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  2. King Game - What would you do as a king of KingdomETH ? Sign you decree and take the Throne ! To become the King, you must bid more than the current King. When the timer expires, the King wins the pot and the next round begins. King Game https://kingdometh.com/king.html
  3. Prime Talent Chain (PTC) is an end-to-end mobile recruitment platform. It eliminates the intermediaries between employer and the jobseeker, through an open ecosystem of talent pool and hiring managers by using Blockchain, AI, and Machine Learning technologies, that ultimately makes recruitment faster, better and more cost-effective. This platform offers a first of its kind recruitment solution, which the recruitment industry has never experienced before. With PTC, employers can directly interact with job seekers by accessing its SKILL COMMUNITIES. The Skill Communities are formed with the help of below products 1. PrimeSource 2. PrimeScreen 3. PrimeRecruit 4. PrimeParser Resumes of job seekers are segregated into Skill Communities. For example, if Company ABC wants to hire Blockchain developers, they access Blockchain developer Skill Community on PTC, directly interact with ‘ready to hire’ Blockchain developers and hire them. Know more! https://www.primetalentchain.com/ and Ask any queries and join us Telegram : https://t.me/primetalentchain
  4. The current cryptocurrency market is fraught with problems that range from structural to functional issues. These problems stem primarily from the infant nature of the market, a lack of understanding of the cryptocurrency space, and some of the more peculiar economics of cryptocurrencies. For most users, security is the most concerning aspect of the current market. This is because, from its inception, the market has been targeted by the activities of hackers and cyber criminals. There have been a number of high-profile cryptocurrency hacks and heists that have resulted in millions of dollars being stolen. Some traders and investors have lost funds and certain platforms have ceased to operate. In the aftermath of these hacks, the price of particular cryptocurrencies dropped considerably.
  5. the purpose of doing reward scheme in random positionis, By doing that we can control the inflation caused by most of high pos coins. People usually dump their staked coins cheap when there is a high pos on few blocks on a throat, they lock their wallet and unlock it at high pos blocks and maximize the most. By doing that small bag holders had fewer chances of getting a bonus block...And when there is a random every wallet have equal chance to hit bonus block
  6. I personally think that the new coins have more potential and i move my investment in new and quality coins, this when new coins have good potential In my opinion LABH is an extremely promising project! You can receive a stable passive income even by investing small the rewards are awesome
  7. 19 сентября в Киеве состоялось самое ожидаемое событие для всего криптосообщества Украины — Blockchain & Bitcoin...
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  9. https://www.ledger.com?r=7770197902d0 LEDGER NANO S -20% pierwsze kryptowaluty? tutaj: https://auth.bitbay.net/ref/richbuddy ...
  10. Fidelity Investments launches Fidelity Digital Assets to cater for cryptocurrency market, Binance launches its first fiat-crypto exchange in Uganda, OKex launches ...
  11. Earn Money without anywork | New Ethereum Cloud Mining Website 2018 Link https://minether.co/r/1110374 Profitable Ethereum Mining For Everyone Easy ...
  12. কিদৰে এ.টি. এম. ত বিটকইন কিনিব. How to buy Bitcoin through ATM bitcoin atm bitcoin buy bitcoin how to buy bitcoin atm,where to buy bitcoin buying...
  13. Visit our website: https://altcoinbuzz.io In this video, Mattie talks about the recent fake news that surfaced yesterday about Binance de-listing tether. He also gives ...
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  15. By experiencing the security, integrity and transparency of this immense technology, many industries started to grab it for their enhanced data storing and retrieving methodologies. Banking industry was the first to adopt it, and after that SCM, e-commerce, and now health industry
  16. earn free bitcoin from mining pool ... and auto mining profit 3 % Perday Link : ( IN VIDEO )
  17. Site Link https://www.forexmine.net/index.php?refer=5657 #forexmine.net #payment #proof.
  18. Hi guys, im very much glad to say that i have got best returns on my investment and also the rewards from LABH . Im looking for buying coins, ill buy when the price drops and it will be way to get more profits again. Only the LABH had given best response to me over my investment and very promising project. the LABH team is always active with thier updates about coin status.
  19. BITCOIN MASTER GENERATE 2018.3 - PROOF October =============== This is our latest software. Software improved from the previous one. This software ...
  20. FREE bitcoin mining site / earn free Bitcoin cloud mining site Bitcoin mining site link ; https://www.startminer.com/2078978.
  21. CoinDeal


    Всем привет! We are coming with good news. We introduced RUBLE along with the market BTC/RUB to CoinDeal. Go to your wallet after logging to your CoinDeal account and make a transfer! MAKE A TRANSFER Remember that all the materials available on our cryptocurrency exchange platform are translated into Russian. We are consequently trying to improve our cryptocurrency exchange platform - CoinDeal.com and therefore the satisfaction of our users...
  22. Cryptocurrency news - CLICK ON http://www.cashwithfun.com/cryptocurrency/ for the latest news on cryptocurrency in USA. Stay up to date and learn all you ...
  23. The main suspects were the Jaravijit brothers – Prinya, Jiratpisit and Thanasit has finally been caught at the airport after returning to Thailand. The group was accused of luring Finnish investor Aarni Otava Saarimaa to transfer 5,564 bitcoins, equivalent to about 797 million baht, to a virtual wallet. This is good for us! Check article on Blockchain24.co for more informations!
  24. The real estate industry is doing a lot with Blockchain technology. More and more companies are making way for this tech to be adopted mainstream. Chelle service capital takes it to another level. “Chelle Service Capital is a real estate investment firm, which deals in Crypto, high cap rate real estate, commodities, and currency trading give it a unique position in the evolving world of finance…Chelle Coin is a real estate token with unprecedented customization features, land title security, rental income generation and a payment service empowering people to purchase any property using their crypto assets”. Says Ronice Harrison CEO of Chelle Service in an exclusive interview with techbullion.
  25. New customers: Place your first bet with us and we’ll give you two free bets of the same value (up to 3 mBTC). Find out more here: Everybet | Online Sports Betting Love Cryptocurrency? Try bitcoin sports betting at Everybet with great odds. Visit our website to see our latest promotions / free bets. The last few matches of this round of the UEFA Nations League football are due to be played today. The two fixtures we have an eye on are France v Germany and Ukraine v Czech Republic (both 14:45 EST). The current World Champions, France, will be looking to heap further misery on the Germans, who were well beaten by the Netherlands last time out. The Ukraine and Czech Republic are fairly evenly matched, and the Czechs will be looking to exact revenge after losing the last time the two countries played. Away from the Nations League, Belgium take on the Netherlands (19:45 EST). The Belgians have been in excellent form and the Netherlands’ confidence is sky high after putting three goals past Germany last time. The Belgians will be keen to assert themselves as one of Europe’s premier international teams by beating the Dutch at home. The baseball post season is back tonight with the Houston Astros at the Boston Red Sox (17:09 EST). The series is tied 1-1 and the Boston Red Sox will be looking to push their home advantage. The Milwaukee Brewers are on the road at the LA Dodgers (21:09 EST), with the score in their series also currently 1-1. Tonight’s two encounters will push us one step closer to determining who will be on their way to the World Series. The main event of the night is the return of the NBA. We start with the Philadelphia 76ers at the Boston Celtics. The Celtics are tipped to have a strong season and will be keen to get off to a quick start. In the later game (22:30 EST), the Oklahoma City Thunder travel to face the NBA Championship holders Golden State Warriors. The Warriors were sensational last season and many expect them to hit similar heights this year. Can the Thunder create a huge upset at the start of the season? every hit, every miss, every moment, everybet.io
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