzkW — Chonis Trading- (@BigChonis) July 18, 2019 BTC’s Latest Pullback Could Be Entirely Natural Although the recent pullback marked the end of the recently incurred bull market in the mind of many investors, one prominent analyst is now explaining that 30-40% pullbacks during the course of an uptrend are entirely natural. CryptoThies, another popular analyst on Twitter, spoke about this in a recent tweet, explaining that it is part of a “rinsing/repeating” pattern that has been seen several times throughout Bitcoin’s history. “$BTC Bull run in 2015-2017 included run-ups, typically followed by a retrace to touch the top of the prior high. These drops ranged from 31-40%, before rinsing/repeating onward. Looks very similar to what we are seeing now,” he explained. $BTC Bull run in 2015-2017 included run-ups, typically followed by a retrace to touch the top of the prior high. These drops ranged from 31-40%, before rinsing/repeating onward. Looks very similar to what we are seeing now. pic.twitter.com/vd5grw1bVC — CryptoThies (@KingThies) July 18, 2019 Whether or not this pattern is a natural one or one that spells trouble for BTC will likely grow increasingly clear in the coming days as weeks as the cryptocurrency continues to struggle to hold above $10,000. Featured image from Shutterstock. The post 35% Bitcoin Price Drop to $9,100 is Historically Natural, Don’t Worry: Analyst appeared first on NewsBTC. View the full article
  13. Bakkt has been trumpeted as a future main driver of crypto institutional adoption and even the bull market. The bitcoin futures exchange boasts everything Wall Street firms are looking for – the promise of uncorrelated returns to the stock market plus the confidence of regulatory oversight. But in case you haven’t noticed, Bakkt hasn’t launched […] The post Bitcoin Approaches Second Inning as Bakkt Exchange Launch Nears appeared first on CCN Markets View the full article
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  15. Have a look and let me know what you think, all feedback appreciated! 🙂
  16. Hodl Hodl and L2B have partnered to provide multi-sig contract guaranteed services that will make Bitcoin OTC trading safer and faster. OTC Bitcoin Transactions are now Safe and Easy A recently announced partnership between hodlhodl.com and L2B Global means Bitcoin traders will have another rock-solid option when looking to transact over-the-counter (OTC). Hodl Hodl provides multi-signature contracts for peer-to-peer trading and this eases the process of buying and selling for traders looking to make large OTC transactions. Hodl Hodl even has a privacy mode called “Private Offers” which allows traders looking to deal off the public order book to connect with other buyers/sellers through a special link. L2B Global, a regulated European broker, facilitates OTC transactions and also handles custody-based transactions on the buy and sell-side. The company is deeply liquid and its banking and compliance network allows them to quickly process large transactions without a hiccup. Traders Access Deep Liquidity at Lightning Speed Initially, the partnership between the two companies will focus on the provision of a one-stop solution for all OTC participants. Hodl Hodl CEO Max Keidun said: Our cooperation with L2B Global will be able to add more liquidity to hodlhodl.com…in the upcoming months, we plan to expand our newly formed OTC desk to Europe, Central Asia, and the Middle East.” Keidun also said the company plans to move into the Eastern European regions as the “region lacks a proper OTC solution while having huge liquidity and significant interest in Bitcoin from wealthy families and institutional players. L2B Global also believes that Hodl Hodl’s multi-signature settlement and arbitration system will enable the firm to quickly process high volumes and transaction settlement for clients. LB2 Global CEO Nik Oraevskiy explained that “Until now, our matching deals relied on slow legacy trust structures and mounds of paperwork” Crypto Can’t Be Stopped Despite Bitcoin’s recent bearish price action, the partnership between HodlHodl and L2B Global shows that venture capitalists, hedge funds and large financial institutions are still deeply interested in participating in the next Bitcoin rally and beyond. At the moment, traders eagerly await the launch of Bakkt’s Bitcoin exchange, TDAmeritrade’s Bitcoin trading services and it could be just a matter of time before Fidelity Digital Asset Services rolls out a product aimed toward retail investors. The debut of multi-sig OTC contracts should also help to address the issue of OTC trades gone wrong, an issue that has somewhat frequent in the crypto-sector. The partnership also underscores the resiliency and ingenuity of Bitcoin and those working in the sector. After a nearly two-year delay on the approval of a Bitcoin-ETF, an approval date is still nowhere in sight. Fortunately, entrepreneurs within the space have simply shrugged off the constant resistance the sector faces from regulatory authorities and continued to innovate. Do you think the partnership between Hodl Hodl and L2B Global is a sign of mass Bitcoin adoption? Share your thoughts in the comments below! Images via Shutterstock The post Hodl Hodl And L2B Global To Launch New Bitcoin OTC Desk appeared first on Bitcoinist.com. View the full article
  17. The crypto industry was taken aback earlier today when news broke regarding popular leveraged crypto trading exchange, BitMEX, being investigated by regulatory authorities in the United States. Importantly, news regarding this investigation came about shortly after top officials within the US government criticized the nascent crypto markets, with the Treasury Secretary warning that they would be implementing and enforcing “very strong” regulations in the near-future. Crypto Trading Platform BitMEX Under Instigation by CFTC Earlier today, news broke that BitMEX is currently being investigated by the United States Commodity and Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) for allowing Americans to utilize the platform without having the proper licensing and registrations. The news, which was first reported by Bloomberg, came closely on the heels of comments from top officials within the US government, who offered a less-than-positive perspective on the crypto markets, deeming them as markets rife with crime and fraudulent activity. HDR Trading Limited, BitMEX’s parent company, declined the opportunity to comment on the investigation, but BitMEX CEO, Arthur Hayes, has previously stated that the company does ban users from the US who attempt to undermine the company policy – which technically does not allow US residents to access the platform. It remains unclear as to where this investigation could lead, or as to what the consequences could be. But prominent critic of both crypto and BitMEX, Nouriel Roubini, noted in a recent tweet that be believes the allegations set forth by the CFTC are just a “fraction of the sleeze going on in BitMEX.” Crimes probed by @CFTC are a fraction of sleaze going on in BitMEX: U.S. Regulator Probing Crypto Exchange BitMEX Over Client Trades. Trading platform known for 100x leverage futures contract. Probe comes as regulators ramp up scrutiny of crypto sectorhttps://t.co/X0JDU5Ge46 — Nouriel Roubini (@Nouriel) July 19, 2019 US Government About to Crackdown on the Nascent Markets The CFTC’s probe of BitMEX comes just one day after US Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin, told CNBC in an interview that the government would begin policing crypto with “very, very strong” regulations. Mnuchin further added that the goal of these regulations would be to ensure that Bitcoin and other cryptos don’t become the equivalent of “Swiss-numbered bank accounts.” Because it is not possible to actually regulate decentralized cryptocurrencies themselves, it is highly probable that the first target of regulators will be crypto exchanges, as many of them have been operating in the shadows beneath the nose of regulators. In other countries that have more progressive regulations, like Korea, federal regulators first started targeted crypto exchanges, forcing them to adhere to the strict rules that govern the banking industry. Although it still remains clear as to when and how the US will go about slapping the “very strong” regulations on the markets, it is likely that more exchanges will begin facing increased scrutiny from groups like the CFTC in the near-future. Featured image from Shutterstock. The post BitMEX May Be the First Target of the U.S.; Which Crypto Platform is Next? appeared first on NewsBTC. View the full article
  18. Milton Berg's distinguished career includes stints with the titans of the hedge fund world, including George Soros, Stanley Druckenmiller, and Michael Steinhardt.
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  20. Will altcoins be able to recover from the crypto winter or are the naysayers right in saying the altcoin apocalypse is at hand? View the full article
  21. Tesla earnings is coming in a mere days! I want to talk about about what Elon Musk and Tesla might report... Link to join my private stock group ...
  22. NEO outperformed all other cryptocurrencies the past 24-48hrs! That is very impressive and I believe altcoin season is not far. Plus OTC Bitcoin is back on the ...
  23. The former head of a ConsenSys-incubated startup filed paperwork to sue the venture studio and its founder, Joe Lubin. View the full article
  24. I show off how quick and simple it is going to be to send / receive DigiAssets using Android As mentioned if you're on Android / iOS DigiByte apps, if you use ...
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