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  2. By CCN: Let me start by saying I’m undecided on the issue of blockchain scaling. I think both camps make valid points. The day that Bitcoin Cash launched was the logical resolution of a drawn-out war which would never have ended otherwise. Tone Vays Can’t Make Up His Mind That being said, I watched this debate between Roger Ver, one of the earliest angel investors in bitcoin, and Tone Vays, a bitcoin personality, and I felt like I was watching a professor debate a teenager. Ver may be a hyperactive personality who occasionally alludes to Bitcoin Cash as being “a The post Bitcoin Jesus Roger Ver Destroys Lightning Faithful Tone Vays in Debate appeared first on CCN View the full article
  3. Another week, another round of Crypto Tidbits. The past week saw not much happen in the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin (BTC) traded relatively flat, save for a few bouts of major volatility, and other digital assets followed suit. Some altcoins, however, saw a helluva week. Binance Coin, Chainlink, and Litecoin come to mind first. The cryptocurrency space has been tumultuous as of late; we’ve seen both positive and negative news. But there’s an underlying theme: the industry is growing at a rapid rate. Over the past seven days, we’ve seen AT&T reveal that it will be accepting Bitcoin payments, Grayscale launch an Ethereum product to the public, and developments arise about Facebook’s incoming digital asset, dubbed “Globalcoin”. Related Reading: Crypto Tidbits: ‘Spedn’ Bitcoin At Whole Foods, Cryptocurrency Cynic Flips Bullish, And Bakkt Looms Crypto Tidbits Binance Confirms Impending Margin Trading Launch: In a cheeky Twitter post published on Thursday, Binance quietly revealed that it has a margin trading (leverage) user interface ready to be rolled out “soon”. It isn’t clear when the feature will launch, but analysts have stated that this will be a revolution in how the cryptocurrency market operates and trades. This confirmation comes after Binance’s support for margin had been rumored and hinted at for months. Just weeks ago, chief executive Changpeng Zhao told an audience on live streaming app Periscope that his firm had begun to give institutional players/whales an opportunity to play with Binance’s margin offering. And weeks prior to that, outlets like The Block cited insiders who claimed that Binance was looking to get into margin trading. Dark mode or Light mode ? #Binance pic.twitter.com/pGSb1np4yp — Binance (@binance) May 24, 2019 AT&T Now Accepts Bitcoin Through BitPay: Announced Thursday, AT&T, a Texas-based American technology giant valued at $234 billion, will be accepting Bitcoin payments for its services through the Atlanta-headquartered BitPay. Per a press release, AT&T is now the first “major U.S. mobile carrier” to provide its millions of customers with the ability to purchase services for cryptocurrency. Speaking on the matter, Kevin McDorman, vice president of AT&T Communications’ Finance Business Operations unit drawled: “We’re always looking for ways to improve and expand our services… We have customers who use cryptocurrency, and we are happy we can offer them a way to pay their bills with the method they prefer.” As this news broke, many in the crypto community saw this as validation of the return of the Bitcoin bull. Because why would a massive company accept an asset that is “dying” is “already dead”, right? Grayscale To Offer Ethereum Trust To Mom & Pop Investors: In a press release obtained by Blockonomi on Thursday, Grayscale revealed it has just received a regulatory stamp of approval from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) to offer shares in its Ethereum Trust publicly. It was stated that the product allows investors to gain “exposure to the price movement of ETH through a traditional investment vehicle without the challenges of buying, storing, and safekeeping”. Once the product launches in a few weeks, it will trade under “ETHE” on the OTCQX market. In a comment conveyed to Bloomberg, Michael Sonnenshein of Grayscale remarked, “The secondary market really opens up the opportunity for any and all investors.” Grayscale is likely trying to replicate the success of its Bitcoin Trust, which has over 1% of all BTC in circulation under management. Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital Makes 123% On Block.one Investment: Mike Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital has liquidated most of its shares in Block.one, the blockchain development startup and fund behind the EOS protocol, for $71.2 million. The company registers a realized return of 123% on the investment. While the merchant bank will only hold a minimal amount of shares of Block.one, they still will work with the startup in a number of capacities, like through Galaxy’s EOS-centric venture fund, and as a proponent of the blockchain in general. As alluded to earlier, this is one of Galaxy’s biggest successes to date, as 2018 wasn’t all too pretty for the firm. Galaxy lost $97 million In Q4 of 2018, up from the $76.7 million loss registered in Q3. Bitcoin & T-Bills ETF Filed To SEC After VanEck Debacle: After the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) revealed that it would be delaying its verdict on the Bitcoin ETF proposals from VanEck and Bitwise, a similar product was filed. The filing purportedly pertained to a crypto-backed product, named the United States Bitcoin and Treasury Investment Trust. Unlike suggested vehicles from VanEck & Co. or Bitwise & Co., Wilshire’s trust was meant to hold positions in not only BTC but short-term U.S. Treasury bills and American dollars too. Once the filing gets pushed to the U.S. Register, the SEC will have 45 days to make an initial decision to accept, deny, or delay. Circle Lays Off Staff, Cites Heavy Regulation And Crypto Market Conditions: On Tuesday, Jeremy Allaire, the co-founder of Circle, revealed that he and his C-suite had decided to eliminate “approximately 30 positions”, a claimed 10% of the entire company. In a three-part tweet thread, Allaire remarked that this move was a result of “new market conditions”, along with an increasingly stringent and heavy-handed regulatory environment in the United States. What makes this weird is that this layoff came “in response to new market conditions”, implying that Circle hasn’t been a beneficiary of the recent cryptocurrency rally, which hoisted BTC from $4,200 to $8,000. Zuckerberg Literally Sat With The Winklevoss Twins To Discuss Facebook’s Cryptocurrency: Featured Image from Shutterstock The post Crypto Tidbits: AT&T Accepts Bitcoin, Grayscale Ethereum Trust Launches Publicly, Binance Margin Inbound appeared first on NewsBTC. View the full article
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  5. Getting towards the end of the first half of 2019 and Bitcoin has outpaced the stock market by almost 10 times. 2019 Scorecard: Bitcoin 111%; Stock Market 12% Tweeting on Friday, Morgan Creek Digital CEO Anthony Pompliano noted that Bitcoin price 00 is up by about 111 percent in 2019. Meanwhile, by comparison, stocks have risen only 12 percent within the same period. Stocks are up 12% in 2019. Bitcoin is up 111% in 2019.#GetOffZero and get in the game. — Pomp (@APompliano) May 24, 2019 Between April and May alone, BTC has added $2,000 to its market price. Such is the extent of Bitcoin’s 2019 run that as eToro’s Mati Greenspan puts it: At this point, a $200 move in the price of Bitcoin could easily lead to a move of $2,000. Speaking recently to CNBC, billionaire venture capitalist Tim Draper pointed out the emergence of investor fatigue for some of the companies like Uber that have newly gone public. According to Draper, established brands going public aren’t going to experience massive price growths. Instead, Draper expects stock value increases between 10 and 20 percent. Bitcoin bulls, however, don’t envisage any price fatigue for the top-ranked cryptocurrency by market capitalization. BTC has so far remained in close proximity to the $8,000 mark in May despite a few downward retracements. BTC is a Great Diversifier In an interview with CNBC on Wednesday (May 22, 2019), Mark Yusko, the Managing Director of Morgan Creek Capital Management described BTC as a great investment portfolio diversifier. As previously reported by Bitcoinist on several occasions many commentators have said that BTC ought to constitute at least one percent of every investment portfolio. Yusko also espoused sentiments similar to Pompliano’s saying Bitcoin is a better investment bet than stocks. Back in early 2019, Yusko highlighted Bitcoin’s potential, calling it the greatest wealth opportunity of our time. Hedge fund vet @MarkYusko says bitcoin is a better bet than stocks. pic.twitter.com/mbnwGJUmNi — CNBC's Fast Money (@CNBCFastMoney) May 22, 2019 Stock Market Decline Imminent Bitcoin’s stock as a great investment portfolio diversifier might come into even more significant prominence on the back of an imminent market decline. According to Yusko, the Federal Reserve saying they are closer to slashing interest rates indicates the emergence of economic weakness. Central banks across the world from Japan to Australia and even the European Central Bank (ECB) are also reportedly on course to adopt similar dovish monetary policies. The historical precedence shows that rate cuts tend to lead to market weakness as seen in 2001 or even full-blown meltdowns like in 2008. For people like Travis Kling of Ikigai Asset Management and Max Keiser, BTC represents a hedge against the fallback from such “irresponsible” central bank policies. By how much do you predict that Bitcoin will outperform the stock market at the end of 2019? Let us know in the comments below. Images via Shutterstock, Twitter @APompliano, @CNBCFastMoney The post Bitcoin Outperforming the Stock Market By a Whopping 10 Times in 2019 appeared first on Bitcoinist.com. View the full article
  6. Dear Participants and Members of ADAB Solutions. We are happy to announce that the last IEO which was held on Bit-Z and Bit-M exchanges is finaly done. Thank you for your patience and activity. Be informed that next steps are distribution of tokens to personal wallets and listing on exchanges that held our IEO during this month which will be conducted before 10th June. Trading Time: ADAB/BTC, ADAB/ETH, ADAB/USDT trading pair will open on 2019/06/10 17:00 (GMT+8) ADAB deposit and withdrawal will be open on 2019/06/13 17:00 (GMT+8) Sincerely ADAB Solutions’ team
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    I have 258690 locus coins within one day trading , I am trying ti increase locus coins in my wallet because i feel there will be a jump soon
  9. We are pleased to announce that another exchange partner (FirstCryptoBank) has listed Solo (XSL) with three trading pairs: https://fcbaccount.com/fcb/exchange/BTC/XSL https://fcbaccount.com/fcb/exchange/LTC/XSL https://fcbaccount.com/fcb/exchange/DOGE/XSL
  10. By CCN: Binance, the leading cryptocurrency exchange in terms of volume, suffered a massive blow on May 7 when hackers ran away with 7,000 bitcoins. At the time, the total haul was valued at roughly $40 million. Binance CEO Changpeng “CZ” Zhao was quick to reassure their user base by stating that the exchange will cover the damages through the Secure Asset Fund for Users, or SAFU. Nevertheless, some Binance Coin (BNB) holders panic-sold under the assumption that CZ would dump BNB to pay for the damages. They were wrong. In this article, we show how Binance Coin remains unfazed by the The post Crypto Bulls Wrestle Back Control of BNB after Binance’s $40 Million Hack appeared first on CCN View the full article
  11. Over the past decade the gaming industry has been on the up-and-up, incurring massive popularity amongst a diverse array of users, while simultaneously churning out immense profits for developers, publishers, and platforms that allow users to interact with game’s most popular players – like the Amazon-owned streaming platform Twitch. Much like the gaming industry, the blockchain and crypto industry has also been incurring tremendous adoption over the past couple of years, and multiple companies are now introducing the blockchain to the gaming industry in an effort to improve user’s experiences and to create a fairer ecosystem. Son of Chinese Gaming Billionaires: Blockchain-Based Token Economies Will Revolutionize Gaming Rudy Rong is the son of Chinese gaming billionaires and the founder of Magic Cube, a Los Angeles-based company that uses a NEO-based blockchain protocol in an effort of “restoring fairness and efficiency to the gaming industry.” While speaking to NewsBTC about the role that blockchain technology can play within the gaming ecosystem, Rong explained that a well-designed blockchain platform – like the one being offered by his company – can help increase the efficiency of the video game publishing process, which in its current state is highly convoluted. “By using blockchain technology, we are able to offer developers the chance to develop quality games while also allowing them to avoid having to deal with the middlemen typically involved with publishing. This allows developers to reinvest more capital into their games,” Rong explained to us during NEO’s DevCon in Seattle earlier this year. Presently, game developers release their games through publishers that often suck up a majority of the profits, while simultaneously tempering developer’s ability to fund long-term development cycles that are needed to incubate a successful game. Sean Chen, the founder of the NEO-based blockchain gaming platform BlaCat, shared a similar sentiment to Rong, explaining in an interview with NewsBTC that the use of blockchain technology can allow nearly all of the profits to go to the developers. “Based on [the] blockchain, we can let nearly all the revenue go to the developer, which is good because…in the gaming industry, the most valuable party is the developer,” Chen noted. By offering developers dApp software development kits, Chen believes that BlaCat will help developers switch from centralized to decentralized platforms in a seamless manner. NewsBTC journalist, Cole Petersen, hosting a panel on blockchain-based gaming with Rayman Yang (far-left), Sean Chen (mid-left), Rudy Rong (mid-right), and Cole Petersen (far-right), during this year’s NEO DevCon in Seattle. Formation of Decentralized In-Game Economies Another Benefit of The Blockchain Beyond simply allowing developers to incur larger profits, which will likely be redirected back into the development of new games and the improvement of existing ones, the use of blockchain technology also brings another benefit to the gaming industry: the formation of token economies. Currently, there exist intricate economies within multiple popular video games that are fashioned in the same way that traditional commodities exchanges are structured. One such example of this can be seen within Counter Strike Global Offensive (more commonly called CSGO), which allows users to exchange decorative weapons skins valued in USD. Despite this, items like gun skins in CSGO are not truly owned by users due to the centralized nature of the game, and if it were ever to shut down for some bizarre reason, the skins would likely disappear. But by using a blockchain-based asset exchange, all ownership of in-game items and collectibles are set in stone, and ownership of said items is indelibly inscribed on the immutable ledger, regardless of what happens to the game. Additionally, by using the blockchain to exchange valuable collectables and in-game assets, it is far easier to track their provenance, which therefore could allow users to easily verify the item’s rarity (vis-à-vis the circulating supply) and the value of the assets. Democratized Game Funding Via IGOs Another unique benefit that the blockchain provides to the gaming industry is giving individuals the ability to fund development projects that they find exciting through initial game offerings (IGOs) using crypto. Rong’s company, Magic Cube, has created a decentralized platform that allows game developers to garner funding directly from investors interested in their projects through tokens launched via IGOs. Additionally, through IGOs, developers have the opportunity to generate significant interest in their projects, which ultimately results in a larger user-base upon launching. According to Magic Cube, they currently have an aggregated total of 15.3 million users along with 23 games that were developed in-house, large numbers that signal that there is a significant amount of demand from both gamers and developers for decentralized games. Although the blockchain-based gaming industry is relatively young, as the gaming industry and crypto continues to surge in popularity, it is highly likely that embattled developers will begin turning towards decentralized platforms – like the ones being offered by Magic Cube and BlaCat – in an effort to shore up their profits and to raise large community-based funding. Featured images courtesy of NEO and Shutterstock. The post Chinese Billionaire’s Son Bets Big on Blockchain-Based Gaming, But Will Players Take to It? appeared first on NewsBTC. View the full article
  12. As you know today is our first birthday and we are proud to present that we launched our Reddit site available at: https://www.reddit.com/r/Galilel During the next couple of weeks we will extend it further and look for professional people who will regular post high quality content on Reddit. Reddit is a very valuable discussion and help platform which is seen and known world wide. It requires professional content writers with a good business or technical background. We will use it on our own to transfer knowledge from Discord to the outside world.
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  17. I want to introduce everyone to a new personal project of mine: The Hundred Bitcoin Homepage https://www.thehundredbitcoinhomepage.com It’s based on the original Million Dollar Homepage by Alex Tew - but with a twist. The Hundred Bitcoin Homepage is a website with a 1,000,000 pixels of advertising space for sale, available by a 100 x 100 grid of 100 pixel blocks on the homepage of the website. Advertisers can buy real estate on the homepage of the site, with a graphic advert and a dofollow link back to their website. The website accepts payment by Bitcoin only, and each pixel is for sale for 100 satoshis - minimum order is 100 pixels - 10000 satoshi’s / 0.01 BTC You can buy pixels here: https://www.thehundredbitcoinhomepage.com/buy/ The buyers advert will be live on the website indefinitely - or at least until I am 6 feet under (and I still have a few years left in me yet!). Here’s the twist - When website owners purchase ad space on the homepage, for every 100 pixels they buy, they gain a lifetime entry to a Bitcoin prize raffle that is drawn every 100 blocks or 10,000 pixels of advertising space that we sell. There will be a total of 100 prize draws over the websites lifetime and the prize is 0.10 BTC every draw until all of the advertising space on the website is sold. The more pixels you buy, the more of a chance you have of winning 0.10 BTC when each draw is initiated. A winner is picked every 100 blocks (10000 pixels) that we sell and is chosen using a random number generator. All winners will be posted on the “Previous Winners” page as and when the time comes: https://www.thehundredbitcoinhomepage.com/winners/ Also, for every 100 pixels that advertisers purchase, we set aside 20% for marketing costs. This ensures the website gets the exposure that it will need, help raise the domain authority and traffic to the website whilst giving advertisers maximum coverage and link juice!!! The complete breakdown of the BTC fund share over the time of the website will be as follows: Prize Winners - 10% - 10 BTC Website Owners: 70% - 70 BTC Advertising/Marketing - 20% - 20 BTC Please bear in mind that I built this website initially just to sell pixel adverts and was planning to keep 100% of the profits. However, I thought it would be a good idea to give something back to the community by adding a prize draw to the site and also spending 20% of the funds on marketing that would help advertisers and the project by increasing exposure and increasing the domain authority of the site. All adverts will be placed within maximum 24-48 hours (sometimes quicker) of purchasing a spot and your advert will be live on the website indefinitely. It costs only 0.01 BTC to place an advert, anyone who does so will see this is a legitimate opportunity. Please read the terms and conditions on the buy page carefully. Any useful comments you have on how the site can be improved I’m open to hearing them. Thanks and enjoy The Hundred Bitcoin Homepage - don’t forget to share!! : )
  18. Check out the Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis Academy here: https://bit.ly/2EMS6nY Bitcoin finds itself wedged in between Bitcoin resistance and support, ...
  19. What Is the SingularityNET? SingularityNET is a decentralized, full-stack Artificial Intelligence (AI) network featuring an AI-as-a-Service (AaaS) marketplace. The Netherlands-based project aims to further AI development and implementation, and has partnered with companies such as Domino’s pizza. AGI is the proprietary cryptocurrency token used by SingularityNET. “AI” is an umbrella term used to describe a host of technological advancements, from chatbots and home automation to deep learning, machine learning, and more. “Crypto” is a similar term used to encompass blockchain, digital currency, decentralization, distributed computing, etc. Despite our general lack of nuanced understanding, the legitimate use cases of both technologies are growing exponentially. Chatbots, for example, are expected to handle 85 percent of customer support interactions and Juniper Research estimated that 2.5 billion voice assistants (Alexa, Siri, etc.) were in use at the end of 2018. (Yes, billion.) The AI market is expected to grow in value to $191 billion by 2024, according to analysts at Market Research Engine. Of course, AI also has its dark side, with Deepfakes gaining media momentum after Jordan Peele and Joe Rogan Deepfakes stunned the internet. Deepfake.org was taken down, but revolutionary software like Deepfake is forever online. Still, SingularityNET wants to empower this market, even partnering with Deep BrainChain (DBC), a similar AI project on the NEO blockchain. It expanded partnerships in 2019 striking deals with Chinese insurance giant and asset management firm Ping An and fast food giant Domino’s Pizza, Inc. to help streamline operations in Malaysia and Singapore. These high-profile collaborations helped catapult the project up into the cryptocurrency top 100 projects. And it’s not stopping there; this startup also launched an accelerator in mid 2019 called X-Lab Blockchain AI. Things are looking up for this blockchain-based AI company, but it’s not without competitors, like the aforementioned Deep BrainChain and EOS-based Effect_AI (EFX). So let’s dive deeper into the project by reviewing its AGI token, SingularityNET’s proprietary ERC-20 token, and its cryptocurrency market performance. AGI Token Cryptocurrency Summary SingularityNET has a total token supply of 1,000,000,000 AGI. The peak price so far was $1.16 on January 18, 2018. The SingularityNET ICO token sale was held December 22, 2017, raising approximately $33 million worth of ETH. The token supply was divided at the genesis block as follows: 500 million – ICO Token Sale 200 million – Reward Pool 180 million – Founders Pool 80 million – SingularityNET Foundation 40 million – Bounties and Other Air Drops AGI is used to tokenize transactions on the SingularityNET marketplace, paying for goods and services much like digital currency. Hodlers can vote on network decisions, making it a governance token. The Reward Pool is withheld by the network to incentivize participation on the network, although the exact methods of rewards are yet to be determined. The Reward Pool distribution is set over ten years, and once exhausted, the community votes on whether to create a new pool or adapt to new methods. Staking AGI is necessary to become an AI Agent, which are the entities responsible for executing SingularityNET smart contracts. Tokens are used in place of those used by off-chain protocols to enable cross-chain compatibility without the need of other native tokens. AGI is accepted on several cryptocurrency exchange markets, including Binance, Coinbit, KuCoin, Ethfinex, and Tidex. An average of over $1 million worth of AGI is traded on a daily basis, and trading pairs include BTC, BNB, ETH, and fiat currencies like USD and KRW. As an ERC-20 token, AGI can be stored in any ERC20-compatible wallet, including MyEtherWallet, Trust Wallet, and hardware wallets from Ledger and Trezor. SingularityNET ChartChart byCryptoCompare Approaching the SingularityNET The SingularityNET blockchain is a bit complicated, but thankfully the team drew us a picture to start with. The platform’s APIs let developers insert standard AI-related service data into smart contracts. Using Deepfake as an example, the program simply needs as many photos from as many angles as possible to change the face in one video to another person’s face. In this case, the images would be loaded into a smart contract by a seller, and the Deepfake developers would be buyers seeking image data to refine their process. On the flip side, Deepfake could then become a seller of its AI-driven service. This open, two-sided marketplace depends on smart contracts to facilitate the interactions, and on-network Agent nodes create a trust network to verify and process the transactions. Agents rank trust with each other on a simple 1-0 scale, and the sum of these ratings is averaged in with AGI token staking and other factors to determine reliability on a large scale, even automating the process. In fact, as the platform grows, the team hopes to build a full-scale, AI-powered network, capable of handling even the most complicated technical processes with ease. And the team of over 50 is highly pedigreed in what this will take, boasting nearly a dozen PhDs between them. CEO and Chief Scientist Dr. Ben Goertzel is also chairman of the OpenCog Foundation and Artificial Intelligence Society, and the Chief Scientist at Hanson Robotics. Dr. David Hanson is the team’s Robotics lead, and Sophia, a humanoid robot designed by Hanson Robotics, serves as Chief Humanoid. While Sophia certainly looks impressive, engineers at tech giants like Facebook deride her as simply a high-tech puppet with no true AI capabilities. It remains to be seen if SingularityNET is the next step in AI’s evolution or yet another PR stunt that amounts to nothing. As it stands now, the company is certainly securing major partnerships that could monetize the project. Major brands like Coca Cola are already spending big on AI after realizing the potential upsides. If the partnerships with Domino’s and Ping An prove profitable, SingularityNET has a bright future ahead. Summary SingularityNET is an ambitious blockchain-driven AI marketplace created by the team at Hanson Robotics responsible for the Sophia humanoid robot. The project is currently in beta and already forging partnerships with major corporations. The sustainability of the project depends on these key factors: SingularityNET currently runs on the Ethereum blockchain, but its interoperability can be adapted for other platforms, even its own. AGI is the proprietary cryptocurrency token used by the SingularityNET platform. Tokens can be staked for voting rights and to become an Agent or spent on goods and services on the platform. The SingularityNET Foundation is working hard to forge enterprise partnerships and advance AI research. If it can continue leveraging technology and marketing buzz, the company could have a success on its hands. Even the most promising projects can be fumbled, and there’s a long road ahead. But SingularityNET has so far accomplished a lot in a small period of time. The post What Is SingularityNET? Introduction to AGI Token appeared first on Crypto Briefing. View the full article
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    Laughing At: Crypto Influencers - Twitter/Instagram: @crypto_daily - Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser and this is not financial advice. - #crypto ...
  23. By CCN: Tesla CEO Elon Musk is bringing home the bacon. So much bacon that his peers will have to settle for the scraps. According to the latest New York Times compensation report, Musk was the highest paid chief executive of 2018. And it wasn’t even close. The polarizing entrepreneur pulled in a whopping $2.3 billion last year, overshadowing the next 65 contestants combined. Elon Musk Secured a Cozy 4.6 Million Percent Raise in 2018 Chief executives on the list received a median pay increase of 16.4% in 2018, up from around 9% in 2016. The CEO pay ratio has The post Elon Musk’s Insane Payday: 40,668 Times the Median Tesla Salary appeared first on CCN View the full article
  24. Bitcoin up 9.5 percent High transaction fees will lead to financial exclusion In Jeff Garzik’s deduction, high Bitcoin fees, despite Lightning Network development, will, in the long run, slow down adoption. Meanwhile, Bitcoin is up 9.5 percent from last week’s close trading above $8,000. Bitcoin Price Analysis Fundamentals Jeff Garzik is one of Satoshi’s early collaborators. Together with Garvin, they are relentless in their advocacy for a trustless network. He diverged from Bitcoin and was an ardent supporter of Segwit2X, a scaling solution that failed to take off. Jeff now says the inability of Bitcoin to scale will in the long run slow down adoption. While talking to CCN, the tech leader said even with layer-2 solutions as Lightning Network, “transaction fees go up to the point where [most people] just can’t afford to use Bitcoin.” He said: “The pace of innovation of the core of Bitcoin is slow, and it’s a real challenge. If you onboard a bunch of people on Lightning, stuff like that, the transaction fees goes up to the point where [most people] can’t afford to use Bitcoin.” Adding that high transaction fees will then lead to financial exclusion, especially for people outside the US and the EU: “If you have to pay $10 for a Lightning transaction, that leaves Bitcoin to [people in] the US and EU, and that’s it. We just excluded the rest of the world due to transaction fees.” Candlestick Arrangements From Bitcoin daily chart, price is stable and up 9.5 percent from last week’s close. At some point this week, sellers temporarily took charge. However, the reaction in the past 72 hours has been stellar. With the emergence of buyers, the uptrend is solid. As a result, every low is technically a buying opportunity as long as the price is trending above $7,500 or May 19th low. The level also coincides with the 50 percent Fibonacci retracement of May trading range. Besides the increase in participation, the failure of sellers to press lower, wiping May 19th gains is bullish. That is, if we analyze price action from an effort versus result point of view. All the same, conservative traders, as laid out in previous BTC/USD trade plans, ought to stay out until better signals print. Once there is sufficient momentum that will drive prices above May 19th high and $8,500, these patient traders can load up on dips with targets at $10,000 and $12,000. Technical Indicator Therefore, because of this, May 19th bull bar anchors this trade plan. In an uptrend, any surge above $8,500 must be with high trading volumes exceeding 25k of May 19th and ideally, 47k of May 14th. Chart courtesy of Trading View. Image Courtesy of Shutterstock The post Bitcoin Prices May Surge But High Fees a Challenge appeared first on NewsBTC. View the full article
  25. This #Bitcoin indicator finally turns bullish after one year! Altcoins heating up, Bitcoin Cash 51% attack, BitMex scaling issues, Samsung Pay crypto rumors, ...
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  27. Ripple consolidating with caps at 40 cents After Kava and Switch, Stefan Thomas’ AMA may drive XRP prices Coil is a blogging platform monetize content, rewarding creators with XRP or USD. It is a creation of Stefan Thomas, a former employee of Ripple. In an AMA session, the community is waiting for gems that will probably spur participation, driving XRP above 40 cents. Ripple Price Analysis Fundamentals Stefan Thomas, the former Ripple Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and creator of the InterLedger Protocol, will hold an ask-me-anything (AMA) session on May 30th. Hosted in Reddit, it will be interesting to hear what the founder of Coil has to say about their plans. The AMA will be a few days after Kava labs announced the launch of Switch. “Switch sidesteps the problems of traditional DEXs by employing a novel solution: streaming micropayments, which work by moving little bits of value piece-by-piece until a complete payment or trade is complete.” While at it, David Walsh, a Senior Web Developer and Software Engineer at Mozilla, is testing Coil. The revelation is five years after he created an account. It is understandable. David is an educator and regularly blogs. On the other hand, Coil’s ambition is to reward content creators, launching their beta platform in early May. The blogging platform includes an optional $5 monthly subscription that pays content creators as subscribers browse. Candlestick Arrangements At the time of writing, XRP is changing hands at 38 cents. It is constant against the USD and held within a broader 10 cents trading range. Although traders expect higher highs in line with recent candlestick alignment and trend set by Sep 2018 bull bar, XRP is under pressure. Liquidation pressure stems from fundamental factors as well as price action. Note that buyers are yet to clear the 40 cents mark with this being the sixth month. All the same, it is likely that a breakout above 40 cents (or below 30 cents) shall spur participation. If there is a surge, odds are XRP will rally to Dec 2018 highs of around 50 cents. That will be the primer for 80 cents especially if the breakout bar registers a spike in participation. Nonetheless, before that, aggressive traders should be accumulation on dips with safety nets below 34 cents, our minor support line. Technical Indicators Although May 14th and 15th bars are conspicuous, May 19th bull bar is where XRP/USD price action is consolidating in. It has average volumes of 56 million. Nonetheless, it is wide-ranging and bullish. Therefore, for trend continuation, any bull bar signaling continuation of buy trend and closing above 40 cents must be propelled with trading volumes above 56 million. Chart courtesy of Trading View. Image Courtesy of Shutterstock The post Building XRP Use Cases, Will Stefan Thomas AMA Trigger a Ripple Rally? appeared first on NewsBTC. View the full article
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