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  2. By CCN: Worried Telsa CEO Elon Musk wasn’t packing his cars with enough feature? The tech pioneer wants you to be able to play top video game titles in his vehicles. Tesla is definitely porting over Unity and Epic’s Unreal Engine, that Fortnite and Rocket League, run on. Musk also tweeted Microsoft and Roblox to see if they want to be involved too. Also porting Unreal Engine — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) May 19, 2019 Elon Musk Wants Fortnite, Rocket League, Minecraft and Robolox In Your Tesla In a chain of tweets where the tech billionaire, dropped the bombshell that alongside The post Elon Musk Ports Epic’s Unreal Engine to Install Fornite in Your Tesla appeared first on CCN View the full article
  3. The number of subpoenas early crypto companies got from misinformed government agencies was "staggering," says Bloq's Steve Beauregard. View the full article
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  5. Bitcoin price broke out of a bottom consolidation overnight, jumping 11%, reclaiming the $8k handle ahead of the weekly close. We take a look at the price action as we head towards the weekly close. Bitcoin Price: 4-Hour Chart The 4-hour chart shows that bitcoin price 00 broke from $7,247 to $7,980 in one hourly candle, smashing through and past the $7,878 level from which the 20% decline occurred at Bitstamp. This is particularly encouraging, on the basis that one may have expected to find short interest at this level. Furthermore, this area also acted as support on the first time and resulted in a further push to find highs over $8,100, which implies that there is bullish momentum in this move. The MACD has crossed bullish with its signal line and is now trending higher above zero, with higher highs on the histogram. The move was also supported by strong volume. BTC/USD Weekly Chart Taking an early look at the weekly chart, we can see that the resistance currently being faced, dates back to July of 2018. Interestingly, we can see that the volume candle for this week is the highest seen in 2019 with half a day of trade remaining. The volume node at the price range of $6,150 – $7,000 is now acting as support along with the 100 MA and that above $8,453 and there is relatively little price volume history, which may mean that there is surprisingly little resistance above. The MACD is in confluence with the other key lower timeframes and has now been crossed bullish since the first week of February 2019. All of these factors point to bitcoin being bullish, although there is still some time remaining on the weekly candle and last week’s sell-off acts as a stark reminder that things can change very quickly in this market. Weekend Pain for Futures Traders Bitcoin’s push through the weekend has meant that assuming Bitcoin can maintain its prices through today above $7180, there will be another CME gap up in price caused by weekend trading, which will cause more pain for those shorting Bitcoin. These gaps are typically backfilled eventually, meaning that the $7k level may be a key level in the coming weeks if and when Bitcoin eventually corrects. The weekend trading for futures traders will be becoming somewhat of a headache for the traders who are unable to act in instances of weekend volatility such as those seen today. Looking Forward As BTC/USD heads into the close, there are many indicators implying that there are still legs in the bullish move and that bitcoin could press higher towards the $9,500 where there is a key Fibonacci retracement level of 38.2%. Breaking the $8,500 level will be extremely significant and is seen by many as being key to reversing the bear market. Despite all the bullish momentum, traders will remember several painful double tops after pullbacks around these prices in 2018 and will need to remain vigilant. Trade Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC) and other cryptocurrencies on online Bitcoin forex broker platform evolve.markets. To get receive updates for the writer you can follow on Twitter (@filbfilb) and TradingView. The views and opinions of the writer should not be misconstrued as financial advice. For disclosure, the writer holds Bitcoin at the time of writing. Images courtesy of Shutterstock, Tradingview.com The post Bitcoin Price Analysis – $8.5K Now in Sight to End Bear Market appeared first on Bitcoinist.com. View the full article
  6. Mr. Yoshitaka Kitao, CEO of SBI Holdings has built 8 companies to create a Crypto Ecosystem and XRP is an intricate part. Should you wish to support me, ...
  7. Bitcoin has made a come back following three days of depressive price movements that led to a 21.37 percent drop. The world’s leading cryptocurrency started Sunday while trending in positive territory. The asset’s rate against the US dollar surged by circa 11 percent to settle a session high at $8,041 on Coinbase exchange. The move brought approximately $12 billion to the bitcoin market, with maximum influx coming from Tether’s stablecoin USDT. Nonetheless, the uptrend slowed down ahead of the European session, hinting that a downside correction might still be underway. Bitcoin Price Revives Bullish Sentiment upon Retesting $8,000 | Image Credits: TradingView.com Next Upside Target between $9,200-$11,000 Josh Rager, a prominent cryptocurrency analyst, saw the bitcoin price breaking a critical resistance level. The US-based market expert said the asset is looking to close above $8,216 in near-term to validate an extended bullish bias. He predicted that bitcoin would establish an upside target of $9,600 or more. “Bitcoin certainly looks to be pumping, now over previous resistance,” said Rager. “Price is near $8000 & looks to be heading toward the $8200 1D resistance (might consolidate prior). A close above $8200 on the daily/weekly would be very bullish and would target $9,600 [or beyond].” $BTC – 1 Hour Chart Bitcoin certainly looks to be pumping, now over previous resistance Price is near $8000 & looks to be heading toward the $8200 1D resistance (might consolidate prior) A close above $8200 on the daily/weekly would be very bullish and would target $9600+ pic.twitter.com/8S1qmjR56e — Josh Rager (@Josh_Rager) May 19, 2019 Parabolic Trav, a cryptocurrency analyst, known for his graphic market narratives, too noted a strong bullish bias in the bitcoin market. The market expert treated bitcoin’s 2015 parabolic move as a guide for the asset’s ongoing price movements. “There’s lots of play in the curvature, but this push we’ve had was earlier in the bottoming process than 2015 and pushed it up faster,” said Parabolic Trav. Using 2015 channel formation as guide for 2019. Something similar? There's lots of play in the curvature, but this push we've had was earlier in the bottoming process than 2015 and pushes it up faster. pic.twitter.com/LTqyQw5wja — ParabolicTrav (@parabolictrav) May 17, 2019 Crypto investment guru DonAlt predicted a similar future for bitcoin. The analyst noted that the asset was looking to close above a substantial resistance area, as shown in the chart below. Nevertheless, he said the bitcoin market would remain bullish as long as it holds above $6,400, a level with strong credentials as resistance during bitcoin’s uptrend sentiment. Bitcoin Looking to Extend Bull Bias Towards $10K | Source: DonAlt DonAlt predicted a bitcoin price rally beyond $9,200 (as far as $11,000, according to the chart above), which also marked as the next potential pullback for the asset. More likely, the analyst proposed upside targets that had earlier served as crucial resistance areas in the market. The ‘Major Resistance’ horizontal in the chart above signified its potential to cap bitcoin’s bullish attempts. The $11,000 price target had also capped similar market movements. “As long as 6400 holds, I’ll be a better perma-bull than Parabolic Trav ever was. This still looks gorgeous to me, and I won’t touch the red button for quite a while,” said DonAlt. Below $6,400 Event of bitcoin closing below $6,400 could push the price as low as $5,715, Rager said about the weekly support level. Nevertheless, the psychological support at $6,000 would keep providing a strong accumulation case, as seen between June 2018 and November 2018 price action. The post Bitcoin Price Retests $8,000 Following 21.37% Drop – Is $11,000 Next? appeared first on NewsBTC. View the full article
  8. Bitcoin had another wild week with BTC price making a strong recovery back to $8K. Let’s take a look at the past week’s top stories. Bitcoin Price Back At $8K So The Netherlands came out top in Eurovision, while Madonna could, by all accounts, have done with a bit of autotune. But who were the winners and losers in the world of cryptocurrency this week? BTC price 00 started the week as it finished last week. Not content with taking $6000 and $7000, it pushed straight through to $8000. If momentum could be maintained, there was talk of $9500… however, after all the hard work it had done, price decided to take a breather. It seemed quite happy to gravitate around the $8000 mark, even taking a yearly high of $8300 on Tuesday. The positive sentiment even seemed to be spreading to the alts, with Ethereum, BNB, and Litecoin, all posting yearly highs. Then just as everyone was getting comfortable, and waiting for the next push… There was a huge dump down to $6100. While variously blamed on fat fingers, bot glitch, or those damned whales, it didn’t stay down for long before re-settling at around $7300. In fact, veteran trader (and it seems that he will forevermore be referred to as such), Peter Brandt, suggested that the strong correction would spawn a new parabolic advance. Certainly, as the week closes, we look to be heading back towards $8000. No wonder that Google searches for ‘Bitcoin’ are now more popular than for ‘Donald Trump’. Bitcoin In The Mainstream A number of big-name retailers announced that they would be accepting payments in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, through the Flexa app. Whole Foods, Barnes and Noble, Gamestop, Bed Bath and Beyond, and many more will start taking Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Gemini Dollars. And yes, that inclusion of Gemini Dollars does mean that the Winklevii are involved. Some carefully placed hoardings at Consensus suggested that eBay may also soon be accepting cryptocurrency payments. I mean, what conclusion would you draw from the message, “Virtual currency. It’s happening on eBay.” Bakkt took the decision to self-certify its physically backed Bitcoin-futures product, meaning unless the CFTC disapproves, it gets a green light next week. It does however still need to get its custodianship approved, so we will wait and see if testing begins in July as hoped. There was even a rumor (sparked by a coincidental speech-scheduling), that the VanEck Bitcoin-ETF may be approved on Tuesday, although that is somewhat likely to just be wishful thinking. Bitfinex Raises $1 Billion Without a Hitch Exchange, Bitfinex, seemed determined to put its woes over the whole Tether scandal behind it. First it announced that it had raised $1 billion in a private token sale, then that it was ready to distribute the strangely monikered ‘UNUS SED LEO’ tokens. And the promised revealing of Satoshi Nakamoto turned out to be nothing more than a marketing campaign for a news portal. Not a great start if your first ‘news’ story is just clickbait. Perhaps more interesting was the theory that Satoshi was a convicted drug dealer and US informant, who only invented Bitcoin for money-laundering purposes. At this point, would it even matter? What was the most important story last week for Bitcoin? Share your thoughts below! Images via Shutterstock, Tradingview.com The post Bitcoin Back at $8K to Whole Foods Accepting BTC – Week’s Top Stories appeared first on Bitcoinist.com. View the full article
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  10. By CCN: The myriad privacy issues Facebook has been mired in are turning off the very people it wants to hire to help it improve its platform. These are the findings of former recruiters who shared the details with CNBC. You’d think that Facebook would have to beat off people wanting to work at the company. Those leaks, especially the Cambridge Analytica, are not sitting well with job prospects. If this keeps up, it will likely become more challenging for the company to enter the world of cryptos – codename ‘Project Libra‘ – with the many projects it has in The post Facebook’s Secret Crypto Project Faces a Treacherous Self-Inflicted Problem appeared first on CCN View the full article
  11. New Markets Dear clients, new markets are available for trading: BeeNode, pairs BNODE/BTC, BNODE/ETH TVT, pairs TVT/BTC, TVT/ETH SemolinaToken , pairs SMA/BTC, SMA/ETH CryptoBuck, pairs BUK2/BTC, BUK2/ETH Darsek, pairs KED/BTC, KED/ETH Cubits, pairs QBT/BTC, QBT/ETH SafexToken, pairs SFT/BTC, SFT/ETH You can find details following this link this link >>> Wishing you good trading! 🙂
  12. The guy who coined the term "hodl" has a real bitcoin story that only made his interest in the technology stronger. View the full article
  13. The word "blockchain" isn't used in the bitcoin white paper, the document that started it all. So, how did the term take off as a buzzword? View the full article
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  15. My fully comprehensive road map to becoming a COMPLETE Trading Boss! + VIP DIscord Access*** ...
  16. This is a testament that the time knows their onions and are committed to ensuring the success of the project . The team seems to be proactive too.
  17. It is not entering only sports, it is emerging almost everywhere. I have read in the news that JPMorgan will start issuing its own crypto currency. It would be interesting to see how bankers are going to use it to their own benefit. Many other companies are starting with this practice
  18. By CCN: The bitcoin price has surged by seven percent in the past several hours from $7,300 to around $8,000 in major markets including the U.S., demonstrating a strong recovery from its abrupt drop to $6,400. On May 17, as CCN reported, the bitcoin price briefly plunged to $6,400 by more than 18 percent against the U.S. dollar. Market eating up an 18% bitcoin drop quickly is a sign of positive sentiment Analysts including Dovey Wan, a founding partner at Primitive, stated that the brief price drop of bitcoin on Friday was likely due to manipulation engaged by a single The post Meteoric Crypto Recovery: Here’s What Triggered Bitcoin Price Above $8,000 appeared first on CCN View the full article
  19. Ripple/XRP Decentralization - Who will you trust with your Value? Buy your own ledger here.... https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/8592 Order your Ellipal here...
  20. Cryptocurrency Market Update May 19th 2019 - Bulls Follow Consensus In this week's cryptocurrency market update we look at all the latest news headlines for ...
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    Coinbase Custody holds $ 1 billion

    Coinbase has been upgrading immensely lately. Their recent Stellar promotion has really made Coinbase a cornerstone in the cryptocurrency exchange market.
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    Paxful is one of the best exchanges around. Here's why: Fees are almost nonexistent at 1% The platform boasts over 300+ payment methods You can trade in new and unused gift cards for Bitcoin Customer support is excellent and they even offer phone support The user interface is clean and easy to use Verification and getting started is simple Learn more here.
  23. The majority of BTC traders and investors were secretly hoping that Bitcoin price would correct all the way back down to $6k or lower. This would provide ample opportunity to accumulate for a bigger bull run later this year. Their hopes have been dashed this Sunday morning as Bitcoin surged again during Asian trading. Bitcoin Price Sunday Surge of 9% For the best part of the past day, Bitcoin price 00 has remained range-bound between $7,250 and $7,400. It broke out of this channel a couple of hours ago during the Asian session and surged 9 percent to hit $7,920 according to Coinmarketcap.com. Daily volume had trailed off by half over the past few days but had already started to ramp up this morning. Just yesterday it appeared that Bitcoin was taking a breather, possibly poised to drop back to major support zones. A number of prominent analysts were eyeing $6,400 or lower for a possible retracement. At the time of writing, this looks unlikely as the bulls have taken control of the markets again. CNBC got it completely wrong as usual by posting a head and shoulders chart implying that a big drop was imminent. The counter trading indicator did not go unnoticed by those on crypto twitter. Twitter crypto market analyst, Josh Rager, wrote: .CNBC calling head & shoulders… And I really wanted to buy the dip down to low to mid $6ks. Was a clear counter indicator as Bitcoin is starting to pump. The next move for BTC is likely to be above $8,000 again with huge resistance at $8,200 where it reached during the week. Rager added that a close above this price on the daily/weekly would be very bullish with the next targets being upwards of $9,000. He specified $9,600 adding; There will be resistance along the way and could take more than a few days even if the daily/weekly closes above $8216. Weekly volume looks amazing. $BTC – Weekly Chart To clarify, why $9600 is because this is viewpoint from higher time frame charts There will be resistance along the way and could take more than a few days even if the daily/weekly closes above $8216 Weekly volume looks amazing pic.twitter.com/6xM6zmwrd9 — Josh Rager (@Josh_Rager) May 19, 2019 $18 Billion Added to Crypto Cap Bitcoin’s Sunday surge has resulted in over $18 billion being added to crypto market capitalization as it pumps from an intraday low of $228 billion to $246 billion. Total market cap 24 hours – Coinmarketcap.com Total market cap has remained over $200 billion for the past seven days. It is the first time since early November that this has happened. As a result, the altcoins are all in the green at the moment with big gains of over 7 percent for Bitcoin Cash, Binance Coin, and Dash. Ethereum, EOS, Litecoin, Stellar, Monero, and IOTA are all making over 4 percent at the time of writing. Is Bitcoin going to $9,600 or will it bounce off resistance at $8,200? Add your thoughts below. Images via Shutterstock, Coinmarketcap.com The post Crypto Markets Surge $18 Billion as Bitcoin Heads Back to $8K appeared first on Bitcoinist.com. View the full article
  24. Los Angeles, CA- Preakness day! I am going to break down some fasting techniques today and talk about the conviction needed when dealing with health ...
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