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    Binance hack or Binance Scam?

    True that !!
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    Worlds largest crypto currency gets hacked

    The questions just arise in my mind making me think from a different point of view as per seeing those articles on reddit and twitter there are videos on youtube saying that binance got the hack done by themselves so yes i am just confused here that what exactly is the truth
  4. A common thread among all emergent technologies is that there numerous misconceptions, general confusion, and many times, outright dismissiveness of the particular technology. While that is to be expected for most young technological innovations, it is striking in its gravity among Bitcoin’s critics and people who even still tout ‘blockchain, not Bitcoin.’ Historically, the rise of new technology — such as the Internet — presents unique challenges in helping people to overcome the barrier to understanding precisely what it is, as well as its potential. This is mainly because such technologies are unprecedented, and access to information was much less accessible before the modern web. However, with Bitcoin, it’s different. People now have access to the most open and wide-ranging repository of information in history (i.e., the Internet) and sagacious analysis of the origins of money. Despite the consistently increasing volumes of metrics, analysis, and general information on Bitcoin and its underlying technologies, the problem of onboarding more people is still evident. People may disagree with the underlying value proposition of Bitcoin, but it is continually frustrating when the arguments against it draw from a place of ignorance about basic concepts within the technology and broader monetary perspective of the legacy cryptocurrency. Conversely, for people seeking more resources on Bitcoin, it can seem like a daunting task. Varied information is dispersed across the Internet, the technology is complicated, the notion of social consensus abstract, and placing Bitcoin in the context of the history of money is bizarre for people who just learned that fiat money is a relatively new phenomenon. Curated resource lists are hard to find many times, so we decided to provide a directory of some of the best resources for learning about Bitcoin, its technology, and social/economic impact. We have created our own guide to Bitcoin here at Blockonomi, so use that as a starting point. It is by no means a comprehensive list, and there will assuredly be quality content left out, but we hope it can be a start on the journey towards greater knowledge about Bitcoin. Bitcoin Books Books are often the best way to grasp the broader concept of a complex topic before diving into the details, and fortunately, some authors have furnished excellent works to help onboard people interested in the Bitcoin ecosystem. The Bitcoin Standard: The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking — By Saifedean Ammous Saifedean Ammous’ work is a comprehensive overview of how variants of money have developed dating back to the Yapese Rai Stones. By placing emphasis on specific characteristics of sound money and its effect on social and economic developments, Ammous provides a compelling narrative that places Bitcoin within the context of humanity’s perception of money. Mastering Bitcoin: Programming The Open Blockchain — By Andreas Antonopoulos Quite possibly the best spokesman for Bitcoin, Antonopoulos is one of the leading proponents for the legacy cryptocurrency, and his first book helped to inspire many people to join the Bitcoin community. While more technically focused than Ammous’ work, Mastering Bitcoin unveils some of the most profound design features and implications of Bitcoin and is a must-read for anyone looking to learn more. The Internet of Money (Volumes 1 & 2) — By Andreas Antonopoulos The next two works by Antonopoulos are derived from his many lectures, presentations, and public events from around the world where he has strived to promote and educate people about Bitcoin. Through a series of essays, The Internet of Money contextualizes the ‘why’ of Bitcoin and is an outstanding beginning for people looking for a broader, and briefer, overview of the cryptocurrency. Programming Bitcoin: Learn How To Program Bitcoin From Scratch — By Jimmy Song Recently released and developer-oriented, Song’s book focuses on teaching Python developers how to build a Bitcoin library from scratch. His book elucidates the more complex technical components of Bitcoin to developers (i.e., Bitcoin’s Script language), and is the most comprehensive guide to programming Bitcoin to date. Bitcoin Money: A Tale of Bitville Discovering Good Money — By Michael Caras Targeted towards children, Caras’ book takes the complex topics of Bitcoin and the economics behind it and conveys the content in a way that is digestible and valuable to children, and even adults. Essays on Bitcoin — Compiled by John Gleeson Essays on Bitcoin is a free e-book that is comprised of a series of essays from many prominent Bitcoin community members and their takes on the original cryptocurrency. Bitcoin Blogs There are some incredible blog series out there for people to follow that bring unique takes and analysis to the many components of Bitcoin that are often overlooked. From data insights to abstract takes on the social impact of Bitcoin, blog series can become one of the most intuitive ways to gather relevant perspectives on the consistently evolving Bitcoin. The Bitcoin Whitepaper by Satoshi Nakamoto Nick Szabo — The Unenumerated — Speaks for itself. Paul Sztorc — Truthcoin — Insightful and comprehensive analysis of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Satoshi Nakamoto Institute — The Complete Writings of Satoshi Satoshi Nakamoto Institute — Literature Section BitMEX Research — The best industry research in the space. Bitcoin Tech Talk — Medium publication featuring a variety of authors and analysis — Newsletter Vijay Boyapati — The Bullish Case for Bitcoin Jimmy Song — Bitcoin Educator and Developer. Jameson Lopp — Bitcoin Programmer and CTO at Casa. Willy Woo — Cryptocurrency investment and trading metrics analysis. Nic Carter — Partner at Castle Island Ventures with insightful analysis of Bitcoin. Hasu — Independent cryptocurrency researcher on multiple aspects of Bitcoin and crypto industry. BitFury Research — Comprehensive and insightful industry analysis. Tuur Demeester — Excellent economics analysis of Bitcoin. Elaine Ou — Elaine’s Idle Mind — Compelling cryptocurrency analysis among broader topics. Uncommon Core — A dual blog by Hasu and Su Zhu (CEO of Three Arrows Capital). Blockstream Blog — A leading Bitcoin development company with some fascinating technology products. Bitcoin Online Courses and Resource/Metrics Repositories Online courses are a powerful discovery for the hungry mind in the digital era. Classes and resources on Bitcoin, blockchain, and crypto are becoming increasingly prevalent and offer some of the most well-defined pathways for learning more about Bitcoin. Jameson Lopp’s Bitcoin Information and Resources — Likely the most comprehensive Bitcoin resource list available. Satoshi Nakamoto Institute — Various resources on Bitcoin’s history, design, literature, and more. Blockchain Transparency Institute — A must for new investors looking to avoid wash trading and bad exchanges. Coursera — Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies — Follows Princeton Book on Bitcoin. Udemy — Series of Bitcoin videos and lectures. Blockchain at Berkeley — edX Courses for Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Khan Academy — Bitcoin courses and video lectures. Buidl Bootcamp — Developer courses for Bitcoin (in Python) by Justin Moon. Bitcoin for Beginners — Andreas Antonopoulos YouTube series. Bitcoin Designed — Design resources and infographics for Bitcoin. Statistical Charts, Network Charts, and Block Explorers Once you have a firm grasp on the overarching concept of Bitcoin and how it functions, metrics websites and open-source analytics tools can become exceptionally useful for understanding the inner workings of a public blockchain. Many of the below websites are powerful mediums for evaluating real-time data (i.e., mining difficulty, transaction volume, etc.) that can be practical for a variety of applications. Coinmetrics — Excellent data charts, graphs, insights, and analysis. Messari/OnChainFX — Everything from crypto news to analysis and metrics. BitcoinVisuals — In-depth Bitcoin blockchain and Lightning Network metrics. BitcoinWisdom — Excellent charts and data for Bitcoin’s mining and difficulty. Blockhain.com — Custodial wallet service with comprehensive charts and on-chain metrics for Bitocin. P2SH — Transaction and network metrics for Bitcoin. Nomics — Cryptocurrency resources and market data. CoinDance — Comprehensive metrics and network statistics on Bitcoin — includes interesting information on LocalBitcoins in various geographical regions as well. Conclusion Obviously, this is not a comprehensive list of all the quality resources available on Bitcoin. There are more categories, including podcasts, conferences, video presentations, the Bitcoin subreddit, merchant directories, professional trading resources, cryptoeconomics literature, developer tools, wiki guides, and much more. Bitcoin spawned an entire industry, and it is promising to know that its abundance of resources is continually expanding. We believe that the above resources should be an effective start for any newcomer (or critic) who would like to learn more about the fundamental value proposition, technical design, and social/economic impact that Bitcoin can have. For core cryptocurrency components, many of the above resources can also help to supplement your knowledge as we all know how fast everything in the crypto sphere moves. And in the world of cryptocurrencies, always remember — don’t trust, verify. The post Educational Resources for Bitcoin: Complete Guide appeared first on Blockonomi. View the full article
  5. By CCN: An emerging economy which expects to attract $5.8 billion worth of Foreign Direct Investments is belittling its goals with an anti-technology stance. Myanmar is the latest developing country that is hinting to shut doors in the face of bitcoin, a decade-old global cryptocurrency which proposes to replace banks with a decentralized network of transaction validators and bookkeepers. Anybody with a decent internet connection can participate in the bitcoin economy, which further makes it an attractive asset for people with limited gateways to participate in global economies. Myanmar Could See Blockchain Powering its Stock Trading Markets https://t.co/NFbr1X0LMZ pic.twitter.com/kNlTvRKvRT — The post Terrified Central Bank Attempts to Arrest Myanmar’s Bitcoin Binge appeared first on CCN View the full article
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    Daily Market Analysis from Hotforex Broker.

    Date : 20th May 2019. MACRO EVENTS & NEWS OF 20th May 2019. * Just as optimism on US growth was returning, while worries over a global slowing were easing, the spectre of a trade war is back on the table to heighten uncertainties once again. Trade will remain a focal point along with the European Parliament elections. Thursday is the most data-heavy day with European PMI releases and the the German IFO survey. Tuesday – 21 May 2019 * Monetary Policy Meeting Minutes (AUD, GMT 01:30) – The RBA minutes will provide more insight on the views the Australian Central Bank has about the economy. In the past policy review earlier this month, RBA highlighted downside risks to the economy, but disappointed markets by leaving the cash rate on hold ahead of the federal elections. * Inflation Report Hearings (GBP, GMT N/A) – The BOE Governor and several MPC members testify on inflation and the economic outlook before the Parliament Treasury Committee. * Retail Sales (NZD, GMT 22:45) – Retail Sales are expected to have slipped to 0.0% for the first Quarter of 2019, from around 1.7% q/q. Wednesday – 22 May 2019 * Consumer Price Index (GBP, GMT 08:30) – Prices are expected to rise in April, with overall inflation expected to stand at 2.1%y/y, compared to 1.9% y/y last month. * Retail Sales and Core (CAD, GMT 12:30) –Canadian sales are expected to have eased by 0.4% m/m in March, compared to 0.8% m/m in February. * FOMC Meeting Minutes (USD, GMT 18:00) FOMC minutes, detailing the view of each of the Fed Governors and FOMC Members, shed light on their perspectives regarding the future of the US economy. FOMC left policy on hold earlier this month, and it cited solid growth, low headline and core inflation, though Powell said in his presser that the weakness was likely “transitory”. Thursday – 23 May 2019 * Gross Domestic Product (EUR, GMT 06:00) – German Preliminary Q1 results are expected to remain unchanged, at an annualised rate of 0.6%, and at 0.4% compared to 1.1% last quarter. * Services and Manufacturing PMI (EUR, GMT 08:00) – Preliminary Manufacturing and Composite PMIs are expected to increase in May, to 48.2 and 51.8 respectively while the Services PMI is forecast at 53. * German IFO (EUR, GMT 08:00) – German IFO business confidence is expected to hold steady at 99.2, after it unexpectedly declined to 99.2 in the April reading from 99.7 in March. * European Parliamentary Elections – DAY 1 Friday – 24 May 2019 * Retail Sales and Core (GBP, GMT 08:30) – Following a correction in March, Retail Sales are expected to slip this month by -0.4% m/m from 1.1% m/m. Durable Goods (USD, GMT 12:30) – Durable goods orders are pegged at -1.8% in April, after a 2.7% figure in March. Transportation orders should be -7.2%. Boeing orders should fall to the lean 28 area from an already-low 44 in March, with a likely hit via problems with the Boeing 737 Max that may have prompted buyers to delay new purchase commitments, while vehicle assemblies are seen steady from a 10.8 mln pace in March. Always trade with strict risk management. Your capital is the single most important aspect of your trading business. Please note that times displayed based on local time zone and are from time of writing this report. Click HERE to access the full HotForex Economic calendar. Want to learn to trade and analyse the markets? Join our webinars and get analysis and trading ideas combined with better understanding on how markets work. Click HERE to register for FREE! Click HERE to READ more Market news. Andria Pichidi Market Analyst HotForex Disclaimer: This material is provided as a general marketing communication for information purposes only and does not constitute an independent investment research. Nothing in this communication contains, or should be considered as containing, an investment advice or an investment recommendation or a solicitation for the purpose of buying or selling of any financial instrument. All information provided is gathered from reputable sources and any information containing an indication of past performance is not a guarantee or reliable indicator of future performance. Users acknowledge that any investment in FX and CFDs products is characterized by a certain degree of uncertainty and that any investment of this nature involves a high level of risk for which the users are solely responsible and liable. We assume no liability for any loss arising from any investment made based on the information provided in this communication. This communication must not be reproduced or further distributed without our prior written permission.
  7. The return of notorious cryptocurrency ponzi scheme Bitconnect is closer than ever, its mysterious organizers claim after revealing a July launch date. Bitconnect: Unapologetically Fraudulent A fresh tweet from the Twitter account of the so-called ‘Bitconnect 2.0’ May 18 confirms the scheme is set to debut – again – on July 1. Not only that, but true to the style of deception for which the original Bitconnect became known, a fake exchange partnership has already surfaced. The owner of the Twitter account added prospective investors can purchase tokens on major cryptocurrency exchange Binance – when in fact this is simply a lie. “Welcome everyone back to Bitconnect 2.0[.] We will launch Bitconnect2.0 on July 1st,” the post reads. Welcome everyone back to Bitconnect 2.0 We will launch Bitconnect2.0 on July 1st visit our website for more Infoshttps://t.co/xKJ10yeYoP — Bitconnect2.0 (@Bitconnect2_0) May 18, 2019 Despite claiming further information is available on its ‘official’ website, the social media activity remains the only hint of the impending plans. The site consists only of a sign-up form for updates, a countdown timer and a duplicate of the Twitter feed. Beyond the assumed launch date, however, the operations of the latest incarnation of Bitconnect remain a mystery. As Bitcoinist reported, the original Bitconnect – ostensibly an exchange and lending platform – crashed in January 2018 after it became sufficiently known the company was fraudulent. Formerly something of celebrity meme in the crypto space, thanks mostly to events speaker Carlos Matos, the mood turned sour as Bitcoin came off its all-time highs of $20,000. Investors saw the value of their Bitconnect tokens drop to virtually nothing in minutes, with cryptocurrency industry figures lamenting that those without experience were still easy targets for scammers. Criminal proceedings followed, yet it remains unclear whether Bitconnect 2.0 has any relation to its predecessor beyond sharing a name. A Scam To Rival OneCoin On social media, reactions overwhelmingly focused on issuing warnings not to interact with the scheme, even if it should succeed in offering new tokens. Others noted the Bitconnect.io domain name will expire before the alleged launch date. Binance and CEO Changpeng Zhao (known as CZ) have yet to comment on the Twitter account’s claims of a partnership. Another entity meanwhile is attempting to gather members for a Bitconnect community on messaging platform Discord, participants already numbering close to 500. Bitconnect’s resurgence comes in line with the renaissance seen throughout Bitcoin and altcoin markets. Equally poetic is the timing following on from the ‘death’ of fellow ponzi scheme OneCoin, the founders of which spent years accruing around $4 billion. Now subject to legal action, OneCoin nevertheless succeeded in fooling the public to hand over huge amounts of money, despite warnings from various governments and associated watchdogs. What do you think about Bitconnect 2.0? Let us know in the comments below! Images via Shutterstock The post Scam Alert: Bitconnect ‘2.0’ Claims Binance Listing for July Launch appeared first on Bitcoinist.com. View the full article
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  9. If you’re looking for a seamless swap service platform to make crypto-to-crypto exchanges, then it might be worth checking out ChangeNow. The platform has come a long way since its launch in late 2017, subsequently supporting over 170 different digital tokens across more than 30,000 trading pairs . This includes hallmark coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, as well as a range of lesser known ERC-20 tokens. If you’re thinking about using the ChangeNOW swap service platform, or simply want to find out whether they’re right for you, take some time to first read our comprehensive guide. Visit ChangeNOW What is ChangeNOW? In a nutshell, ChangeNow is a platform that allows users to seamlessly swap cryptocurrencies with other cryptocurrencies. For example, need to swap Bitcoin for Ethereum, or maybe Litecoin for Monero? You can achieve this at the click of a button via the ChangeNOW platform. However, while at first glance this sounds like any other exchange or swap service operating in the crypto space, ChangeNOW appears to have some clear advantages. First and foremost, as a non-custodial service, ChangeNOW does not store or hold any of the digital tokens that they support, subsequently ensuring that users can swap coins in a safe and secure eco-system. Furthermore, the ChangeNOW platform does not require users to register an account to begin using their swap services. This makes the exchange process fast and burden-free. For those that remember the struggles that leading exchanges had during the crypto craze of late 2017 – insofar that platforms had to temporarily restrict new signs-ups to deal with extreme demand levels, the non-registration model at ChangeNOW is highly notable. Furthermore, a key selling point from the team at ChangeNow is that they do not place any limits on the amount of cryptocurrency that you can swap. Exchange limitations is something that often frustrates traders, especially when they need to react to a key market event. When it comes to speed, we found that the ChangeNOW swap service is able to execute crypto exchanges in approximately 10-20 minutes in the vast majority of cases. However, in rarer cases, this can take up to an hour. It is also important to note that a key aspect to the ChangeNOW ecosystem is that the underlying technology has been integrated with a range of partnered third party platforms. This is crucial to the swap service framework, as it ensures that users are able to obtain the best possible rate at the time of the transaction. With that being said, in the next section we will provide a quick overview as to how the swap service works. How Does the Swap Service Work at ChangeNOW? As noted above, when you access the ChangeNOW platform to perform a swap, there is no requirement to register an account. As such, you can get started straight away. Firstly, you are required to select the two currencies that you want to swap. In the drop down menu associated with the ‘You Send’ button, select the digital asset that you currently hold. At the time of writing, this can be from any of the 170+ cryptocurrencies currently supported by the platform. Next, select the cryptocurrency that you want to receive via the “You Get” drop down box. You will then need to enter the quantity of coins that you want to swap. Once you do, the “You Get” box will update with the quantity of coins you will receive. For example, if you currently hold 1.5 BTC, and you want to swap it for LTC, then the amount of LTC you will receive will show in its respective box. In the next stage of the swap service transaction, you will be required to enter the wallet address of the receiving coins. If you don’t have a wallet address for the cryptocurrency you are looking to receive, then ChangeNOW allows you to do this via one of their partner services. Next, verify the information you entered, and confirm the swap. At this point of the transaction, ChangeNOW will display a unique deposit address for you to send your coins to. Once this is received, the platform will autonomously find the best rate available via its partnered exchanges, before finalizing the swap. All in, you should expect the end-to-end swap process to be concluded in 10-20 minutes. The key point about the above example is that the process required no registrations, emails, or passwords, nor were any limits initiated. NOW Token To further increase the capabilities of the ChangeNOW platform, the project recently issued its own digital token. Known as the Now Token, it is now listed on Binance DEX, as well as IDEX and EtherDelta. In fact, further research suggests that the NOW token was actually the first token to be issued on the Binance Chain. The token itself is split 50/50 between the Binance Chain (BEP2 Standard) and Ethereum (ERC-20 standard). At the time of writing, users can seamlessly swap ERC-20 tokens to BEP2, although BEP2 to ERC-20 swaps are planned for the very near future. One of the key concepts to the NOW token is that it makes is super easy to migrate an alternative token to its new mainnet.In a nutshell, the team at ChangeNOW can facilitate a token-to-mainnet migration by designing a bespoke workflow on behalf of the user. In doing so, those holding the respective token will then be able to perform simple swaps with other digital currencies. Nevertheless, by simply holding the NOW token, users on the platform are afforded a range of key benefits. This includes enhanced support from the ChangeNOW team, more favorable affiliate conditions (such as increased revenue share), and even better rates on exchanges. In order to obtain the NOW token, this can be achieved by participating in the ChangeNOW Airdrop, or alternatively, by purchasing them on one of the aforementioned third party exchanges. Has ChangeNOW Formed any Notable Partnerships? When we went through the end-to-end review process, we were very keen to see whether or not any established crypto-related organizations were associated with the ChangeNOW platform. To this extent, we were surprised to see how many hallmark names had integrated the ChangeNOW protocol into their systems. For example, hugely popular cryptocurrency wallet Exodus added support for ChangeNow swaps in September 2018. This essentially means that those holding funds in their Exodus wallet can make a crypto-to-crypto swap without needing to leave the wallet interface. Exodus themselves ensures that private keys are encrypted during the transaction process, subsequently keeping ChangeNow to their promise of being a non-custodial swap service. Notably, Exodus is not alone in their support for the ChangeNow protocol. Other leading wallet providers such as Trezor, Guarda, ClassicEtherWallet, Ledger, Atomic Wallet, and as previously mentioned, Binance, have all taken the ChangeNOW plunge. What Other Notable Products or Services Does ChangeNOW Offer? Upon concluding our review process, we also came across a couple of additional ChangeNOW services that we felt warranted a mention. First and foremost, we were interested to explore the project’s NOWPayments product. In a nutshell, ChangeNOW allows merchants to start accepting cryptocurrency as a means of payment. This includes leading coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, as well as a number of stablecoins. Much like in the case of integrating PayPal, the NOWPayments protocol can be added to a merchant’s website through a simple widget. When users proceed to pay with their chosen cryptocurrency, the NOWPayments protocol will perform an automatic conversion. The reason for this is to avoid the volatile fluctuations often associated with the crypto markets. Moreover, crypto payments facilitated via the NOWPayments protocol are instantly withdrawn to the merchant wallet, subsequently making the process seamless for all parties involved in the transaction. We also took note to the project’s LightingNOW service. The purpose of the LightingNOW service is to facilitate a well-connected and stable Lighting node, subsequently easing the process at which blockchain assets are transferred. Not only does this enable instant payments that require no confirmations on-chain, but the service is highly scalable. Furthermore, the LightingNOW protocol can also facilitate cross-chain automatic swaps. ChangeNOW Review: The Verdict? In summary, the team at ChangeNOW have come a long way since their inception in late 2017. Their core product – the swap service platform, allows users to exchange cryptocurrencies in a seamless manner, without any need to register an account. Moreover, the service, which usually takes in the region of just 10-20 minutes, does not place any restrictions on the amount of cryptocurrency tokens that you can swap. We were also impressed with the number of notable partnerships that the project has since formed. Whether it’s their integration with Ledger, Trezor, Binance or Exodus, forming partnerships with such hallmark names can only add further weight to legitimacy of the project. Finally, it is also worth keeping an eye on some of the project’s latest innovations, such as it’s NOWPayments and LightingNOW protocols. Visit ChangeNOW The post ChangeNOW Review: Fast Crypto Swaps Free of Custody appeared first on Blockonomi. View the full article
  10. I have made *8 from selling a tiny bit of what I have, See Veil is a coin what holding, just hope you don't miss out cos of doubt. A good project is what Veil is all about, take it or leave it
  11. There is no doubting that Bitcoin and crypto markets have been on fire recently. Since the beginning of April Bitcoin has almost doubled in price driving market capitalization back over $200 billion again. The ice from the crypto winter appears to have melted and some industry analysts are convinced it is now definitely over. Tom Lee’s 13 Reasons Fundstrat Global Advisors’ permabull Thomas Lee tweeted his thirteen reasons why the crypto winter is now over. After stating what he described as a ‘disturbing pullback to $6,200’ Lee added that the return to $8,000 was confirmation that the trend is intact. Some of Lee’s reasons have more weight than others but he starts with a look back to November 2018 and the Bitcoin Cash hash war that many speculated caused the final capitulation down to $3,200. Next he observed that Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust saw its NAV premium fall to 5%, its lowest level since 2017 which also implied that the capitulation had occurred. The fund premium has since surged to 41%. Daily on-chain transactions have turned positive for the first time since January 2018 and by March Fundstrat’s Bitcoin Misery Index crossed above 67 for the first time since August 2017. In early April Bitcoin closed above the 200 day moving average for the first time in thirteen months. Over the counter (OTC) volumes have also started surging with multiple brokers reporting new client activity surging 60-70 percent compared with four months ago. There was also speculation that US president Trump’s escalated trade war with China has spurred buyers there into loading up on Bitcoin as a safer store of value. The Bitcoin ‘golden cross’ in late April was a huge technical indicator that the trend has reversed. Minimal reaction to negative news such as the Tether imbroglio and the Binance hack also confirms major confidence in crypto markets. Finally this month’s Consensus crypto conference was the confirmation that crypto winter is over according to Lee. After a disturbing pullback to ~$6,200, #Bitcoin back >$8,000 further cementing positive trend intact. As we said a few weeks ago, Consensus 2019 @coindesk was to prove whether crypto winter is over… …confirmed pic.twitter.com/M8ni4g2YvX — Thomas Lee (@fundstrat) May 19, 2019 Big Bullish Week Bitcoin price 7 days. Coinmarketcap.com Bitcoin had a huge week with record volume levels over $100 billion and a massive candle to close it. With a surge of 13 percent in seven days all talk of that massive correction has diminished as analysts look for the next levels of resistance. Full time trader ‘The Crypto Dog’ has done the charts and called weekly resistance at $8,215 and support around $7,300. He added; “Hell of a bullish weekly close on #Bitcoin with near record breaking volume, solidifying the strength and validity of this rally.” At the time of writing Bitcoin had surpassed $8,000 again and was trading up 2.7 percent on the day. It reached an intraday high of $8,250 where it hit resistance during Asian trading a few hours ago. Image from Shutterstock The post Tom Lee: Bitcoin’s Move Back to $8,000 Confirms The End of Crypto Winter appeared first on NewsBTC. View the full article
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  13. Are you sure you are talking about the Veil I know, I bought veil at a very low rate from those that are dumping and I know how much I have actually made selling and buying it, the thing with alts is that if you have a coin you are interested in, you have to monitor and follow up as it may go up very high and still go very low before you know it but this is not with veil. Am still buying more from those dumping as I want to lay my hands on enough before it skyrockets
  14. The European Central Bank has said that cryptocurrencies are currently not a threat to financial stability in the euro zone. View the full article
  15. I recently noticed it and as a trader it's a great news, irrespective of Veil been in its early stage it has proven to be equal to the task in terms of security and anonymity and the minning is great
  16. Ethereum price climbed higher recently above $238.00 and $246.00. ETH traded towards $265.00 and it is currently correcting lower towards key supports. Ethereum price rebounded nicely from the $231.10 swing low to $264.99. Recently, there was a break below a short term ascending channel with support at $257.00 on the 30-minute chart. ETH price remains well bid on the downside near the $246.00 and $242.00 support levels. Read: Trade at Vantage FX Ethereum Price Analysis (ETH to USD) Recently, there was a strong comeback from bitcoin and Ethereum. BTC surged above the $8,000 level and ETH price climbed above the $238.00 and $246.00 resistance levels. It even broke $260.00 and traded to a new weekly high at $264.99. Click to Enlarge Chart Looking at the 30-minute chart of ETH/USD, the pair started a strong rebound from the $231.10 swing low. It settled above the $246.00 pivot level and recently traded as high as $264.99. It is currently correcting lower below the $260.00 level and the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the recent upward move from the $231.10 low to $264.99 high. Besides, there was a break below a short term ascending channel with support at $257.00 on the same chart. The price is currently trading below the $255.00 level and the 25 simple moving average (30-min). It tested a major support area near $246.00 and the 50% Fib retracement level of the recent upward move from the $231.10 low to $264.99 high. At the outset, the price is trading in a range below the $255.00 level and the 25 simple moving average (30-min). A clear break above the $255.00 and $260.00 resistance levels is must for a fresh increase above the $265.00 and $268.00 levels. On the downside, the $246.00 support area holds the key. If there is a break below $246.00, the next immediate support is near the $242.00 level. Any further declines could push Ethereum price towards the $231.100 swing low. The current price action is neutral to bearish, but as long as ETH price is above the $242.00 support level, it is likely to bounce back above $260.00. The market data is provided by TradingView, Bitfinex. The post Ethereum (ETH) Price Analysis: Signs of Weakness But More Upsides Likely appeared first on Blockonomi. View the full article
  17. Video games are all about speed. Latency kills – in the case of a game like Overwatch, quite literally. The gaming industry isn’t about to adopt a technology that leaves D.Va bleeding in the dust because some poor schmuck’s server is in Cleveland, while the despondent player’s in Tallinn. Game over – not just for Hana Song, but also for Blizzard’s chances of securing further revenue from that customer. But blockchain tech isn’t quite there yet – to say the least – which is why Bluzelle is turning to gaming as one of its ‘pain-point’ markets. Although partnerships are still under wraps, the startup is vying for attention in a niche market that could serve entertainment studios across the globe. The last time Crypto Briefing checked in with Bluzelle, a decentralized data delivery network (DDN), the team had just concluded its public and private fundraising rounds. Since then, the development team has been designing an enterprise-grade database network from scratch. Today the Bluzelle team launches its first DDN product, a distributed data cache service. A data cache is a “hardware or software component that stores data so that future requests for that data can be served faster.” Pavel Bains, CEO and co-founder of Bluzelle, stated his team “had a year to build, learn, and see what works. Now is a great time to catch up with everybody and show what has happened over the past 12 months.” This product launch is the first of many Bluzelle’s ultimate goal is to develop a DDN that includes both a database and data caching services. But they are not the only company at the intersection of blockchain and data storage. Comparable projects developing decentralized storage solutions include Siacoin, Filecoin, and Storj. While these other projects primarily focus on building decentralized file storage platforms (i.e., Dropbox), Bluzelle has focused its sights on data storage. However, creating infrastructure for a new database takes a lot of time and effort to build from the bottom, up. Further, the database requires consumer and enterprise adoption, along with the associated security needs. However, the journey of a million miles starts with the first step. To enter the market today, Bains and the team asked, “What can we deliver now? Something that is a great product that allows us to get customers and take away friction points?” The team landed on data cache solutions. As it stands, Bluzelle is the only blockchain company competing against large-scale centralized data cache services such as Redis and Memcached. Both of which are technologies that are older than ten years. The Bluzelle solution? Set up 25+ data centers across the globe to establish nodes and push data closer to various regional users. What is Bluzelle’s primary target market, and how can they grow? Bluzelle has identified three industries to seek further use cases and partnerships: gaming, media, and internet of things (IoT). Initially, Bluzelle’s new data cache service is marketed to serve the video game industry. Modern video games not only encompass consoles, but also mobile devices. Bains believes “games are becoming more online and global. The security and the performance needs of those types of games, as more of them come out, are going to have to rely on decentralized technology.” To emphasize the speed of their data cache service, the Bluzelle team recently conducted an online demonstration comparing the speeds of Redis to those of Bluzelle. The latter was much faster than its centralized counterpart; up to 20x in some test regions. Bains has a professional background in the video gaming industry. That experience allowed him to identify a pain point that, “As a global data cache, [the video game company] doesn’t know where their customer is coming from.” A video game company in Japan or South Korea might have users in South America. If a video game takes off in another region, such as Russia, then the video game company must locate a data server closer to its customer base. After locating a new data server, the infrastructure must be replicated and installed to ensure there is no latency in the gameplay. The process is timely and costly; Bains goes on to say, “By that time, the user might have just left.” With Bluzelle there is a data server in multiple regions across the globe, and video game developers will only need to connect to the DDN once. Afterwards, if the customer base picks up in another region, Bluzelle can move and store the video game company’s data cache in a local node. Bains states, “At the heart of it, [Bluzelle is] trying to make games run fast around the world without [the game developer] having any headaches.” What are the next steps? Data collection and staking Bains reiterated this is just the first, of many of Bluzelle’s steps. Looking forward, the DDN provider is examining a possible integration into video game consoles, as all that is necessary to be a producer on the network is computing power and storage capacity. However, before real-world producers and consumers can utilize the network, Bluzelle must finalize its payment structures and staking systems. The team is in the “first stage” of exploring these models and expects to have a more concrete outline established by Q3 of 2019. Bluzelle kept its head down during the bear market of 2018, identified its target markets, and built a product to service a niche. Bains believes this is just the beginning, and there is lots of potential for growth. In the gaming industry alone, he says, there is a “massive market [that is] non-blockchain related. It’s not hyperbole to say we’re barely scratching the surface. There’s a huge upside.” The post Countless Lives Lost To Latency: Bluzelle Aims To Save Our Gaming Heroes appeared first on Crypto Briefing. View the full article
  18. Ripple price broke the key $0.3950 and $0.4000 resistance levels to move into a positive zone. XRP could consolidate in the short term before a strong rise above $0.4250 and $0.4320. The price traded as high as $0.4296 and recently corrected below the $0.4160 support. XRP traded below an ascending channel with support near $0.4140 on the 30-minute chart. Ripple price is currently holding an important support near the $0.3940 level. Read: Best Brokers Compared Ripple Price Analysis (XRP to USD) In the past three sessions, there was a decent rebound in ripple started from the $0.3699 swing low. XRP/USD traded higher and surpassed a few important resistances near the $0.3950 and $0.4000 levels. Click to Enlarge Chart Looking at the 30-minute chart of XRP/USD, the pair even broke $0.4250 and traded as high as $0.4296. Recently, it faced renewed selling interest, resulting in a downside break below the $0.4160 support level. The price broke the $0.4100 support and the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the recent wave from the $0.3699 low to $0.4296 high. Besides, the price traded below an ascending channel with support near $0.4140 on the same chart. More importantly, the price settled below the $0.4100 level and the 25 simple moving average (30-minute chart). However, the decline was protected by an important support area near the $0.2950 and $0.2940 levels. Ripple even tested the 50% Fib retracement level of the recent wave from the $0.3699 low to $0.4296 high, and it is currently consolidating in a range. On the upside, an immediate resistance is near $0.4100 and the 25 simple moving average (30-minute chart). If there is a successful close above $0.4100 and the 25 SMA, the price is likely to retest $0.4280 or $0.4295. Any further gains could start a strong upward move above $0.4300 and $0.4320 in the near term. Conversely, if ripple price fails to stay above the key $0.3950 and $0.3940 support levels, there could be additional downsides. The next major support for XRP is near $0.3640, where the bulls might protect further losses. The market data is provided by TradingView, Bitfinex. The post Ripple (XRP) Price Analysis: Larger Upward Move Above $0.4300 Possible appeared first on Blockonomi. View the full article
  19. Staying ahead of the waves, HB Wallet surprises Blockchain community with the new function endorsing users to send NFT assets (ERC721) on Dapps while chatting.
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  22. By CCN: Bitcoin price is on track to having its second-best quarter since 2014 with a 92 percent gain within two months if it remains above $8,000 by the end of June. Since April 1, in about a month and a half, the bitcoin price has increased from $4,100 to $8,000, by nearly two-fold against the U.S. dollar. $BTC current quarter ranks as the 2nd highest quarterly gain since 2014 and the 7th highest quarterly gain all-time pic.twitter.com/bNTohKJREw — Josh Olszewicz (@CarpeNoctom) May 19, 2019 At its lowest point in December 2018, the bitcoin price was down about 85 percent The post Bitcoin Price Skyrockets to 2nd-Best Quarterly Gain in 5 Years; New All-Time High Coming? appeared first on CCN View the full article
  23. hemendrasingh

    How is BTC changing your daily life?

    Hello, Bitcoin and other such cryptos will succeed in the future. No one would have guessed the use of debit and credit cards until it came into existence. The cash is now replaced with credit and debit cards. Cool? Now there are a lot of vendors, who are supplying Bitcoin debit card. Wirex, coinizy to name a few. So now they can use this to purchase anything that they want. They can mine the cryptocurrency and use it whenever and wherever they want, all for nothing(no work) and just by mining. They would also able to exchange their in had cryptocurrency with the help of the Cryptocurrency Exchange Software and will be able to convert it into any fiat currency which they wished for. Now imagine, the next thing would be the wallets, just as we see now, as being popular. Everyone can link their account and use freely. There's a cryptocurrency named ripple(XRP), which will be controlled by major banks in the world for smooth, fast and flawless transactions in the future just replacing the currency. Also, BTC has a very limited supply of a few million coins. Imagine if everyone starts accumulating throughout the world and the DEMAND it would create then? Hope you'll start mining and collecting.
  24. Crypto markets holding onto gains; Bitcoin back at $8,000 prior to anticipated bitcoin ETF ruling, BCH and XRP gaining slowly, Dash pumping. Market Wrap Crypto markets have held on to their weekend gains as Bitcoin remains buoyant. The correction that never was ended in early Sunday trading when BTC surged back towards $8,000. Today market capitalization remains close to $250 billion but a big regulatory decision due tomorrow could create some big moves soon. Bitcoin revisited its 2019 high of $8,250 a few hours ago. BTC sharply pulled back to just above $7,900 after hitting resistance but has since regained composure and climbed back up to $8k, trading marginally higher than the same time yesterday. Ethereum is flat and remains just above $250 where it was this time yesterday. ETH has also held on to recent gains but has not seen the doubling in price that its big brother managed since early April. There is very little movement in the top ten at the time of writing. Only XRP and Bitcoin Cash have added a couple of percent to trade at $0.40 and $408 respectively. The rest are unchanged aside from Cardano which has pulled back marginally. The top twenty has more red than green during Asian trading this morning. Only Dash is pumping as 10 percent takes it to $165. South Korean markets are getting the majority of Dash trade at the moment as Bithumb is top exchange. Monero has made 3 percent but the rest are in decline. FOMO: NEXT Spikes into Top 100 Today’s fomo is going to NEXT which has entered the top one hundred with a 45 percent pump. The South Korean exchange Coinbit exchange is creating the fomo for NET. Japan Content Token is also getting a 40 percent spike as it too enters the big 100. These two relatively obscure altcoins are the only ones pumping at the moment. At the messy end of the table is Decred dumping ten percent today. Digibyte and Crypto.com’s MCO are also sliding with a loss of over 7 percent each. Total market capitalization 24 hours. Coinmarketcap.com Total market capitalization is currently at $248 billion which is marginally higher than the same time yesterday. It did reach a high of $257 billion when Bitcoin hit resistance but has since pulled back slightly. There is growing concern that the imminent SEC decision for the VanEck ETF could cause prices to plummet. The regulator is due to decide on approval of the long awaited fund tomorrow but the most likely outcome is another delay. Market Wrap is a section that takes a daily look at the top cryptocurrencies during the current trading session and analyses the best-performing ones, looking for trends and possible fundamentals. The post Crypto Market Wrap: Bitcoin Steady Before ETF Ruling, What’s Expected? appeared first on NewsBTC. View the full article
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