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  2. If you have lost your bitcoins to theft or scam or access to a cryptocurrency wallet due to hardware failure, data corruption, lost passwords, or for any other reason, you need to work with trusted experts to ensure that your files are recovered and remain secure. Recently, cryptocurrencies have generated tremendous interest among investors and internet privacy advocates, and currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin have soared in value over the past year, making them targets to scammers,Hackassets has led the data recovery industry in technological development. Unlike competitors, his rates aren’t based on a percentage of the recovered funds, but rather the complexity of the case. recovery begins as soon as you provide the required information and service fee, so you have complete peace of mind as your case progresses. Contact- Hackassets via google mail and they could shed more light into any situation regarding crypto you find yourself
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  4. NY Senate Confirms Acting Superintendent of NYDFS https://www.coindesk.com/ny-senate-confirms-acting-superintendent-of-nydfs DFS SUPERINTENDENT ...
  5. An update for the update to EOS version 1.8 needed for Block One's voice social media app to come out - EOS Authority's website has a great outline you can ...
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  7. Bitcoin challenging the US dollar’s worldwide supremacy seems more likely after it emerged that even the country’s biggest bank thinks the status quo cannot last. Central Banks Amassing Gold ‘Makes Sense’ In a report issued July 10, Craig Cohen, a strategist for JPMorgan Chase, said changing habits among non-US central banks are creating a real sense of unease about the dollar’s long-term status. Classically the world’s reserve currency, the greenback is seeing increasing competition from foreign powers and fallbacks such as gold. “Central banks across the globe are also adding to gold reserves at their strongest pace on record. 2018 saw the strongest demand for gold from central banks since 1971 and a rolling four-quarter sum of gold purchases is the strongest on record,” Cohen wrote. To us, this makes sense: gold is a stable source of value with thousands of years of trust among humans supporting it. While JPMorgan predictably did not mention cryptocurrency, the comments underscore the increasing schism between the financial world and US politicians, including President Donald Trump, who remain convinced they can preserve the dollar’s stature. As Bitcoinist reported, Trump himself reiterated that desire in recent comments on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, in which he said he “was not a fan” of them. “We have only one real currency in the USA, and it is stronger than ever, both dependable and reliable. It is by far the most dominant currency anywhere in the World, and it will always stay that way. It is called the United States Dollar!” he wrote at the time. Are Central Banks Buying Bitcoin? JPMorgan meanwhile also noted the dollar’s declining overall share of central bank reserves, which has dipped from 64% in 2008 to 55% today. Trump’s trade war will further heighten the stakes, Cohen added, suggesting investors should even diversify away from USD. “Given the persistent—and rising—deficits in the United States (in both fiscal and trade), we believe the U.S. dollar could become vulnerable to a loss of value relative to a more diversified basket of currencies, including gold,” he admitted. As Bitcoinist noted, multiple sources have forecast Bitcoin playing an increasingly vital role as a reserve currency in future years. Those forecasts have come in different styles, with suspicions already circulating that central banks are already adding it to their stockpiles. For its part, traditionally Bitcoin-skeptical JPMorgan has confirmed it will begin testing its in-house digital currency, JPM Coin, towards the end of the year. What do you think about JPMorgan’s appraisal of the US dollar? Let us know in the comments below! Images via Shutterstock The post Bitcoin Boost As JPMorgan Casts Doubt On US Dollar’s Future appeared first on Bitcoinist.com. View the full article
  8. Bitcoin to go higher? Many people ask WHEN Altcoins? THIS Chart will show us EXACTLY, when that Altseason might occur!! ByBit Exchange ...
  9. Since its inception over ten years ago, Bitcoin has drawn a multitude of criticism. We, in the community, have had to contend with swipes about volatility, illegitimacy, and perhaps most cutting of all, that it’s a scam. BITCOIN IS A SCAM!! Trump says so!!!#MAGA — Haus (@_HausMaus) July 12, 2019 Unsurprisingly, it’s been an uphill battle to convince no-coiners of the merits of Bitcoin. But a decade on, it’s clear that cryptocurrency is more than a flash in the pan. And with that, it finally seems as though mainstream society is slowly being won over. Bitcoin Acceptance At The Political Level The Libra hearings this week saw several high profile US politicians share their thoughts on cryptocurrencies. The overall message was surprisingly bullish for Bitcoin. US House Representative Kevin McCarthy said: “I like bitcoin … The real thing I like when it comes to bitcoin is I like blockchain because I like the security. I want the government to start using blockchain.” US House Representative Kevin McCarthy is a fan of Bitcoin. Image courtesy of Shuttershock. Also, Congressman Tom Emmer spoke about the missed opportunities in not embracing it sooner. He blasted the political system by saying: “Bitcoin is now ten years old, now suddenly, magically, Congress is responding. In other words, after more than a decade, Congress has apparently started to care. I’m glad that after all these years Congress has decided to pay attention to the technology that could again, just like the internet, up end the way we do everything.” And with that, it’s expected that the trickle-down effect will seep into the consciousness of the wider general public. Which will take time. However, such is the impact of Bitcoin now, that those already involved with financial markets, who were previously vehemently opposed to Bitcoin, have started to soften their stance. Even Gold-Bugs Are Thinking Twice When it comes to bashing cryptocurrency, few have been as open as Euro Pacific Capital CEO, Peter Schiff. Earlier this year, in a debate with Digital Currency Group CEO, Barry Silbert at the SALT Conference, Schiff saw fit to call Bitcoin holders suckers. As the discussion continued, Schiff said: “Bitcoin isn’t legal tender, you can’t use Bictoin to pay taxes. The only thing giving Bitcoin value is because somebody thinks a greater fool is going to pay a higher price. It’s all the idea that it’s going to up and you’ll be able to sell it. But confidence is going to be lost. And Bitcoin is going to collapse, along with all th eother cryptocurrencies.” Despite the hostilities, the crypto community, led by Morgan Creek founder, Antony Pompliano rallied together in an attempt to convert Schiff by sending him BTC. At last count, Schiff had received $1,900 worth of BTC. The vocal Bitcoin hater @PeterSchiff recently admitted that he actually does own some Bitcoin. Never listen to what they say, always watch what they do with their money! — Pomp (@APompliano) July 5, 2019 And since then, Schiff’s attitude has softened. So much so that his Twitter account now includes insightful comments on Bitcoin, and the digs have stopped. Also, he recently Livestreamed a YouTube “Bitcoin Challenge,” where he invited viewers to change his mind. Indicating he is at least open to the idea of Bitcoin as a legitimate investment. The breakout in Bitcoin's dominance is very bearish for crypto. It looks like Bitcoin’s dominance could soon rise to 80%. If you think this will happen in a Bitcoin bull market you’re crazy. Bitcoin could easily end 2019 with a loss, with altcoins leading the way down! — Peter Schiff (@PeterSchiff) July 14, 2019 The three hour Livestream ended with Schiff still unconvinced. However, a live debate with Anthony Pompliano is scheduled for July 31st on CNBC. During the broadcast, he will have a face to face discussion with a Bitcoin expert, which was something missing from the Livestream. And so, if the most ardent of skeptics are now thinking twice about Bitcoin, then surely mainstream acceptance is but a matter of time. The post Bitcoin Is Winning Over The Skeptics, Mainstream Acceptance Is A Matter Of Time appeared first on NewsBTC. View the full article
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  11. BitFlyer Blockchain and Japanese business giant Sumitomo Corporation will develop a blockchain app allowing users to sign rental contracts and more. View the full article
  12. Decentralized identity startup Civic and blockchain security firm BitGo plan to launch a new wallet using BitGo’s multisig technology in Q4 2019 View the full article
  13. Volume of trading in last 7 days: 88 million. Locus Chain becoming mainstream!
  14. After two years, a much-hyped consortium of bankers and legislators has proposed that the Indian government completely ban public cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin). Newsflash: Indian Regulators Officially Propose Total Cryptocurrency Ban https://t.co/LYKzNkOwBG — CCN Markets (@CCNMarkets) July 22, 2019 All the Ways A Typical Crim Can Break Indian Law with Bitcoin The same draft bill (“Banning […] The post Revealed: The Fines & Criminal Offenses Facing an Indian Crypto Adopter appeared first on CCN Markets View the full article
  15. Swiss privacy regulators have said that Facebook is lagging in its response to requests for more liaison regarding Libra View the full article
  16. Здравствуйте LORIK67. Спасибо за ваш положительный отзыв! Я очень рад что вам нравиться проект!
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  18. The recruitment industry is riddled with cons of pulling our resumes from data banks that hardly fit the job description. Prime Talent chain is the solution for all the needs a company might need. Machine Learning is one such solution. It is a key technology to unlock vital information about the candidate at the resume screening and parsing stages of PTC. Machine Learning has proven to be effective to replicate decision making, predictive analysis in matching a resume against a job. PTC employs the machine learning algorithms to help resolve the basic queries of jobseekers and resolve them. PTC vows to eliminate the massive screening of resumes by introducing a curated and immutable database, skill community. Prime Talent Coin - Staffing & Recruitment on Blockchain Prime Talent Chain is a unique staffing and recruitment solution which will decentralize the HR industry.
  19. Blockfolio has added support for Donu! You can now track your Donu portfolio easily and free with the Blockfolio app! Check out https://blockfolio.com/ for more information.
  20. Cơ hội lớn dành cho các bác đang quan tâm đến Gate.io và GT Nhân dịp Gatechain Token của Gate.io đã chính thức có mặt trên HuobiFastTrack của Huobi. Gate.io đưa ra chương trình khuyến mãi cho người dùng bình chọn cho GT trên Huobi Fast Track sẽ mua được GT với giá chiết khấu 50%. Mua ngay về còn đu đỉnh. Thời gian bình chọn: 19:00 - 20:000 giờ Việt Nam, hôm nay 24/7/2019 (trong vòng 1 giờ) Cách vote: ➡️Đăng nhập (link: http://buff.ly/2K2QDfW)buff.ly/2K2QDfW ➡️Chọn FastTrack ➡️ Bình chọn cho GT Đăng kí tài khoản Gate.io tại www.gate.io/signup
  21. Over the past year, there’s been a whole lot of hubbub about TD Ameritrade’s dealings with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. In 2018, the retail brokerage, which services over 11 million clients that hold over $1 trillion worth of assets, backed a crypto upstart going by Eris Exchange (ErisX). This led to mass speculation about what plans the firm has for cryptocurrency. While nothing material has been announced yet, the chief executive of TD Ameritrade recently revealed that his firm is seeing “heightened” interest from its clientele for digital assets. TD Ameritrade CEO Knows His Clients Want Bitcoin The launch of Facebook’s Libra, coupled with the total resurgence in the cryptocurrency market, has awoken something in the public. As Tim Hockey, the soon-to-depart chief executive of TD Ameritrade, told The Street in an interview, “clients are asking for it.” By it, he means Bitcoin and other digital assets. As to why this trend is occurring, Hockey looks to the mass media coverage that Libra has received, which has materialized in comments on cryptocurrencies from global regulators and investors — most notably Donald Trump. He adds that the sudden bout of renewed interest in cryptocurrencies can also be attributed to “active investors”, most of which are looking for alternative asset classes to outperform the indices and the ever-decreasing yields of government bonds and other portfolio staples. Just as an aside, it is important to note that TD Ameritrade’s platforms, including Think or Swim, does already support the CME’s Bitcoin futures. But, the vehicle is only offered to clients with a certain level of wealth/account balance and qualifications, which makes sense, especially due to the CME’s institutional focus. What makes sense would be for TD Ameritrade to give its clients access to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, maybe Ethereum, through ErisX. As Steven Quirk, TD Ameritrade’s Global Head of Trading & Education, told CNBC last year in the wake of the ErisX investment: “I think the appeal for us is that [ErisX has] the biggest players in the Bitcoin space from a market making standpoint, both DRW and Virtu here, and you also have Cboe in a partnership with NEX. So you have people that are very well versed in this space and what we’re bringing to the table as a strategic investor is a pretty deep understanding of our 11+ million retail clients and what they look for when it comes to a product.” Notably, ErisX has recently bagged a license from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission to become a derivatives clearing organization, giving it the ability to launch certain Bitcoin products in the near future, when it launches that is. While there are some expecting for ErisX to launch shortly, Hockey doesn’t seem ready to delve right in just yet. He told The Street that when it comes to cryptocurrencies, he wants to ensure that TD Ameritrade takes a “crawl, walk, run approach”, presumably to avoid any regulatory scrutiny that flies their way as the discussions around Libra develop. What’s weird is that individuals like Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin, has begun to spot facets of TD Ameritrade’s platforms that indicate that the firm is testing trading for Bitcoin. Also, the firm has been reported to have launched a Digital Assets division, just as Fidelity did last year. Not the Only Player On the Block TD Ameritrade isn’t the only one trying to tackle this space. Bloomberg reported earlier this year that its sources tell them that E*Trade, one of TD Ameritrade’s primary competitors, may soon be launching Bitcoin and Ethereum trading. The insiders added that the firm is looking for a proper custody solution. Also, Bakkt has recently launched its futures product for a select group of beta-testers. While the contract is much more institutional-centric, the New York Stock Exchange-backed platform is expected to soon launch Bitcoin vehicles that will appeal to a retail audience. The post TD Ameritrade CEO: Clients are “Asking For” Bitcoin appeared first on Blockonomi. View the full article
  22. In the confusing world of British politics, a new prime minister has been elected following the resignation of Teresa May. Boris Johnson, who has campaigned on pushing Brexit through to its completion, won a solid victory over his primary opponent. He’s been known to be a rather colorful character. Britain’s PM Situation is Unstable Yet […] The post ‘Britain’s Trump’: New British PM Boris Johnson Promises to Jam Brexit Through appeared first on CCN Markets View the full article
  23. HOW TO TRADE BITCOIN: ▻ Bybit Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dnIDz1NLuw Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: The Bitcoin ...
  24. Calvin Ayre joined Becky Liggero at the recent CoinGeek Toronto 2019 scaling conference to talk about Bitcoin's path forward.
  25. For much of its life and to most investors, Bitcoin has been seen as a volatile asset, one that rises and falls at the whim of nothing and no one. But, year-over-year, it has been increasingly seen as the world’s next go-to store of value, one that could potentially usurp gold and its ilk. This trend isn’t only being shown through sentiment, but Bitcoin blockchain data too. “Untouched” Bitcoin On the Up-and-Up While Bitcoin is somewhat private, the details of transactions and addresses can be tracked and put on display for the world to see. CoinMetrics, a prominent U.S-based analytics firm, has taken advantage of this transparency to put together what is known as its “State of the Network” reports. In the firm’s most recent iteration in this series was a tidbit about Bitcoin’s untouched supply, meaning the number of BTC that hasn’t been moved within a certain time frame. On all time frames that CoinMetrics checked — 180 days (half year), one year, two years, and five years — the untouched supply of Bitcoin has been on the rise, growing since the bull run of 2017 and early-2018. In fact, the number of BTC that hasn’t been touched for at least one year has grown to ten million — an all-time high. This means that over half of the Bitcoin currently mined and just under half of all of BTC’s fully-diluted supply have not been transferred in over 12 months. "The amount of Bitcoin (BTC) supply that has been untouched (i.e. not transferred) for at least five years recently reached an all-time high. This potentially signals that BTC is increasingly becoming a store of value, as opposed to a medium of exchange."https://t.co/GGrqOZHmnT pic.twitter.com/TwJG18lFp7 — Matt Odell (@matt_odell) July 23, 2019 Per Matt Odell, a prominent Bitcoin-focused content creator and podcaster, this is a sign that Bitcoin is potentially well on its way in becoming a store of value, as opposed to a digital medium of exchange. Indeed, media of exchange are not meant to be held for an extended period of time, while stores of value should. As the Wikipedia definition for “store of value” reads: A store of value is the function of an asset that can be saved, retrieved and exchanged at a later time, and be predictably useful when retrieved. More generally, a store of value is anything that retains purchasing power into the future. Over the time frames that CoinMetrics tracked, Bitcoin has appreciated, again giving credence to the idea that the cryptocurrency is starting to become a viable store of value. Mainstream Acknowledges BTC as a Store of Value The data that CoinMetrics published comes hot on the heels of reports that prominent investors, economists, and mainstream media personalities and critics have begun to acknowledge Bitcoin as the world’s next store of value, albeit it a currently volatile one. Just two weeks back, Jerome Powell, the chairman of the Federal Reserve, noted in a hearing in Washington, D.C, that Bitcoin is a store of value that is “like gold”. This small comment marked a huge step in the right direction, even though Powell followed this comment up with the idea that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies remain volatile assets. Along with the title of a store of value, some have also begun to crown Bitcoin a “safe haven” play, meaning that it may act as a store of value, even in times of political and economic unrest and collapse. Just last week, Chamath Palihapitiya, a former Facebook executive, told CNBC that Bitcoin is the perfect hedge “against the traditional financial infrastructure”. He elaborated that if fiscal or monetary policy is wonky, as it arguably is now, having Bitcoin is like “the schmuck insurance you have under your mattress”. The Financial Times also made a similar comment, releasing a report in June highlighting the similarities in the charts of gold, the Japanese Yen, the Swiss Franc, and, the newcomer, Bitcoin. They suggested that the correlations then seen could be a sign of BTC’s growing use as a safe haven in times of distress. As to whether or not Bitcoin holds up in the purportedly impending recession remains to be seen though. The post “Untouched” Bitcoin on the Rise: Suggests BTC Becoming a Store of Value appeared first on Blockonomi. View the full article
  26. So i don't get it, Libra is stablecoin or not? I if it is, why people can't just use tokens like Tether or TrueUSD instead?
  27. Download away, as popular Ethereum wallet MetaMask has now opened a public beta for its Android and iOS mobile apps. Unfurled on July 22nd, the mobile app beta will be used to “gather feedback from the community before our V1 launch this fall,” the MetaMask team said. The MetaMask web extension has already proven to be among the most popular cryptocurrency wallets in the Ethereum ecosystem. The San Francisco-based wallet makers had announced plans for an associated mobile app at the Devcon 4 conference last fall. MetaMask’s mobile app is now available for public beta! With MetaMask mobile, users can now manage their digital assets, use dapps, and send ETH or tokens to anyone, anywhere. Read our feature guide and walk-through here!https://t.co/Cuup7LiumN — MetaMask (@metamask_io) July 23, 2019 The new Android and iOS apps will also serve as mobile browsers, which will allow users to interact directly with Ethereum dapps right from within the MetaMask app. As the company explained on Tuesday: “Rather than just another wallet, MetaMask Mobile is a bridge to the decentralized web, with a dapp-centric browsing experience, intuitive on-boarding, and features that sync with your desktop MetaMask accounts.” On that last point, users who download one of the mobile apps will be able to sync their web wallet accounts using a QR code provided within the browser extension or a private key. As far as features go, the apps will support Ethereum Name Service domains, cryptocurrency collectibles built on the ERC-721 token standard (e.g. CryptoKitties), biometric security, and integration with Connext Network’s InstaPay, which lets users make free payments through layer-two payment channels. Layer Two Implications in the Here and Now Layer-two solutions like the Lightning Network are routinely touted as one way to scale public blockchain infrastructure like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Much work has been done on state channels and payment channels to date, but these second-layer solutions have yet to make deep inroads toward mainstream adoption. In that context, the integration of InstaPay in MetaMask’s mobile apps is certainly an early and notable stab in that direction. Looking for InstaPay on the @metamask_io Mobile App? Go to SettingsExperimentalPayment Channels and experience the magic!https://t.co/cZEUWQx2D8 — Connext (@ConnextNetwork) July 23, 2019 For one, MolochDAO member Aftab Hossain hailed the integration as a boon for the Dai stablecoin and a “[h]uge step forward for mass market UI of crypto payments solutions,” later arguing it “increases the likelihood of Ethereum being used for consumer […] payments at scale far sooner than it ever would for the Lightning Network.” More probably unoriginal thoughts: this could also help usher in the use of micropayments for content on websites, since @ConnextNetwork has no fees. This maybe be remembered as one of the most impactful moments in Ethereum UI/UX. — Aftab 'DCinvestor' Hossain (@iamDCinvestor) July 23, 2019 Alas, Ethereum users now have the ability to make micropayments from within one of the space’s premier wallets for the first time. It may still take years for such second-layer solutions to catch on. But for those interested in making gasless payments now, InstaPay is a standout option. A Rising Wallet on a Rising Network The Ethereum network, which turned five years old on July 22nd, facilitated its 500 millionth transaction last week. Notably, the MetaMask web extension alone processed more 0.2 percent of those transactions during one month this spring. “MetaMask recorded 1.1 million transactions in the month of April, which projects out to a whopping 1.51 million transactions last month across the entire user base,” the company revealed in a metrics breakdown back in May. In that breakdown, the wallet makers estimated at the time they had approximately 90,000 weekly users and 264,000 monthly users and that the most popular dapps were 0x Universe, CryptoKitties, Dice 2 Win, Axie Infinity, and Fork Delta. On Twitter, Mythos Capital founder Ryan Sean Adams projected the new MetaMask mobile apps will help the wallet play see further user growth in short order. “This’ll get them to 1m easy,” he said. Metamask just released their mobile wallet beta – Insta payments via channels (yep L2) – Mobile access to DeFi protocols – Simple onboarding First time a crypto wallet felt mainstreamy In April they had 260k monthly active users This'll get them to 1m easy — Ryan Sean Adams (@RyanSAdams) July 23, 2019 In the spring breakdown, MetaMask’s builders indicated they were committed to making wallet’s overall confirmation experience smoother, noting: “On the product side, we’re taking some time to invest design effort into refreshing the Confirm screens to make them more functional. At the same time, we’re exploring a framework that will help the user extend permissions to different applications and reduce the need to confirm individual actions.” The post Mainstream Ethereum Wallet: MetaMask Unveils Mobile App Beta appeared first on Blockonomi. View the full article
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