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  2. The world of Forex trade keeps evolving daily, and several platforms claim to be the best in terms of the tools they offer and the charges as well as other benefits that users get. However, one leading Forex platform that one cannot overlook is AGEA, a site that claims to provide a trading platform without requiring deposits from prospective traders to start trading. The company has been in business since 2005 as an experienced FX-CFD market maker. There are several reasons why AGEA stands out from the packs of other Forex trading websites. Some of the essential things you find on the site include: Resources & Guides If you are a newbie trader, you don’t need to worry because AGEA provides all the necessary materials and articles to enable you to have a grasp of the subject. Some of the topics to find here include Introduction to Markets, Trading techniques, and Specifics and Facts. Apart from these, there are also other educational materials available to you, which handle the following: Introduction to Forex, Forex Glossary, Macroeconomics, Central banks and policies, Financial instruments, Types of Technical Indicators, Algorithmic trading, Local Information, and History. Benefits of using AGEA AGEA provides a wide range of services and products which are meant to take care of the needs of individual and financial traders globally. Reasons to make use of the platform include: They are highly experienced They have 24/5 multilingual support, with over 100 languages available globally You do not need to deposit funds before commencing trading AGEA offers $5 for every new account that is verified There is a provision for Islamic trading, with no fees on deposits More than 10 payment methods There are 3 trading platforms to choose from. These include MT4, Streamster, and Webtrader. How to become an AGEA trader It is quite easy to become a trader on the platform. All you need to do is to follow these three simple steps: Register an account Verify your account (in order to get $5 deposit gift) Deposit (via one of those 10 payment methods) Withdrawal fee AGEA has a uniform withdrawal fee of $7 across different platforms such as Bank Wire, Skrill, WebMoney, FasaPay, Perfect Money, Neteller, Qiwi, Credit Card, RBK Money, withdrawal by local banks in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. Affiliate program AGEA has a mouth watery affiliate program that enables users of the platform to earn extra cash for themselves. You can join their Facebook affiliate page to take advantage of the program. The commission you receive depends on the type of customer you refer to them. Additionally, there is also the Broker program, which allows you to earn more money besides the affiliate program. If you are in a position to offer educational help to newbie traders, this program is for you. AGEA can be the game-changer in the Forex market and help you meet the dream of becoming a big-time income earner. Set up your trading account now. In order to register and giving your career the perfect platform, click here.
  3. Gammagoat

    [email protected] preferences

    Its under, Preferences for this project from your account page.
  4. Vodi X is Giving away 7,000,000 VDX tokens(140000$) to their community members. Signup for the : https://bounty.vodix.io/r/lc73l6cx and complete the mentioned social tasks to Receive 1100 VDX tokens(110$)
  5. rata_for


    ANNOUNCEMENT: FROM MAY 17 TO 19 THERE WILL BE HELD EVENTS IN THAILAND! The marathon of meetings from May 17 to 19 will be held in Khongjiam. For the leaders and participants of the Community, the beautiful Araya Resort Khongjiam Riverside hotel on the banks of the Mun and Mekong rivers will open its doors. In a relaxed atmosphere, together with the WEENZEE Community you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the investment program of the WEENZEE system and to succeed in the new blockchain market! Read more - https://weenzee.com/news/article-202/
  6. I mean It looks pretty good, good analysis, thx
  7. whats the system that keeps it rising? it the price set manually?
  8. By CCN: The sudden swell of Bitcoin’s price to $8,000 USD this year shows global recession fears are mounting. This according to Michael Hartnett, the chief investment strategist at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Interestingly enough, Hartnett says global investors are investing in bitcoin not because they see it as a safe haven asset in times of instability but because they are seeking high-risk, high-reward investments. He argues the effect of low-interest rates since 2008 on bond yields has left investors starved of profits, sending them into a global “greed trade” across corporate, emerging market, and crypto securities. Bitcoin’s Price The post Bitcoin Price Boom Signals Massive Dystopian Panic Over 2019 Recession: Analyst appeared first on CCN View the full article
  9. I wouldn't recommend playing Fortnite in the car, even if it's on autopilot.
  10. What guarantee is there that its not a virus lol
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  12. How profitable is it? ratio per 1h?
  13. I truly don't get your point, probably you got a wrong information on what's happening after the recent attack on binance. Although it's always not advisable to store funds on crypto exchange but in case of binance no one saw it coming. I hardly trade on binance though but after the attack and the pause in trade I was able to make a successful withdrawal of some of my token to my wallet. Most coins are eager to get listed on the exchange among which is carry protocol, top network, veil and others which are based on the community wants but due to the high fee of getting listed they can't, which I think they should also consider reducing it.
  14. Yooblas

    Yeaz.win Fre GiftCode Give away worth 2-10$

    what do u need to do to withdraw?
  15. Yooblas

    Join now and get 500 Lucky-tokens for free

    that looks scammy, any1 can vouch?
  16. By CCN: Oscar winner Julia Roberts is one of the people who’s never watched “Game of Thrones” and like many others, she doesn’t plan on watching the highly-anticipated season finale either. Hollywood’s darling managed to make prostitution tolerable on the silver screen when she starred in “Pretty Woman.” She may not be watching, and nor will those who are bemoaning the entire season as being messed up. However, millions of others will be fixated on HBO’s most popular show ever. They may not even show up for work! Even Julia Roberts has a hooker is more classy than she is! pic.twitter.com/2bZzVbeosT The post Game of Thrones Has ‘Too Much Sex’ for This Hollywood A-Lister appeared first on CCN View the full article
  17. Im looking for exchanges that offer rewards for joining them, I've seen a few, any1 has a list or something?
  18. INFO Our brand new Web Wallet is almost ready! Do you like it?
  19. Spencer

    forexoptimum - cryptocurrency trading

    No no. Bonuses are credited immediately and automatically and serve to maintain the margin from the moment you deposit your account. Another thing is that the withdrawal of bonuses is possible only after working them off and if you have time to make the necessary volume of orders at the rate of three bonus dollars for each lot of turnover. And if in the process of working off your own funds are lost, the bonus is canceled. You can’t trade only for bonuses.
  20. By CCN: In less than one month, the share price of the Tesla stock has dropped from $273 to $211 by more than 22.7 percent following the fall out of recent trade discussions. While Tesla bulls remain optimistic about the long-term prospect of the firm, some strategists are concerned about the cash flow of the business and the performance of the company in key markets such as China. Intensifying criticisms from short sellers, a report of an alleged autopilot system malfunction, a serious cash flow issue, and the ongoing trade dispute between the U.S. and China are said to have The post Tesla Stock Plunges 22% in 1 Month as Trump Trade Fallout’s Biggest Loser appeared first on CCN View the full article
  21. Fire Faucet Update May 19, 2019 ==>redesigned Faucet to provide better experience and to fight with bots, reduced ads, and increased activity points reward from 2 to 10; ==>they improved the design of many pages including dashboard and is more responsive now; ==>they added New Offerwall : Adgem; ==>daily Rewards can now be claimed any time every day, instead of waiting for 24 hours, it now resets at midnight; ==>on Level Rewards page, collected rewards are now hidden so you don't need to scroll down or click next button every time; ==>auto claim balance / auto claims are now called ACP ( Auto Claim Points ); ==>they increased Daily Rewards value, from 50-100 to 50-150; ==>they decreased activity point reward for mining from 1 Point/10 claim to 1 Point/20 claim; My sincerest appreciation and gratitude to everyone for your support and participation. Thank you.
  22. By CCN: Worried Telsa CEO Elon Musk wasn’t packing his cars with enough feature? The tech pioneer wants you to be able to play top video game titles in his vehicles. Tesla is definitely porting over Unity and Epic’s Unreal Engine, that Fortnite and Rocket League, run on. Musk also tweeted Microsoft and Roblox to see if they want to be involved too. Also porting Unreal Engine — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) May 19, 2019 Elon Musk Wants Fortnite, Rocket League, Minecraft and Robolox In Your Tesla In a chain of tweets where the tech billionaire, dropped the bombshell that alongside The post Elon Musk Ports Epic’s Unreal Engine to Install Fornite in Your Tesla appeared first on CCN View the full article
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