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  2. Recentemente, la Banca centrale d'Italia ha pubblicato un rapporto contro le valute digitali, incluso Bitcoin (BTC), definendole pericolose, inutili, speculative e inefficienti. La banca non è contenta di come vengono utilizzate le criptovalute. Molti criminali hanno approfittato delle crypto per gestire le loro attività illegali come il finanziamento del terrorismo come al-Qaeda, il riciclaggio di denaro, il sostegno alla prostituzione, la droga, il sesso, ecc. Leggi i dettagli nell'articolo di Coinidol dot com, l'outlet mondiale di blockchain: https://it.coinidol.com/banca-italia-chiama/
  3. HaberDasher4

    FuturoBet launching soon

    Hi there! Recently, i've found an innovative blockchain gambling platform, dedicated to FTO and BTC. Link is here: FuturoBet - Win Your Future! | Lottery
  4. Hi there! There is an interview with Paulina Woźniak - CEO of FuturoCoin Team - revealing the process of signing sponsorship deal with F1 Red Bull Team Racing. Link is here: CEO Of FuturoCoin OU: Cryptocurrencies Are The Future | Blockchain24.co Paulina Woźniak, the CEO of FuturoCoin OU, talked with us about FTO, the future of cryptocurrencies, the sponsorship of the F1 team, and a few other topics.
  5. kallykall78

    How can I convert video to avi?

    You can use online video converter or just a simple editor. I was using https://resize.video/ which is online. It's really easy to do all editing operation whithout problems. I used to download several softwares but online is the best one.
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  7. Hello CCT community, we just added a new product to our website: Create Your ICO Crowdsale Here's what gets deployed: Flat Rate Crowdsale Explained - TokenMint This tutorial will explain what Flat rate crowdsale is, what are Capped, Minted, Refundable, and Post-delivery crowdsales and how to create your own Flat rate crowdsale. Watch a Youtube video of ICO wizzard: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ta68Mij72xc Cheers!
  8. mikelcrypto

    EarnCryptoInterest.com - Earn Interest On Your Crypto

    I just added the next crypto interest provider: Verasity. They offer a nice 36.5% APR for their token VRA. EarnCryptoInterest - Crypto Interest Provider Verasity Details Details about crypto interest provider Verasity. Accepts VRA as deposit. Operates since 2019 and is registered in Cayman Islands.
  9. erikson_partners

    FuturoCoin - a cryptocurrency of the future.

    Even still, no coin comes to close to Bitcoin in terms of value. But we'll see, maybe this one has some potential for growth!
  10. erikson_partners

    The Banks-Crypto Relationship

    I think banks are realising that cryptos are slowly entering the mainstream, which means they have to come up with ways to co-exist. I think this is exciting news!
  11. Hello everyone, vikhost.com offers reliable and fast SSD VPS and dedicated servers for your projects! Visit Vikhost now. Our Sweden SSD VPS's: VPS-Bronze vCPU: 1 core RAM: 1 Gb Storage (SSD): 40 Gb IP addreses: 1 x IPv4 Access: Root 25$/month Buy Sweden VPS VPS-Silver vCPU: 2 core RAM: 2 Gb Storage (SSD): 60 Gb IP addreses: 1 x IPv4 Access: Root 39$/month Buy Sweden VPS VPS-Gold vCPU: 4 core RAM: 4 Gb Storage (SSD): 100 Gb IP addreses: 1 x IPv4 Access: Root 69$/month Buy Sweden VPS VPS-Platinum vCPU: 6 core RAM: 8 Gb Storage (SSD): 160 Gb IP addreses: 1 x IPv4 Access: Root 99$/month Buy Sweden VPS Vikhost payment options: Visa/MC, WebMoney, Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Google Pay, Payeer, PayPal Need more information about our payment methods, check here Why we? - We offer services with NO CONTRACT - We offer services which are based on MONTHLY BILLING prepayment. - Our 24/7 CUSTOMER SUPPORT always ensure that its customers have peace of mind by offering support. - FREE SETUP, you don't need to pay any fees - FREE reboots and OS reinstalls - 99.99% network uptime - 1 Gbps Network connection Find out about our other SSD VPS: *** SSD VPS in Ukraine *** SSD VPS in Sweden *** SSD VPS in Netherland*** If you have questions, please contact us: https://vikhost.com/contact-us/
  12. erikson_partners

    More male users in BTC

    Different poles have shown that the majority of BTC users are men. Considering that both genders are generally interested in wealth and prosperity, what do you think attracts more men than women to bitcoin?
  13. morca

    What games do you like to play?

    I can understand you, now its more difficult to find time to play games.
  14. The relationship between banks and cryptocurrencies has become pretty interesting over the past year. While in the past banks had been unequivocally against crypto, now things are a little different. Featured: Big Banks and Cryptocurrencies – Asking Turkeys to Vote for Christmas? | AllStocks Network Today, IBM builds crypto stablecoins for six different banks and JP Morgan has already launched its own cryptocurrency (JPM Coin). So it certainly appears that the anti-crypto stance is slowly changing. What do you think?
  15. We've just added German, Spanish and Russian languages support to our site. We work hard to make use of our service simple and more convenient for you. 🇩🇪 ALFAtop.me in German: https://www.alfatop.me/de 🇪🇸 ALFAtop.me in Spanish: https://www.alfatop.me/es 🇷🇺 ALFAtop.me in Russian: https://www.alfatop.me/ru ALFAtop.me is available in 172 countries and supports more than 1269 world's largest mobile phone operators and the geographical range of our clients is constantly expanding. That’s why we've decided to add other languages support on ALFAtop.me ALFAtop.me helps you to be close to your loved ones despite the distance! Just try https://www.alfatop.me/ALFAtop.me!
  16. FuturoCoin

    FuturoCoin - a cryptocurrency of the future.

    Do you want to start investing in FTO? 💵 Are you a crypto beginner and want to learn essential skills? Or maybe you want to stay tuned with all the news? 📰 No matter, what is the reason - I encourage you to watch our FTO Academy videos! They’re being released every Monday on the FTO Facebook profile. You can also watch them on our website! 👇 Home - FuturoCoin Academy
  17. Have a good day for everyone in our community! We reached important goal for our project today https://masternodes.online/currencies/SMM/ MNO is 1.4+ million visits of potential investors monthly from 245+ countries! Let's go to the success together!
  18. erikson_partners

    Freedom vs democracy

    Which do you consider more important - a Bitcoin system where the individual has complete freedom or rather where the majority is happy and satisfied within the system, but might have to follow stricter rules?
  19. erikson_partners

    The future is in crypto

    Only a small percentage of people are in crypto, so what gives you the hope that it can be our future?
  20. Trading on margin with high leverage is my go-to strategy in a flat trending or bear market because it turns otherwise small profits resulting from small price actions into a hell of a lot more. So when I am confident in small but near certain price actions (of either direction) on the major and more predictable cryptos, I use prime XBT by going long or short (depending) with 100X leverage. It does increase the risk (like all good things), but far less capital is required to gain the same market exposure as I would get on a standard exchange. Eg. With $500 invested (as the margin) + 100X leverage, I can trade with a $50,000 position and any profits made will likewise emulate this. So if the market favorably moved by a mild 5% - I would come away with $2,500 and 5X my original investment. Whereas, to make this same trade/profit without leverage I would need to put $50,000 of my own capital on the line, or, only profit by $25. If unlucky and the market moves the other way - the most I can lose is my original $500 investment. When trading with leverage, (or on any high stake trade for that matter) I always establish clear entry and exit points ahead of time to minimize loss with stop-loss, OCO, and protection orders - all of these are also available on primeXBT. As mentioned, high leverage trading is a riskier way to trade and not fit for beginner traders who should be leveraging no more than 10X, unless they are deliberately gambling and enjoy playing with fire.
  21. rata_for


    NEW RESERVE DOMAIN OF WEENZEE WEBSITE Our support team have noticed and received many requests from participants from Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, China and other Asian countries that our main domain is not accessible any more in their countries! We are promptly reacting to this news by registering a new domain: https://weenzee.asia especially for you. read more https://weenzee.com/news/article-145
  22. erikson_partners

    When will BTC be legal everywhere?

    What would you consider the biggest challenges? I think the main one is Governments and their fear of losing power.
  23. floydrichardson

    mining education

    I comletely agree with you, being educated in the sphere you like. I would love to visit this event and absorb as much information as I can. I hope that they will talk about homework help in australia at www.essayontime.com.au and how it helps students from all around the world to get a degree and find a decent job.
  24. Welcome to Bitcoin Black Rewards! $36,000,000 to be shared. - The top 10 people will receive 180 000 000 coins each (USD value per person $1 800 000) - 11-110 will receive 18 000 000 coins each (USD value per person $180 000) Anyone who has signed up for the free coin airdrop will receive 3600 Free coins guaranteed ($36 value) + 5400 Free coins For the First 50K guaranteed ($54 value). The more you share through your rewards dashboard the more potential to earn! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bitcoin Black BCB: Get 9000 Free BCB coin Worth 90 USD 9000 BCB coin = 90 USD Registration: https://www.bitcoinb.io The Steps: - Sign up ( Go To Rewards ) - Check Email & Set Password - Go Home: Scroll to the bottom of the page!Get coins! - Join Bitcoin Black BCB Telegram: https://t.me/BitcoinBlackBCBGroup ( You need To Join Bitcoin Black BCB Telegram* ) - Video comparing Bitcoin Black and Bitcoin: https://vimeo.com/292603665 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Why Bitcoin Black BCB: 99% of all the bitcoin is owned by 1% of all the users. Video explaining 1% own 99% of all Bitcoin Bitcoin is an improvement to the monetary system only in efficiency. The main issue of the previous fiat currencies is more abundant in Bitcoin which is the concentration of the elites wealth making all other users slaves for the system. Fair distribution and manipulation proof are the most important elements needed. Things in the crypto sphere that should be focused on. Fair distribution Mass adoption Lowering energy consumption & using energy more efficiently Fee free & instant transactions Ease of access Simplicity Removing scary wallet address’s that are a random string of numbers and letter Replacing wallet address with a phone number. Replacing private key with fingerprint. Currently the entire crypto sphere is focused on tech that doesn’t focus enough on usability and simplicity....... If you Want to know more about Bitcoin Black BCB join us. Link: https://www.bitcoinb.io Bitcoin Black's intention is to be adopted for use as a p2p payment system which gives the power back to the people. Bitcoin failed at this, not understanding the true value comes from use of the ecosystem and giving power back to the people. The main people participate in the bitcoin ecosystem is as price speculators to get rich quick and ride the bull to the moon. This is far from what cryptocurrency is intended for. Bitcoin is in a cycle which will discourage people from cryptocurrency and remove hope of cryptocurrency being an ecosystem for the people, making it seem like an enemy as the majority of people enter at the wrong time due to the media. Bitcoin takes power from the people as it's heavily manipulated and through cycles which discourages participants from cryptocurrency in general. Blockstream owns bitcoin and bitmain and affiliate mining pools control over 50% of the hashing power. These two facts make Bitcoin worthless. If distribution is done correctly, and only in this case cryptocurrency used as money can change the world..... <a href="https://bitcoin.black/#a_aid=5b15a03b7324f&amp;a_bid=11110002" target=""><strong>Click here</strong><br/>to get FREE Bitcoin Black coins.</a><img style="border:0" src="https://rewards.bitcoin.black/scripts/kdnk0i?a_aid=5b15a03b7324f&amp;a_bid=11110002" width="1" height="1" alt="" />
  25. Bakkt – owned by Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) has netted a $740 million valuation after raising more than $182 million in a Series A funding round in 2018, according to The Block, the crypto news outlet. The company sold over ¼ of its shares to investors to hit the current valuation. This bullish valuation pre-launch surfaces as the U.S’ regulatory system related to digital currency products remains indeterminate across the board. Read the details in the article of Coinidol dot com, the world blockchain news outlet: https://coinidol.com/cryptocurrency-firm-bakkt/
  26. Angeleee3

    Will Bitcoin rise again?

    I wish I know bitcoin earlier and not just mindlessly surfing online earning nothing. I found out and started 3 weeks in, still learning and hope to earn back some money. I just wish I did the early work in its early years though.
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