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  2. I have been playing a new casino game based on NZ. This one give me much more enjoyment novomatic casino games. Besides there is a great chance of winning.
  3. I think that this market is self regulated and actually don’t need any sort of regulation. In addition, full independence is in the core of this market, so putting any sort of regulation would significantly change its perception and functioning
  4. Arhon

    When will BTC be legal everywhere?

    Sunlight, good point. It will probably be needed for a decade or two for crypto currencies to enter into higher use. However, I think that cyrpots are on a good path to gain more popularity in the future in many countries
  5. Energi earndrop is where you can earn up to 100 Energi during rounds 2 and 3 giveaway. Easy KYC. Go to http://earndrop.energi.world/homepage.php?ref=20809 and earn Energi NRG for free while the promotion is still active. But you better hurry. must be a citizen of the USA, Canada, the EU, Australia, or New Zealand in order to be eligible for the current rounds of the Energi Earndrop program. You will need a Energi address also so you can use the Coinomi wallet app for android or iphone (no need to download the entire blockchain) or download the full node wallet off of the Energi website. Signup Now
  6. Darya

    Aidus ICO

    The yield of QTS has reached 74.06% over the past three years and six months! Amazing🙂
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  8. VeChain recently partnered with United Nations, Deloitte, and BMW. China government confirm that. Read more: VeChain partnerships with United Nations, Deliotte, and BMW China confirmed! • World Videos VeChain partnerships with United Nations, Deliotte, and BMW China confirmed! • World Videos
  9. Presently, the most common uses of drones are for surveillance and fun. Many people even use these machines for filmmaking and photography. But the future would not be so mundane in terms of the seemingly endless applications of drones. Consider the limitless possibilities that retail, transportation by using drones would bring in, last year the CEO and founder of Amazon announced that they will be trying to develop and faster delivery system using drones. I am also heard that DJI can provide the same transport services with there last models of Spark and Mavic.
  10. A new game will be released soon Roulette!!! If anyone has any questions about how to gamble or invest in housebankroll feel free to ask.
  11. kallykall78

    Which Game Would You Choose?

    I prefer online games on my smartphone. Last time I was playing Killer Elite and Pes Soccer as well. I just download them from https://captain-droid.com/en/ and play when I have free time.
  12. Apollo Currency and SparkPoint Airdrop - 10,000 Up to 150.000 APL (~20$ to 300$) & Over 50,000 Up to 2.000.000 SRK) Apollo Currency this past year has had many revolutionary achievements . They have created the Fastest (1-2 sec) and most Private coin in crypto and have created a Blockchain updater whereby a single transaction by the developer team will allow them to quickly and efficiently integrate smart contracts, as well as add new features to the Blockchain, all while preventing Hard forks. SparkPoint Ecosystem is a decentralized payment gateway with integrated crypto exchanges, blockchain based e-learning, gaming, and online store. How to Participate: 1-Register here and click on sign me up: https://bit.ly/2IvfYB0 Note: You will need to download Apollo wallet and ERC 20 (For SRK) Address to participate, the link is provided below for Apollo wallet: https://apollocurrency.com/en/wallets 2-Log in, do the tasks and get points. Note: Invites others to earn more points
  13. additude

    Starter Coins for Beginners

    ...ain't that the truth.... 🙂
  14. Well, thanks for your reply First, I would like to address ZEC and XMR: On Zcash, only 10% of the transactions are actually private because it is not private by default, nevertheless Zerocoin protocol, provides superior anonymity. Monero is full-time private, but RingCT, however, based on sophisticated mixing, has been surpassed in terms of strength of anonymity by advanced cryptographic methods. Monero blockchain is also terribly heavy, facing scalibility problems. Concerning compliance, Monero also lacks several structural features to allow possible adaptability to regulations and institutional use. If cryptocurrencies are to become the money for the digital age and trully work as substitute for fist money, than they need to be scalable, easy to use and as anonymous as a dollar bill At this point, new generation privacy coins started to emerge, improving the lacks of the existing ones and adding features of optional privacy that can work along with regulations. The trick is to find fungibility. And as money is becoming digital, the world will need a digital coin that can work as substitute... and human society, although deceived about the need of their own privacy, will eventually realise what they have lost and claim it back. A project like Veil, with a proven team and a very solid economic/technical structure, that is also filling serious lacks in existing privacy coins, can in fact result in a new form of digital money... did you know: Veil Labs is an entity established by the Veil Project, with its own budget, mission and team. Its purpose is to conduct research and development, and push the technical boundaries in the domains of cryptography, privacy and blockchain technologies. Veil Labs has already attracted interest from some of the leading academic institutions in the world 😉 No change comes easily... and there will always be obstacles... but our privacy is something ineherent to our human nature and sooner or later people will realise they have none...
  15. ruliafreelancer

    Bitcoin-exchange - обменник криптовалюты

    Уважаемые клиенты. Мы рады работать для вас. Нам очень приятно, что вы пишите отзывы о сайте bitcoin-exchange.one Все ваши пожелания мы обязательно примем к сведению и будем работать для вас еще усерднее. С уважением, администрация Bitcoin-Exchange.One
  16. rata_for


    ANNOUNCEMENT: APRIL 21 - MEETING WITH INVESTORS IN YOGYAKARTA, INDONESIA! Indonesia's leaders announced a new event for community members. An increasing number of leaders and participants join the innovative project Weenzee. Especially for them, investors and leaders of the Community are trying to hold as many interesting and useful events as possible. At the new event in the city of Yogyakarta you will have the opportunity to explore robotic trading system WEENZEE, which is based on the most innovative technologies of our time. VIP investors will discuss the company's achievements and prospects for further development. read more https://weenzee.com/news/article-175
  17. Linkkoin

    Taxation Side of Bitcoin & Cryptoсurrency in Italy

    Regulations means transparency. Imagine how traditional markets and cryptos would react to the fact that: 1. Banks/financial institutions are on such volatile and risky market 2. Banks/financial institutions could be ones responsible for pump and dump of many cryptos
  18. Qudem - The AMA Platform For Influencers Qudem connects you directly to influencers, to ask unfiltered questions voted for by the community. The highest voted questions are shared directly with influencers who answer and share their unique insights into the subjects you want to hear about, bringing you closer than ever. CONNECT US NOW!!!! Website - https://qudem.com/ Telegram - https://t.me/qudem
  19. Holding politicians accountable hasn’t always been easy in the past and many citizens have faced a myriad of challenges trying to exert political oversight. The reality is that citizens need substantial information about the government to hold officials accountable. Put simply, political accountability requires politicians to account for election promises as well as actions made when designing and implementing laws and regulations. Unfortunately, this is often difficult to achieve—largely because citizens are not informed well enough—and there is very little voters can do outside of not re-electing the politician in the next election. However, nascent technologies such as blockchain can empower more of us to demand accountability from politicians who break their promises. We explain how. Blockchain is essentially a secure digital database, or ledger spread across thousands of computers all over the world and which is both tamper-proof and self-auditing. Information held on blockchain exists as a distributed and continually reconciled database, which means the data is truly transparent and easily verifiable. Tapping into these inherent benefits of blockchain distributed ledger, we can record and preserve current events and political rhetoric in an immutable and secure manner for future references. These records will, therefore, serve as a point of reference for highlighting broken promises and holding politicians accountable. Keeping politicians accountable is a novel mission for Historia. Our hope is that by promoting civic engagement through record keeping, we can show politicians and government administrators that we are paying attention to their actions. It is important to highlight such developments in order to keep politicians accountable. Historia has built a blockchain-powered digital database for keeping accurate records about our current events and for tracking changes made to the information so that ultimately it can still be trusted as accurate and authentic. In particular, Historia facilitates accurate documentation of current and future events using encryption, cryptography, and IPFS content storage system, preventing third-party interference or censorship. This provides citizens with a secure platform for reporting and monitoring politicians’ misconduct without fear of retribution. Through Historia blockchain, we can promote transparency and accountability by alerting the public to illegal or improper government activity as well as keeping politicians in check. If you find something questionable, simply submit it to the Historia blockchain for a review. Your submission will be analyzed by a diverse, globally distributed pool of voters and if it is determined that it is accurate, it will be added in the blockchain for all to see. That way, we can record and share it permanently in the blockchain in order to raise awareness and demand action. Moreover, it would be impossible for government officials to restrict access to these records once they are stored in Historia blockchain. Historia offers the most effective solution for fact-checking and evaluating political rhetoric to ensure that politicians live to their words. Right now the project is focused on recording images and fact-based news articles as the exemplary case of the platform but it will be scaled to other applications later. Help us in our effort to hold politicians accountable. Join Historia blockchain today. To learn more about Historia, sign up for email updates on our website. To stay updated on Historia latest news and announcements, follow us on: Historia Website Historia Twitter Historia Discord Historia Reddit Historia on Github Originally published at blog.historia.network on April 17, 2019.
  20. erikson_partners

    Cryptos - which ones to avoid?

    Are there some cryptocurrencies that you think should definitely be avoided?
  21. Some say it doesn’t really pose any kind major threats to the financial system, since it’s too unstable to be accepted as a regular currency. However, others say it will totally disrupt the current model. What do you guys think?
  22. I’m looking for some good articles/ blogs/ series on crypto, that would really help delve into this subject deeper and understand how and why the crypto phenomena was born. Any suggestions?
  23. hinchiro

    Mercatox - Crypto currency Exchange(News & updates)

    HedgeTrade (HEDG) Swap Dear Users, HEDG team has initiated swap procedure. We do not support this swap. For further instructions and communication with the developers, use the following links: https://hedgetrade.com/ https://twitter.com/hedgetradehq https://www.facebook.com/hedgetradehq/ https://t.me/HedgeTradeHQ Good luck in the forthcoming trades.
  24. Before reading join me on this group for more airdrop updates. Guildchat Telegram😊 Disclaimer: This airdrop is a contest, you will earn 1000DGTX if you won. Kindly visit the FAQ for more details. Also published on Telegraph. Procedure 1. Visit airdrop registration page. 2. Enter email and join whitelist. 3. Verify email, and you will redirected to airdrop page. 4. On the airdrop page, complete all task to earn points and win the price. Advertisement Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange. Trade the most profitable cryptos here. Follow me on the following social media. Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Reddit Steemit Medium
  25. 🏆 UPDATED Referral Leaderboard 🏆 username - # of sign ups 1. ch****ay - 57 2. ro***r7 - 45 3. 1j****si - 39 4. g8***rd – 35 5. mr***ek - 26 6. a0****3h - 19 7. jo** **en - 12 8. he***87 – 10 9. ka***ol - 9 10. ay***wa – 6
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