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  2. What is the next big move on BTC? #Bitcoin has been chopping around in the same trading range for days now. Is a reversal coming!? Mark will take us through ...
  3. NHẬN 100 DBT ~4.7$ + 10 DBT/REF VỀ THẲNG VÍ SÀN ✅LINK: https://www.dipbit.com/invite?referralCode=D6Wx4 - Đăng ký xác nhận mail - Mobile Phone và google authen (bắt buộc)
  4. Bitcoin price started a strong rise above the $7,800 and $8,000 resistances against the US Dollar. The price gained traction and even traded close to the $8,200 resistance area. This week’s followed important declining channel was breached near $7,960 on the hourly chart of the BTC/USD pair (data feed from Kraken). The pair is currently forming a triangle pattern and it could continue higher above $8,150 and $8,200. Bitcoin price jumped back into a positive zone above $7,800 against the US Dollar. BTC is currently forming a bullish pattern and it may continue to rise towards $8,300 an 8,500 in the near term. Bitcoin Price Analysis Recently, we saw a strong bounce in bitcoin price from the $7,475 swing low against the US Dollar. The BTC/USD pair surged higher and broke many hurdles near $7,700 and $7,800. There was even a break above the $8,000 level and the 100 hourly simple moving average. It seems like the bulls are back in action and the price completed a downside correction near the $7,500 support area. This also suggests that there are chances of more gains above the $8,200 level. Recently, this week’s followed important declining channel was breached near $7,960 on the hourly chart of the BTC/USD pair. The pair spiked towards the $8,200 level and formed an intraday high at $8,180. The price is currently consolidating gains above $8,000. Moreover, it traded below the $8,100 level and the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the upward move from the $7,475 low to $8,180 high. However, the broken resistance near the $7,960 and $8,000 levels is currently acting as a strong support. Besides, the pair is currently forming a triangle pattern with resistance near $8,050 on the same chart. Therefore, if the pair clears the triangle resistance and surges above $8,100, there could be solid gains in the coming sessions. The next key resistances area near the $8,200 and $8,300 levels. Above these, the price is likely to trade to a new 2019 high. Looking at the chart, bitcoin price clearly jumped back into a positive zone above $7,800. It is currently consolidating gains above the $8,000 level and the 100 hourly SMA. If there is a downside break below the 100 hourly SMA, the price could correct lower towards the $7,710 level. Below $7,710, the next key support is close to the $7,650 level. Technical indicators: Hourly MACD – The MACD is currently in the bearish zone, but it could move back in the bullish zone. Hourly RSI (Relative Strength Index) – The RSI for BTC/USD is holding the main 50 level, with a few positive signs. Major Support Levels – $7,800 followed by $7,710. Major Resistance Levels – $8,050, $8,200 and $8,300. The post Bitcoin (BTC) Price Smashes Resistance: Bulls Target Fresh High appeared first on NewsBTC. View the full article
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    Blockchain Gaming with Witek (Enjin)

    https://www.boxmining.com/enjin-minecraft . Blockchain gaming has been all the rage, with the introduction of Non-fungible tokens (ERC-1155) and cross game ...
  7. Articles and hashtags referenced: #anthonypompliano #bitcoin2020 #bitcoin https://twitter.com/APompliano/status/1131215266904387585 GET A Chance To ...
  8. By CCN: Who says millennials don’t like to save and invest their money? By building a commission-free stock brokerage and trading app with a slick interface, Robinhood has built a $7 billion business in just six years. That’s the company’s valuation as it nears a $200 million funding round from its current financial backers, Bloomberg reports. The investment round is still unfolding and once complete could reportedly result in Robinhood fetching a valuation as high as $10 billion. Robinhood closed its most recent funding round last year at which time a $5.6 billion valuation was attached. The stock trading app The post Robinhood Attracts $200 Million as Valuation Swells to $7 Billion: Report appeared first on CCN View the full article
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    This week (May 24th) at Dash DCG :

    - Dash Core v0.14 released to mainnet! - Made Dark Gravity Wave compatible with mainnet/testnet for SPV - Updated dashd to handle new core SPV endpoint - Fixed bugs on Pay screen and profile picture on DashPay - Added support for LLMQ quorum determination, quorum validation and LLMQ-based InstantSend on DashWallet Android https://blog.dash.org/product-update-may-24-2019-2d5be1ca3877
  10. Binaries: Bertrand256/dash-masternode-tool Tool for managing Dash masternodes with a hardware wallet (Trezor, Keepkey, Ledger Nano S) - Bertrand256/dash-masternode-tool Main changes: Support for the "update service" feature (mn IP/port, operator payout address). Support for the "revoke operator" feature. Additional encryption (RSA) of data sent over the Internet for protx RPC calls.
  11. Bitcoin price has gone parabolic in recent weeks, and while the leading cryptocurrency by market cap is currently taking pause for some much needed consolidation, much of the market is predicting that this is just the beginning of upside momentum. While most have conservative price targets of $9,000 or $10,000, one trader believed that Bitcoin may be targeting significantly higher – price points that have left gaps in the CME Bitcoin Futures charts that have yet to be filled. Will Bitcoin Price Fill CME Futures Gaps At Near Previous All-Time High? Since the start of April, Bitcoin has been the talk of the finance and tech industries, and the first-ever cryptocurrency has bounced back from bear market lows, and captured the attention of the market and media once again with a parabolic move that cannot be ignored. Related Reading | Why The Next Bitcoin Bull Run Could Eclipse The Last Crypto Bubble As Bitcoin’s highly-publicized parabolic move in late December 2017 collapsed, on the way down, the asset left two unfilled gaps on CME Group’s Bitcoin Futures chart. The two gaps could suggest that Bitcoin is targeting $17,700 and $18,500 – the two Bitcoin price levels without candle bodies as can be seen in the chart below shared by self-proclaimed “shitcoin trend trader,” Rampage. $BTC CME gaps yet to be filled; – $18,500 – $17,700 Look's like we're headed back to fill those gaps! pic.twitter.com/DUiCdX23cq — 𝓡𝓪𝓶𝓹𝓪𝓰𝓮 (@Thrillmex) May 21, 2019 In financial markets,”filling the gap” is a process in which an asset returns to previous price levels where a void in a chart has formed, due to the price of the asset rising or declining quickly while trading is offline. When trading resumes, the price of the asset is significantly lower or higher than it was at close, leaving a gap. These gaps often act as magnets for price action. Such an example happened as recently as May 16, when the price of Bitcoin flash crashed to $6,600 in the blink of an eye. The violent sell-off perfectly filled the gap left during Bitcoin’s powerful parabolic advance in earlier in May. $BTC – CME Futures Gap officially filled Looks like that was the dip to buy This is very bullish pic.twitter.com/hYCRMKUj2i — Josh Rager (@Josh_Rager) May 17, 2019 Gaps are more commonly found in speculative assets, where exuberance can run wild and drive the price of assets up or down faster than in markets where the asset’s price is better tied to fundamentals. There are also many different kinds of gaps, including common gaps, breakaway gaps, runaway gaps, and exhaustion gaps. Related Reading | Next Bitcoin Bull Run Will Be First Cycle Supported By Established Financial Firms The gaps found on Bitcoin charts are likely runaway gaps, which occur when there is strong impulse moves in either direction. They also could be breakaway gaps, since they are found near a reversal. Breakaway gaps are typically supported by high volume. Common gaps are brought about by normal market movements, while exhaustion gaps occur following a rapid rise as the trend begins to lose steam. The post CME Futures Gaps Hint Bitcoin Price is Headed to $18,000 Or Higher appeared first on NewsBTC. View the full article
  12. Articles and hashtags referenced: #bitcoin #jackdorsey #bitcoin8K ...
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  14. Thank You For Watching! :D "Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear." -George Orwell Please join me in supporting freedom of speech, ...
  15. RESULTS FROM 23.05.2019 Below you will find all Detections that we posted in our Memberships on 23.05.2019. We use GMT timezone. Slow and steady day, all 3 Predicted Increases were hit after just few hours. AGI - Target Reached AMB - Target Reached BQX - Target Reached ALL THIS IN THE TIME OF 24H! Join us here and learn more(Telegram): @VISIOSYSTEMS
  16. In the ebook i show how to make passive cash from cryptocurrency with no skills. No server setup, masternodes or anything like that. Since methods die, get saturated or change we have a 3rd update now. Good for newbies and pros. As this is about knowledge and methods not about years in the game. Read more here and decide - https://fuk.io/crypto-income-guide-ebook-v12-3rd-update/
  17. The FCA has reported that ICAP Crypto is a clone firm used in scams and is not affiliated with FCA-authorized firm ICAP Europe Limited View the full article
  18. The Internet is surprising, and in its expanses you can find a lot of interesting things. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/creating-a-hedge-fund-total-net-profit#/ After seeing this project and reading the information on the largest hedge funds, I thought it may be why individual private small investors, traders are doomed to failure, because they are loners and work with microscopic deposits. Their deposits are simply doomed to fall into the wallets of large hedge funds. Can you imagine the scale of the situation: The largest hedge funds in the world in the UK which account for 31% of all organizations of this type. - The rating of English hedges is headed by: - AHL and GLG from Man Group plc., Which manages 52.9 billion dollars, - Standard Life Investments (37.6 billion), - Winton Capital Management Ltd. (35 billion), - Marshall Wace (26 billion), - Lansdowne Partners (15-16 billion), - The Children's Investment Fund Mgmt about 7.5 billion. The largest hedge funds in the USA which account for 24% of all organizations of this type. - Bridgewater Associates ( 150 billion) - AQR Capital Management (84.1 billion) - Och-Ziff Capital Management (42.4 billion) - Renaissance Technologies (34.7 billion) - Millennium Management (33.3 billion) - Baupost Group and Viking Global Investors (29 billion) - Elliott Management (28.8 billion) - “Alternative Investors” from BlackRock, with 28.6 billion - Two Sigma Investments (27.6 billion.) They all earn, but at the expense of whom? at the expense of single traders with small deposits.
  19. Cameron Winklevoss, early Bitcoin investor the outspoken co-founder of the Gemini crypto exchange, is a staunch supporter of what he and his brother Tyler call the Future of Money. They and their exchange have worked to elevate the industry and help it shed the wild west atmosphere of the emerging market. In his latest comments, the Bitcoin bull compares crypto assets to the assets of the dot com era: domain names. The comparison is used to show the tremendous growth the crypto market has brought investors – far more than the mere “few millions” that Winklevoss says a four-letter domain would have netted someone if bought in 1990. Cameron Winklevoss: Cryptonetworks > Internet, Here’s Why Cameron Winklevoss knows plenty about investing in early technologies like the internet and more recently, cryptocurrencies. The early Bitcoin supporter was also partly responsible for one of the earliest examples of a social media network, which eventually became the foundation for Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook – one of the most powerful internet giants today. Related Reading | Cameron Winklevoss on Crypto: Not Investing In the “Future of Money” is “Crazy” In a recent tweet, the tech entrepreneur and one half of the Winklevoss twins has compared ownership of crypto network assets – cryptocurrencies – to the early owners of internet assets, or domain names. In the early days of the internet, forward-thinking entrepreneurs would gobble up two-, three-, and four-letter domain names in anticipation of the stampede of companies that would eventually have a presence in cyberspace. Cyberspace assets = domain names Cryptonetwork assets = tokens 1990: 4-letter domain = $10. Same domain today = few millions max 2009: bitcoin pizza = $10. Same pizza today = ~$80million Ability to own a piece of Cryptonetworks > Internet. — Cameron Winklevoss (@winklevoss) May 23, 2019 Eventually, few-letter domain names became scarce, and have since ran out. Those left holding the remaining assets can fetch a lofty amount depending on if there is a brand out there interested in that domain. The scarcity of four-and-under-letter domain names is strikingly similar to capped supply of Bitcoins. In Winklevoss’s comparison, he says a $10 investment in a four-letter domain in 1990 could be worth a “few millions max.” Meanwhile, the same investment – using a $10 exchange of Bitcoin for pizza coinciding with yesterday’s Bitcoin pizza day as the example – would have netted the investor upwards of $80 million in twenty less years time. Related Reading | Crypto Industry Celebrates First BTC Transaction With Annual Bitcoin Pizza Day The comparison truly does show the incredible potential and magnitude Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have even compared to something as powerful and life-altering as the internet. The Winklevoss twins went along for the ride as both major technologies blossomed into what they are today. The internet has matured, the crypto industry is still in its infancy and has so much more room to grow ahead of it. Forward-thinking investors similar to those who saw potential in domain names long before others, should also realize the potential that crypto assets offer. Those that do could be rewarded handsomely. Featured image from Shutterstock The post Crypto Assets Compared to Dot Com Domains Shows Unrivaled Growth Performance appeared first on NewsBTC. View the full article
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  21. By CCN: Mark Zuckerberg has been collaborating with his old rivals, the Winklevoss twins, to launch a digital currency that can be used across Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and beyond, according to a report in the Financial Times. Facebook’s cryptocurrency, reportedly dubbed GlobalCoin, is expected to make its debut next year. The FT reports that Facebook is talking to crypto exchanges including Gemini, which was founded by Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, in addition to Coinbase. The concept is that users of Facebook’s payment crypto would have the option to potentially hold their coins on a trading platform or convert it for The post It’s Water Under the Bridge as Zuckerberg & Winklevii Talk Crypto: Report appeared first on CCN View the full article
  22. https://membership.tradedevils.com/ Join our revolutionary trading community and take your trading to the next level! Learn Elliott Wave Theory, algo ...
  23. Two miners, BTC.top and BTC.com, have reportedly executed a 51% attack on the bitcoin cash blockchain View the full article
  24. Two miners, BTC.top and BTC.com, have reportedly executed a 51% attack on the bitcoin cash blockchain View the full article
  25. The GIVEAWAY has come to an end! Winners have been randomly drafted and recieved the Platinum Memberships! Congratulations and Good luck!
  26. Articles and hashtags referenced: #johnmcafee #bitcoin #mcafeeprediction https://twitter.com/officialmcafee/status/1124436476962516994 GET A Chance To ...
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    In case you haven't heard about MERCATOX

    Digitalworldexchange (DWE) market added Dear users! Digitalworldexchange (DWE) added to the listing. DWE/BTC and DWE/ETH markets are available for trading. https://mercatox.com/exchange/DWE/BTC https://mercatox.com/exchange/DWE/ETH Digitalworldexchange (DWE) blockchain explorer ishttps://blockexplorer.digitalworldexchange.com/ Good luck in the forthcoming trades. #DWE #ETH #BTC #TRADING #EXCHANGE
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