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  2. Bolt labs have just raised 1.5million to improve privacy for BOLT. Here’s the full article https://www.coindesk.com/bolt-labs-raises-1-5-million-seed-round-to-boost-lightning-privacy
  3. Do you think it’s right to compare BTC to all other payment methods, considering that it is completely different? I feel like yes and no. From one side, it can be used as a regular payment in many places, from the other side however, the infrastructure and idea of BTC payment is completely different.
  4. kallykall78

    What are good marketing strategies for a small business?

    It can de different advertisements in media such as Instagram, Facebook etc. I can also recommend using https://www.managemart.com/ which gives the opportunity to run business more effective. New CRM tools will help to optimize any business and to get control under employees.
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  6. Freldo https://freldo.com - a friendly social network forms and promotes the idea of business development through recommendations, exchange of feedback and information between participants. The founders of the project have developed an effective mechanism for functioning within the network. Users can easily find the products and services they are interested in using a convenient search engine with various filters (rating, price, location, category), have the opportunity to invite friends through other social networks, messengers and mail-agents, and the business gets cheap and effective advertising in the circle of a huge number of friends and acquaintances. At the same time, everyone gets their benefit from the service: Customers receive: · high quality and tested other members of the services, · privileges and bonuses, due to referral reward system. Business: · new customers, · advertising. The network has gained popularity among a large number of users in a short time, held a successful ICO https://ico.freldo.com/ and came out with own currency FRECNX on the cryptocurrency exchange BCEX https://www.bcex.hk/trade/frecnx_eth. This is the Chinese exchange, which occupies a fairly strong and stable position in capitalization at CoinMarketCap (15th place). The trading platform supports more than 50 types of digital assets. The Exchange constantly increases trading volumes, holds a high position rating and actively develops its technological potential in the world of cryptoeconomics. The strong position of the BCEX platform https://www.bcex.hk in the stock market cryptocurrency, currency availability and stablecoins, rarely found on large trading floors, attracts cryptocurrency traders who work for the future, develop the capabilities of their investment portfolio and look for new tools for additional earnings. The FRECNX currency https://www.bcex.hk/trade/frecnx_eth is very interesting for potential investors, that the price index of the token in comparison with the previously held ICO increased 2 times (0,8 $ versus 0,4 $). This position on the token exchange is justified by the fact that it’s based on real business, which has a significant growth rate, introduces innovative solutions in its activities. The token is actively traded on the stock exchange, tends to grow and has excellent future prospects, as the developers are not going to stop there and will improve their work, expand the geography of action. All this will only raise the rating of the cryptocurrency and cost of the company itself.
  7. mikelcrypto

    EarnCryptoInterest.com - Earn Interest On Your Crypto

    Our interest provider uphold offers now interest for two new stablecoins: UPUSD and UPEUR. EarnCryptoInterest - Crypto Interest Provider Uphold Details Details about crypto interest provider Uphold. Accepts BTC, XRP, UPUSD, ETH, UPEUR, EUR, USD as deposit. Operates since 2013 and is registered in United States.
  8. FreldoFreldo

    Freldo Token is already on the exchange!

    Hello, everyone! I want to share with you the good news: After a successful Freldo ICO https://ico.freldo.com/ and reached Hard Cap, the token FRECNX is traded on the BCEX exchange (TOP 15 on CoinMarketCap) - https://www.bcex.hk/trade/frecnx_eth. The main difference between the FRECNX is that if at 99% of ICO projects after the exchange listing, the price of tokens dropped immediately 1000 X times, then FRECNX price increased from $ 0.4 ICO price to $ 0.7 on the BCEX exchange. Freldo Inc. registered in Toronto, Canada in 2011. From 2016 Freldo Inc. has launched business social network Freldo https://freldo.com. A fully functional network connects small and medium business owners and their customers. We have 20 000 live clients. Our goal is to make a revolution in the services market by implementing blockchain technology to the business-client relationship, providing small business with the tools of large networks and companies. BCEX https://www.bcex.hk is a leading global digital assets trading platform. BCEX’s model is to bring on projects with sustainable values to clients. BCEX exchange 24 hours trading volume is $125,880,736.97 (19,846.51 BTC). This exchange supports 51 crypto currencies and 75 market-trading pairs.
  9. CryptoTrader84

    DeepOnion - What's it all about

    Smart contracts is a must-have addition to every blockchain which pretends to attract serious money on it. I also like DeepOnion for its high level of security and untraceability. The team seems strongly oriented toward the business application side, that's why I am also highly positive about this cryptocurrency.
  10. Exposing the dark side of Bitcoin. Claim your part of the biggest wealth transfer in history!
  11. Crypto Cartel Original https://www.cryptocartel.co (All the information about channels can be found on website, but we are updating channels every month , so for Full list and small trial , joining discord channel ask Pablo_Bitcobar or Carlos for full list and trial.) We provide signals to Telegram and Discord Platforms Telegram: https://t.me/cryptocartelleaks (Free Channel) Signals with best success rate, analysis made by world most popular signals providers, educational videos from top traders. Don't follow others, master trading Yourself together with us from more than 10+ Top traders, like Eric Choe, Philakone, Lex van Dam, AL Brooks and more. We are here from November 2017 and We have only grown bigger! We were one of the first ones who had idea to leak ridiculous expensive providers in one place for easy following, started with 5 channels copy/paste manually and in 1.5 years we have grown and infiltraded in more than 80+ Private groups, No Delay between original messages, first hand sources, 90% of other leak groups are scams who are closing after weeks or months Because they dont have straight sources, they leak from us or our partners, there is no other groups who have so big content straight from sources! If someone has, believe me, they will disappear in few weeks, months and You will lose Your subscription(paid money) It is up to You, You can go trough forums from November 2017 and see how much leak groups are not working anymore and those are the same people who are scamming You all the time.[/b] Please be careful and don't pay these groups who is offering leak services less then 1 year , You will probably lose money or will get bad service. With Us- You will be always safe. Special discount offer only for cryptocurrencytalk users- Join Our discord channel - DM to Carlos or Pablo_Bitcobar with code: cryptocurrencytalk and get discounts up to 40%
  12. additude

    Starter Coins for Beginners

    I agree with Dave, Start with the Pool first. You'll see results faster.
  13. ETH price extended gains and rallied towards the $175 resistance area against the US Dollar. The price pumped sharply above the $169 and $170 resistance levels to test $174. There is a solid bullish trend line formed with support at $168 on the hourly chart of ETH/USD (data feed via Kraken). The pair remains well supported on the downside near $170 and it could continue to rise towards $180. Ethereum price climbed higher above key levels versus the US Dollar, along with bitcoin. ETH remains well bid and it seems like buyers could push the price towards $180 and $182. Ethereum Price Analysis Yesterday, we saw a strong rebound in Ethereum price above the $162 and $165 resistance levels against the US Dollar. The ETH/USD pair even tested the $170 resistance level and settled above 100 hourly simple moving average. Finally, the price broke the $169 and $170 resistance levels to extend the rally towards the $175 level (as discussed in yesterday’s analysis). The price tested the $174 level and it is currently consolidating gains below $175. An initial support is near $172 and the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the recent wave from the $164 swing low to $174 high. On the downside, there are many supports near the $170 and $169 levels (the previous resistances). There is also a solid bullish trend line formed with support at $168 on the hourly chart of ETH/USD. The trend line coincides with the 50% Fib retracement level of the recent wave from the $164 swing low to $174 high. Therefore, if the price corrects below $172, it is likely to find support near the $168 support area. On the upside, an initial resistance is near the $175 level. Should Ether buyers push the price above the $175 resistance, there could be a strong move towards the $180 and $182 resistance levels. If buyers remain in action, there is even a chance of a run towards the $190 resistance area. Looking at the chart, Ethereum price trading nicely above the $168, $169 and $170 support levels. As long as there is no close below $168, the price remains in a positive zone. Below $168, the next support is at $164 and the 100 hourly simple moving average. The overall price action is positive and the recent break above $170 suggests that bears are clearly struggling to push the price lower. ETH Technical Indicators Hourly MACD The MACD for ETH/USD is gaining strong momentum in the bullish zone, with positive signs. Hourly RSI The RSI for ETH/USD jumped above the 60 level and it is currently near 75. Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/cryptoexpert20 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/crypto.michael.18 Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/crypto-expert20
  14. Welcome, I found new cryptocurrency called 0BAI on ICO investing . com and I read them whitepaper. I do not have much experience in investing in a startup but that seems very good and attractive. The company created a pension fund in the development of cryptocurrencies and think it is very ingenious. What do you think is worth investing in? For now the price is $ 1 but on the day of the debut the value of Coin will be $ 10. Greetings Jakub
  15. Read more on #iOWN blog: https://bit.ly/2Z8m6nU #iOWNToken #Blockchain #Crypto #thefuture #blog #realestate
  16. cryptoblezin

    About The VEIL Project:

    Good day everyone, I have brought to us today a new and incredible cryptocurrency platform that is already doing amazingly well on the coin market cap due to its unique features and potential. This project is no other one but VEIL. Aside from the impressive features it promises to bring onboard, VEIL Technology, by virtue of its name, “VEIL” hints on the project’s quest to alter the current privacy options in digital assets. To enhance the privacy focus of cryptocurrencies, VEIL Technologies combines relevant privacy technologies that will make crypto coins truly private. THE HYBRID CONSENSUS MECHANISM OF VEIL The consensus system is one of the factors that propel the success of every crypto project. In its case, Veil Technology, in its bid to bring revolution and full-scale privacy to crypto coins, opted for a hybrid consensus mechanism. Featuring the productive Proof-of-Stake (PoS) and Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus mechanisms, the project aims at providing full-scale security and boosting mining activities on its network. The PoS consensus, in particular, triggers a reward mechanism that tips participants with the Veil coin after staking in the mining pool. On its part, the PoW consensus mechanism makes use of the ASIC-Resistant X16RT hashing algorithm to secure the platform. It also ensures an even distribution of coins. VEIL on Coin Market Cap If I were you, I will like to make more research about this project and key into it this is one of its kind so far in the history of cryptocurrency projects, in fact, the price of the coin has been growing since it got listed on the coin market cap. For more information about the VEIL Platform, please visit: WEBSITE: https://veil-project.com/ ANN THREAD: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5065331.0 TWITTER: https://twitter.com/projectveil FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/projectveil/
  17. Withdrawal Nr. 41 ( April 18, 2019) Register here : COINTIPLY.COM
  18. 🏆 UPDATED Referral Leaderboard 🏆 username - # of sign ups 1. ro***r7 - 43 2. ch****ay - 42 3. 1j****si - 23 4. g8***rd – 22 5. a0****3h - 19 6. mr***ek - 18 7 he***87 – 10 8. ka***ol - 9 9. ay***wa – 6 10. jo** **en - 6
  19. erikson_partners

    Jobs/services suppressed by Blockchain adaption 

    This is a good article explaining this: How blockchain is disrupting the insurance industry for the better | CIO The insurance industry will still have obstacles to overcome, but blockchain’s ability to provide complete accountability, transparency and superior security will help insurers save time and money, as well as improve customer satisfaction.
  20. Technology Freak


    Yes, they did. You can buy and thank me later 🤑
  21. thebutcher66

    Blockchain explanation

    Not even the ones who created it know how to explain 🤣🤣
  22. thebutcher66


    whats happening with that? I saw them on the blockchain summit, did they launch 🤨
  23. Technology Freak


    LOCUS listed in IDAX and BTRADE. Price is now arround 0.02$, let's go to the mooooooooon
  24. Gratz (GRAT) Last price: 0.041 XLM (0.005 USD) 24h change: +32.3% 24h volume: 34.88k Trade Gratz right from your wallet on fee-free decentralized exchange StellarX: StellarX: A user-friendly, peer-to-peer marketplace A user-friendly, peer-to-peer marketplace.
  25. worldmobilecoin

    【ANN】 World Mobile Coin - [WMCC] [X15]

    Hello dear community. We are pleased to announce that we have done a great deal of technical work recently, which we will report in the future. Today WMCC Team understands that early diggers are already bored and want to get their profit. We understand this and do our best to protect the interests of all participants. Now technical work is underway to enter foreign markets. And also preparing for the presentation of an interesting tool that you will also like. But now we want to give you the opportunity to start communication and get acquainted with each other, as well as to make an exchange. We are pleased to present the ESCROW interim solution. On the official channel, you can not worry about cheating and find your buyer. Please join telegrams channel https://t.me/worldmobilecoindiscussion, new official ESCROW https://t.me/WMCCOfficialESCROW. See you there.
  26. 1bit_online


    Dear customers! We remind you, that your https://1bit.online/en/ is suitable for both beginners who want to exchange their funds with other users at market rates, as well as experienced traders who are interested in more complex stock exchange tools. You are welcome!
  27. Business reviews/interviews are important ways to authenticate and give credence to your business. Since the world went digital, an estimated 90% of users trust online reviews like they trust personal recommendations. This helps investors trust the particular business with their funds. But there have been many banal ways of writing Business reviews like using the omniscient point of view in which the writer writes from observed events. However, Investors trust more Businesses that are reviewed with the founder or founders explaining what their businesses are about. That is the Q & R model which guarantees more returns. Its importance stretches beyond relating on a personal level with consumers, to increasing your SEO visibility, Traffic to business site, and brand awareness. These are highlights from Tech Business reviews from leading Global tech Companies using the Q & R model, I hope you do learn something new.
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