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  2. Firstly we announced yesterday in Telegram that SPEC will be a dual token model. One will be dividend based. One will be a utility token. The specifics will be available on the website in 3 or 4 days. I have some highlights we can share with you now about the specifics. Here is what was announced in telegram. These are quotes from Kay our CEO. Question: Kay thanks for the replies, I did not find any mention of two kind of tokens on your website, is it a latest change? "No problem Aamod, yes we have received a lot of feedback in the last week from both camps. Investors (big buyer groups) who want to invest in Spectre but fear changing regulations meaning that major exchanges like Kraken/poloniex wont be able to list our dividend token. So they want a utility token instead. We are creating it for them. For those investors who are more yield hungry, our dividend token will work out for them. This change has been approved by legal yesterday and we are updating all of our materials today/tomorrow." Question: Dividend means it's considered a security and will be under SEC rules for listing do you the necessary approvals? "Our Utility token and the company that issues that will fall subject to those rules and will be accepted by major U.S exchanges yes. The dividend token will not be listed there but offshore. (on smaller p2p exchanges and our onsite exchange)" Question: Will the cap you trying to raise remain the same? "yes we do not need more than $30m to disrupt. Smiley" Question: I guess spectre will be the first to launch two tokens in one ico? "Augur and have done more than 1 token per ICO please check." These questions the community and quotes from our CEO Kay. Again, the rest of the details will be on the website in 3 or 4 days. Thank you all for your support and patience. Quote from: PitL0rd2002 on Today at 10:21:18 AM “We forecast combined dividends (eg. normal and special dividends) to token holders of $3.7m to be paid out in year 1 (or $0.11/token) translating to a projected token-yield of 37%. How you ll pay dividends for tokens holders? Once a year or a month? And where we must hold our tokens for receive dividends?” There are 2 types of dividends the SPEC token holder receives. There will be some redundancy in my answer in an effort to make it as clear as possible. One type is a monthly dividend based off of trade volume. This dividend is paid in ETH. In order to receive that dividend you would need to have your SPEC tokens on a wallet that you control. A personal MEW or any other ERC20 token wallet that you control. If you don't have it on a wallet you control then you will not receive the dividend. Say for an example you have your SPEC sitting on exchange, the exchange would receive the ETH dividend as they control wallet it is sitting on. The second type is a year dividend paid each January. This dividend is based on the excess ETH created each year in the liquidity pool. Each year a benchmark for growth of the liquidity pool will be set. If that benchmark is surpassed the excess ETH's will be distributed to the token holders and the Spectre team. This division will be 70% to the token holders and 30% to the team. This dividend is paid in ETH also. In order to receive that dividend you would need to have your SPEC tokens on a wallet that you control. A personal MEW or any other ERC20 token wallet that you control. If you don't have it on a wallet you control then you will not receive the dividend. Say for an example you have your SPEC sitting on exchange, the exchange would receive the ETH dividend as they control wallet it is sitting on. "Note: the dividend-token is uniquely different from the utility-token". Just in case they are not aware that there will be two classes of tokens.
  3. Not the issue - did this on 19 systems. That would cause errors but still have WU's sent. ARMv6 and ARMv7 systems were sent work units. It was just the ARMv8 aarch64 system that was not sent any WU's. They probably just have the system type list too strict. Of course this was the first system I tried... Just my luck.
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  7. 3 days left for eBTC
  8. In addition, many people want to sell tokens on the exchange in order to get a extra profit
  9. Cryptonetix: A Crypto financial platform Interview with Aaron Ghadiyali, CTO of Cryptonetix. What challenge is Cryptonetix addressing? Currently in the Cryptocurrency markets there are mostly a collection of websites, some with just news, some market cap sites, some doing basic comparisons between coins. What we do not have for the blockchain markets is a real analytics platform, allowing novice, amateur or professional traders to utilize a set of tools to help investing and trading in the markets easier. Cryptonetix is going to change that by offering the first REAL analytics platform, featuring traditional market technical indicators, new algorithms we are building, combined with a full featured funding, portfolio, education and trading commentary suite of tools for all types of investors, both established and new to the cryptocurrency markets. – What is the scale of this challenge? It’s quite a lot of work. If you go back to when this all started and the first few Cryptocurrency exchanges opened, they prospered because they were able to centralize the data and provide a means of buying and selling. Although blockchain is a decentralized technology, what we have seen up until very recently, and now we have many decentralized trading exchanges in development, was something strange. Centralized technology driving the buying and selling of decentralized technology. With Cryptonetix, we will be taking data from many exchanges, both decentralized and centralized and............................. Check out the full interview from here
  10. If you use this site, just pay attention. The site is trying to use your cpu to mine... Otherwise you will not be credited.... at least i wasn´t.
  11. My main wallet is in and out on a fork, I am staking like crazy on the fork then the coins disappear... Currently on a fork. My Full node is still syncing, for a strange reason it moved itself to test net.... i notice only few hours ago.
  13. How fast my withdrawal is processed? We do process withdrawals the same day right after we receive them, we make no delays and the payments being sent the same banking day if the banking business hours are active. Please note, that USD payments are slower and go through the intermediary banks in US, for a regular bank wire sometimes it takes up to 7 business days to arrive, we also offer an express bank wire transfer which is more expensive but is faster and with the next day value date. SEPA and EUR transfers arrive much faster, normally within 48 hours. More: What is is a trading platform/system for crypto-currency such like: Bitcoin and Litecoin with many advanced features including buy, sell and exchange. also offers a 24/7 hour online exchange that provides the instant and automated matching of orders between its registered members. provides an easy, secure, and affordable exchange for you to buy and sell Crypto-Currencies.
  14. What is your status? Are you still in a fork? edit: now i and are in the same chain 14:51:51  getblockhash 1032471 14:51:51  5c5224f951eb2e9f52b15d10b4ba9e83454322c3befbcfb10b1333e271f8c330
  15. Who owns the technology, owns the world The phrase “He who owns the information, he owns the world” became famous thanks to the desire of the Rothschilds to be the first to know the news. Winston Churchill loved to repeat the same phrase. But all the great men said the phrase knew that information is only precious if you know how to use it further. Our world thirsts for information. Just a couple years ago the worldwide market went crazy about Big Data and possibilities they might open but dreams became phantoms – no one knew how to work with all the collected information. Now the situation is totally different. There are a lot of tools to analyze the raw data and to turn them into the useful statistics and accurate forecasts now on the market. Companies can use this information to enhance their services, to automate processes, to gain insights into their target market and to improve the overall performance using the feedback they get. For example, the online retail giant Amazon has access to a massive amount of data about its customers, what kind of purchases they make and what are they searching for. While this data is obviously put to advertising algorithms, Amazon also uses the information to improve customer relations, the area that many Big Data users overlook. General Electric uses the data from sensors on machinery like gas turbines and jet engines to identify ways to improve working processes and reliability. Starbucks uses Big Data to determine the potential success of each new location. One more innovative and promising tool to transform the data from raw to useful is neural networks. Even though they have been established as the well-known method in business, there is enormous space for additional research, and here is the case to show it. In the Southeast Asia, the fintech company MicroMoney uses the neural networks and Big Data tools in its own scoring system for a rapid creditworthiness assessment of a client with no credit history. Instead of papers, certificates, and cross checking scoring system analyzing personal data from a borrower’s smartphone. All that's needed is to install the MicroMoney application, sign the agreement to use the personal data and to complete the loan application online. Then the scoring system analyzes all the available data, sets a credit rate and identifies potential credit risks with an accuracy of more than 95%. In case a customer reaches the certain credit score points the system approves the loan automatically and sends the money to a user’s e-wallet. Scoring system constantly reviewing data within its increasing database. The more data processing, the faster and more accurate is the result of customer’s creditworthiness evaluation. In future self-learning algorithms can provide people with all kind of services even before they think about it. For example, a man announces in his social account that his wife is pregnant. This man is known as a reliable client of the MicroMoney, he has a high credit rating. The scoring systems catch this fact, correlate this information with his recent searches for houses to rent in search engines, evaluate his credit rate and he receives a special offer of mortgage for house buyers, with all interests and payments specified due to his monthly income. Or, let’s say, a girl is graduating with a bachelor’s degree with her marks higher than average score and searches for other universities to continue her education. The systems are able to analyze her bank account, to find that she has not enough money to enroll and offer her a student loan. There is no doubt that these technologies can change not only banking industry but the way people consume, spend and save their money. We already face all benefits of targeting advertising but it is only beginning of the integration of smart technologies in our everyday life.
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  18. Today US SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) issues a press release about their creation of a dedicates “Cyber Unit”. Among other things, this unit will keep up some oversight over digital currencies. Source of the Article: “Cyber Unit” with broad powers
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  20. About the project BrowserMine is a real browser-based mining! You get money only for opening this page! Without attachments, without invitations, without viewing ads and performing tasks. Just leave this page open in the background tab and deal with your affairs until the money drips into your account. BMH (BrowserMineHash) is the cryptocaches that your browser generates. Every 10 minutes, the BMH cryptochemists are processed into the BMC crypto currency. BMC (BrowserMineCoin) - local crypto currency, which can be exchanged for US dollars or Russian rubles and displayed on QIWI, Yandex.Money, Payeer, AdvCash, VISA card or MasterCard. All operations on exchange and withdrawal are made in the personal account. The more productive your device, the faster your browser generates BMH. BrowserMine works when this page is open in your browser. It does not have to be on this page for BrowserMine to work, just leave it open in the background tab. The work of BrowserMine increases the load on the processor of your device. To reduce the load, you can reduce the speed of calculations (in the upper right corner). BrowserMine works in the latest versions of Chrome, Opera, Firefox, including mobile versions. When using BrowserMine on mobile devices, in order to avoid the rapid discharge of the battery, it is recommended to connect the device to a constant power source. Some browser plug-ins (AdBlock, etc.) can block the work of BrowserMine. If BMH is not credited at the top of the page - try disabling browser plug-ins (or changing the browser). If you have opened several BrowserMine tabs, the BMH generation usually occurs only on one of them. To withdraw the earned funds you need to register and enter your personal account. Funds earned without registration and entering into a personal cabinet are counted in favor of the system. JOIN NOW
  21. How to prevent rob of my internet wallet for example eth wallet?
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