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  2. TAGZ is Australia’s first fully licensed and regulated Dual Gateway Exchange based in Australia and registered with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). Their focus is to protectusers by actively monitoring trading activity and saying goodbye to flash crashes, pump & dumps, spoofing, fake volume aswell as securing against possible data security breaches. TAGZ is airdropping free TAGZ tokens to their community members. Create an account at TAGZ and submit your email address to the mentioned tweet to receive $50 worth of tokens. Step-by-Step Guide: Visit the TAGZ Submit your details and sign up. Verify your mail and log in. Submit your registered email address to this tweet as a reply. You will get $50 worth of TAGZ tokens LINK
  3. Chiến dịch chữ ký IoTeX thứ II đã bắt đầu! 🖋 Lần này diễn ra trên 2 diễn đàn : 🔅Bitcointalk : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5118558.msg50080859#msg50080859 🔅Altcoinstalk: https://www.altcoinstalks.com/index.php?topic=110188.new#new Hãy tham gia chiến dịch để mừng sự kiện ra mắt IoTeX mainnet vào ngày 22/4 /2019
  4. · The biggest discount: -50% (1 CMA = 0.005 USD). · 189,945,600 from initial 200,000,000 coins left only. · The private sale will end on 20. May 2019 or when all coins are sold. (IEO just after Private Sale) · Lock up period is 6 months. · The minimum contribution is $150 USD worth of BTC, ETH and any crypto which can be sold on the exchanges. Plus exclusive offer for all the publishers of our marketplace: First 999 contributors with $500+ USD worth of crypto will get lifetime zero fees on CMA marketplace. Currently, fees are 10% from transaction. How to participate in Private Sale: 1) Send email to [email protected] with cryptocurrency which You would like to contribute and amount of it. 2) We will reply with our wallet and amount of CMA You can get, 1 CMA = 0.005 USD. 3) Send cryptocurrency to our wallet and make sure a transaction is completed on the blockchain. 4) Register account here: https://www.cryptomarketads.com/marketplace and let us know Your account email. Alternatively, by Your request, we can sign SAFT agreement. 5) We will add coins into Your account and it will be possible to withdraw them after lock up end to the exchange or any other wallet. Note, CMA coins will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Why You should contribute to CMA Private Sale: 1. The biggest discount: -50% (1 CMA = 0.005 USD). 2. The biggest possible ROI after exchange listing. 3. It's the only payment option in our first product: https://www.cryptomarketads.com/marketplace 4. Marketplace publishers will lock-up up to 5 million coins to get 50% discount on Fees. (1000 publishers = 5 Billion CMA = 50% of all coins) 5. CMA coin also will give access and will be used on new products for every transaction. (New blockchain for marketplaces, visual decentralized marketplace builder and ICO platform for marketplaces) 6. CMA coin will be swapped to the new blockchain main coin. 7. We will go into the biggest exchanges and will make a partnership with crypto.com, as this is part of our ecosystem! Thank You very much and let us know if You have any questions. Best Regards, crypto market ads
  5. 🎉 IOTX niêm yết trên sàn Hàn Quốc - Gopax! ✅ Cặp giao dịch: IOTX/KRW (our first KRW pair!), IOTX/BTC, IOTX/ETH ⏰ Thời gian niêm yết : Wallet Open Date : Apr. 24, 2019 15:00 KST Listing Date: April 25, 2019 15:00 KST 💰Kiểm tra sự kiện reward giao dịch tại đây ➡️ https://www.gopax.co.kr/notice/389
  6. Cromie

    How is BTC changing your daily life?

    I'm more self-confident for sure 🙂
  7. Cromie

    How can we make BTC global?

    We need to talk to people around us
  8. Cromie

    Hate against crypto

    Every kind of publicity is a good publicity.
  9. Cromie

    Richest people in crypto

    Can't wait!
  10. Cromie

    Could you only pay in BTC, not in cash?

    I wish I could
  11. Cromie

    Elon Musk and Dogecoin rise

    DOGE is awesome!
  12. Cromie

    More male users in BTC

    Well, hello 😛
  13. Sounds like something that suits my needs. Ok, let's give you a change 😉
  14. CoinDeal is Betting on SegWit CoinDeal is proving to be the exchange of choice for crypto enthusiasts and Bitcoin aficionados with their latest offer. Deposit BTC onto your CoinDeal account [...]
  15. gamerunx

    Welcome New Members!

    Hello everyone. Any Danish members? 🙂 Here to learn more crypto. Reading around for now.
  16. Today
  17. RaimondRandom

    Price Analysis: BTC/USD, ETH/USD, XRP/USD, LTC/USD

    Or do whales pump BTC only because they don't have money for other coins?
  18. = Bank Society Coin [SOCI] = is now listed on MCT+ trading platform! Website: http://banksociety.co/ Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5111513.0 Come and trade with us: https://trade.mct.plus/
  19. 🔥The CBNT Bounty Campaign Round #2 is currently live. Help is spread the word about CBNT! 🚀Mine as many tokens as possible before we list on Bibox! 📝 CBNT is a decentralized media platform with a unique model of participating is mining. 💬 How can I mine and gain CBNT tokens? 📌 Writing high-quality content/articles on CBNT; 📌 View, Comment, Share, and Like the high-quality content. 🔍Bitcoin Talk Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5129280.0
  20. PROJECT77

    In case you haven't heard about MERCATOX

    Confirmation mail issues Dear users! Please be informed that at the moment we are experiencing some problems with sending emails via Gmail provider. Now we are actively resolving this issue. We apologize for any inconvenience that might be caused by this. Thank you for staying with us. Mercatox Team
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