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  2. Bank of America’s Crypto Wallet Patent Could Solve Existing Crypto Wallet Issues you can see the full article below Bank of America’s Crypto Wallet Patent Could Solve Existing Crypto Wallet Issues Bank of America filed a patent that seeks to handle one of the biggest issues afflicting the crypto wallet industry, security. In their patent filing, the bank describes a concept of a multi-tiered security system for crypto-wallets..
  3. Play with fun and earn money with Blackjack.fun This gambling site is my favorite than the other gambling, because they offer so many benefit for you You can deposit BTC, LTC or dash and above all the most important that the games are results fair. Just try the game and get your money now!
  4. By CCN Markets: Xerox (XRX) has been one of the S&P 500's most impressive surprises in 2019. The 113-year-old stock has climbed nearly 50 percent already, and its technical picture suggests the rally is just getting started. Experts point to the hiring of a new CEO, John Visentin, as the primary driver of growth. With […] The post This S&P 500 Stock Is Up 50% in 2019 & It's Just Getting Started appeared first on CCN Markets View the full article
  5. Bitcoin continues to consolidate and struggles to break key resistance. $BTC plummets to $1 ($ETH to $0.33) briefly on select exchanges due to AWS error, ...
  6. What can you buy with crypto? It's been a common question since bitcoin bought two pizzas back in 2010. Giving people the ability to spend their bitcoins when they are on the go has always been one of the core functionalities of the Blockchain Wallet. And today, spending crypto from your phone or online is even easier thanks to a new integration with BitPay. We’ve seamlessly integrated BitPay into the Blockchain Wallet so you can pay for products and services from an extensive network of merchants without ever giving up control of your private keys. As the largest global crypto payments provider, BitPay and has processed more than $2.8 billion from merchants and B2B customers since 2011. Everyday thousands of businesses rely on BitPay to be their direct connection to the world of crypto, and now those connections are available to you. User-Friendly Internet PaymentsBeginning with Bitcoin, users have a new way to spend their HODLings from the safety of their Wallet on an array of online stores within the BitPay ecosystem (full list: here). Now, you can simply copy or scan the invoice and complete the payment using your Blockchain Wallet. And thanks to recent enhancements to its payments protocol, it’s easier and more secure than ever to transact with certainty. We’re excited to see this new addition connect our Wallet users to the world of merchants that accept Bitcoin (and soon other cryptos) as a payment method — one of the key ways to interact with and grow the digital asset ecosystem. Learn more about how to pay a BitPay invoice from your Web or mobile Wallet here. View the full article
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  8. Articles and hashtags referenced (I DO NOT OWN Or CLAIM TO OWN ARTICLES REFERENCED OR VIEWED IN VIDEOS): #bitcoin #bitcoins #bitcoinprice GET ...
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  10. An early version of Polkadot has been released today, allowing developers and the broader community to experiment with new features ahead of the mainnet launch. Known as Kusama, the network is a “proving ground” where projects can build parachains, stress-test new technologies and trial the Polkadot network’s governance system. It appears to be named for Yayoi Kusama, a Japanese contemporary artist known for her polkadot-style patterns. As a ‘canary network,’ developers can test their code on Kusama to identify issues and bugs before deploying to the mainnet. “Kusama is an early, unaudited and unrefined release of Polkadot,” according to the official website. There are even KSM tokens – distributed to participants in the DOT sale at a 100:1 ratio – that can be used for validating, bonding parachains and participating in the governance system. Polkadot is an interoperability network that allows independent blockchains to easily interact with one another. It was founded by Gavin Wood, a co-founder of Ethereum (ETH) and former CTO of the Ethereum Foundation. The idea for a canary network had first come about three years ago, and it has taken over two years of active development. “Without a network like Kusama, there is no reasonable way to fully understand the potential dangers that lie ahead,” explains the website. The Kusama genesis block was mined earlier this morning at around 09:30 CEST. Although Kusama is effectively Polkadot v0.5.0, the two networks will remain entirely separate. Once Polkadot launches, Kusama will continue to run alongside as an “experimental testbed” for new technologies that can subsequently be ported over to the mainnet. Kusama stakeholders can also participate in the governance system, which decides how to spend funds collected through transaction fees. “[W]e envision it will cater to new, early functionality and projects preparing to develop and deploy on Polkadot,” reads the website. 1% of DOT tokens have also been reserved for grants. All validator nodes will initially be run by the Web3 Foundation, a longstanding developer on the Polkadot network. However, payments are yet enabled, and Web3 will be solely responsible for governance. Parity expects the network to become fully decentralized within a month. The post Polkadot Launches ‘Canary Network’ To Test Blockchain Interoperability appeared first on Crypto Briefing. View the full article
  11. The biggest buy signal with a 95% accuracy rate was just triggered! Who made this call and what you should do about it. Also lots of cryptocurrency news to ...
  12. Crypto trading bots enable both beginner and more advanced traders to engage more efficiently in trading the cryptocurrency markets which operate 24/7. The fact that the market is continuously open naturally lends to increased opportunities for securing profits compared to more traditional markets, however, the temptation to trade over long stretches of time can lead to the use of inefficient strategies as fatigue and tiredness kick in. Cap.Club is a trading platform that incorporates a range of professional tools for both manual and automated cryptocurrency trading, and enables users to optimize their ability to trade around the clock. Cap.Club allows people to make use of ready-made strategies as well as customize their own solutions and is compatible with Binance, Bittrex, and Poloniex. The platform’s demo mode also allows users to sign up and practice their strategies before moving on to a live trading account. Visit Cap.Club Cap.Club Overview Cap.Club launched in October, 2018 after securing the backing and support of shareholders from the 404-group.com. The team is based in St. Petersburg, Russia and headed by CEO Anton Gudirev and the original idea behind the project was to build a platform that simplified and streamlined the process of creating crypto trading strategies. The range of tools offered by the Cap.Club team include bots that execute popular trading Buy/Sell strategies such as Take Profit and Stop Loss, and users can select from various ready-made options or customize their own solutions. The platform also makes use of high processing speeds and allows users to create multiple bots, and Cap.Club continues to gain traction with the team announcing that their service has been used by close to 4000 people. Cap.Club is currently compatible with three leading exchanges, namely Binance, Bittrex, and Poloniex and is suitable for both beginners and more experienced traders. The platform can be used for free with a virtual demo account for an unlimited amount of time while a PRO account costs $30 per month. Cap.Club Key Features Functionality – Cap.Club operates as a web-based solution, and features an easy to use and intuitive user interface that includes a good range of functions. Users can configure bots to trade automatically 24/7 or make use of preconfigured trading strategies. The platform’s visual editor allows anyone to easily create individual strategies of any complexity and logic without any programming skills. Technology – Automated trading takes place via API integration with Binance, Bittrex, and Poloniex cryptocurrency exchanges, and the service makes use of two factor authentication (2FA), and high processing speeds. Cap.Club allows for order executions of less than 0.5 seconds, from the moment a target quote is reached, until the order is placed on an exchange. Range of Tools – The platform provides a good range of professional trading tools and incorporates features such as StopLoss and TakeProfit strategies that work simultaneously. There are also several TakeProfit levels, trailing based mechanics for buying and selling, the introduction of safety orders, panic stops, and strategy management by signals. Simple Cost Structure – By using a demo account, it’s possible for anyone to sign up and practise their strategies for an unlimited amount of time. This allows the platform to act as a low cost solution and when ready to conduct live trading, the service is available for a flat fee of $30 a month. Customer Support – The platform is available in both English and Russian, and a support team is on hand to deal with any issues. Users can contact the team by email, and they can also be contacted via their Telegram The website also contains a number of helpful resources in the Support Section, as well as a number of video Tutorials hosted on their YouTube channel. How to Get Started on Cap Club To create an account, just click the “Sign Up” tab at the top right of the home page. 1) Create an Account All that’s needed is to enter an email address and create a password in order to register an account on the platform. After clicking on the link in the verification email, you will gain access to your account. 2) Select Account Type From here you have the option to create a Demo or Real trading account. When selecting a Real Account, you will be given the option to select your preferred exchange before entering your API key info. From here you can select from a set of available trading strategies. Once you have selected your strategies you are ready to choose your subscription model as well as begin selecting and activating your trading strategies. You can navigate the dashboard to adjust your settings, select your preferred exchange, set up two factor authentication, and also make use of the visual strategy editor. When using a free demo account you can make virtual deposits, and when registering you will be allocated an amount of virtual cryptocurrency in order to make trades. 3) Select Your Trades You can create simple Limit and Market orders by clicking on the “Trade” tab. To create an order: Select an exchange. Select a pair. There is a “show on chart” button next to the pair selection. After clicking it, the chart of the pair you selected will appear in the charts area. Select the order type (Limit or Market). There are two forms below, for coin sale and for coin purchase. Your current balance at the moment of selecting an exchange on this tab is displayed next to the heading. In the “Give” field, specify the number of coins you want to give. Or in the “Receive” field, indicate the number of coins you want to receive. When you fill in one field, the second one will be automatically completed based on the exchange rate specified. Send the transaction for execution by clicking the “Buy” or “Sell” button. It’s important to note the following: The amount specified for the base currency will be sent to the exchange. For example, when working with the ETH/USDT pair, the field with the sum expressed in ETH is always taken. The final USDT amount will be determined based on the quotation of the executed order. For a Market order, the amount of quoted currency is for reference only, and this amount depends on the final order cost of execution. After launching, a strategy execution record will appear in the “Working Now” tab. The strategy will move over to the History tab, once there is confirmation of a successful execution of a transaction or information is received that shows that an error occurred during execution. Clicking the grey button opposite the strategy will stop the execution of the trade and cancel the order if it has not yet been executed. You can click on the line where the trade is to see more information and view the current stage of trade at any time it is still running. The final results of the trade will also be shown there. The Smart Trade tab provides access to tools that help users to create more complex trading scenarios than simple buy and sell orders. They include editable basic strategy templates, with Smart Sell, Smart Buy-Sell and Smart Sell-Buy strategies for both long and short positions currently available. Cap.Club Pricing & Subscription Fees The platform can be used free of charge, although the free plan comes with a number of restrictions, for example, only one simultaneously working strategy can be used and only four blocks are made available in the visual strategy editor. Working strategies are paused within 30 days, and free plan users do not receive Telegram notifications. Upgrading your account is quite a simple process, and subscribing to a PRO plan removes all restrictions. There are two payment options and subscribers can pay $30 per month or make an upfront payment of $300 for a year. Subscriptions can be paid in either cash or Bitcoin with both CoinPayments and PayPal being supported. Referral Program The team at Cap.Club also operate a referral program that allows platform users to refer their friends and colleagues and benefit by receiving 15% from the amount of the plan purchased by anyone who signs up via their referral link. At the same time, anyone signing up via a referral link shared by a platform member will also receive $10 in their account. The minimum withdrawal amount of any funds received from referrals is $45 and the full terms of the program are as follows. Referral Program Rules The user who invited the referral will receive 15% out of the amount for a purchased plan. The minimum withdrawal amount received from referrals is $45. Payment from referrals is requested via [email protected], no more than once a month. The withdrawal of funds received from referrals is processed within two weeks. Payment is made to the BTC wallet at Binance, the exchange rate is fixed at the time of application. $10 will be transferred to a referral user after registration is complete. These funds can only be used towards a PRO plan and cannot be withdrawn. When promoting referral links it’s prohibited: to promote the link through spam. to promote the link by any means that negatively affect the reputation of Cap Club. to redirect a user through a false link. to use branded keywords Cap.Club, cap club, club cap and etc. How Safe is Cap.Club? The project is currently expanding and remains transparent in nature and provides a clear outline of the core individuals behind Cap.Club. The team are also quite active online and run a Telegram group which allows anyone to discuss any issues directly with the team and other community members. They also prioritize security and each Cap.Club account can enable two-factor authentication (2FA), which adds an additional layer of security, and helps to restrict the possibility of unauthorized access to user accounts. The team also conduct regular safety audits and strive to maintain the highest security standards possible, while also allowing users to retain a good level of privacy and/or anonymity. When using the platform, you are not required to disclose any personal information and anyone can use a free account by signing up just with an email address. When choosing to pay for subscriptions in fiat then it becomes necessary to share your personal information, however, Cap.Club also accepts payment in Bitcoin which helps to maintain user privacy. Most importantly, the software and team behind the service do not have access to your funds; and work via API connections. An Application Programming Interface (API) is simply an interface for an application that allows it to receive and send specific data types. In this case, it allows bots to interface with exchanges in order to collect price and account balance data and also place buy and sell orders. As a result, the team do not have access to your funds, and similar to other trading bot platforms, you do not actually keep any funds on Cap.Club, and your trading bots simply connect with your exchange accounts and perform trades on your behalf. As a result, if any malicious party is able to gain access to your trading account, they would not be able to directly withdraw any funds. However, they would be able to take control of your bot’s trading activity, and could use it to make purchases of any supported digital currency in order to “pump” the price of a coin they already hold significant quantities of. This is a popular tactic used by automated trading account hackers, and users are advised to always make the most of all the available security options. How Beginner Friendly is Cap.Club? The platform has been designed by a team of crypto traders and aims to simplify the process of trading digital currencies for users of all levels. In order to help anyone begin to incorporate automated trading into their personal trading methods, Cap.Club can be used for free for an unlimited amount of time which allows new users to spend a considerable amount of time learning the ropes, and become comfortable in finding and executing profitable trading strategies. Once you are ready to update your account to a Pro version, you are able to make use of a number of pre-configured strategies which include a range of buy and sell commands for long and/or short positions for a number of popular trading pairs on Binance, Bittrex, and Poloniex. In addition, the team also make a number of detailed instructions and video tutorials available to help users become familiar with the platform, and the help section contains articles and guides that explain the various trading tools on offer, and all the platform’s key aspects. Members can also engage with the Cap Club community in the official Telegram channel and a paid account allows user to receive email and Telegram notifications that detail every step of your strategy. More experienced traders will also be able to benefit from the Visual Strategy Editor which follows the same intuitive design used across the rest of the platform and allows members to configure, test, and launch their own trading strategies. Furthermore, the Smart Trade feature provides access to basic strategy templates which include the most common buying and selling strategies for both long and short positions (Smart Sell, Smart Buy-Sell, Smart Sell-Buy) and can be easily edited via the easy to use form. Pros Easy to Setup and Use Both ready-made and customizable options Unlimited Free Use High processing speeds Suitable for beginners and experienced traders Cons New platform still developing Only three exchanges supported No live chat support Conclusion Cap.Club is a relatively simple way for anyone to begin using automated trading, and the platform is very easy to navigate and use. The website is very well designed and the interface makes carrying out the majority of tasks very simple processes, and members can focus more on the profitability of their strategies than on having to spend large amounts of time learning the site. The platform also provides access to a variety of helpful features such as email and Telegram alerts, a visual strategy editor, and preconfigured strategies. Common buying and selling strategies and market and limit orders are supported alongside trailing stops, take profit orders, panic stops, and signal based management. The range of professional tools and ability to configure personalized strategies make it a viable option for more experienced traders, while the platform can also be used for free which suits beginners, and the team also provide resources aimed at helping out newer traders. The service provided by Cap.Club comes with a lot of positives and the main downside related to using the platform is that it only supports three exchanges. If you are a regular user of any of Binance, Bittrex, or Poloniex then Cap.Club may definitely suit your needs, if not then you will probably need to look elsewhere. For anyone that is happy to deal with either of those exchanges, and is looking for an easy to use automated crypto trading solution, Cap.Club is definitely a platform worth trying out. Visit Cap.Club The post Cap.Club Review: Guide to This Automated Crypto Trading Bot Platform appeared first on Blockonomi. View the full article
  13. By CCN Markets: Two Indo-Canadians are facing fraud and money laundering charges in the U.S. after they ripped an Oregonian off their Bitcoin worth over $200,000. In a statement, U.S. Attorney in the District of Oregon Billy J. Williams indicated that Karanjit Singh Khatkar and Jagroop Singh Khatkar had committed wire fraud, money laundering as […] The post Canadian Bitcoin Scammers Fool U.S. Citizen in $230K Twitter Spoof appeared first on CCN Markets View the full article
  14. As we all know about blockhain a little bit because of crytocurrency am i right? Before crypto there was no idea of blockchain and it was hidden technology but now after cryto everyone knows about blockhain but there are still few people who have no idea about blockchain technlogy and that is why today here i will share some guide that will help you to understand about this technology. A blockchain, is simply a chain of blocks which contain information. Originally, the technology was closely associated to ‘digital time stamps’ in the 1990s. This all changed when in 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto invented the digital currency Bitcoin. Blockchain is completely open source technology which means any one can use this technology for their own purpose. Just like word press. And i think it is very simple and short guide about blockchain technology. About me: I am a blockchain developer at App Maisters which is blockchain development company in usa. We help many business owners to move their business to new and advance technology like Blockhain. If you want to know more about me or my compant please visit us here: https://www.appmaisters.com/blockchain-development/
  15. Blackjack.fun aims to become the most trusted, most honest, coolest looking interactive blackjack on the market. Way to this goal is not so easy but we accept the challenge. We are building this together with CRYPTOCURRENCYTALK community. Everybody can be part of it. If you have any ideas how to improve it then you can let us know here. If you know how to market it, you can also be part of it. We are doing it together. Together We Will Reach Our Goal! visit for more details : https://blackjack.fun
  16. https://www.virtualmining.farm/signup/?referrer=5C68354B85289 Date: August 23 Status: Paying Platform: Working 100% Withdrawal fee to BTC wallet: 0.0003 BTC !!! Withdrawal fee to Invoice ID: 0.0003 BTC !!! No delay ( within 1 minute ) in withdrawal / reinvest. 1st level commision is 10% 2nd level commision is 0.7% !!! Mining difficulty: Unchanged ( 10,183,488,432,890 ) and will be solid till September 4 - 5 Earn more Bitcoins at: http://aboil.com/ Simple Bitcoin miner: https://honeyminer.com/referred/5aw8o
  17. Go to https://curiositystream.com/thefinancialdiet for unlimited access to the world's top documentaries and nonfiction series, and for our listeners, enter the ...
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  19. Join the BEST trading group on YouTube! https://www.patreon.com/cryptobitcoinchris Crypto Payments Accepted! 6 month minimum Crypto ...
  20. Bitcoin began an impressive price surge minutes after China announced that it would slap additional tariffs on US goods. Beijing said late Friday that it would increase taxes on $70 billion worth of US imports of between 5 and 10 percent. That progressed its already worsening trade dispute with Washington which last week had announced a similar tariff on $300 billion of Chinese imports. Bitcoin spikes after China announced additional tariffs on US goods | Image credits: TradingView.com The BTC/USD instrument spiked by $355, or 3.52 percent, to establish a local high towards $10,449.52 on San Francisco-based Coinbase exchange. The move uphill appeared shortly after China’s announcement, validating bitcoin’s growing correlation with the global trade dispute. Investors/speculators evidently went bullish on the cryptocurrency’s near-term price prospects, a move similar to many ever since the US-China trade war picked momentum. Renminbi Down Sentiments towards the Chinese Renminbi dwindled on Friday, with analyst predicting the national currency would fall further due to the tariff announcement. As of 10:00 UTC, one dollar bought 7.079 yuan, the unit of the renminbi. Earlier, the price had dropped towards 7,099, a level never-touched-before since the financial crisis 11 years ago. Currencies across the globe crashing to all-time, or multi-decade lows, and no one talking about. Gee, I wonder if #Bitcoin will succeed. See the Yuan, Rupee, Peso (Mexican and Argentine), Euro, Rand, Brazilian Real, etc. — Andy Hoffman (CryptoGoldCentral.com) (@Andy_Hoffman_CG) August 22, 2019 The People’s Bank of China allowed the renminbi to go down below 7 a dollar in early August, sparking a further escalation in their dispute with the US. The move prompted the White House to call China a “currency manipulator.” Meanwhile, bitcoin encashed the most as two superpowers remained engaged in a tit-for-tat strategy. The cryptocurrency surged 5 percent on the day PBoC forced the renminbi lower. It is now eyeing to repeat the price action as investors look for safe-haven assets against the impending economic meltdown. China raises tariffs on US ₿ Bitcoin Goes up US raises tariffs on China ₿ Bitcoin Goes up China raises tariffs on US ₿ Bitcoin Goes up US raises tariffs on China ₿ Bitcoin Goes up — Jacob Canfield (@JacobCanfield) August 23, 2019 Fed Easing Priced In The bitcoin price rise came as traders also awaited further pointers from the US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, as he spoke at annual central bankers meeting at Jackson Hole, Wyoming, today. He gave no new indication about cutting interest rate any further, as had demanded by Trump in his critical tweets on the Fed. “We will act as appropriate to sustain the expansion,” Powell said. A rate cut in late July had assisted bitcoin in growing its market capitalization. Speculators believe cutting interest rate further would increase the cash-liquidity among investors, which would then be able to route more capital into the bitcoin market. “Economy slowing down only means one thing — cutting rates and printing money,” said Anthony Pompliano of Morgan Creek Digital Assets. “They don’t realize that they’re giving Bitcoin the rocket fuel it was built to consume. Long Bitcoin, Short the Bankers.” The post Bitcoin Rises Minutes After China Announces Additional Tariffs on US appeared first on NewsBTC. View the full article
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  22. Panvala, a decentralized foundation backed by venture studio ConsenSys, is bringing about a new avenue for open-source development funding for Ethereum projects upon the launch of its platform’s mainnet. Announced on August 22nd amid Berlin Blockchain Week’s DappCon festivities, the Panvala mainnet activation means Ethereum stakeholders now have another formal option to explore when it comes to financially supporting community initiatives — a notable thread to watch as open-source funding has been a hot button issue around Ethereum in recent weeks. The Panvala platform relies on its native PAN tokens to dispense grants, with these tokens being steadily inflated. PAN holders use their holdings to determine which Ethereum development projects should receive funding in a given grant round, which occur every three months. The PAN grants can be funded by both corporate sponsors and so-called Panvala Patrons, which are community members who make personal donations. Some of the platform’s inaugural sponsors included projects like Status and Gnosis, two stalwarts in the Ethereum community in their own right. It’s all about helping contribute to the viability of the wider ecosystem said Niran Babalola, the founder of Panvala, on the news: “Countless projects and people depend upon the Ethereum blockchain for their success. Problems like security and scalability span the entire ecosystem, but there aren’t reliable business models to solve these problems that will affect millions (and even billions) of people’s lives. Contributing to Panvala rewards the teams who solve those problems.” All for One, One for All To date, Panvala and its supporters have backed three rounds of funding grants to approximately two dozen projects. The initial grants have gone to teams like Sigma Prime and Prysmatic Labs, who are actively working to help Ethereum evolve toward maturity. Earlier this month, Panvala revealed the seven winners from that latest round of grants. The grantees included digital identity project Upala, smart contract monitoring platform Tenderly, infrastructure builders Status, code security project Runtime Verification, Plasma apps team Plasma Group, open-source funders Gitcoin, and decentralized identity network BrightID. With the release of that third round of grants, ConsenSys founder and Ethereum co-founder Joe Lubin said Panvala represented the wider Ethereum community well: “Panvala is a perfect example of what we’ve set out to do with Ethereum in general: rethink timeless problems and create more powerful ways for people to cooperate and solve them. Panvala is an exciting new way for our community to fund our shared goals, and I’m happy to support it.” Funding on the Brain There are several ways open-source development can be funded in Ethereum. A few of the more discussed options include block reward funding, wallet-enforced microdonations, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) like MolochDAO, and other avenues like Gitcoin. Last month, the Ethereum ecosystem temporarily sunk into debate over Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) 2025. First proposed by Ethereum developer James Hancock back in April, the EIP would have added 0.0055 ether to every ETH block reward for 18 months so that the ensuing funds could be used for development efforts on the current Ethereum chain. The proposal ended up being controversial with some prominent Ethereum stakeholders and ending up stalling out. Still, the episode highlighted just how passionately members across the smart contract platform’s community have been grappling with the issue of development funding. That passion has led to projects like Panvala and MolochDAO, which have tried to bring new approaches to the scene. For its part, MolochDAO just celebrated its first six months in operation. In that span, the decentralized body raised more than $1.3 million USD worth of ether to be used in funding Ethereum development projects. Of that sum, the group has already spent $120,000 on grants to such projects. The post Panvala: Development Funding Platform for Ethereum Goes Live appeared first on Blockonomi. View the full article
  23. Weekly Report 2019 August #4 - V SYSTEMS - Medium In this weekly report (4th Week of August 2019): V SYSTEMS has announced new listing on Bithumb Global and OKEx. VSYS has joined the…
  24. The altcoin action continues today as the majority of the market is in the green. Meanwhile, Bitcoin has stabilized over $10,000 while continuing to lose some of its dominance. Cryptocurrency Market Situation. Source: Coin360 Nevertheless, good news keep coming for Bitcoin – this time from Albion. In a landmark decision, the British law firm Stewarts managed to obtain an Asset Preservation Order (APO) for its client. While the matter is still far from being completely settled, this is the first time that Bitcoin is treated as property in British court, which previously struggled with its classification: the law allows for only two types of property, chose in possession and chose in action. The first refers to possession of strictly physical things, while the second pertains to property rights that can be enforced through legal action i.e. money in a bank account. Bitcoin doesn’t fit any of the two rigid definitions, which caused a great deal of uncertainty in court. Good day for the letter I The altcoin market is seeing a stable recovery, though most coins in the top-10 only have modest gains comparable to BTC. The exception is provided by two I tokens: IOTA and ICON. IOTA has already retraced some of its gains, but remains at +4.86% on the day, a solid increase in the context of the market. The rise can be attributed to a tweet by Alexander Renz, subsequently retweeted by IOTA’s twitter account, which announced the upcoming presentation of EDAG Engineering’s CityBot, an IOTA-powered autonomous vehicle concept. #EDAG to present #CityBot at #IAA – a multi-functional robotic vehicles with @iotatoken based feeless machine-to -machine micro-payments. Machines as their own economic agents in the next gen web! #IOTA #DLT #Blockchain https://t.co/f1uzXt17qp — Alexander Renz (@AlexanderRenz) August 22, 2019 The tweet coincided with a 6% spike in IOTA / USD which added to an already good performance that day. IOTA H1 Chart by TradingView The biggest winner today in the (almost) top-50 is definitely ICON, with a 10% increase over the last 24 hours. The explanation is however very simple. ICX used to trade at a more than 100% premium on Huobi, whose price was then excluded from CMC calculations. Yesterday, the floodgates were opened, and arbitrage traders on Binance rushed to buy the coin to then sell it on Huobi. In the process, the price reached a new, slightly higher equilibrium. What rises must also fall. Source: TradingView The post Crypto Market Continues Recovery As IOTA and ICON Surge appeared first on Crypto Briefing. View the full article
  25. Professional Mentors, Exclusive Signals and Setups, Custom Indicators & Strategies, Educational Material, and much more.
  26. By CCN Markets: Tech billionaire Tim Draper says the far-reaching impact of bitcoin "magic" will dwarf the sprawling influence that even the internet has had. The internet has radically transformed major industries such as communications, gaming, entertainment, and media. However, Draper says bitcoin and the technologies branching from it (blockchain, smart contracts, and artificial intelligence) […] The post Tim Draper: Bitcoin 'Magic' Will Dwarf Internet's Game-Changing Impact appeared first on CCN Markets View the full article
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