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  7. Gridcoin August 2018 Payroll iFoggz - 14422 GRC (5.3 hrs) https://www.gridcoin.us/Dev/Payroll/ifoggzaug2018.pdf Jim Owens - 27211 GRC (10 hrs) https://www.gridcoin.us/Dev/Payroll/jimaug2018.txt Barton26 - 12926 GRC (4.75 hrs) https://www.gridcoin.us/Dev/Payroll/bartaug2018.txt
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  10. Hello, This a post you must read. It comes from the blockchain boy blog: Future Blockchain The blockchain boy posts some amazing things. He has come up with this system to protect your average word or excel document with blockchain technology. Almost the entire corporate world will be using blockchain if his predictions are accurate and if he builds the system. Here is the top of his blog post: Intellectual property theft is widespread and costs companies billions of dollars in damages. Unauthorized music, movie and document sharing are very common and have become much easier because of all the new cloud services such as drop box, google docs, bit torrent and cloud based storage. We hear a lot about services such as artbit and artsmesh protecting the music industry using blockchain. They are well known, but less talked about are the ways to protect documents and spreadsheets with blockchain technology. This article will talk about protecting documents by cryptographically hashing them I will not post more too much info ...also you absolutely must read the whole article right now to understand how big this will be. Future Blockchain
  11. We are the Next Generation electronic Auction infrastructure in Greece for Fruit & Vegetables and Olive Oil, synchronized with a Commodity Exchange market for Futures contracts based on Fiat and cryptocurrency. We are creating an e-auction platform for Fruits, Vegetables and Olive Oil and networking it with the production & consumption sites to enable farmers and growers to sell their produce in a coordinated and fair manner. Despite the unfavourable economic environment, Greek foods stand out on the international market confirming the comparative advantage of Greece in the agri-food sector. Traditional Greek food harmonically combines taste with high nutritional value. Dozens of scientific studies have demonstrated the positive effects of the balanced Greek diet on health, beauty and longevity. Grown under the ideal climate conditions of the Mediterranean, Greek food products have been distinguished by their excellence in quality and have thus reinforced international esteem for traditional Greek food and cooking. GFC National Agri-food e-auction platform is a unique initiative established in Greece. It integrates & coordinates the actual Agri-food spot markets with the nationwide network of product supply, cold storage logistics, SPs, CQ agencies and Transport companies to provide rapidly the best quality product at your doorstep. The work of an e-auction is to help producers at different levels, organisation, promotion, certification, standardisation, storage, transportation ... It is equally important to have the support of the Ministry of Agriculture, research centres and local Universities. We need the technology to evolve, to help our farmers grow, people to find jobs, our Greek products to find the way to the markets. Setting up a National Agricultural Platform (NAP) is particularly important for both the actual market and the general Greek economy and for improving competitiveness. Such an attempt will rationalise the value chain of agricultural products, enhance transparency in trade, bringing the producer closer to the final buyer, offering him individuality (equal power), liquidity (product flow), product homogeneity (quality standards & quantity) and will consolidate and improve product prices across the supply chain. The National Agricultural Platform of GFC will allow the groups of producers to create economies of scale, increasing them their turnover & profit without the risk of capital. The platform will allow growers to focus exclusively on their production and invest in new opportunities in the fields of cultivation, sustainability and quality, having secured the flow of their products. Its members will be able to benefit from economies of scale, and make better use of marketing. Establishing the GFC-NAP online auction and networking it in real time with its production and consumption sites will organise, coordinate and increase sales (focusing on exports), improving product quality standards and packing process. GFC e-auction platform will be a huge step to empower farmers. Traders will bid online from anywhere in the world and farmers & farmer’s association will have secure product flow and a fair price for their products. This will lead to “scientific” price discovery by the farmers themselves, breaking the hold of middlemen. In turn, GFC invests in technology, knowledge and collaboration in the supply chain ensuring the daily satisfaction of their customers and other stakeholders. The growth of the institution in targeted products will make a decisive contribution to the promotion of the country’s specific exports and, as a result, to the improvement of the trade balance with positive effects on the country’s current account balance and GDP. To learn more about GFC please visit our website or read our whitepaper.
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  13. Join- https://t.me/btctradingclub For more Bitcoin Crypto Currency news Latest Update Crypto Currency Training Auto Trading Crypto BOT & Crypto Trading Signals join above given telegram channel A Dynamic Auto Crypto Bot which trades on Signals automatically without manual intervention. Crypto Bot | Free Crypto Signal Automate your Crypto Trading by Crypto Bot – Trade on Premium Crypto Signals. One of the Most Powerful Crypto Bot which monitors the Crypto Market, Day & Night and yields profit https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.freecryptosignals.app Bitcoin (BTC) keeps gaining momentum, seeing a steady growth today with its price hovering around $6,500 point. The top cryptocurrency is trading at $6,495 at press time, up around 3.6 percent over a 24 hour period. Having plunged to as low as $5,961 earlier this week, Bitcoin is holding its weekly gains, up almost 7 percent over the week. Ethereum (ETH) has also seen a significant recovery from its recent crash to as low as $259. The top altcoin has restored around 6.5 percent over the past 24 hours, currently trading at around $303 by press time, seeing intraday lows and highs of $284 and $304 respectively. Total market capitalization is up $28 billion from its intraday low as of press time. After a massive sell off this week, crypto markets are now stabilized at around $217 billion. The total number of digital coins listed on Coinmarketcap is now 1,855. XRP and EOS are seeing the biggest increases in terms of the top ten digital currencies’ gains over a 24 hour period. Ripple is up almost 18 percent and trading at $0.34 at press time, up around 9 percent over the week according to Cointelegraph’s Ripple price index. Yesterday, Ripple listed three more crypto exchanges on its cross-border payments solution xRapide within its intention to create a “healthy” ecosystem of digital asset exchange. The company teamed up with such exchanges as the U.S.-based Bittrex, Mexican Bitso, and Filipino Coins.Ph. EOS has seen growth of almost 16 percent over a 24 hour period. The top fifth cryptocurrency is now trading at $5.29. Yesterday, major U.S. crypto exchange and wallet service Coinbase listed now-eleventh top coin by market cap Ethereum Classic (ETC) in a move to bring higher liquidity to the cryptocurrency. Following the announcement, the coin has surged up to $14.20, and is up a negligible percent over a 24 hour period to press time
  14. Noah Coin gets listed on CoinPayments to become available to millions of merchants The Noah Project team is thrilled to announce that their Noah Coin is now listed on the world’s largest processing platform CoinPayments. It became the 7th in the list of platforms where Noah Coin is available to the community, besides 6 cryptocurrency exchanges that have been confirmed earlier this year. For the Noah Project listing on such a large platform as the Canadian CoinPayments is a great achievement and another example proving that the project confidently meets milestones in its development and attracts attention from the crypto community, both in the local Asian market and globally. Founded in 2013, the processing service CoinPayments has become the first platform in the world that offered merchant an opportunity to accept bitcoins and altcoins as payment. At the moment, CoinPayments is the largest payment processor of over 880 cryptocurrencies and has a wide network of 2,216,500 vendors in more than 182 countries internationally. Thanks to the listing on CoinPayments, Noah Coin has become available to millions of merchants and users. Now vendors can integrate payments in Noah Coins to their stores or services, and accept them from the customers. Thus, it significantly expands the utility features of the cryptocurrency. READ MORE ON OUR BLOG https://medium.com/noahcoin/noah-coin-gets-listed-on-coinpayments-to-become-available-to-millions-of-merchants-59d5d5ea8b09
  15. Cryptocurrencies have become highly popular and a major part of an investor’s life, especially youngsters. But still, there are very limited options that can be presented as worthy to invest for people. So, with seeing so much trouble for investors, we have come across something that is going be path-breaking and is going to give everyone an opportunity of the lifetime! Introducing to you NetCurrencyIndex. Netcurrencyindex is the Worlds First Visionary Cryptocurrency Index from all kind of Marketstages with the Crypto Index Family, NCI30, NCI100, and NCI500. It has become the Benchmark for the Crypto Industry and the entire Blockchain sector. Netcurrencyindex is soon going launch the World’s FIRST Crypto Index ETF Coin, which will cover over 99% of the Cryptocurrencies markets worldwide, enabling the participant to stay updated all the time about the strongest Cryptocurrencies (through Marketcap) and growing ICOs from the Blockchain sectors in an automatic way. And with the visionary Netcurrency Index ETF Coin, you will also become part of their next generation Hybrid Exchange called "New Colsio Crypto". With Colsio - Home of Crypto - The New World Exchange, people will get dividends by earning through fees and payment platform with over 600 Crypto pairs & over 150 Crypto CFD’s and Binary Options. Send and receive payments by the independent QuitBOX system. Anywhere to everywhere. The performance of the NetCurrency IndexProtocol Family is exemplary in last 1 year! With earning reaching 2-3x to the initial investment, it makes it one of the GREATEST Crypto Product in the market. And there is also an expert educational program available, which allows everyone to easily figure out the Blockchain technology and the Crypto industry in general. So, come and be part of this exciting journey where everyone is going to be a WINNER! Get further details from below: Official Website: - https://netcurrencyindex.com/ Social Media Links: - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NetCurrencyIndexCrypto - Twitter: https://twitter.com/netcryptoindex
  16. Hi guys I hope you are doing good. Ok I want to share on how to earn ETH free. But well, you gotta work for it. ICOFORUMS.NET is doing their giveaways. Here are the list of the contests: 1. ICO REVIEW CONTEST - The author of each ico-review will get 0.01ETH - 0.06ETH 2. SIGNATURE CAMPAIGN - Jr Member = $40 Per week. Member = $80 Per week. Full Member = $120 Per week. (This is ETH Payment) Senior Member = $160 Per week. Hero/Legendary = $260 Per week. 3. ACTIVITY CONTEST - 10+ Posts/Comments Created in any Category = 0.02 ETH 100+ Posts/Comments Created in any Category = 0.5 ETH 1000+ Posts/Comments Created in any Category = 5 ETH and more. It will update soon. 4. PROMOTE OUR CONTEST IN OTHER CRYPTO FORUMS - Place information about this contests on another site and get 0.01 ETH for the link. Too many ways to get free ETH right ? Then go here to see more detailed explanations about the contest. https://icoforums.net/category/3/competitions https://icoforums.net/topic/5/contes...ypto-forums/12
  17. A holistic Cryptocurrency exchange experience. The expert team at blissexchange specializes in building innovative technology solutions for enterprises for it's users. Bliss Token will be used as a transaction fee in the upcoming deployment of our Exchange to keep BlissExchange ecosystem healthy. Our Platform and services unleash new levels of productivity and a larger scale for Token listings. BlissExchange will accept ERC20, ERC223, ERC644, ERC721 and the new revolutionary technology of ERC1155. What's inside Bliss.Exchange? Wide Variety of Token Listings Secured transactions Early Access Trade Testnets BLISSAI(Trading bot) BlissFolio Wallet (BTC/ETH - ERC20 ERC223 ERC644 ERC721 ERC1155 ) Airdrop[LIVE] First 10,000 Users Airdrop[closed] First 4,000 Users Open Bounties Open for all bounty hunters. Early Token Listing requesition Token Listing request of ERC20, ERC223, ERC644, ERC721 & ERC1155 ROADMAP July 2018 Project/Platform Finalization - Empower users with contracts written in code and bounded by immutable logic. August 2018 Crowdsale - Buy BLISS tokens via crowdsale to save up and trade with something in return. September 2018 BLISS Exchange Token in Exchangers - BLISS EXCHANGE TOKEN will go inside MERCATOX through it's direct PAID listing. The team will conduct a supervision on which exchanger will be next in line. October 2018 BlissExchange Testnets - Advance cross-industry blockchain technologies - conduction of bugs and fixes in BlissExchange November 2018 Supply Chain - by november we will get everything ready for our users and clients to trade inside BlissExchange. December 2018 Deployment of Bliss.Exchange - Trade in BlissExchange with the hottest cryptocurrencies available with BTC/ETH pairing. January 2019 Token Listing - BlissExchange will accept ERC20, ERC223, ERC644, ERC721 and the new revolutionary technology of ERC1155. Febuary 2019 BlissFolio - separated wallet for BTC & ETH for android and IOS users. JOIN ICO ICO is Until august 30, 2018
  18. The Modex Whitelist is now Open! Modex has opened the whitelisting process ahead of the main token sale, scheduled for the 15th of September, offering interested contributors the chance to choose from three different packages: Silver, Gold and Platinum. https://blog.modex.tech/the-modex-whitelist-is-now-open-b968d1d6cede
  19. Bitcoin Mining with Ambit Mining. Post ICO update with CEO Ambit Mining ICO is over. I catch up with Beka to find out how it went, the plans for the future, and when token holders will get returns on their investments. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJfRcFrXGSA&feature=youtu.be
  20. Telegram Ethereum Investment Bot: Make Profit with your ethereum coin. Crypto Trading ETH Bot is a telegram ethereum investment bot. you can make 20% to 45% profit in 30 days with your ethereum coin. Telegram Ethereum Investment Bot Click Here to Star Ethereum Crypto Trading Robot Bot Name: Crypto Trading ETH Investment Type: Ethereum Minimum Investment: No Limit Minimum Withdrawal:0.05 ETH Minimum Reinvestment: 0.05 ETH Referral: 5%, 2% and 1% Telegram Ethereum Investment Plan 4% Daily ~ (120% Monthly-20% Profit) Less than 1 ETH 4.25% Daily ~ (127.5% Monthly-27.5% Profit) 1 - 5 ETH 4.5% Daily ~ (135% Monthly-35% Profit) 5 - 10 ETH 4.75% Daily ~ (142.5% Monthly-42.5% Profit) More Then 10 ETH 5% Daily ~ (Special offers for Special days) The duration of the investments is one month.All Rates capital included. Click Here to Star Ethereum Crypto Trading Robot
  21. Koala Token - New Standards For Adult Industry Payment In The Next 10 Years [WHITEPAPER] Problem & Solution TOKEN SALE Token Allocation Wallet App ROADMAP The Leadership Team & The Advisory board Our PARTNERS CONTACT WITH KOALA
  22. Control your Coin Give Away Binnenkort komt het boek uit van Gert-Jan Lasterie, oprichter van flabber.nl. Het boek heet, Bitcoin en andere cryptovaluta”Hoe je dacht te laat in crypto te stappen, maar succesvoller werd dan mensen die dit boek niet lazen” en zal worden uitbracht in september. En jij kan kans op maken om 1 van de 2 boeken te winnen. Om onze naambekendheid en de aantal volgers te vergroten geven wij dit boek weg. Het enige wat je hoeft te doen is onze Twitter account te volgen en het give away pinned massage te retweeten en te liken. De actie loopt tot 10 september en zal worden bekend gemaakt op de website en de Twitter account. Ga naar het Twitter bericht Control Your Coin https://controlyourcoin.com/
  23. Greetings Manuyjacq, I do believe we can get you some help... There's a lot of smart people around here who do what they can to help everyone... Have you got your Boinc setup, and your Gridcoin Wallet running? (looks like you have the wallet since you put it at the end of your post) I'll get you a few coins to get you started.. and we'll see where we go from there.. If you need any help in setting things up, or you have a problem let us know.. Have Fun, Enjoy life.. Coins are on the way... L8 The Gray Wizard (aka: Matthew)
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