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Scam Exchanges

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List of all Scam Trading platforms and Crypto Currency Exchanges and their owners



[center][size=6][font=georgia][b]This Blog is intended to expose the Fraud and Scam Artists that are destroying a community of hard workers and dedicated traders, enthusiasts and investors alike that, are ruining everything we stand for in the [/b][/font][/size][/center]
[center][size=6][font=georgia][b][color=#0066ff]Great World of Virtual Currency[/color].[/b][/font][/size][/center]

[center][font=georgia][size=5][b]Everyone is welcomed to add new information about any suspect Exchange they may come across, or any individual that may have scammed others, attempted or is about to harm this community we stand for and support.[/b][/size][/font][/center]

[center][font=georgia][size=5][b]Many have also been scammed on Ebay, for their CEX Gh/s and/or coins as well as mining time sold as contracts, please let us know their names on their respective account on such sites, so we can steer clear from them.[/b][/size][/font][/center]

[center][font=georgia][size=5][b]Also we are faced with an extensive amount of different coins, that are flooding the market, we see at least 10-15 new coins every week, some are worthy some are designed to be dumped on the people at the exchanges by greedy Developers on a regular basis.[/b][/size][/font][/center]

[center][font=georgia][size=5][b]We...at least I question many of these coins, as sometimes is to late by the time the public is aware, by then the damage is done and we are left with a bag hoping for increase in our initial investment.[/b][/size][/font][/center]

[center][font=georgia][size=5][b]These scams have to also be prevented and one should look out for the same Developer with one two many coins on the market.[/b][/size][/font][/center]

[center][font=georgia][size=5][b]Please voice your opinion on these matters also, the damage is very painful and it leaves us with no room to breathe, "not everything that flies, is good to eat".[/b][/size][/font][/center]

[center][font=georgia][size=5][b]Asiacoin is a great example of that scam as the Dev claimed there were only 360 Mil coins available, as it turns out it was over 3 Bil, by then the Dev has cashed in more than $250,000 USD.[/b][/size][/font][/center]

[center][font=georgia][size=5][b]These type of scams are very damaging to individuals as well as the life of Crypto Currencies in the future, they have to be stopped and held accountable for their actions, we cannot allow this to happen any longer.[/b][/size][/font][/center]

[center][font=georgia][size=5][b]We are part of a currency that could put an end to the word, 3rd world countries and benefit such impoverished nations, a currency that is most hated by the Banking Industry and "Flip the Bird" to inflation, it's time we have real value in hand rather than "toilet paper" called Money.[/b][/size][/font][/center]

[center][size=5][font=georgia][b]The benefits behind Virtual Currency such as, fast transactions, low fees, the inability to counterfeit or manipulate, cannot be destroyed by a few and greedy unscrupulous men that are lurking among us looking to steal from the honest and the unsuspected individual.[/b][/font][/size][/center]

[center][color=#ff9900][size=6][font=georgia][b]We cannot risk the downfall of this currency, as there will be no other like it.[/b][/font][/size][/color][/center]

[center][size=5][font=georgia][b]Virtual Currency is still in it's infancy and you can consider yourself's pioneers in this trend, you and us as a community bring great support trough the time spent, energy, the cost of mining, expensive hardware, so therefore, help yourself and others by sharing your bad experiences and others will follow.[/b][/font][/size][/center]

[center][size=5][font=georgia][b]Please put your input on how can a person spot such scams, or what a person can do to protect them self's.[/b][/font][/size][/center]

[center][color=#ff0000][size=6][font=georgia][b]We need to flush out , expose and hold accountable the scum that preys on this great community.[/b][/font][/size][/color][/center]


[center][size=5]You can also file a complain through the Web Hosting provider through this link [url="http://www.enom.com/help/abusepolicy.aspx"]http://www.enom.com/help/abusepolicy.aspx[/url]

Registry Domain ID: 1854501958_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
Registrar WHOIS Server: whois.enom.com
Registrar URL: [url="http://www.enom.com/"]www.enom.com[/url]
Updated Date: 2014-04-12 21:42:23Z
Creation Date: 2014-04-13 04:42:00Z
Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2015-04-13 04:42:00Z
Registrar: ENOM, INC.
Registrar IANA ID: 48
Registrar Abuse Contact Email: [email="[email protected]"][email protected][/email]
Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: +1.4252744500
Reseller: NAMECHEAP.COM[/size][/center]

[center][color=#ff0000][size=6][b]If you Smell Something, Say Something ![/b][/size][/color][/center]


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thumb_blog-0479671001399312367.png CoinOpend Exchange is nothing but pure SCAM, they have attractive prices for coins and will attract new miners to make deposits on their site, your deposit will never be confirmed and your questions will never be answered.

Stay away from this exchange at all costs, if you do not believe me have a test run for a insignificant amount you are willing to lose, to see for yourself.








Registrant Name: JACK CHEN
Registrant Organization: 
Registrant Street: 623 WEST END AVENUE
Registrant City: NY
Registrant State/Province: NY
Registrant Postal Code: 10024
Registrant Country: US
Registrant Phone: +1.9173357812
Registrant Phone Ext: 
Registrant Fax: +1.5555555555
Registrant Fax Ext:
Registrant Email: [email protected]



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Crypto Rush The Traders Tomb
by Horia Cretan


Need i say more, that is the Logo that makes everyone angry, to say the least. They walked away with over $500 K in virtual currency from their investors.

As if it was not enough they have a dead site with a claim that they will reopen "soon", we all check at least once a day to see the sign at the shut door "Almost There".


There... ? Where.... ?

They were there and they were mighty, there is no other place for Crypto Rush to go, but in the Log of bad memories next to Mt. Gox and other scam exchanges.

They had one of the biggest selections of coins and it became #1 trading platform as fast as they went down, leaving behind, nothing but a trail of blood and bones, dust and silence.

Even though the platform was not real life and one had to constantly hit the refresh button every second, the wallets would only update once a day, the orders were never matched, as one could make a terrible mistake and sell at a very low price by adding an extra decimal, we still loved it, it was a man's cave, nothing worked proper, every time we sent coins to the site we held our breath, then i noticed as small amounts of BTC were missing every other day, without any trades taking place, i made a request complaining about the matter and was told that they have actually payed me more (the Nerve), i had multiple screens opened on different computers and i could prove it was indeed "skimming" from the top, small amounts but done to multiple users amounted to whole BTC's, so It was obvious that the site was built in 5 minutes and run by a bunch of kids with special needs that earned experience from Pokemon games.


Kristian Thomson AKA LinkaZelda





"Gotta Catch'em All"

But we did it anyway, how can you not ?, every coin was there, the liquidity was approaching the same liquidity as the New York Stock Exchange, you could buy and sell with ease, but one day the Man's Cave, became the Traders Tomb.

Every one of us went trough all the stages after that, frustration with hope that it is a glitch and we will be back online and happy traders, then followed by anger and desperation of what if..., , funny thing, they even mentioned on one of their tweets, "Relax guys, this is not Mt.Gox", the outcome of that statement is laughable to say the least, ..soon after, denial was on the Menu, but it ended with the reality of Game Over, Pokemon wins the game and we are left with a bitter taste caused by an irresponsible crew of greedy geeks.

Fraud is a big offense, but where can one look for answers, where can you turn to for help, when the virtual currency is not recognized by the Government as such, and no Laws are in place to protect us from these Vultures ?


The sad reality is, we need the Governments to recognize Virtual Currency as real currency and establish laws that would protect the buyer, the seller, the coin miner, the coin trader, from losses in the future, if not this type of events will trigger a chain of Vigilante Justice that could easily be avoided by some few regulations.




Websites that trade virtual currencies should be forced to be licensed, the same should be for pools and merchants that accept such currencies.


Even though they hide under online Aliases such as, LinkaZelda, Sygma, Deviantwo, KeyserSozeMC, ThisWeeksCoin and Fyrstikken, they can easily be found on Internet and have no problem making fun of their customers, openly speak in IRC rooms or Board Forums about their ways of manipulating the markets on Crypto Rush at the time, taunting and daring the victims of their exchange and scheme with comments like, "yeah here i am if you want to see me".







ThisWeeksCoin reply at https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=431099.1200












Their display of cockiness would push a crippled person to hunt them down for their wrong doings, and maybe there is one in a wheel chair right now, just a push away from knocking on their door with a baseball bat.

Wait..., what a terrible thing to assume,... that, a crippled person cannot afford a car, ...how presumptuous of me.


These are some of the IRC that took place between the people mentioned above :








And this is how it started, they know everyone reads their posts, so we needed to be prepared and eased into the bad news, even though there's nothing easy about being told you have no funds left.


Soon after, DogeyMcDoge that has been working for CryptoRush since late February, spilled the beans:





“Around the 11th of March, I received a message from Devianttwo: “had something bad happen. All I’m saying.” I was brought into a Skype call and told that we had been hacked. I was shocked. They told me the amount, and I did not sleep well that night.” 

The first hacking he witnessed cost the exchange 950 Bitcoins and 2500 Litecoins. A large amount considering CryptoRush is one of the smaller exchanges.

“Someone with an IP from Ukraine. They were looking into it, thought they found the guy. Thought they could get the BTC back. Maybe it was shock. Maybe it was just me being naive. But I believed them.”  




What is more upsetting, is the fact that after they cried about being victims, many pool owners decided to donate the fees collected on their sites, generated from miners, with an attempt to help them repay their users from losses on Crypto Rush.


A generous act, that has my utmost respect, other miners replied in Tweets they would support the deed by directing their miners to these pools to help out.


That just created a new list of victims, their only guilt was their generous nature and a deep sense of compassion.






It has been quite a long time since, but no one has received anything back.


Other exchanges offer free coins to their users on a regular basis, like Bleutrade, Swaphole and Poloniex, just because, and trading Platforms like Palth, BTE-R and AllCoin are on point about referral earnings without skipping a beat.


But not Crypto Rush. All these people involved in this disaster, have powerful machines of their own and trading experience, especially Fyrstikken that is very nonchalant in his YouTube videos, about trading coins and rich display of monitors in the background.








Below you will read claims about them dumping worthless Crypto Rush shares or CRS in exchange for BTC and how they could get them back at a fraction of a price, for a fat profit.


And their next attempt to reopen the exchange on claims that they have been paying their past victims in full, with an attempt to lure others in the new Crypto Rush 2.0, , i would call it the 2nd Rip Off.





He loves to mention " trade like Us if you want to be Rich like Us". Great job flaunting it, by the way, it makes us feel that much better now.


So it would be fair to say, that if they had any intentions of reimbursing anyone, they would have done it by now, so far nobody claimed to have received anything back, but a bitter taste in their mouth.


After many attempts trough various posts i have made on https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=431099.1200, i was able to draw out Kristian Thomson AKA LinkaZelda and spill the beans about how the whole thing unfolded.





He decided to answer all the questions i had at the time, and it could be seen at https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=431099.1200


But just to explain the whole thing in short, gathered from his answers, this is what happened.



The hacker got hacked, he panicked and ran, other slick people that he was surrounded by, picked up the mouse and led us to believe it was all gravy, took what was left and took off with the rest.
He claimed that he "sold" it for $0, ..yes you read that right,...$0  zero dollars, signed over ownership to whomever claimed and promised will do right by us the investors of Crypto Rush or customers if you will and walked away from his responsibility, without letting anyone know that, now our personal accounts, wallets and sensitive information has just been given away to some other Kid that happen to be near by, when he freaked out about incurred losses
Because of his stupidity thousands got damaged.
And this is the conclusion, this is the kind of pimple faced little shits that we trust with value, people  that have no back bone for business, any sense of responsibility, lack of discipline and bite more than they can chew. 
Just a bunch of shameless kids with expensive gear and computer knowledge,..well in this world of currency a lot more is needed other than that.
This was a message sent By LinkaZelda to the "new owners" of Crypto Rush in an attempt to warn them about a flaw in their site, also an attempt to absolve himself from any wrong doing and any responsibilities from what was to come as far as Crypto Rush was concerned.
Smart move as he posted that message for the public to see.
Well now we know about another exchange that we need to stay away from OpeneX, as LinkaZelda is either working for them or downright started it himself.
They all need to go to Jail behind this whole thing.
Walking away because some other thief promised him LinkaZelda, to correct things if he gives him full access to people's funds, accounts and personal information, should not absolve him of  wrong doing, he needs to face prosecution and be banned from ever owning another currency exchange platform.
I offered many solutions to fix the problem, but so far nothing happened, they have not made an official statement to anyone trough the press about any future decisions, but they, are "Almost There".
Fyrstykken got caught up in CoinedUp and this is the song he made about it.
And he proudly claims that we have no idea how many "Toy Coins " they have made
I will say this,....  Fyrstikken is the worst enemy of Crypto Currency and of every other investor in the Crypto World.


This is my loss at Crypto Rush





This post will be up until i will be proven wrong, until then, Crypto Rush will be Labeled as:


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Virtex Exchange based out of Lithuania even though is not opened yet, they seem to be linked to another exchange BitMarket that closed their doors on their customers without any reimbursement of coins.


Now they are also Bitalo.com https://www.bitalo.com/ 4859296.jpg?157










 Trade at your own risk.  Could be:

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TCX Exchange that has been under maintenance for a long...long...long time.



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Jim Blasko



This is a great idea horiacretan! Expose them all dude!

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This is a great idea horiacretan! Expose them all dude!

Thx i am not done yet,.

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Here is another experience i had with a pool, CoinoTron, it might just be me, but if it is not, i think is worth mentioning it.


Not long ago i withdrew coins left in various pools over time, one pool was CoinoTron out of which i withdrew some Peercoin, not much but still my coins nonetheless, the amount was a little over 0.54 PPC.


Having that it was a long time since i had used the PPC wallet it was behind a long time, so i waited for it to sync even though the coins have already arrived but not confirmed yet.


As soon as my wallet synchronized with the network, the coins left my wallet as soon as it was confirmed.


Was it coincidence ?, i do not know. Has that happen to me before, or with any other wallet ? The answer is no.


Status: 9096 confirmations

Date: 5/12/2014 22:13
To: PFWWhD2re64x83pm5Hx9Z5KGfwypNhgFN8
Debit: -0.531738 PPC
Transaction fee: -0.01 PPC
Net amount: -0.541738 PPC
Transaction ID: 42f41fc2ff6cdfff7435a13d9a1ca01528ddd4801117a7c8215c20b207c3ba1b



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When this coin launched i believed so much in it, after it's disgusting performance from it's all time high, i can say without any regret that Mazacoin has become worthless, and buyers are long gone.


Nobody in his right mind would place such a huge sale (below 2nd screen shot) or even own so many coins at this price, definitely these coins were not mined, (not with the current difficulty on the coin).


The chart and all time performance for Maza points at a carefully orchestrated Pump and Dump, i am so disgusted with this coin, and nothing will be able to bring it to it's all time high ever again. Bitcoin has been crushed under so much selling power.


Unless this is due to the thief's from Crypto Rush that are using their victims coins to dump on a open market, either way i think this community has to take charge and fix this problem.


My solution to fix this, is cancel all your buy orders on every exchange and place your bids at 1 satoshi, that way if anyone has that many coins to dump they could only do it at that price.


The coin will eventually trade at that price anyway, if they did not stop dumping up until now, they wont stop now, it does not matter at what price you buy Mazacoin at any exchange it seems that it can't find a  bottom.


If you think that, by sitting at the bid at any price above 0.00000001 it is a bargain, guess again, we all thought at one time, that buying at any price below 0.00007000 is a good price, many regret that now.




Look at the dates of purchase. Over .39 BTC for 22,731 Mazacoin  in February, 2 months later the same BTC amount, would buy over 684,000 Mazacoins, somebody is taking a leak on everyone and tells us is raining.


Mazacoin has been nothing but an abusive coin to all it's supporters and investors alike.


I personally do not know of any other coin that performed so bad and so fast, from a high of over 0.00020000 in Crypto Rush.


50 Million coins pre-mined at an average price of 0.0001 (just to be fair), equals at 5000 BTC, which in turn equals to $2,5 Mil at the current BTC value.




Mazacoin is not worth mining at the current value and it has not been for a long time now, but if anyone is still mining they are not selling at this price, as they are better off just mining BTC directly.


And not too many are mining Mazacoin anymore, that leads me to believe that miners are not at all dumping the coin and it turn is none other than the Dev's.


If the Dev's of Mazacoin does not like this post, you have 2 options:


1. Fix the problem immediately and prove us wrong.


2. Sue me and i hope the Judge will award you all of my Mazacoins, 66,576 in total, at today's current value, is slightly above 0.028 BTC.. Just do not spend it all in one place, or dump'em at the exchanges.


                    So with all the facts presented, in my opinion, Mazacoin is labeled by me, as a 



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Here is one of our communities biggest Danger and threat, his name is :


Marcus Alexander Walls, age 19 (DoB: 11/24/1994)
(aka. Andrew Gower / Kagomeluvsu2 / sucraM / slllaW / justicedog / Grimace / 94teggy / 240King)
Relatives: Tammy Sue Walls, age 54 (Mom) | David Wayne Walls, age 52 (Uncle) | Michael Anthony Collins Jr. (half-brother)
Pet: German Shepherd named "Justice" (oh, the irony)
Address: 8830 Cottonwood St, Lenexa, KS 66215

Previous Addresses:
7805 Charles St Apt G Shawnee, KS 66216
7843 Everett Ave Apt 7 Kansas City, KS 66112
8335 Leavenworth Rd Kansas City, KS 66109
913 N 72nd St Apt I Kansas City, KS 66112
2009 N Pine Grove Ct Wichita, KS 67212
802 E Loula St Olathe, KS 66061
15018 W 126th St Olathe, KS 66062

Landline Phone: (913) 499-0149
Other related landline phones: 913-322-2569 (old) / 913-825-3227

Mobile phones: 913-200-1331 (Sprint, linked with facebook), (913) 972-5192 (Sprint), 9135632944 (Cricket, linked with Google)
Fake phones (VoIP): 281-891-3127913-210-0571913-674-9419 (New)

Emails: [email protected] (linked with 9135632944[email protected]
Twitter: https://twitter.com/lceforg (Confirmed! linked to 913-200-1331 phone!)
Facebook Profile ID: 1281938881 (https://www.facebook.com/TheMarcusWalls/)

IP Address:
Hostname: 74-222-219-47.dyn.everestkc.net
Acquired on: Aug 22 2013 (11:01AM)
Location: Lenexa, Kansas, United States.
ISP: Surewest Kansas Operations LLC
Browser: Chrome 28.0.1500.72
OS: Windows 8
CPU: 64 bits





Contact Johnson County Community Corrections                     
206 W. Loula, Olathe, KS 66061
And ask for officer Wendy Hampton, SHE IS HIS PROBATION OFFICER.

You can also reach her directly:
[email protected]

PS: and please let us know if you sent him to jail 




He preys on Bitcoin and CEX Gh/s sellers, either on Ebay or LocalBitcoins.


He knows the policy on Ebay very well and takes advantage of the fact that Ebay does not protect sellers of items called intangible products, he makes the purchase and the next day he will have the payment reversed claiming he never received anything, or just claims somebody hacked his account and made the purchase with his Credit Card.


in many occasions he stole people's identity and made purchases on his own of CEX vouchers or other digital currencies.


PayPal will reimburse the buyer without question in these cases, they will claim they have pending investigations of which they cannot provide any details of their so called investigation, 100% of the time it is awarded to the buyer and leave the seller in the dust.


PayPal claims that, a voucher sent to a customer is not proof of delivery, they could easily contact CEX if they wanted too and inquire about who claimed these vouchers, but refuse to investigate in alliance with CEX or any other 3rd parties.


The only way to protect yourself if you choose to sell Digital Currencie, Mining Contracts or CEX Gh/s is to provide a tracking number, when it comes to Mining Contracts, is really nothing you can do.


But if you sell Currency or CEX Gh/s, either choose to send the CEX voucher trough a regular letter that can be certified and Paper wallets regarding Bitcoins.


Also make sure the person has a Facebook account with more than 30 friends and do not be ashamed to ask for a photo I.D. trough your personal Email, also you can call PayPal and verify the transaction is legit and approved by the buyer before you deliver such services if the buyer insists they do not want to wait for Regular Mail delivery.


If they do not agree to your terms of shipping, then you are better off losing a customer then lose you coins or CEX Gh/s.




This heartless crook goes by many Aliases on Ebay and the internet such as :


slllaW, justicedog, Kagomeluvsu2, sucraM (Marcus), Grimace, BurtW


His eBay name is wam9419_royqth








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I have come across this Warning Message from Donationcoin DEV at Bleutrade on the Chat box,


"donationcoin Message to all miners of Donationcoin We believe that CharityMiningPools may be stopping their payouts CRON jobs periodically to effectively steal coins from you. Move straight away to http://pool.donation-coin.org - 0% Fees | PROP | DDoS Protected "










                                                 It could be nothing, but it could also be a true 




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ShareXcoin Exchange Platform Is about to make this list, if they do not take action to update the investors on their site, having that the site has been down for a week now and nobody has any valid news as of yet.


I sure hope as others do, this one is not a scam, as we do not need another scam exchange among us, the losses could be very big due to the ShareXcoin issued by the exchange that hit a low of only 2 Satoshi's @ Bittrex today, and many other coins owned by investors.


I personally had over 3300 NXTcoins, about 30000 JPC and over 0.06 BTC on ShareXcoin exchange.








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NFD-Coin was marketed as a clone of NXT, which is a very popular Cryptocurrency. The developer of NFD-Coin said there was going to be a fair distribution via an initial public offering (IPO).


Basically, if you sent Bitcoin to the developer, he would give you a share of NFD-Coins.

Around 2,000 people invested in NFD-Coin, with a total investment of 43 Bitcoin, or about $19,000. NFD-Coin was scheduled to launch today, and the developer was posting updates until 30 minutes before the launch.


Then he announced that his Bitcoin wallet had been stolen by hackers and therefore the launch was cancelled:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=580537.0


Same exact story as Edgecoin "It's come to our attention that a nefarious 3rd party has decided to target us for a raid, presumably due to our high profile IPO and coin technology. Our code has been dismantled, our hope has been crushed, and your coins are gone.


It saddens me to have to tell everyone that we're calling off the project. I would like to thank Anon136 for providing his escrow services and protecting our investors. Only time will heal these wounds and dampen the impact of such theft.

I would like thank everyone who joined us in this battle. Cryptocurrency will live on, but it's time for us to die.

Please contact Anon136 to recover your investments. Unfortunately there's not much we can do for direct investors. Please email us for details as we will attempt to compensate for your losses."


Nobody has ever gotten a dime back.





Clearly the developer never made NFD-Coin, since he could’ve launched regardless of his Bitcoins being stolen, and thus NFD-Coin was a scam from the beginning. It is becoming common for Cryptocurrency IPOs to be scams, the developer will announce that all the Bitcoins were stolen right at launch.


This exact thing happened with Edgecoin, and in fact the developer of NFD-Coin is the developer of Edgecoin! The statement in the NFD-Coin thread is exactly the same as the one released when Edgecoin turned out to be a scam: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=540017.0


Additionally, the developer of NFD-Coin admits to being Din, who is the same guy from Edgecoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=603897.msg6661099#msg6661099%C2




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               ShareXcoin Exchange the Latest Scam Platform in the Cryptocoin World


I think, we all gave it enough time to get the message about being scammed by ShareXcoin Exchange. ShareXcoin had a new and innovative idea about offering Sharecoin on it's platform that would earn interest from the earning created by their exchange, and would be paid to the Sharecoin owners.

Sharecoin was Proof of Stake or POS ( i call it Piece Of Shit) with a 30% stake per year. However, through the revenues generated at the Sharexcoin exchange, the owner promised to give people who ‘lock in’ their Sharecoin for 30 days, an equivalent of 60% stake per year, twice of what you would get in your wallet.

Feeshares were also sold at this exchange with a promise of interest every 6 hours in form of BTC only, or something of that nature.


Ironic statement above,...i know, one could only laugh at that now, or yearn for what he or she lost. It is disgusting to say the least, as we all work hard for what we deposit on these exchanges, either trough sleepless nights of trading or expensive gear to mine and accumulate funds.

I personally lost close to 4000 NXTcoins, 30000 Jackpotcoins and a little over 0.06 BTC, others have lost much more trough ownership of Qora and Hypercoins as well as other owners of Sharecoins that got affected on other exchanges, due to the sudden drop in value from 130 Satoshi to only 2 Satoshi on Bittrex soon after.

If the exchange got hacked, which seems to be most plausible excuse for every exchange, that goes bust nowadays, the owner never made an attempt to contact anyone or make a public statement, the site is completely off line, the leads us to believe that, this is a set and match game, that screams scam very loud.

The community is very angry and are setting up Bounties in order to find the owner and retrieve their lost coins or some type of closure.

As i mentioned before, the Government needs to step in with regulations and start protecting the investor in the World of Cryptocurrency so we can avoid Vigilante Justice, as one of these days another scammer might just end up being hurt really bad.



Some investors claim they have personally called the numbers provided and talked to the owners that seem to have a strong Asian accent.

This is, what some, dug up in relation to the owner,

Mak Yuenming
Date of Birth
Phone Number
Additional Phone Numbers
206-768-xxxx, 768-1389 <---------- I am going to leave those XXX till she calls me back, but the person on that number does know her.
Most Recent Address
3214 15th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144-6317
Aliases/Name Variations
Yuenming Mak
Address #1Property Details3214 15th Ave S
Seattle, WA 98144-6317
Address #2Property Details1517 S Angeline St
Seattle, WA 98108-1953
Address #3Property Details6039 24Th Ave S
Seattle, WA 98108-2954
Address #4Property Details3412 15Th Ave Th
Seattle, WA 98144-6608
Address #5Property Details3214 15Th Ave Th
Seattle, WA 98144-6317


IP :
Registrar WHOIS Server: whois.name.com
Registrar URL: http://www.name.com
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located o lower manhattan ... financial district ...


That is why, i encourage anyone to post on any board , this included if, they smell something funny, as scams are discovered when is usually a little to late, for anyone to protect themselves.

It seems that some encountered problems with the exchange on the 2nd of June, if i had known, i might have saved my coins.




If you would like to file a claim against this exchange please fill out the form below


This is how www.sharexcoin.com looks like. We know from the adds that, the owners are Malaysian. 

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Stay away from AllCrypt exchange, not just from my experience, but many others that have dealt with them in the past, their service sucks and withdrawals at times, take forever.


This is the last message i received from the staff at AllCrypt, regarding my missing 322 Savecoins  SPC, which has been removed from the exchange and nobody was notified in advance about it :





After i received that disrespectful message, i explained, that i would let the whole community know about this incident and this was their reply:





So apparently, us the investors, are self righteous  assholes who think we are better than others and have fake internet "power" over this exchange. I personally would not risk one Shitcoin with AllCrypt ever again.


Lesson learned for me, that not only they do not give a damn about what we think, but also let us know that neither one of us can touch them, when they choose to be assholes with our coins.


So therefore, because we cannot touch them, i suggest we ignore them, let's see how their Exchange will survive without the self righteous assholes and their coins.


NOT WORTH THE RISK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Update !



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The New Scam brought to our attention is about LibertyCoin XLB.




Below are details about, how the whole thing went down,..and Up,...and Down again, from "Iconicfraudster" on Bitcointalk.org



"The Group Behind The Libertycoin Scam

What I am about to write will without a doubt cause a rift within our community , but I feel this is something I must do to protect the investment of innocent people who believe in LibertyCoin. I ask everyone whether you support me or not, to  carefully read and analyse my words without prejudice.


When I first started invested in this community I was enthusiastic to be part of a community that is inspiring and full with enthusiasm.  For a couple weeks I have known about a coordinated effort to pump the price of Liberty coin. I did not make it officially public because of the ramifications it would have on this community. I thought with the help of others I could stop or at the very least greatly diminish this without letting the general public know, unfortunately we were unsuccessful.


There is a prominent group in the libertycoin thread that are all responsible for manipulating the price of LibertyCoin for a couple weeks.


Their group owns roughly 91% of the total supply of LibertyCoins. But that is not what they really want, they want your Bitcoin.  Since they could not take control of  BC They decided to create their own coin to profit off of. They wanted it to seem like a fair release so they came up with the idea of using the official multi-pool to steal everybody's hash and keep the coins for themselves. They would trick everyone into thinking it was the multi-pool fault so they could keep the coins in what would be an disguised instamine launch.  They would list it as a 5 day launch but sped up the block times to make sure it only lasted 3.5 days.  They would then move the coins to hundred of different wallet address, create fake bitcointalk accounts in order to give the illusion the coin was fairly distributed. 


Step 1 complete

I had no clue at the time any of this was occurring until Troiste started to actively post in the black coin thread that Libertycoin would be the next coin to pump.  This is when


Step 2 came into play. 

They had 91% market cap of a coin worth $10.000 now they needed to increase this to at least $1.100.000 in order to have a big payday.  In order to do this they simply bought and sold to themselves so that they retain both the bitcoin and the liberty coin but give the illusion of lots of interest and money flowing into the coin.  This can be done relatively cheaply as it only cost about 0.82 btc in fees per 542btc worth of volume at a price of 0.00005500.  With that sort of volume you quickly get noticed and brought onto Mintpal. 


Step 3 pump and fleece,

By then pumping the price up until enough new money came in they could then smash the price down and buy half back collecting more and more btc each time by organizing pump and dumps.  They then planned to try and get new money, by getting you to encourage your family and friends to put all their hard earned money in, so that they can cash out over a million dollars in a little under a few weeks.  In the meantime they sell you  a copycat project that allows them to make extra profit and try to make it look that they are legitimately working to promote the coin.  Well toting it as the next big thing.


Everything in this coin is simply a copy and paste half assed effort, they will use images and words of encouragement that Libertycoin will be the next big thing, but look at the facts and stop fooling yourself. There is only a small group of people that will make a million plus and your not included. The best scam is when people don't even know they have been scammed.

Step 4

they will use fake accounts to get angry and post fud about them so they can say their not appreciated and exit to create their own coin in June as scheduled.

Now please ask yourself these questions:

If the coin code is copy and paste, of badger/hack which is a copy paste of nova which is a copy paste of peercoin how will this coin succeed?

Why is the press releases and paper wallets copy and paste?
How can you claim it was a fair launch when it didn't even last 4 days? (Think bitcoin/litecoin/peercoin/darkcoin how long have they been mined)

Why did they delete everybody's post who had coins stolen from the multi-pool?
How is it legal to offer free escorts when it may be illegal in their jurisdiction?
What are you using to implement anonymous technology? 
Who is doing it for a 2 btc bounty when other coins couldn't find anybody to do it for under 50 btc?
Why does Iconicexpert have access to the dev account, since he is not a developer? (Most devs will simply let the community know who is the marketing direct, not give them access to their personal account)
Why is there no white paper, is it just fedoras mixer and an encrypted block chain?
what are the "unique properties" as  you state that Liberty coin has unique properties?
What new an exciting payment methods not covered by other payment systems does it offer since you make that claim?

Why do you censor peoples liberty in the official thread?  (Taking away liberty from libertycoin)

Now you can believe me or you can think this is some lame attempt to get you to sell cheaper but please start asking yourself these questions.  If you saw a way that you could use money donated from one coins community to fund a scam that would net you around a million dollars in under a month would you?


I  felt this was my last option because after today they would be unstoppable. I was faced with a hard decision to make. If I did not say anything people will continue to be ripped off. If I do say something my revelation might cause investors to lose faith in the coin. So I did not make this decision without giving it a lot of thought and time.


This is a signal to start dumping coins! Try to Recoup as much of your investment as you can!   Let them hold their bag of shit although they have probably already made at least 100 btcs off of it.

Please share this information in anyway you can, get it out quickly before their Libertyday fleeces millions from people

Now you know what is going on behind the scenes, here are some of the quotes that will help expose this scam:"




To make things worse, a group of DUMMIES tried to play God, thus committing another crime by attempting to take control over the Libertycoin from the official DEV that goes by the name Templar77.



That only bought the DEV more time to dump coins and delayed the true story to be unfolded, which in turn would give that most needed time to the investors of Libertycoin to either get out on time, or stop buying this worthless "Toycoin"


That whole adventure cost them 5 BTC and the coin ended up back in the criminal DEV's hands.


And below is the confession of the not so smart group about their miserable attempt, it was in reply to my Blog:

The info is months old. 1.) Iconic Expert was tossed a month and a half ago. 2.) Myself and other community members tried to save the coin. 3.) We did as we said. We made a new wallet, got the coin a choice on the FB tipping app, was about to release an android wallet, etc,  4.) The dev (old) Templar77 refused to let the coin be run by community and copied checkpoints from our community wallet with different settings and caused a fork. You have to use his wallet to salvage any coins. 5.) myself and other refuse to be involved with Templar77 as he was the dev from the start. The coin is now back to the old dev Templar77 and I and the other community have left the coin.


6.) This is a big one. You decided to post info from a thread from a month ago to make some thing for your SCAM report. A month and a half of good work went on if you actually took the time to read the New Libertycoin community thread or even looked at the last 5 pages of the original. Here is the Community thread. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=664473.msg7768797#msg7768797 Read it and update you post. If we continued our work your SCAM message would have damaged honest people's efforts at fixing said scam. Doesnt matter now templar77 is the scam you should chase. He is the dev from day one. He is who we tried to remove. He is still there and screw up about 5btc in work value done by the community take over effort.





Here is another confession from the selfish Dummies, which tried to destroy the coin because they could not take control over it, thus committing another crime and would do even more damage to investors by taking the matters in their own hands.

No name change (that's up to Templar77)  and we no longer have anything to do with Libertycoin developments. Any assets we created with our own BTC will not be part of XLB. 

Templar77 has decided he wants to "keep his baby" and released a new wallet up date the caused orphans and forks on the exchanges and peoples wallets. Templar77 said "your are sheep and do my work". Wrong. We worked on this for over a month and spent BTC to save and run the coin. Templar77 was even offered a buyout. Refused. Myself and others decided that rather than help templar77 destroy it we would relent and switch to his wallet. Myself and a few others also decided to start our own coin. This would be a wholly new coin with nothing to do with XLB what so ever. It wont conflict with it. Libertycoin is still alive and in templar77's control. You can buy and sell your coins as long as you use his wallet. They value crash because of templar77's fork causing update. It's well documented when he did it and the ensuing chaos. The fate of XLB rest solely in his hands now.




The Problem here is that, this could also be an attempt to lower the price for a cheap entry, so really, this thing is messing with my head, at this point, i think the Exchanges will have to stop the coin from trading.


But, after the details posted, i will label it as a:



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SHA-256 4116545.jpg?60 Vs. 5059863.png?58 Scrypt




Sadly to say, but in the Virtual Currency world it seems that Scrypt coins have the most scams involved.


We now have over 600 different virtual coins, and it seems that they are not going to stop launching at least 10 new coins a week any time soon, from that staggering number SHA-256 amount to only 106.


As of now in the SHA-256, the only coins that have a tainted past, is only Mazacoin, and LimecoinLite IPO, everything else is gravy.


And everyone can see that SHA-256 are not favored at all, and for a good reason, no criminal DEV's around to Pump the hell out of SHA-256 coins, with that being said SHA-256 are the safest investment thus far and the least popular, which it does not makes any sense.


I suggest you look around and see the history on every Scrypt coin out there, and tell me, what their chart looks like, from launch date, to present time.


It's time investors switch their interest and look for a safer investment such as SHA-256, as they have been around for a long time and passed the test of time, Scrypt does not last more than 2 days from launch date, at times, without some type of incident, let's not mention IPO's.








  1. 21coin 21 
  2. 23 Skidoo CHAO
  3. Altcoin ATC
  4. AmKoin AMK
  5. AntiBeebaCoin ABC
  6. Applecoin MAC
  7. Arkcoin ARK
  8. Arkenstone ARS
  9. Asiccoin ASC
  10. Bancorcoin BNCR
  11. Battlecoin BCX
  12. Benjamins BEN
  13. Betacoin BET
  14. BitCentavo NBE
  15. Bitcoin BTC
  16. Bitinum BTN
  17. BitPeso BTP
  18. BitRaam BRM
  19. Bonuscoin BNS
  20. Bountycoin BOC
  21. Butterflycoin BFC
  22. Bytecoin BTE
  23. CantorCoin EIC
  24. CarpeDiemCoin DIEM
  25. Chococoin CCC
  26. Chikun! KUN
  27. Cookies CKE
  28. CompassCoin CPC
  29. Creditcoin CRD
  30. Creds XXC
  31. Cryptocoin CTC
  32. Cryptoeagle CREA
  33. CryptoLOOT LOOT
  34. Deutsche eMark DEM
  35. Devcoin DVC
  36. E-Currency ISO
  37. EmbargoCoin EBG
  38. Emercoin EMC
  39. FastcoinSHA FSS
  40. Ferengicoin FER
  41. Fireflycoin FFC
  42. Freicoin FRC
  43. FuelCoin FUEL
  44. Gaycoin GAY SHA-256 
  45. Goatcoin GOAT
  46. Globe GLB
  47. Guinea GUINEA
  48. HamRadioCoin HAM
  49. HispaCoin HPC
  50. HongKetoCoin HKC
  51. Huntercoin HUC
  52. i0coin I0C
  53. Imperialcoin IMP
  54. Incakoin NKA
  55. Investmentcoin INC
  56. IxCoin IXC
  57. Joulecoin XJO
  58. LimecoinLite LCL
  59. Lioncoin LIC
  60. Magneticoin MGC
  61. Matrixcoin MTX
  62. Mazacoin MZC
  63. MiddleEarthCoin MEA
  65. NaanaYaM NYM
  66. Namecoin NMC
  67. Nbcoin NBC
  68. Ocoin OSC
  69. Orobit ORO
  70. Paccoin PAC
  71. PayProCoin PRO
  72. Peercoin PPC
  73. PetroDollar P$
  74. Picoin PI
  75. Platinum PT
  76. Podcoin POD
  77. Polcoin PLC
  78. Poundkoin PUK
  79. Pwnycoin PWNY
  80. Rainbowcoin LGBT
  81. RepublicCoin RC
  82. SaveCoin SPC
  83. Scotcoin SCOT
  84. Shacoin SHA
  85. Shillingcoins SHI
  86. Snowcoin SNC
  87. Stackedcoin STC
  88. Stashcoin STA
  89. Stlcoin STL
  90. Stories STY
  91. Teacoin TEA
  92. Tekcoin TEK
  93. Terracoin TRC
  94. Tigercoin TGC
  95. Titcoin TIT
  96. Troptions TRP
  97. Unbreakable UNB
  98. Unicoin UNIC
  99. Unobtanium UNO
  100. Unattainium UNT
  101. Version V
  102. VikingCoin VIK
  103. WankCoin WKC
  104. WeAreSatoshi WAS
  105. WorldPeaceCoin WPC
  106. XtraCoin CX
  107. Zetacoin ZET
  108. Zimstake ZS

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Mintpal Voting System




It sems that a problem has occured in relation to BCTalk coin, it seems that, BCTalk coin was on the 1st place with almost 8 bitcoins deposited asides from cryptometh wich has 0.22 coins deposited but they still have 23k votes and our 20k votes just randomly vanished!


When Mintpal was confronted about the issue, they replied: 



There was 7.92 BTC in paid-votes that was sent there by mistake by one of our customers, they have verified this fact by signing a message with the originating address so the BTC & votes were removed from the coin.

Kind Regards,
MintPal Jason


If it is true, and Mintpal gave back the almost 8 BTC claimed by the sender, it makes Mintpal a very honest Exchange, even though it seems that the BTC's sent, were there for a long time, hard to believe that someone would send such a big amount by mistake and claim the BTC's back, exactlly when the coin was about to be approved for trading, so then again,...if it is true Mintpal is a hero.


But if it is not, ...then Mintpal is manipulating the voting system.



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And there we have another one that came as a major surprise and disappointment, Mintpal is the latest scam, which hurt many and the entire community created around digital currency.



Updated: October 19, 2014 at 8:21 am CET.

mintpal stolen bitcoinsOver the past four days, countless accusations targeting Moopay CEO Alex Green have flooded the cryptocurrency community.

These allegations accuse Green of being long-time bitcoin scammer Ryan Kennedy. Confirmed as fact by multiple sources, the evidence pulls tighter and tighter around the suspiciously silent CEO.

Also Read: Dogecoin Leaders Present Evidence that CEO of Troubled Bitcoin Exchange Moolah Is Long-Time Scammer
Also Read: New Sources Verify Bitcoin Exchange Moolah CEO Alex Green’s Former Scammer Identity

Just before the accusations arose, Green announced that Moopay would be filing for bankruptcy. Without warning, he shut down MintPal, a popular bitcoin exchange, trapping what looked like $130,000 worth of cryptocurrency inside. Green then claimed that Moopay had no control over MintPal; a completely different message than he told in Moolah’s company blog. Claiming they passed the exchange over to new management, Green informed Moopay employees that MintPal was no longer their problem.

Mintpal Moolah Alex GreenMintPal promised that withdrawals would process over time, but complaints surfaced that consumers were not receiving their bitcoins. Blaming it on faulty daemons, MintPal bought more time to hold onto the stolen property by possibly tricking consumers.

Now, it’s public knowledge that the accused scammer Alex Green may hold 3700 stolen bitcoins, $1,480,000, from the exchange in his personal wallet. The coins are narrowed down to exist in this wallet. However, Green quickly took the podium to announce that he is Ryan Kennedy, and the coins quickly moved afterwards.
After a confession by former Moopay employee Eoghan Hayes, the accusation and worry were made clear:

“What happened to MintPal is the equivalent of a nuclear bomb being dropped on a City, and a two-man hazard crew consisting of Mike and Ferdous are now in charge of the cleanup – and attempting to follow the trail of a 3700BTC transaction from MintPal, which is now accused of being lodged into a personal account of Ryan Kennedy.”

Hayes continued, explaining that after accusations had started to fly that Alex Green was a scammer, he learned a horrifying piece of information from MintPal’s former owners.
“I immediately got in touch with Mike, and Ferdous; the main shareholders in MintPal. They were as shellshocked by all of this information as I was. They then revealed to me something far more dangerous; Ryan is currently in complete control of the MintPal system, inclusive of the cold storage wallets. Coupled with this, over 1000 BTC in altcoins were not transferred in the “server migration”; and would have been lost forever if MintPal’s previous owners (Jay and Jason) did not reach out to the server host.”

Furthermore, Hayes learned that Green did not log into the MintPal system a single time from his given United Kingdom address. No one knows where Green is at the moment, and the only hope is that the United States Department of Justice or the Securities and Exchange Commission can track him down.
MintPal is a “Lost Cause”
CoinGecko Bobby Ong
CoinGecko Co-Founder Bobby Ong
Earlier this week, CoinGecko delisted MintPal as an exchange on their website. Their co-founder Bobby Ong told CCN that he believed MintPal was a lost cause, and compared them specifically to Mt.Gox.

“If you go through the historical postings of Moolah, they claimed to have acquired MintPal,” Ong said. “Yesterday they started saying that they did not actually acquire MintPal, but were only responsible for managing it. Either way this is a serious breach of trust of the public.”
Some users are reporting that they received a few altcoins from withdrawals, but bitcoin confirmations are few and far between.

Images from Shutterstock.




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USBcoin Confirmed As Scam, Removed From Bittrex, Fifth Scam Coin on Bittrex Exchange In Little Over A Month




by Ian DeMartino @ 2014-07-28 10:17 PM


UPDATE: It has been confirmed that USBcoin will be deleted from the Bittrex exchange. Bittrex also announced the creation of the aforemention Scam Coin bounty, which will be community run. They also plan to implement a community driven vetting process and increase their internal security on false positives.

USBcoin gained some popularity for supposedly having an extremely short PoW stage before switching to a pure PoS model, there was also an alleged USB stick functionality that was designed to keep your coins safe. Or at least that was the story.



The coin gathered enough popularity to be listed on Bittrex, a popular exchange that often deals with newer altcoins. Just hours after being listed, a huge amount of coins started being sold on the Bittrex exchange. Immediately, people started calling it a dump, but the developer remained in contact with the Bitcointalk forum and assured people that there was nothing nefarious going on.


It was around then that people started having trouble getting the block explorer running, when they did they found previously undisclosed blocks that were not in the coin's github page. By that time, the scammer, likely the original dev of the coin, had sold off most of the coins value. During the scam, the number of USBcoins in existence jumped from roughly 3 million to 55 million. It turns out the developer inserted code that allowed him to pay himself any amount of USBcoins every time a block was generated.


This is the fifth coin listed on Bittrex that ended up being a scam in a little over a month. Nebula, Ninja, Sparta, and Elite coin have all been confirmed as scam coins.

Bittrex wasn't the only exchange that accepted USBcoin, but it was the largest, early reports indicate that as much as 60BTC was taken from Bittrex customers.

We spoke to Bittrex co-founder “Rami” about the scam. He stressed that while the company is always updating its security protocols, which coins get listed are based mostly on consumer demand. He stated that “we do our best to weed this out, but in the end it’s a losing battle. Caveat Emptor, you can't buy brand new coins and hope for massive returns without accepting a huge risk” He also noted that the only way to completely prevent scam coins from getting onto the market would be to implement strict controls and only add coins after they have been carefully vetted.


While that strategy works to an extent for some exchanges, Bittrex's market became popular because of its quick acceptance of altcoins. It is recommended that users BYOR (bring your own research) when investing in a new coin on the exchange. If the site got too restrictive, Rami claims, it would alienate its consumer base that uses it because of its loose acceptance policy.

USBcoin was only a few days old when it got listed on Bittrex, but its existence on there does seem to convince some users that the coin is legit enough to invest in. That presumption is likely misplaced, as Bittrex never states that its coins are thoroughly vetted, although they could perhaps do a better job at explaining that the coins aren't.




As for the fight on keeping coins off of the market? Rami admits that while they are doing what they can without alienating their base, he gave a grave warning “right now, we are losing [the fight against scam coins] and we will continue to lose, unfortunately. It's an unwinnable fight[.]”

Later conversations in the IRC chat channel show that the creators are open to expanding their bug bounty to also include finding scam coins, but that program isn't in the works yet if it comes out at all.


There is hope for those that find themselves holding a digital bag full of worthless USBcoins. The developer of Rubycoin has decided to work on hardforking the USBcoin blockchain to before the scam took place. The USBcoin source code was deleted from GitHub by the creator in an attempt to cover up his actions. However, the Rubycoin developer managed to find someone on the bittrex IRC channel who had a copy. If he can do his work fast enough, there may be a chance to save the coin. He stressed that he is focused on Rubycoin development and is not taking over USBcoin, he simply felt bad for the community and decided to do what he can to help. When asked what people can do to support his efforts, he asked that rather than give donations, anyone looking to reward him for his work should instead support Rubycoin.




Even if successful, USBcoin's value will likely remain in the basement for the time being, and the money stolen out of the Bittrex exchange will still be missing. There is no way to get the BTC stolen from the exchange back. Because of that, Bittrex may be hesitant to reopen its USBcoin exchange even once it is running legitimately. It will however, at least restore the blockchain to a valid record and would give early investors at least a chance of having their coins regaining some value in the future. The coin did gain what popularity it did have for a reason and if enough time passes after the scam, it could recover some value with a dedicated community.

We will have more as it becomes available.





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PayCoin – The Next Big Scam In Crypto





PayCoin (XPY) an altcoin backed by GAW miners, which is believed to be a scam, recently joined the Top 5 club of cryptocurrencies according to its market valuation on CoinMarketCap. At the time of valuation, PayCoin was also informally launched on 16th December with an initial investment of $54.5 million brought into the market. It is also believed that PayCoin is part of a ponzi scheme with GAW Miners playing a major role.



This staggering amount of investment was coupled with an enormous surge in mining difficulty as miners rushed to get their first PayCoins. During the initial launch, PayCoin broke all previous records of alt coins and attracted 40 to 50+ peta hash of SHA-256 mining power, the equivalent of Bitcoin network. “Surging from 0 to 40 petahashes is unheard of,” said Jonah Dorman, general manager and vice president of GAW Miners.


So, is it yet another hot thing to buy on the market for quick profit or is PayCoin really bringing something new to the table? During the early days of Bitcoin, there were obvious scams where red flags were raised all over and yet the new blood got slaughtered. More recently, it has become slightly difficult for the bad players to carry out their illicit behavior. By masking as the greatest thing ever since Bitcoin, PayCoin is now utilizing smart marketing tactics to get uninformed investors involved in their very carefully executed scam.

Lack Of Evidence


According to PayCoin’s whitepaper, they have implemented Hybrid Flex BlockChain – a ‘lite’ version of blockchain ledger that will enable quick transaction clearance for the merchants and prevent blockchain bloating at the same time. Yet, there are no technical specifications of how this groundbreaking technology will work except a brief mention of “Prime and Orion Controllers.” Thanks, but no thanks, I think we need a little more than than that just to believe yet.

A Floor of $20


Another red flag which is obvious as the sun in the sky is the “floor of $20.” according to GAW. One of value propositions of PayCoin is the price stability that it will bring to reach mass adoption. How will that be possible? GAW claims to have high net worth investors and banking institutions backing their project. They were going to bring as much as $100 million on the table to maintain a floor of $20 for price stability. The current price of a single PayCoin at the time of this post is $12.28. But, of course, no legitimate institution have shown any public ties with PayCoin and the current price may be associated with price discovery.

Paybase – ZincSave


PayBase is a platform to spend PayCoin at several merchant stores including Amazon, Walmart and Target. To this date, there has been no confirmation by any of these retailers about a prospective partnership deal. In fact, GAW recently purchased Zincsave which uses Amazon’s API to make purchases on Amazon. A reporter at Coinfire explains:

“Keep in mind that if they are using Amazon API’s they ARE bound to the Amazon TOS. Your use as a developer, company or anything else of the Amazon API means you had to agree to the Amazon TOS and they were quite clear to us in the latest statement that what GAW is doing is in violation.”


One thing that this wild west of crypto world have taught repeatedly is this: Do your due diligence before investing. 95% of the newly created coins are scams in one way or the other. Since there are no regulations, there is no accountability and never invest more than you can afford to loose. If you liked this article follow us on twitter @btc_feed



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CEX fast approaching a Scam status.
by Horia Cretan




This is CEX latest announcement:


"CEX.IO Temporarily Suspends Cloud Mining ServicesTaking into consideration our users interests, the recent Bitcoin price drop, as well as the upscaling of the mining difficulty, CEX.IO Bitcoin Exchange would like to announce a temporary suspension of cloud mining services provided by the platform at the time of the next difficulty increase.

According to the 11.5. paragraph of CEX.IO Terms of Use:Mining with using User Gigahashes can be stopped by CEX.IO if the amount of the Maintenance Cost exceeds rewards for each mined block or if the mining is economically inexpedient Thereby, all GHS formerly purchased by CEX.IO users remain their absolute property, with appropriate figures reflected in users profile balance. Additionally users will be able to manually enable mining with Gigahashes by their own choice.Suspension of CEX.IO cloud mining service is only a forced temporary measure, the result of cloud mining costs exceeding mining profit, Jeffrey Smith, Chief Information Officer of CEX.IO. ;Currently all cloud mining/maintenance costs are directed to the Hardware provider, hence, we are open for negotiations with additional mining hardware providers, who can offer favorable terms. And, as soon as we get an opportunity to upgrade mining hardware, or come to more efficient terms with energy suppliers, cloud mining process will be automatically resumed.Meanwhile, CEX.IO will continue operating as full service exchange platform for trading cryptocurrencies and fiat money."


When i 1st found out about CEX and their services, i could not wait to get piece of the action, but to get in you needed BTC or mining gear to mine on their pool/exchange


Well, i could not afford the machines yet as they were very expensive and i could only afford to purchase 6 USB Block Erupters with a mere 2 Gh/s power for $100. (Now you can purchase a Bitmain for $145 with over 400 Gh/s)


Not only that the person from which i purchased did not help me setting it up, but the power was worthless.


So the power i could afford was not enough for me, as i was eager to get into the game big, feeling angry i have missed the boat and nobody around my circle was knowledgeable about Bitcoin in 2009, so i decided to find Bitcoin for purchase.

Again i stumbled upon a huge wall, as Bitcoin was not available for sale anywhere on internet without a scam or another, Coinbase refused to allow users to buy on their site, claiming they were protecting us from Bitcoin as being a scam, kinda weird for a company in the sales of Bitcoin to make such a claim.


So after a long investigation in search for Bitcoins i came across Virwox a company that allowed people to buy shares for USD and then convert those shares for BTC


The whole process was smart for Virwox and costly for buyers, but at that time they were the only ones that delivered what was promised, so i was able to buy a measly 0.04 BTC for $400, Bitcoin was trading well above $1200 at the time


All set up for CEX now i sent the Bitcoins over and was able to purchase Gh/s at 0.07 BTC, obviously that was not even enough for a whole Gh/s, but it seemed convenient that i did not have to set anything up and at no cost of electricity to me


Now all i had to do, is maybe buy some more BTC in time, or collect a few free decimal BTC points from faucets and i would slowly ;but gradually enter the market at a steady pace trying to make up for lost time.


Not only that the whole venture was a complete loss of time and money, but 2 years later after many scams encountered on various exchanges and Ebay alike, here we come down to the CEX well planned scam.


Gh/s on CEX are now worthless, CEX has treated all users like shareholders in a penny stock scam, dilution, dilution, dilution, only in this case, instead of shares they used Gh/s, my 1st purchase was at 0.07 BTC one Gh/s, right before CEX announced suspension of Cloud Mining on Jan 12 of 2015, 1 Gh/s was selling for less than 0.0006 BTC and at the end they decided to pull the plug on Gh/s all together without warning


In a penny stock at least you would go to no bid and still be able to claim a Tax loss, but here is another story,&nbsp;Gh/s price has gradually dropped in value since CEX has opened the doors, and the loss is only ours to bare.


We enabled CEX to purchase powerful machines so they could grow their business, which worked just fine for them, they were the biggest pool with 92 Ph/s of power, in exchange we constantly gave up our BTC's for Gh/s that now are worth zero value.


Now CEX claims they are not so &quot;lucky&quot; in finding blocks, of course not, they are running at 50% loss in Ghs power for only 42 Ph/s.


"We are experiencing a period of high fees for several reasons, these being: the recent downtime, low price of USD/BTC, the high difficulty climbs of late, and bad pool luck."


The same company that used to find Blocks almost consecutively, claims now they are not "lucky"


They do not want to be lucky, and that is where to problem lies, they could easily buy back their Gh/s and start up the machines, but the cost of BTC Vs. USD is not something they are happy about


And again, how is that my problem, i did not sell 1 BTC for USD at these exchanges, who brings the price down, cause is not me, i would not even have that many BTC's to destroy a market if i chose to sell, so the same companies responsible for the price drop are crying wolf


Now we have a different problem, if others are still able cash out, withdrawals will take forever.


Message from Support regarding a withdrawal after 2 hours of waiting for my confirmed BTC's.


Chen Xi (CEX.IO)
Jan 14 18:00
;">Hey horiacretan,</span></em></p>
;">We are currently experiencing some technical difficulties with withdrawal operation, our tech team is already notified and is working on the fix.
We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Chen Xi
CEX.IO Support


8 Hours later, i still have not received my BTC:


CEX.IO Mailer &lt;[email protected] 10:46 AM (8 hours ago)

Hey horiacretan,

We have received a request to withdraw 0.07419036 BTC to the wallet 17NzXMMpqvgAkTzfwkYaWSJPKjjGrJas78
Please click the link below to confirm the withdrawal:
Regards,CEX.IO<br />
BitCoin Crypto Exchange


23 Hours later, still no coins received from CEX


[CEX.IO] Withdrawal confirmation


CEX.IO Mailer &lt;[email protected] 10:46 AM (23 hours ago)


Hey horiacretan,

We have received a request to withdraw 0.07419036 BTC to the wallet 17NzXMMpqvgAkTzfwkYaWSJPKjjGrJas78
Please click the link below to confirm the withdrawal:<br />
<a data-ipb="nomediaparse" href="https://cex.io/trade/withdraw_confirm?code=475a15a91683941e993c710285483a55740696ef7be2ba7aaa26238bccf2556b">https://cex.io/trade/withdraw_confirm?code=475a15a91683941e993c710285483a55740696ef7be2ba7aaa26238bccf2556b</a></em></span></p>
BitCoin Crypto Exchange


CEX is slowly approaching a Scam status


This could also be a bear trap and they will purchase the Gh/s from us for a very cheap price and commence business as usual only to sell it back later to other unsuspecting victims for a higher price and then dilute all over again.


Cause the main problem here is, who do i buy from and who do i sell to, when it comes to Gh/s from CEX ?


Wash, Rinse and Repeat.




After over 30 hours i received a refund back to my wallet on CEX


Justin W
Justin W (CEX.IO)
Jan 15 21:45

Hello Leonard J.

I am pleased to inform you that your refund has been completed and processed! Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Best Regards,
Justin W.
CEX.IO Support

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When the Dev strikes,...out




Here is one Dev everyone should stay clear of, iGotSpots is the Dev for 10K, Balls and MMXIV, as far as we know, also involved with Ecash which aparently he tried to revive from the dead http://bitcoinlasvegas.net/e-cash-coin-finally-working-thanks-to-dedication-of-igotspots-dev-10000-20000-interest-per-year-1-hr-min-stake/, and probably many other coins.


But things went sour really quick and took a different turn when C-Cex made this announcement on Twitter "[ECASH] and [CASH] removed because invalidated by developers and can not be sent anymore."


What got me upset was this post he made on Bitcointalk to the investors.





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One and the same scam that took place last year in June 03, has come back with a new name BetaShareX, the name was a dead giveaway, as it stands for " 2nd Share X", and the interface was no different, same 'ol, same 'ol.


Same Malaysian owners and it had the same fate, all coins gone and it shut down without warning.




















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